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Panda Squishmallows Guide: Cute Zoo Plush

Pandas are beyond cute, from Kung Fu Panda to Squishmallows. My family loves panda bears and plush toys. Also, we love targeting specific animals to find every Squishmallow available for our collections. So, our panda Squishmallows guide will rock your passions for the bamboo-eating zoo squad member.

I ensured that you’d find a panda Squishmallow for all fans, young and old. More importantly, I’ll help you find ways to rekindle the discontinued panda Squishmallows you wouldn’t think are easy to find. So, let’s find out which panda Squishmallows come as quick purchases and which ones you should see by hunting online.

Panda Squishmallows: Bottom Line Up Front

My family isn’t only obsessed with Squishmallows and the vast collections that bring joy and endless opportunities. Instead, we’re also in love with panda bears, even if they’re bamboo freaks. So, it’s a pleasure to find every panda Squishmallow that exists and a superb option for each one in stores.

Unfortunately, I can’t promise you’ll find every panda, but over 20 cutie-pies frequent stores and online hotspots. However, I’ll also introduce the discontinued and out-of-stock panda plush to ensure you can find all of them. In addition, I’ll share tips and examples to find them.

But first, let me share my most incredible panda Squishmallow. Jemima, the Panda Squishmallow, is the most beautiful panda bear you’ll ever encounter. Her bright and glorious colors will blind you with passion, and she’s an incredible best friend for kids who enjoy bedtime snuggles. So, she’s my winning panda Squishmallow.

However, Kirsten, the Panda Squishmallow, comes in at a close second for being a pretty choice that excites my daughter. Furthermore, let’s first learn about the panda Squishmallows before diving into the attractive options available.

A Complete Guide to Panda Squishmallows

Pandas are incredible animals with natural two-tone colors and seemingly friendly natures. However, let’s see who the panda Squishmallows are and how they look before learning tricks to find the most unusual ones. Then, I’ll share how I picked the panda Squishmallows for each primary and famous squad member.

Meet Some of the Adorable Panda Squishmallows

Panda bears are insanely cute and act like goofballs in TikTok videos. I follow one TikTok page with overwhelming cuteness. Meanwhile, Panda Squishmallows are another way to enjoy the bamboo-eating bears with an affinity for breaking hearts. Also, many panda Squishmallows are a part of the zoo and wildlife squads.

I love Squishmallow families with various members. Adding pandas to squishy plush is like eating marshmallows on a cloud. Sadly, not all pandas are still available in stores. So, let’s briefly see the panda Squishmallow family and their appearances to ensure you can snag anyone you love and find.

However, here are a few names and appearance signs to look for in discontinued or out-of-stock pandas:

  • Felicia, the Panda Squishmallow, is a pandacorn with a unicorn horn and a teal and white design.
  • Joxtine, the Panda Squishmallow, is a pink and white cat in a black and white panda costume.
  • Kayce, the Panda Squishmallow, is a black and white pandacorn with shimmering wings and a horn.
  • Lander, the Panda Squishmallow, is another pandacorn with shimmering wings and tie-dye colors.
  • Pei, the Panda Squishmallow, is one more pandacorn with a blue horn and yellow eye borders.
  • Penny, the Panda Squishmallow, is white with pastel blue accents.
  • Persafanie, the Panda Squishmallow, is dark gray and white with detailed feminine eyes.
  • PJ, the Panda Squishmallow, is white with two shades of gray accents and solid black eyes.
  • Scout, the Panda Squishmallow, has a white body with navy blue accents.
  • Sinead, the Panda Squishmallow, is gray and white with tired eyes and a pool tube around her waist.
  • Sissy, the Panda Squishmallow, is pastel blue and white with golden-framed glasses.

Over 20 primary panda Squishmallows exist, and you’ll meet the rest of these cutie-pies soon. But first, you had to meet the squad members no longer for sale in stores. Some are out-of-stock, while others are discontinued. However, knowing how they look will help you find them as rare collectibles.

Psst! I’ll share some rare examples of panda Squishmallow later to help you find them.

How to Find More Exciting Panda Squishmallows

Paedra, the Rainbow Panda Squishville Squishmallow

It’s challenging to collect panda Squishmallows until you meet the entire team. Firstly, I’ll share every panda Squishmallow I haven’t shown soon. I didn’t want to double down on how they look by introducing the ones I’ll share soon. In addition, every panda Squishmallow has the potential to come in various sizes and styles.

For example, Paedra, the Rainbow Panda Squishville Squishmallow, has a miniature version you only find in the rainbow Squishville collection. Meanwhile, Inez, the Panda Squishmallow, also comes as a Squishville vehicle. However, most panda Squishmallow merely have size differences or color changes.

In addition, some panda bears come in weird and beautiful styles, including HugMee Squishmallows or plush with insane hairstyles, like the Squish Doos. Various panda Squishmallow land in multiple squads, visiting other teams while rocking colorful hairstyles or looking slightly different.

So, you’ll have to know how each squad member looks on the foundation to find every unusual option. Meanwhile, you can use the convenient personal shopper, Squish Alert, to help you find more pandas. Set your in-search-of (ISO) notifications to the stores and pandas you wish to see, and voila!

How I Selected Adorable Panda Squishmallows

Fortunately, 15 out of 25 panda Squishmallows are still easy to find. So, I’ll share one incredible example of each panda. I’ll choose the most unusual plush for each panda Squishmallow or share the one that appeals better to my preferences as a collector and mother. Also, note that not all pandas have multiple variants.

Panda Squishmallows Guide: Overwhelming Cuties

Panda Squishmallows don’t offer an extensive range at any given time. However, this year will see these insanely adorable panda Squishmallow on the shelves. So, let’s see which pandas rocked my collector’s mind and turned my children into panda fanatics. I’ll also share the good and undesirable details for each.

Bonnie, the Panda Squishmallow

Bonnie, the Panda Squishmallow

Bonnie Squishmallow is a princess panda with a crown and tired eyes. Bonnie Squishmallow’s personality shines bright enough to bring more color to her plush design. She has a gray-and-white color scheme with gorgeously feminine touches to match her sassy attitude. Her tired eyes look more like laughing stripes.

  • Size: 12″
  • Family: Wildlife, Zoo, Sleepy, and Sassy Squads
  • Type: Normal

Bonnie Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Bonnie, the panda Squishmallow, is pretty and girly plush for girls
  • Bonnie’s nature feels placid, and she looks friendly
  • Her eyes are massive, and I can only imagine how cute they’d be
  • Bonnie is an adorable panda Squishmallow friend for kids

Bonnie Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Bonnie’s sleepy squad membership isn’t my favorite
  • She has a lot of white, which isn’t easy to keep clean

Cici, the Panda Squishmallow

Cici, the Panda Squishmallow

Cici Squishmallow is well-known as a red panda but looks more like a fox. The facial features, white accents, and long, raccoon-like tail make her look like a fox more than a panda. However, she’s undoubtedly a family member of Bonnie and other pandas. Meanwhile, her colors make her unique in the panda realm.

  • Size: 8″
  • Family: Zoo and Wildlife Squads
  • Type: Normal

Cici Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Cici, the panda Squishmallow, is a red beauty that stands out
  • Cici’s face has more features and white accents than most
  • She also has an adorable tail and looks cute as a buddy for kids
  • The dark brown belly, inner ears, and tail are unusual

Cici Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Cici Squishmallow still looks like a fox and not a panda bear
  • The white whiskers don’t help Cici’s case in trying to become a panda

Inez, the Panda Squishmallow

Inez, the Panda Squishmallow

Inez Squishmallow has an adorable version with a Squishville vehicle. However, I prefer the standard-type plush because she looks better as a pandacorn, making little girls’ dreams come true. My daughter would blend any animal with unicorns if she could. Squishmallows already combines multiple hybrid animals for her imagination.

  • Size: 5″
  • Family: Wildlife, Zoo, and Fantasy Squads
  • Type: Hybrid and Normal

Inez Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Inez, the pandacorn Squishmallow, has adorable colors for young girls
  • Inez is a pandacorn, blending two cute animals for fantasy squad fans
  • She has a pretty unicorn horn without going overboard on shimmering effects
  • I love her pom-pom ears and the details around the long eyelashes

Inez Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Inez Squishmallow appears to appeal to girls more than boys
  • Inez has various light colors that get dirty quickly

Jemima, the Panda Squishmallow

Jemima, the Panda Squishmallow

Jemima Squishmallow’s colors are unique and gloriously bright. The panda’s entire body is hot pink and blue tie-dye patterns with exquisite white accents that fit perfectly. Her pom-pom ears are also snow-white, and her eyes have a beautiful border surrounding extra-long eyelashes. Jemima is the most beautiful girl panda.

  • Size: 12″
  • Family: Zoo, Wildlife, and Fantasy Squads
  • Type: Normal

Jemima Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Jemima, the panda Squishmallow, is brighter than any other panda
  • Jemima’s color contrasts make her pop with bold and gorgeous details
  • Her eyes are ultra-feminine, making her ideal as a little girl’s best friend
  • Jemima’s size is also ideal for kids who want cuddle buddies for bedtime

Jemima Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Jemima’s colors are too bright to sit among some Squishmallow collections
  • She undoubtedly suits children better because of her unique style

Kaldette, the Panda Squeeze Mallow

Kaldette, the Panda Squeeze Mallow

Kaldette Squishmallow looks like another beautiful friend for young fans. In addition, she’s a Squeeze Mallow designed to improve cuddles with children before sleeping. The more traditional style of Squishmallow also looks more like a real panda than other types. So, Kaldette earns my approval for various reasons.

  • Size: 7″
  • Family: Wildlife, Zoo, and Squeeze Mallow Squads
  • Type: Squeeze Mallow

Kaldette Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Kaldette, the panda Squeeze Mallow, is a pastel pink color for little girls
  • Kaldette has fuzzy pom-pom ears and paw prints under her feet
  • Kaldette Squishmallow’s body is more accurate for the panda bear
  • She’s a good size for younger fans who hold their plush while sleeping

Kaldette Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • I don’t recommend plush toys in cribs before children turn three
  • Kaldette’s colors are light and awful to keep clean

Kirsten, the Panda Squishmallow

Kirsten, the Panda Squishmallow

Kirsten Squishmallow is my second choice if I consider what my daughter loves. She enjoys pandacorns, but the colors and girly bow on Kirsten will excite her Squishmallow heart. Kirsten’s design also pops with bright colors from the fantasy squad. Meanwhile, I can’t say I’m amped about her tired eyes from the sleepy team.

  • Size: 5″
  • Family: Zoo, Wildlife, Fantasy, and Sleepy Squads
  • Type: Normal

Kirsten Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Kirsten, the panda Squishmallow, is another beautifully colorful girl
  • Kirsten’s tie-dye rainbow accents add so much personality to the plush
  • Her massive eyelashes and pink bow make her ideal for young girls
  • The size works well for collectors who want some color but nothing overwhelming

Kirsten Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Kirsten Squishmallow has sleepy eyes that put me off buying her
  • Kirsten’s size doesn’t work well for kids who enjoy cuddling plush toys

Mischa, the Panda Squishmallow

Mischa, the Panda Squishmallow

Any plush that gives children two options is better than a single Squishmallow. Mischa Squishmallow has a few versions, but I enjoy Flip-A-Mallows the most. Xiomara Squishmallow joins the pastel pink panda Squishmallow to bring two plushies in one. Both are adorable choices and fall into similar families.

  • Size: 8″
  • Family: Wildlife, Zoo, and Flip-A-Mallow Squads
  • Type: Flip-A-Mallow

Mischa Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Mischa, the panda Squishmallow, is an unusual pastel pink color
  • Children love getting two Squishmallow friends in one package
  • Mischa’s colors are so pale that her black eyes pop nicely
  • It’s an excellent size for Squishmallow collectors and a double-whammy

Mischa Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Mischa’s colors are light and hard to clean, and she suits girls better than boys
  • Her design is similar to the fox and doesn’t look much like a panda bear

Paedra, the Panda Squishmallow

Paedra, the Panda Squishmallow

Admittedly, I expected Paedra Squishmallow to be among the fiesta squad members. However, her name doesn’t put her on the team. Instead, her pandacorn features, rainbow colors, and fuzzy belly place her in the fantasy family. In addition, her larger size makes her suitable for kids who enjoy enormous pandacorns.

  • Size: 16″
  • Family: Zoo, Wildlife, and Fantasy Squads
  • Type: Normal

Paedra Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Paedra, the pandacorn Squishmallow, is a unique fantasy blend
  • Paedra’s unicorn horn and belly ring don’t overwhelm you with colors
  • The blue shades on Paedra make her ideal for boys who love unicorn hybrids
  • Paedra Squishmallow is a large plush with cuddle opportunities

Paedra Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Paedra Squishmallow’s vast white background makes her hard to wash
  • She has a fuzzy texture but doesn’t fit into the Fuzz-A-Mallow squad

Pearson, the Panda Squish Doo

Pearson, the Panda Squish Doo

Squish Doos are some of my ultimate favorites from the plush toy brand. The hairstyles always get a giggle from me. Pearson Squishmallow’s punk-rocker, rainbow-colored tie-dye hairstyle is adorable and catchy. In addition, it adds so much character to the panda Squishmallow by turning him into a rockstar.

  • Size: 8″
  • Family: Wildlife, Zoo, Fantasy, and Squish Doo Squads
  • Type: Squish Doo and Normal

Pearson Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Pearson, the panda Squish Doo, is a rocking and colorful choice
  • Pearson’s punk-rocker hairstyle impresses most collectors and fans
  • Pearson also has beautiful tie-dye patterns in the accents
  • The shimmering headband adds a touch of a sassy dancer to the mix

Pearson Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Pearson is a boy that seems better suited to young girls
  • His extensive white background is genuinely a nightmare

Penelope, the Panda Squishmallow

Penelope, the Panda Squishmallow

Penelope Squishmallow is unique as a standalone plush because of her red-and-white colors. She’s the only panda bear with a red-and-white scheme. In addition, the colors pop beautifully with Penelope’s Valentine’s features and hearts. As a result, Penelope is a much-desired plush for my collection.

  • Size: 9″
  • Family: Zoo, Wildlife, and Valentine’s Squads
  • Type: Normal

Penelope Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Penelope, the panda Squishmallow, is a salute to Valentine’s Day
  • No other panda bear Squishmallow has Penelope’s colors
  • Her big, black eyes pop beautifully from the red borders
  • Penelope’s bright red body takes a break with blue hearts

Penelope Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Penelope Squishmallow has a nightmare color scheme for washing
  • She has no embroidery details around her eyes

Rocky, the Panda Squishmallow

Rocky, the Panda Squishmallow

Rocky Squishmallow is a special boy with an outfit to match. Rocky is an adorable panda in a unicorn costume, spreading him into four Squishmallow squads. The panda under the costume looks more like a raccoon. Still, this version is only available for Rocky Squishmallow until new variants come to stores.

  • Size: 8″
  • Family: Wildlife, Fantasy, Zoo, and Costume Squads
  • Type: Hybrid and Normal

Rocky Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Rocky, the panda Squishmallow, wears an exciting unicorn costume
  • The unicorn outfit has incredible features, shimmering accents, and a lace effect
  • Rocky’s massive ears and eyes protrude nicely from the costume
  • He fits into four squads to appeal to children and older fans from various fandoms

Rocky Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Rocky Squishmallow undoubtedly has raccoon ears but is a panda bear
  • Rocky’s size isn’t ideal for kids who enjoy plush cuddles before bed

Rolland, the Panda, Squishmallow

Rolland, the Panda, Squishmallow

Marbled Squishmallows aren’t that old, and the squad is making waves with many magnificent animal additions. Rolland Squishmallow is unique for being the only panda with a marbled design. Rocky Squishmallow looks adorable yet not overwhelmingly colorful. Instead, the marbled effect has classy touches.

  • Size: 8″
  • Family: Wildlife, Zoo, and Marbled Squads
  • Type: Normal

Rolland Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Rolland, the panda Squishmallow, is the only marbled panda bear
  • Rolland’s design looks beautiful and sophisticated for older plush fans
  • The embroidery around Rolland’s eyes takes him to a new depth
  • Rolland’s tail also has the marbled effect, and he’s a fantastic collectible

Rolland Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Rolland Squishmallow is too pale and hard to clean
  • Rolland’s size is better suited to collectors, and his style is suitable for older fans

Seth, the Panda Squishmallow

Seth, the Panda Squishmallow

Unfortunately, Seth Squishmallow is another family member without the simple panda design. He also has white whiskers that make him look like a fox or raccoon. However, Seth Squishmallow is a model of a red panda bear, which looks slightly different from regular ones. So, he belongs among his famous zoo squad.

  • Size: 8″
  • Family: Wildlife and Zoo Squads
  • Type: Normal

Seth Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Seth, the panda Squishmallow, is an adorable alternative for zoo squad fans
  • Seth’s colors look off but are accurate for the specific panda
  • He has beautiful facial features with additional accents for more color
  • Seth is an ideal collector’s piece and has a cheeky nature

Seth Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Seth Squishmallow doesn’t look like a traditional panda children see in zoos
  • Seth’s inverted color doesn’t accurately portray the species

Stanley, the Panda Squishmallow

Stanley, the Panda Squishmallow

Stanley Squishmallow is one of the most common panda bear plushies. So, you’ll find a few variants for Stanley, but they aren’t all available at once. For example, this Valentine’s panda Squishmallow is one of my favorite versions of Stanley. You’ll find the large panda plush in stores. He looks adorable but not too wild.

  • Size: 16″
  • Family: Wildlife, Zoo, and Valentine’s Squads
  • Type: Normal

Stanley Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Stanley, the panda Squishmallow, has the original colors everyone knows
  • Stanley’s design is simple, snuggly, cute, and not over-the-top
  • His heart-shaped eyes and message don’t overwhelm his design
  • The size is incredible for younger fans who enjoy bedtime plushies

Stanley Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Black-and-white plushies are challenging to wash without mixing the colors
  • Stanley’s Squishmallow is too standard for panda bears

Vanessa, the Panda Squishmallow

Vanessa, the Panda Squishmallow

Vanessa Squishmallow is the same panda species as Seth, except that Vanessa is a fantasy hybrid with rainbow colors and a fuzzy stomach. Admittedly, Vanessa would’ve made my ultimate picks if she didn’t look like another animal. However, she has beautiful features and details that make her stand out from the pandas.

  • Size: 8″
  • Family: Zoo, Wildlife, and Fantasy Squads
  • Type: Normal

Vanessa Panda Squishmallow Pros:

  • Vanessa, the panda Squishmallow, is a brilliant blue panda bear
  • Vanessa’s ultra-soft and fuzzy belly has beautiful rainbow colors
  • She has incredible features and two different inner ear colors
  • Vanessa is an adorable collectible and makes a cute plush friend

Vanessa Panda Squishmallow Cons:

  • Vanessa Squishmallow’s design looks too similar to a fox again
  • Her insane contrasts make her challenging to machine-wash with anything else


Question: Where Do I Find Discontinued Panda Squishmallows?

Answer: The Squishmallow plush toy brand is vast, meaning every squad member comes and goes. Unfortunately, some panda bear Squishmallows are discontinued. However, some might come back to stores. Fortunately, eBay is a platform for finding lost panda bears. So, here are ten of my favorite examples:
2-Inch Penelope, the Tutu Panda Squishville Mini
5-Inch Inez, the Alternative Pandacorn Squishmallow
8-Inch Mom and Baby Panda Squishmallow Set
10-Inch Scout, the Blue Panda HugMee
14-Inch Penelope, the Panda Squishmallow With Detailed Eyes
16-Inch PJ, the Panda Squishmallow
16-Inch Scout, the Blue Panda Squishmallow
18-Inch Kayce, the Pandacorn Squishmallow
20-Inch Scout, the Jumbo Panda Squishmallow
22-Inch Penny, the Giant Panda Hug Mallow

Question: Which Panda Squishmallows Are Rare?

Answer: Many panda Squishmallows are gone from stores. However, you still find them from resellers on eBay. Unfortunately, some names aren’t there, including Sinead, Sissy, Joxtine, and Persefanie. Meanwhile, eBay has two ultra-rare options, including Lander, the Pandacorn Squishmallow, and Pei, the Pandacorn Squishmallow.

Question: Which Panda Squishmallow Is the Most Famous?

Answer: I look at various sizes and variants for each panda bear Squishmallow. Stanley is undoubtedly the panda with more versions than any other. Some versions are discontinued, but others are still in stores. Here are some Stanley Squishmallow examples for the black-and-white panda bear:

Stanley, the Hot Topic Bamboo Panda Squishmallow
Stanley, the Janet Costume Panda Squishmallow
Stanley, the Jellyfish Panda Squishmallow
Stanley, the Large Valentine’s Squishmallow
Stanley, the Panda Squishmallow in Octopus Costume
Stanley, the Small Panda Squishmallow
Stanley, the Spa Day Panda Squishmallow
Stanley, the Stackable Panda Squishmallow

Panda Squishmallows Guide: Conclusion

Panda Squishmallows bring a world of joy and variety to fans. Many panda Squishmallows are still in stores, and I’ve shown you where to find the lost ones. In addition, keep your notifications open for restocked pandas with Squish Alert, and watch out for special editions that launch around the holidays.

Meanwhile, the 15 panda Squishmallows in stores offer loads of opportunities for young and old fans. However, I recommend buying Jemima, the Panda Squishmallow, if you’re looking for the most colorful and beautiful panda. Besides, Jemima is so bold that she might become a lost panda bear in the coming months.

So, act before Jemima’s gone, and buy your first panda Squishmallow today.

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