Caroline Lambert

Carol is a plush collector, enthusiast, and mom, and her school friends once called her the luckiest kid alive. Her mom was what we know as a modern-day hoarder, but her passionate hoarding was all things plush and toys. Carol never grew up in a home but rather in a toy store. Her mom was always hunting the latest toy trend, collecting Newborn dolls, and piling up to the ceiling with stuffed animals. Today, Carol piles her expertise and experience into her ultimate passion, writing. She aims to bring you the latest plush trends from the biggest brands. And every so often, she'll throw a special, rare plush into the mix. Carol knows how children and collectors love plushies, and she intends to help you feed that obsession while keeping within reason.

best beanie boo plush

Best Beanie Boo Plush Guide: Snuggle Up With Cute Companions

Are you ready to enter a realm of magic, cuteness, and cuddly companionship by reading the best Beanie Boo plush guide? Can you handle the sparkling personalities of these cute plush toys? Then, take it from someone who enthusiastically collects Squishmallows and Pokémon plush. These plushes are beyond the realm of adorability, friendship, collectibility, and

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omori plush guide

Omori Plush Guide

Omori is a weird yet exciting video game from an Indie creator, bringing another horror-themed RPG to the merch industry for plush enthusiasts and gamers. So, my Omori plush guide will share the top eight examples from the game because I’m an avid plush enthusiast who doesn’t leave a stone unturned. In addition, my family

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Eeyore Squishmallow Guide

Eeyore Squishmallow Guide: A Sad Friend for Happy Kids

I’m a plush toy enthusiast who also enjoys good literature. Alan Milne wrote one of the most outstanding children’s stories ever told. The saddest donkey crawled into every child’s heart. So, my Eeyore Squishmallow guide will go beyond the brand’s famous marshmallow-stuffed plushes. Eeyore Squishmallows might even outshine Pokémon plush among Disney and Winnie the Pooh

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