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Spirited Away Plush Guide: Seven Choices

Will you be spirited away like Chihiro’s parents, or will you take control by collecting the popular plush instead? I’m a spirited collector, enthusiast, and all-time fan of everything plush, no matter which fandom inspires it. So, let me share my Spirited Away plush guide to inspire you with magnificent plush toys as magical as the movie.

Spirited Away is far from the regular Squishmallows or Pokémon plush collections because it has spirit and requires an understanding of the story and characters to find the ultimate plushies. So, let me guide you down a spirited path where everything is possible, and nothing is imagined.

Spirited Away Plush Bottom Line Up Front

Spirited Away is a brilliant movie for tweens, teens, and adult fanatics. It’s a profound movie with profound moments, much like many Japanese films on the market. However, the film’s story is more profound than you realize, leading to a world of merchandise and plush for fans who enjoy the twisted idea of spirits.

Meanwhile, the lead character has much to overcome before helping her spirited parents and releasing herself from the witch’s clutches. So, let’s discover what makes Spirited Away unique and why the plushies are sought-after. I won’t focus too much on the story but advise you about the plushies.

But first, let’s see which Spirited Away plush shook my emotions as much as the film did. The Spirited Away Alternate Haku Miyazaki Plush is my favorite example because it’s different from others. It’s different enough to love. Meanwhile, you can play with colors and feel like your Haku dragon is alive, not fast asleep.

How I Picked Spirited Away Plush Examples

Spirited Away Plush

Spirited Away plushes don’t yet include any characters. So, I’ll only have the seven spirits or animals in the show. I’ll include the Soot Sprite because it features as a main character, even though it also appears in My Neighbor Totoro. It’s the only crossover character that features as a main animal in Spirited Away.

In addition, I’ll search for the best quality Spirited Away plush for each of the seven characters, adding an extra option for the Haku dragon plush. Each one must have colors matching the movie’s characters and durable features. No Spirited Away plush must be oddly shaped or have low-quality features.

Spirited Away Plush Guide: Perfect Examples

So, we finally meet the seven incredible creatures or spirits from Spirited Away, and they’re in an adorable plush form. Meanwhile, remember I’m adding an alternative for the Miyazaki Haku plush because it’s the most popular among the film’s characters. Let’s dive into what makes each one perfect and what doesn’t.

Spirited Away Haku Miyazaki Plush

Spirited Away Haku Miyazaki Plush

The Spirited Away Haku Miyazaki plushies are famous for neck pillows and comfortable plush friends. They look like ancient Chinese dragons and represent Haku’s Miyazaki dragon. Meanwhile, you’ll find more Haku plushies than any other character, and the pros outweigh the problems with keeping them clean and in shape.

Spirited Away Haku Plush Pros:

  • The Spirited Away Haku plush is a beautiful design that supports your neck while sleeping
  • You can wrap the Spirited Away Haku plush around others or on display for added effects
  • The Haku dragon plush looks peaceful, asleep, and undisturbed
  • The Spirited Away plush has excellent details, good colors to match, and blushing cheeks

Spirited Away Haku Plush Cons:

  • The Spirited Away Haku dragon plush is white and problematic for cleaning
  • The Haku dragon plush will always look asleep, and closed eyes don’t appeal to everyone

Spirited Away Alternate Haku Miyazaki Plush

Spirited Away Alternate Haku Miyazaki Plush

The Spirited Away Alternate Haku Miyazaki plush is entirely different from the first neck pillow you see in every store selling them. Instead, this Haku dragon plush lays straight and looks alive, ready to fly into little girls’ dreams. In addition, you can change things by picking a different color, which isn’t original but practical.

Spirited Away Haku Plush Pros:

  • The Spirited Away Haku dragon plush comes in various colors for different fans
  • The Haku dragon plush also has a straight design that won’t quickly deteriorate in the wash
  • The face is more alive and makes me think of Haku in the movie
  • The details are phenomenal for an alternate Haku dragon plush

Spirited Away Haku Plush Cons:

  • The white plush still poses a challenge with cleaning
  • The alternate Spirited Away Haku plush looks slightly different from the show’s character

Spirited Away Faceless Man Kaonashi Plush

Spirited Away Faceless Man Kaonashi Plush

I found countless variations for the Spirited Away Kaonashi plush, but few were of quality or collectible value. The character doesn’t appeal to or provide much inspiration for an excellent plush. However, the Ghibli brand made the best version of Kaonashi. So, the taller faceless man plush is my perfect example of Kaonashi.

Spirited Away Faceless Man Plush Pros:

  • The Spirited Away Kaonashi plush looks better than others
  • It has the right design because Kaonashi is a taller spirit that likes Chihiro
  • The Kaonashi plush will be your best bet for machine washing the collectibles
  • The Ghibli Spirited Away Kaonashi plush has improved embroidery on its face

Spirited Away Faceless Man Plush Cons:

  • Don’t wash a black plush with colorful Spirited Away friends because they will stain
  • The character doesn’t provide enough inspiration for a good-quality plush

Spirited Away Yu-Bird Fly-Bird Plush

Spirited Away Yu-Bird Fly-Bird Plush

The Spirited Away Yu-Bird plush represents Yubaba’s spy and deceitful fly-bird before Zeniba turns the poor thing into something more deceitful. Meanwhile, it’s another character that doesn’t offer much inspiration for an excellent plush collectible. However, the suction cup with this plush is ideal for the character’s spirit.

Spirited Away Fly-Bird Plush Pros:

  • The Spirited Away Yu-Bird plush is a nasty creature like its movie character
  • The Spirited Away Fly-Bird plush has a goofy look on its face, matching the character
  • You can stick this life-sucking bird-like plush from Spirited Away against anything
  • It’s a tiny Spirited Away plush you can keep as a mobile collectible

Spirited Away Fly-Bird Plush Cons:

  • The Spirited Away Fly-Bird plush’s legs look like drawn images
  • The wings and punky hair don’t do much for Yubaba’s bird plush

Spirited Away Susuwatari Soot Sprite Plush

Gund Spirited Away Stuffed Soot Sprite Window Cling Plush

The Spirited Away Susuwatair Soot Sprite plush is the only crossover character you can add to a Spirited Away plush collection unless you wish to add a My Neighbor Totoro plush collection as a complement to the same-country design. Unfortunately, the silly creature doesn’t have magnificent plush collectibles or a good design.

Spirited Away Soot Sprite Plush Pros:

  • The Spirited Away Soot Sprite plush looks hideous if that appeals to you
  • The Gund plush brand launched Soot Sprite as a collectible with authentic tags
  • The creature looks like a familiar design for other plush that kids once loved
  • You can turn Soot Sprite into a mobile plush or stick it anywhere

Spirited Away Soot Sprite Plush Cons:

  • The Spirited Away Soot Sprite plush isn’t adorable but ugly
  • The tiny Spirited Away plush belongs to two Japanese franchises

Spirited Away Õtori-Sama Duck Plush

Spirited Away Õtori-Sama Duck Plush

The Spirited Away Õtori-Sama plush goes by many names online, but it’s the duck from Spirited Away. Some fans call the duck Ootori Sama plush, but I prefer the original title from Japan. Meanwhile, the Õtori-Sama plush comes from Bandai, a leading collectible brand. So, it has impressive details and is small enough.

Spirited Away Õtori-Sama Plush Pros:

  • The Spirited Away Õtori-Sama plush has adorable features
  • The Õtori-Sama plush duck comes from a collectible and well-known brand
  • The Spirited Away duck plush is a beanie-type collectible that lasts longer
  • The Õtori-Sama plush has the same goofy expression as in the movie

Spirited Away Õtori-Sama Plush Cons:

  • This Spirited Away plush might also challenge you with keeping it clean
  • The Õtori-Sama duck plush can’t go in the machine as a beanie-type collectible

Spirited Away Mouse Boh Plush

Spirited Away Mouse Boh Plush

The Spirited Away mouse Boh plush is another character Chihiro encounters in the movie. First, Chihiro meets Boh as a young boy, the son of Yubaba, before Zeniba bewitches the poor boy into a mouse spirit. Indeed, the film doesn’t make sense in that way, but it has many suitable lessons for viewers. Furthermore, the plush is cute.

Spirited Away Boh Plush Pros:

  • The Spirited Away Boh mouse plush is another Yubaba-line collectible
  • Boh, the mouse, is the only form of the character you find in plushies
  • It’s another collectible variant from the Spirited Away and Bandai franchises
  • Boh is a squishy beanie-type plush that looks like a mouse

Spirited Away Boh Plush Cons:

  • The Spirited Away Boh plush should also come as the boy
  • The mouse Boh plush can’t go in the machine as a beanie-type collectible

Spirited Away Jiji, the Cat Plush

Spirited Away Jiji, the Cat Plush

Unfortunately, the Spirited Away Jiji plush represents another not-go-good character from the movie. Jiji belongs to Kiki, who is training to become a witch in the Spirited Away realm. However, the black cat style is spot-on for witches and spirits. Meanwhile, Jiji’s plush isn’t a bad choice for Spirited Away movie fans.

Spirited Away Jiji Plush Pros:

  • The Spirited Away Jiji plush is an adorable cat that works in many collections
  • The Jiji cat plush also comes from Gund and is a beanie-type plush
  • The Spirited Away plush has acceptable details and features for the character
  • You could even buy this beanie Spirited Away plush for little kids as a cute cat

Spirited Away Jiji Plush Cons:

  • The Jiji cat plush toy shouldn’t be lying down
  • It’s another beanie-type plush that can’t go in a washing machine

Recommended Alternatives for Spirited Away Plush

I always find a connection between my guide and another plush theme before recommending an alternative. Otherwise, my recommendations would be worthless. So, my closest option to Spirited Away plushes would be those from My Neighbor Totoro. You’ll even see some characters in both the movie and the series.

I won’t go into the details of each Totoro plush alternative I recommend. Still, you already have Soot Sprite, which also shows in the anime series. In addition, I recommend adding two variations of Totoro, a mini and the regular one. Then, adding Cat Bus is a must because it’s the second most crucial plush from the series.


Question: Who Is the Chinese Dragon Plush From Spirited Away?

Answer: Many fans get it wrong by calling the Chinese dragon plushies Haku. However, Haku is the dragon’s master. The Spirited Away Haku Miyazaki Plush shows you Haku’s dragon spirit. Still, the dragon’s name or breed is Miyazaki, as seen in the Spirited Away movie. Also, it’s the movie animator’s last name.

Question: Who Is the Duck Plush From Spirited Away?

Answer: The little duck in Spirited Away also has a name. However, various fans spell it differently. The correct Japanese word for it shows in Spirited Away Õtori-Sama Plush. Meanwhile, many fans and plush brands call the duck Ootori-Sama. So, you must look for both names or versions to find the duck’s plushies.

Question: What Is the No Face Spirited Away Plush?

Answer: The no-face Spirited Away plush represents the faceless man or spirit in the movie. Movie fans know the no-face plush as Kaonashi, the Chihiro-friendly spirit. Many plush brands sell the plush as a no-face option. However, the Spirited Away Faceless Man Kaonashi Plush shows the spirit’s true identity and name.

Spirited Away Plush Guide: Conclusion

The idea, passion, inspiration, and lessons behind the Spirited Away movie appeal to me more than the plush. However, some fans love the film enough to want every plush collectible they can find in stores. So, I showed you what means the most to me about the movie before sharing the plush characters to find.

Furthermore, I shared tips about Spirited Away plushies because many fakes exist, and you can’t wash them in a machine. Meanwhile, I still recommend the Spirited Away Alternate Haku Miyazaki Plush as a favorite starter because of its color-changing potential and more effortless machine-washing possibilities.

So, grab your Haku plush before the alternate versions are gone, as there’s only one brand supplying them.

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