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Best Beanie Boo Plush Guide: Snuggle Up With Cute Companions

Are you ready to enter a realm of magic, cuteness, and cuddly companionship by reading the best Beanie Boo plush guide?

Can you handle the sparkling personalities of these cute plush toys? Then, take it from someone who enthusiastically collects Squishmallows and Pokémon plush. These plushes are beyond the realm of adorability, friendship, collectibility, and cuddliness.

Something about Beanie Boo plushies will rip the glasses of reality from your face before transcending you into a realm of the most profound desire to collect them all. However, I’m slightly objective about which plushes my family collects.

So, I won’t simply show you every Beanie Boo available because that’s impossible. Instead, I’ll share only the most magical Beanie Boo plushes.

Best Beanie Boo Plush Bottom Line Up Front

I collected Beanie Babies as a kid. My kids enjoy the new Beanie Boo plushies with sparkling eyes and personalities to match. However, this collectible brand has incredible roots and offers 12 collections, not counting the licensed Marvel and Disney Beanie Boo plushies. So, I’ll share expert tips on collecting Beanie Boo plushies without drowning in a house full of them.

My best Beanie Boo plush toys are beyond magical and make excellent plush companions for kids and adults. They have a hint of magic about them, and nothing’s more unique than that. In addition, I’ll follow strict rules to only pick the best of each collection to ensure you feel inspired. But first, let me share my ultimate Beanie Boo in stores today.

The Beanie Boo Wishful Unicorn Plush is my favorite because it’s the kind of animal that appeals to most plush fans. It has a different mane to make it unique among the many unicorns. In addition, it has exquisite colors, patterns, and shimmering effects to brighten any child’s day. This plush companion from Beanie Boos will make you fall in love repeatedly.

However, let’s quickly go through the Beanie Boo must-know facts to collect these gorgeously cuddly plush friends before seeing more of my favorites.

Best Beanie Boo Plush: A Huggable Trend Taking the World by Storm!

beanie boos store

Beanie Boo plush looks like they come from a magical place where everything’s possible, and plush friends are the norm.

So, let’s discover what makes these plushies magical, collectible, and adorable. Then, you’ll discover secrets about the Beanie Boo plush range to unlock your collectible potential. Then, I’ll share how I picked the perfect magical plush friends.

From the Magic Closet to Your Arms: Where Beanie Boo Plush Originate

Beanie Boos are fun, but the parent brand is Beanie Babies. Ty Warner first introduced Beanie Babies at a Toy Fair in New York in 1993, which were meant to be simple plush toys. Warner never expected his beanie-stuffed animals to spark such excitement, becoming one of the most collectible plush brands globally by 1994.

Beanie Boos came in 2009 when Warner realized how phenomenal his plushies were among fans and how the fandom couldn’t stop collecting them. Beanie Babies were plain beanie-stuffed animals that looked like their regular counterparts. However, Beanie Boos appealed better to the noughties, with sparkling eyes that carried magical stories.

Beanie Boos began with only seven plushies, but you’ll find countless stuffed animals with giant eyes today. Each Beanie Boo also came with a name and personality, and entire family fans could collect. So, let’s hop into expert buying tips for Beanie Boos.

Unlock the Secrets of Beanie Boo Plush With Expert Tips

Beanie Boo plushies caused such a craze that TY Warner had to create more for collectible plush companion fans. So, my expert tip is to know where to start with Beanie Boos before buying the best plush companions. Beanie Boos can drop into multiple families, similar to Squishmallow squads. Understanding the existing families can help narrow your collection of Beanie Boos plushies.

But first, let’s discover the Beanie Boo plush types:

  • TY Beanie Balls Plush has adorable animals in a ball shape with massive eyes and soft fur (aka TY Puffies).
  • TY Beanie Bellies Plush comes in baby shapes with arms and legs and includes various animals.
  • TY Beanie Boo Flippables are reversible plushies for various animals.
  • TY Beanie Boo Plush Clips are clip-on plushies for backpacks and include various animals.
  • TY Beanie Squishies or Squish-A-Boos look similar to Squishmallows and include various animals.
  • TY Beanie Traditional Plushes have enormous sparkling eyes with ultra-soft fur and look like various classical animal shapes.

Furthermore, look out for these 12 collections or families from the brand:

  • TY Beanie Boo Airborne Plush includes owls, bats, toucans, and parrots.
  • TY Beanie Boo Bug Plush includes spiders, caterpillars, bumblebees, snails, and ladybugs.
  • TY Beanie Boo Exotic Plush includes koalas, camels, sloths, flamingos, and kiwis.
  • TY Beanie Boo Fantasia Plush includes unicorns, caticorns, lion unicorns, puppy unicorns, slothcorns, and unicorn owls.
  • TY Beanie Boo Farmhouse Plush includes chicks, ostriches, llamas, pigs, and horses.
  • TY Beanie Boo Holiday Plush includes Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween options.
  • TY Beanie Boo Mystical Plush includes dragons, ghosts, mummies, and dinosaurs.
  • TY Beanie Boo Ocean Plush includes octopuses, turtles, narwhals, fish, seals, sea lions, and orcas.
  • TY Beanie Boo Pets Plush includes puppies, kittens, hamsters, and all other pets.
  • TY Beanie Boo Safari Plush includes tigers, leopards, giraffes, lions, elephants, and zebras.
  • Ty Beanie Boo Woodland Plush includes bunnies, foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, mice, bush babies, deer, raccoons, and otters.
  • TY Beanie Boo Zoo Plush includes pandas, monkeys, penguins, lemurs, polar bears, and gorillas.

Finally, TY Beanie Boos also have licensed plush that won’t have the famous sparkling eyes. These plushes appeal better to Disney, NHL, and Marvel fandom collectors. Here is a fraction of the licensed TY Beanie Boos include:

  • TY Beanie Boo Disney Plush with Simba, Dumbo, and Olaf plushies.
  • TY Beanie Boo Marvel Plush with Hulk, Groot, Spiderman, and Iron Man plushies.
  • TY Beanie Boo Minions Plush with Stuart, Dave, and Kevin plushies.
  • TY Beanie Boo My Little Pony Plush with the famous ponies from the franchise.
  • TY Beanie Boo NHL Plush with Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Stars, and Los Angeles Kings plushies.
  • TY Beanie Boo TMNT Plush with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (discontinued).

The three Beanie Boo collections, types, or licensed fandoms help you buy what you want to collect.

How I Found the Perfect Beanie Boo Plush

So, you can see countless Beanie Boo plushies exist. Therefore, I’ll select the perfect starter from each of the 12 collections. Otherwise, you’ll drown in Beanie Boos. Furthermore, the best Beanie Boo plush from each group must:

  1. Be an original Beanie Boo from Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or the official TY Beanies US store
  2. Come in a traditional shape and not balls, flippable, or keychains
  3. Has to be the most eccentric design among the choices, meaning it must be colorful, bold, and unique
  4. It must be six inches, the ideal size to collect many Beanie Boos
  5. Finally, I’ll narrow the last options by sticking to my favorite animal under each collection

Best Beanie Boo Plush Guide: Get Ready to Fall in Love

Each collection’s best Beanie Boo plush toy must immediately make you fall head over heels. The colors must strike your heart, and the unique patterns, designs, or features must make you crumble with a desire to own it. So, let’s spark your magical journey to another realm to find your cutest companion by checking out the most adorable and beautiful Beanie Boo plush toys.

Best TY Airborne Plush: Beanie Boo Owen Owl Plush

beanie boo owen owl plush

I thought the toucans and parrots would be more colorful, but Owen, the Owl Beanie Boo, surprised me. Admittedly, owls make excellent plush companions in beautiful designs and colors.

So, it shouldn’t surprise me that much that Owen stole my attention more than other airborne Beanie Babies. He’s the ideal size and has exquisite details, colors, and features.


  • The rainbow owl Beanie Boo plush has magical colors
  • Beanie Boo Owen’s ultra-soft fur hides a squishy bean-stuffed interior
  • Owen’s beak and claws have a beautiful shimmering design
  • This Beanie Boo owl also has glitter effects in its eyes


  • Owen’s wings are slightly awkward and will lose their shape
  • Owen would be more adorable with a longer beak

Best TY Bug Plush: Beanie Boo Ingrum Striped Spider Plush

beanie boo ingrum striped spider plush

Beanie Boo’s little Ingrum spider is my favorite animal from the bug world. Surprisingly, not many bug-type Beanie Boos come in beautiful colors. So, I had to choose one that included a pattern. Ingrum reminds me of my family’s now-12 tarantulas we keep as pets.

Indeed, tarantulas can become incredible pets with friendly demeanors if you pick the right breed to tame them.


  • The Beanie Boo spider plush has a pretty striped pattern
  • Ingrum has gorgeously sparkling eyes with glitter and pizazz
  • Ingrum’s body has an ultra-soft touch with bean stuffing
  • The legs are adorable, and Ingrum’s expression is spot-on


  • The excessive fur on Ingrum’s body changes with time
  • I’d only remove Ingrum’s fangs because they might frighten kids

Best TY Exotic Plush: Beanie Boo Dangler Sloth Plush

beanie boo dangler sloth plush

Sloths are incredible animals from down under. Beanie Boo sloths are common, but most current versions don’t have unique features.

So, Dangler grabbed my attention with his fantastic sequin design. It isn’t rainbow-colored or bright, but it has a gorgeous shimmering effect over his entire body. Meanwhile, the coloration makes Dangler look like a genuine sloth.


  • The Beanie Boo Dangler plush has a gorgeous sequin design
  • You see shimmering effects over Dangler’s entire body
  • Dangler has matching glitter claws and the famously enormous eyes
  • Dangler’s personality shines through his bright and shiny exterior


  • The sequin plush from Beanie Boo isn’t as soft as others
  • Dangler’s colors might be too bland for some fans

Best TY Fantasia Plush: Beanie Boo Wishful Unicorn Plush

beanie boo wishful unicorn plush

I want to share an original Fantasia Beanie Boo instead of a collaboration. So, I’ll stick to an original unicorn plush because every child loves them.

My daughter would give her right hand to own as many unicorn plushies as possible. Meanwhile, Wishful is a beautiful unicorn that instantly became my ultimate pick for fans of all ages.


  • The Beanie Boo Wishful unicorn plush is beyond beautiful in color and design
  • Wishful’s pretty trotters have a shimmering glow and a bright purple color
  • This Beanie Boo unicorn has unique fur that doubles as a sensory experience
  • Wishful has glitter eyes and a matching horn that doesn’t shadow her face


  • The Beanie Boo unicorn plush has a white background to challenge cleaning
  • The pattern almost looks like a giraffe’s spots

Best TY Farmhouse Plush: Beanie Boo Lola Llama Plush

beanie boo lola llama plush

The farmhouse collection of plush toys from Beanie Boo will blow you away, but I couldn’t find a single cow or sheep.

The brand will likely start making them because they always introduce new animals. However, I settled for a llama. Horses are my ultimate farm animals, but the horsey had nothing unique and was too enormous. So, Lola stole my attention as a cute plush.


  • The Beanie Boo Lola plush has gorgeous rainbow colors
  • Her ultra-soft fur would resemble real-life llamas on the farm
  • Lola’s eyes have the glitter effect but seem more petite than others
  • Lola, the llama plush’s fur has curly bits like a real-life animal


  • Lola’s eyes should be much bigger than on this plush
  • Her legs are short enough to make you think she doesn’t have

Best TY Holiday Plush: Beanie Boo Corwin Chick Plush

beanie boo corwin chick plush

The holidays make for excellent plushies from Beanie Boo because Christmas costumes and decorations, Easter patterns, and Valentine’s Day hearts make each beautiful plush unique. However, Corwin is a chick with attitude, and he sits inside an Easter egg. He still maintains a traditional body shape because chicks look round. So, this adorable Beanie Boo plush toy wins my attention.


  • The Beanie Boo Corwin plush has fabulous Easter patterns
  • The colors pop loudly, and the little chick flaunts them nicely
  • Corwin’s egg outfit has an ultra-soft touch for sensory joy
  • His beak and feet match the glittery eyes of Beanie Boo plushies


  • Beanie Boos challenges you to open Corwin for a surprise
  • Corwin has too much black in his bold eyes

Best TY Mystical Plush: Beanie Boo Cinder Green Dragon Plush

beanie boo cinder green dragon plush

The Beanie Boo mystical collection also has ghosts, mummies, and dinosaurs. However, the dragons stand out more, and picking one beautiful Beanie Boo dragon plush was challenging. Fortunately, Beanie Boo has a Cinder dragon plush with distinctive colors and features. Meanwhile, you can change Cinder’s size on the website if you want an enormous Beanie Boo for younger kids.


  • The Beanie Boo Cinder plush has a sequin design for added uniqueness
  • Cinder’s beautiful colors and shimmering features make her stand out
  • Cinder has a matching belly and wings for a glittery display
  • Most fans of all ages love Beanie Boo dragon plushies


  • Unfortunately, Cinder doesn’t have detailed or glitter eyes
  • She doesn’t have rainbow colors or patterns

Best TY Ocean Plush: Beanie Boo Shellby Turtle Plush

beanie boo shellby turtle plush

TY Beanie Boo’s ocean collection didn’t have many plushies in colorful designs or traditional shapes. So, Shellby was my top pick because it challenges the colors regular turtle plushies use. Meanwhile, many kids love turtles as one of the best sea creatures. In addition, Shellby’s design, shape, and color make him a unique boy that looks different in a collection.


  • The Beanie Boo Shellby plush has a pretty color for unusual turtles
  • Shellby’s eyes have those gorgeous glitter effects
  • Shellby’s oversized head matches his adorable pink eyes
  • Even the turtle’s shell has hot pink spots to make it unique


  • Shellby doesn’t have unusual patterns for a sea turtle
  • The oversized head may put some collectors off of this plush

Best TY Pets Plush: Beanie Boo Rainbow Poodle Plush

beanie boo rainbow poodle plush

Beanie Boos don’t always name their pet plushies well. Rainbow is the pup’s name and color arrangement. It works, but it doesn’t seem clear. However, Rainbow, the poodle plush, has a beautiful coloration and ultra-soft fur to touch. Her exquisite pom-pom features are ideal for puppy lovers who enjoy French poodles. She’s an adorable puppy for a plush companion.


  • The Beanie Boo poodle plush has a gorgeous design with a pom-pom groom
  • Rainbow has colors to match her name, and her pink body adds more depth
  • Rainbow’s glitter eyes are perfect for fans who enjoy the Beanie Boo eyes
  • Rainbow has a touch of glitter on her nose to make her unique


  • Poodles aren’t my favorite dog type, but Rainbow won with colors
  • Rainbow’s long ears are ultra-floppy and might lose their shape

Best TY Safari Plush: Beanie Boo Cobalt Leopard Plush

beanie boo cobalt leopard plush

Beanie Boo plush names aren’t always the most authentic, but they tell you what you’ll get. So, Cobalt is as blue as you’d expect. He has beautiful bright blue colors in his spots.

In addition, Cobalt’s bright blue inner ears and light blue muzzle line make him unique. Cobalt is the most colorful and shimmering design among the Beanie Boo safari collection of plush toys.


  • The Beanie Boo Cobalt plush has unique colors and styles
  • The shimmering inner ears and muzzle stripe make him more unusual
  • Cobalt’s glitter eyes somehow make the blue colors pop louder
  • Cobalt has an ultra-soft fur patch on his chest for a sensory pleasure


  • Cobalt’s blue eyes might be too much and should change to rusty colors
  • Cobalt’s little paws are super flimsy, and he won’t stand nicely

Best TY Woodlands Plush: Beanie Boo Becca Bush Baby Plush

Beanie Boo Becca Bush Baby Plush

I couldn’t choose a favorite bunny from the woodlands collection. Indeed, bunnies are my favorite woodland animals.

However, I went in a different direction because of my challenge to pick one of many colorful Beanie Boo bunnies. Instead, I selected a bush baby because they’re nearly as adorable. Becca has everything going her way as a cuteness overload and plush companion.


  • The Beanie Boo Becca plush has a gorgeous pink and purple design
  • Becca also has a tie-dye pattern with shimmering details
  • Her eyes include the fabulous and famous glitter effect
  • Becca has assorted fabrics to make her another sensory experience


  • Becca’s arms are ridiculously short for a bush baby
  • Becca’s eyes would stand out more if they were pink

Best TY Zoo Plush: Beanie Boos Zuri Monkey Plush

Beanie Boos Zuri Monkey Plush

A zoo collection is another challenge in which I only settle for one plush. However, the Beanie Boo Zuri plush did the trick. Admittedly, I enjoy purple and tie-dye patterns.

They stand out slightly better than the typical pink or blue plushies. Meanwhile, Zuri is a popular zoo animal children love visiting. My kids spend way too much time among the monkeys at the zoo.


  • The Beanie Boo Zuri plush has brilliant purple colors and a tie-dye pattern
  • Zuri’s eyes have that exceptional touch of glitter with sparkling effects
  • Zuri’s entire body is an ultra-soft fabric to make you fall in love with it
  • The monkey’s face, ears, snout, and head are ideal for the real-life animal


  • Zuri doesn’t blend many colors like the rainbow options
  • Zuri’s tail doesn’t match his tie-dye body


Question: Which Beanie Baby Plushes Are Rare and Valuable?

Answer: Beanie Boos and Babies are collectibles. So, you’ll find retired or discontinued plushes with more value. However, that depends on whether you can find them. Fortunately, some Beanie Boo plushes are sought-after as rare and valuable collectibles, making resellers keep them. They cost more than typical Beanie Boo plush, but they’re collectible. They include:
TY Beanie Baby Iggy Iguana Plush (with rainbow colors)
TY Beanie Baby Mystic Unicorn Plush (with tan horn)
TY Beanie Baby Quackers Duck Plush (no wings and errors)
TY Beanie Baby Peanut the Elephant (royal blue version)
TY Beanie Baby Valentino Bear Plush (with brown eyes)

Question: What Is the Most Valuable Beanie Baby Plush?

Answer: TY Beanie Babies have long had a highly collectible plush brand, which now introduced the Beanie Boo range in 2009. However, the most collectible and valuable Beanie plush comes from the original brand: Beanie Babies. The Beanie Baby Princess Diana Plush with a memorial fund ribbon will sell for $2,500 to half a million! It’s the rarest Beanie plush.

Question: Which Beanie Boo Plush Is the Rarest?

Answer: Beanie Boo plush only came in 2009, meaning any plush before this would be a Beanie Baby. Beanie Boo plushes don’t have many rare picks yet. However, the Beanie Boo Ghosty Ghost Plush isn’t easy to find and can be pricy. In addition, the Beanie Boo Speckles Frog Plush and the Beanie Boo Icicles Owl Plush are becoming harder to find.

Best Beanie Boo Plush Guide: Conclusion

The best Beanie Boo plushes have a unique edge above others in their 12 collections, and I only considered the traditional-styled plushies.

Meanwhile, you can narrow your Beanie Boo collection by type, family, and fandom. Hundreds of Beanie Boo plushies exist. So, use my expert tips to choose your Beanie Boos wisely. Then, I recommend the Beanie Boo Wishful Unicorn Plush.

Unicorn plushes are already magical. Adding glitter eyes, patterns, and mystical colors can make them more desirable. In addition, the ultra-soft texture of Beanie Boo plush will ignite your passions like no other brand.

So, pick your favorite collection and buy your first Beanie Boo. It will start something phenomenal and never-ending with such a well-known brand.

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