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Zozo Squishmallow Guide: An Arty Fantasy

My kids and I enjoy finding unique Squishmallows. Also, I’m an artist as a writer combined with a plush toys enthusiast who enjoys connecting with a Squishmallow personality. So, my Zozo Squishmallow guide will show you how talented this Bigfoot girl is and how she’ll wow fans of fantasy, Bigfoot, and special squads.

We’re fans of Pokémon plush and anything squishy, including Sasquatch Squishmallows with beautiful colors and matching personalities. Zozo Squishmallow’s character is as colorful and beautiful as her designs. So, I’m here to share her exquisite details, inside and out. Welcome to my Zozo Squishmallow obsession.

Zozo Squishmallow: Bottom Line Up Front

Zozo Squishmallow is as famous as numerous other fantasy squad members, and I’ll show you why. I’ll share Zozo Squishmallow’s personality, style, and variations to give you a starting point to collect her. In addition, I’ll share how spectacular this Bigfoot Squishmallow is in various squads, expanding her collectible opportunities.

Zozo Squishmallow is a phenomenal girl with many talents, even making toys. So, she deserves recognition and fame for her avid passion and creativity. Meanwhile, this rainbow-colored Squishmallow has over ten variants. Still, I’ll only share what you can find in stores to prevent disappointment.

But first, let me share my favorite Zozo Squishmallow. The 16″ 1st-Edition Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow, is my ultimate pick because you don’t find Zozo Squishmallow’s first design easily, and it might retire soon. It’s more significant than I like, but it’s the most original version of Zozo Squishmallow you’ll find after the jumbo.

Furthermore, let’s discover everything spectacular about Zozo Squishmallow before I reveal more versions.

A Complete Guide to Zozo Squishmallow

zozo squishmallow

Zozo Squishmallow has more to her than you can imagine. The female yeti belongs to the fantasy and Bigfoot squads, but some unique versions belong elsewhere.

So, let’s discover more about Zozo Squishmallow before discovering how popular this girl is among her friends. Then, I’ll reveal fantastic Zozo Squishmallow examples.

Meet Zozo, the Rainbow Bigfoot Squishmallow

Zozo Squishmallow is an artsy Bigfoot girl with wild dreams and an even wilder imagination. Zozo has an innate passion for drawing, painting, film, and creating anything as beautiful as the colors of her mane.

Her creativity extends beyond art because Zozo loves making toys, and she’s fun yet silly with so much personality.

Meanwhile, Zozo Squishmallow is easy to recognize among her yeti peers. She has a light blue body with a rainbow-colored fuzzy mane. Zozo has long, shaggy ears that measure the length of her creativity, and she has a white face with white pawprints under her feet. In addition, she has curly eyelashes and solid black eyes.

Furthermore, Zozo typically comes with or without a white bow against her right ear. The version without a white bow has solid black eyes without eyelashes. However, Zozo has other variations that alter her facial design slightly. The white bow and eyelashes make up her preliminary design, but let’s meet more of her.

Tips to Collect Zozo Squishmallow

My first tip as a fellow Squishmallow collector, fan, and avid enthusiast is to always turn to Squish Alert to discover the many versions of one squad member. Squish Alert is useful for finding many versions of specific Squishmallow members and gives you an excellent starting point.

In addition, it shows you where to buy Squishmallows online and how to find most of the sizes. You’re welcome to use my Squishmallow sizes explained article to visualize each option for a squad member. However, it’s a starting point and doesn’t always include every Zozo Squishmallow available.

collecting zozo squishmallow

So, you’ll see from my Squish Alert screenshot that Zozo’s two primary versions are similar. Zozo Squishmallow’s first original version with a white bow comes in at least size sizes. However, it doesn’t mean they’re all still available in stores. However, her Squishville and HugMee versions look quite different.

You’ll still recognize her face, but you’ll need to look for Zozo’s many unique variations and multi-squad members to find more of this gorgeous bigfoot Squishmallow. You’ll soon see Squish Alert doesn’t have all the Zozo Squishmallows on my list, and that’s fine. It’s a starting point, not a definitive collection of your findings.

Instead, my second tip is to search beyond Squish Alert, even outside the US borders, to find limited edition and exclusive plush toys for the Bigfoot artist. Finally, my most important tip is to look out for original Squishmallows.

Looking for discontinued, retired, or exclusive Zozo Squishmallows from other countries can lead to disappointment if you search the wrong places. So, stay away from unbranded Squishmallows without authentic tags, including those on the Etsy store.

How I’ll Pick Zozo Squishmallow Examples

My tips help me select the Zozo Squishmallow examples I’d love to share. I’d love to show you every version of Zozo Squishmallow in the stores.

Meanwhile, I’ll share some tricks later to find retired Zozo Squishmallows. But first, I’ll only share the original Zozo Squishmallows from my favorite online stores that still have stock.

It’s hard to find Zozo Squishmallow, but Walmart, Brick Headz Collectibles, and the Sweet Magnolia Charms store keep a few options. Alternatively, I’ll look outside the border, including the BM Stores in the UK.

Zozo Squishmallow Guide: Fantasy Overload

Zozo Squishmallow deserves the spotlight in everything she does because I love creative plush characters. Zozo Squishmallow is a Bigfoot, already making her unique, and her talents make her more attractive. So, let’s meet the many sizes and editions of exciting Zozo Squishmallows in stores and what makes each one special.

3.5″ Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow Keychain

3.5 zozo, the bigfoot squishmallow keychain

Squishmallow keychains are trendy for anyone who enjoys carrying their plush friends around, including children and older fans. My kids have a few keychain Squishmallows of other characters, and they love them. Meanwhile, I struggle to see value in the design because keychain Squishmallows have minimal details.

3.5″ Zozo Squishmallow Keychain Pros

  • Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow keychain is an adorable fluff ball for mobile plushies
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s pale blue color is spot-on, and her fuzzy mane is adorable
  • Zozo also makes an impression with her tongue sticking out
  • Kids often enjoy dragging Squishmallow friends along on their backpacks
  • Zozo belongs to the fantasy, Bigfoot, and backpack squads

3.5″ Zozo Squishmallow Keychain Cons

  • Squishmallow keychains aren’t as colorful and nicely designed as plushies
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s long ears look more like a bear’s than hers

5″ Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow

5 zozo the bigfoot squishmallow

Zozo’s five-inch Bigfoot Squishmallow brings everything bright and colorful back to her design, which looks gorgeous. I imagine Zozo Squishmallow’s personality as bright as this plush toy. Meanwhile, Zozo Squishmallow has a string to attach her anywhere, making her as enjoyable as the keychain Squishmallow.

5″ Zozo Squishmallow Pros

  • The small Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow, shines brighter than her last option
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s rainbow colors will illuminate a rainy day or a bad mood
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s tongue sticks out, and her mane is ultra-fuzzy with long ears
  • Little kids can still enjoy carrying Zozo Squishmallow around as a mobile plush friend
  • This version of Zozo Squishmallow belongs to the fantasy and Bigfoot squads

5″ Zozo Squishmallow Cons

  • Zozo, the yeti Squishmallow’s tongue is barely noticeable against her white face
  • The five-inch Zozo yeti Squishmallow has beyond standard feet, with a long, frog-like appearance

7.5″ Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow

7.5 zozo the bigfoot squishmallow

The Brick Headz Collectibles 7.5-inch Zozo Squishmallow doesn’t bring much color to her mane. Still, it adds a size famous to older fans who want an extensive Bigfoot Squishmallow collection. I enjoy eight-inch Squishmallows and typically scoop them up, but I doubt my choice with the lack of bright colors.

7.5″ Zozo Squishmallow Pros

  • The 7.5-inch Zozo Squishmallow has an extra-long mane with good ears
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s rainbow colors are more noticeable, and her tongue shows nicely
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s legs have an improved shape from the smaller sizes
  • Kids will enjoy owning another Zozo Squishmallow, but older fans will enjoy collecting more of her
  • This Zozo Squishmallow belongs to the fantasy and Bigfoot squads

7.5″ Zozo Squishmallow Cons

  • Zozo Squishmallow’s color leaves much to desire from the rainbow inspiration
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s face doesn’t look friendly with this plush

10″ Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow

10 zozo the bigfoot squishmallow

Zozo, the 10-inch Bigfoot Squishmallow, is an unusual size that may become a rare pick. The design also follows the first-edition Zozo Squishmallows with a white bow against her right ear.

However, the solid black eyes without eyelashes and white bow concern me, but Walmart only sells original Squishmallows. So, I trust them.

10″ Zozo Squishmallow Pros

  • The 10-inch Zozo Squishmallow has beautiful eyes above her tongue, sticking out
  • Zozo Squishmallow has white pawprints and a bow to match the first edition
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s ultra-long ears look like a puppy, and her mane is super soft
  • Children start enjoying the medium-sized Squishmallows for bedtime cuddles
  • This Zozo Squishmallow belongs to the Bigfoot and fantasy squads

10″ Zozo Squishmallow Cons

  • The 10-inch Zozo Squishmallow is questionable, but I recommend buying them from Walmart
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s mane becomes less fuzzy as she grows in size

16″ 1st-Edition Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow

16 1st-edition zozo the bigfoot squishmallow

The first-edition Zozo Squishmallow is perfect for collectors and die-hard yeti Squishmallow fans because it shows her first design. I find the first-edition styles more collectible than others, and it’s a soft spot for me.

Hence, I picked this Zozo Squishmallow as my ultimate choice. It’s not my favorite size but the most authentic.

16″ 1st-Edition Zozo Squishmallow Pros

  • The Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow, is as gorgeous as her first and most original design
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s tongue, eyelashes, white bow, and pawprints are spot-on
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s mane will hypnotize you with rainbow colors and an ultra-soft texture
  • Children will go wild for Zozo Squishmallow, and fans can enjoy her first design before its gone
  • This Zozo Squishmallow belongs to the Bigfoot and fantasy squads

16″ 1st-EditionZozo Squishmallow Cons

  • Zozo Squishmallow’s first design might exit the stores shortly
  • Unfortunately, you’ll have to import her from the BM stores in the UK

16″ 2nd-Edition Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow

16 2nd-edition zozo the bigfoot squishmallow

Zozo Squishmallow’s second design will outlive her first, but it’s as magic as the original style. Zozo Squishmallow loses her white bow and eyelashes but retains her adorable tongue and pawprints. Beyond the white bow and eyelashes, Zozo Squishmallow looks as original as the last version. Zozo plushies are magic.

16″ 2nd-EditionZozo Squishmallow Pros

  • The second-edition Zozo Squishmallow retains her magnificent pawprints and tongue
  • Zozo Squishmallows looks mature with her lost eyelashes and removed bow
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s adorable mane is ultra-soft and brightly colored
  • Little kids enjoy snuggling with large Bigfoot Squishmallows, and fans collect brighter versions
  • This Zozo Squishmallow belongs to the Bigfoot and fantasy squads

16″ 2nd-EditionZozo Squishmallow Cons

  • Zozo Squishmallow is a gorgeous girl but comes second to her first edition
  • Zozo Squishmallow loses some of her spunk and friendliness without eyelashes

20″ Jumbo Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow

20 jumbo zozo, the bigfoot squishmallow

The jumbo Zozo Squishmallow is a fantastic choice for collecting jumbo plushies 20 inches or more. The 20-inch Zozo Squishmallow has the original design with her white bow and pawprints. Meanwhile, she’ll bring color like no other with her size. In addition, she would be my favorite choice if she wasn’t so enormous.

20″ Jumbo Zozo Squishmallow Pros

  • The 20″ Zozo Squishmallow has a gorgeously soft mane with rainbow colors
  • Zozo’s jumbo Squishmallow will take up an entire bed, making any child happier than ever
  • Zozo Squishmallow has the original pawprints, eyelashes, tongue, and longer ears
  • Fans who want enormous Bigfoot Squishmallows will go wild for this rainbow girl
  • Zozo Squishmallow belongs to the Bigfoot, jumbo, and fantasy squads with this plush

20″ Jumbo Zozo Squishmallow Cons

  • The jumbo Zozo Squishmallow requires a lot of space in your room
  • Zozo Squishmallow’s jumbo plush fades her rainbow colors slightly

Recommended Alternatives for Zozo Squishmallow

benny squishmallow guide

Understandably, not every Bigfoot matches every fan. Fortunately, you don’t need to love Zozo Squishmallow’s artsy personality or her design. Many others exist. For example, I recommend Benny Squishmallow as an alternative if you want something more traditional. The Benny Squishmallow Guide shows you everything.

Alternatively, look into my Joelle Squishmallow Guide to find inspiration for another fabulous personality with a blue body and no rainbow hair.

Finally, the Bigfoot Squishmallow Guide will reveal many adorable yeti plush to enjoy, which also make sense if you want to expand on your Bigfoot Squishmallow squad collection.


Question: Where is the 12-Inch Zozo Squishmallow?

Answer: The 12″ Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow, is a unique pick. Moreover, it isn’t a Squishmallow but a Bigfoot HugMee. The 12″ Zozo, the Bigfoot HugMee, was an unusual edition for Christmas. She has beautiful snowflake patterns on her white belly with a tie-dye rainbow body and a fuzzy mane.

Unfortunately, Zozo, the 12″ Bigfoot Squishmallow, is retired. So, you’ll have to find her on eBay and Posh Mark, where resellers list her at ridiculous prices. For example, eBay’s 12″ Christmas Zozo Bigfoot Squishmallow goes for roughly $140. Meanwhile, the same Christmas Zozo HugMee sells for about $75 on Posh Mark.

Question: How Big is Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow?

Answer: The 20″ Jumbo Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow, is the most enormous version of the friendly, creative, and silly Bigfoot. A jumbo Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow, will tower nearly as high as an average women’s pelvis. This beautiful Squishmallow is ideal for fans and enthusiasts who enjoy more significant plushies.

Question: Where Can I Find the Squishville Zozo Bigfoot Micromallow?

Answer: Finding Zozo Squishmallow’s Squishville Micromallow is slightly tricky because she’s a hidden gem in the Squishville Tie-Dye Squad 4-Pack Set. She’s the mystery character but isn’t available in the US anymore. You can import her from the UK or buy her from eBay. The Squishville Tie-Dye Squad 4-Pack Set is cheap on eBay.

Zozo Squishmallow Guide: Conclusion

Zozo Squishmallow intrigues me as a fellow creative. Zozo Squishmallow’s nature and design will soon show her in more variants and sizes. Meanwhile, her Squishmallows are collectible, even though there aren’t many in stores this year. So, keep watching for her on Squish Alert, and look beyond the app to see her.

I recommend buying the 16″ 1st-Edition Zozo, the Bigfoot Squishmallow, fast because she already comes from the UK as a retired Squishmallow in the US. So, bring her home before the first design is gone forever. You’ll never find a more original design unless you want a jumbo Zozo Squishmallow, which looks like the first one.

All editions of Zozo Squishmallow are fantastic. So, buy yourself one before she comes as a third design.

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