Best Pokemon Plush Guide

Pokémon is a fandom well-known to fanatics, gamers, and anime lovers worldwide. Nine generations brought the Pokémon to life, starting with the generations I enjoyed as a child: one and two. However, my best Pokémon plush guide will give you a taste of every age and quality plush and tips on collecting them.

Pokémon plush toys are among the best collectibles across generations. My 14-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter love Pokémon, and I enjoy watching the series with them. I was excited to see Ash Ketchum win the world tournament. Meanwhile, I’m more excited to share the best Pokémon plush, including Squishmallows.

pokémon plush

Best Pokémon Plush: Bottom Line Up Front

Where do you begin when a plush fandom has thousands of options? Of course, you start at the beginning, which means you have to learn about every generational region’s Pokémon. Then, it’s essential to know which brands make the best Pokémon plush to ensure licensed, quality, and long-lasting plush merch.

You’ll need additional methods to narrow down which Pokémon plush collections you’d enjoy. Surprisingly, only five brands are trustworthy. So, I’ll also include the various Pokémon types of plushies. Furthermore, I’ll share the four famous variants, from which you’ll find endless collections within the different generations.

I realize it doesn’t sound effortless. Unfortunately, thousands of options will complicate how I select the perfect starter for each generation. You’ll know how once you read my tips about narrowing the many options. But first, let me share my ultimate favorite Pokémon plush starter from generation eight.

My son picked the Gen 8 Pokémon Regidrago Plush because it’s his favorite Pokémon type. In addition, the dragon-type Pokémon plush comes from his most-loved region: Galar. However, you should first understand the process of narrowing down the best Pokémon plush.

A Complete Guide to the Best Pokémon Plush

Pokémon is a collectible plush’s heart and soul, offering various brands attractive options. However, you’ll need a complete guide to Pokémon plush before entering the collectible merch world because so many options exist. Trying to buy Pokémon plush without a guide is like a blind dog walking a blind man.

Various Pokémon Generations

The starting point for any Pokémon fan is to know the generations of plushies you’ll find. Not all brands have every generation yet. However, I love the foresight of Foresight, pun intended. Pokémon plush evolves as fast as the Pokémon do. So, it helps to have an idea of where to start. The Pokémon generations are a good point.

Over 1,000 Pokémon are available for plush brands to evolve into gorgeous collectibles among the nine generations. It’s pointless to know every Pokémon and evolution to start a collection. So instead, each generation has the opportunity to provide some kick-starters for your fandom collection.

Let’s briefly explore each Pokémon generation’s plush potential.

Gen 1 Pokémon Plush

Pokémon generation one is the most extensive collection of plush to explore. It includes any Pokémon Ash found in the Kanto region. The Kanto region brought numerous plushies to life, including classics like Snorlax, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. So, you’re bound to find countless Pokémon plush for this gen.

Here are five examples of gen 1 Pokémon plush:

pokémon electrode plush

  1. Pokémon Electrode Plush
  2. Pokémon Kadabra Plush
  3. Pokémon Machoke Plush
  4. Pokémon Metapod Plush
  5. Pokémon Snorlax Plush

Gen 2 Pokémon Plush

Ash ventured into the Johto region in the second generation, which saw a few more Pokémon appear or evolve. I loved the second generation because many cute Pokémon joined the list, including Bayleaf, Chikorita, and Totodile. Bayleaf was a favorite grass-type Pokémon. However, this gen also has endless plush opportunities.

Here are five examples of gen 2 Pokémon plush:

pokémon chinchou plush

  1. Pokémon Chinchou Plush
  2. Pokémon Elekid Plush
  3. Pokémon Granbull Plush
  4. Pokémon Natu Plush
  5. Pokémon Smoochum Plush

Gen 3 Pokémon Plush

Pokémon’s third generation saw Ash and his friends (or foes) in the Hoenn region. I still watched the series when generation three’s Pokémon hit the screens. I also loved playing the games. My favorites from gen three include Torchic, Mudkip, and Sceptile. I began loving fire-type Pokémon, enjoying Torchic.

However, here are five Pokémon generation three plush examples:

pokémon clamperl plush

  1. Pokémon Blaziken Plush
  2. Pokémon Clamperl Plush
  3. Pokémon Kirlia Plush
  4. Pokémon Sceptile Plush
  5. Pokémon Tropius Plush

Gen 4 Pokémon Plush

Ash and his friends moved into the Sinnoh region when Pokémon entered the fourth generation. I lost a little touch around this stage, but I caught a few episodes occasionally. My favorite fourth-generation Pokémon included Turtwig, Bidoof, and the adorable yet aggressive Piplup. However, many more Pokémon came.

Here are five fourth-generation Pokémon plush examples:

gen 4 pokémon plush

  1. Pokémon Glaceon Plush
  2. Pokémon Luxray Plush
  3. Pokémon Munchlax Plush
  4. Pokémon Piplup Plush
  5. Pokémon Riolu Plush

Gen 5 Pokémon Plush

The fifth generation took Ash and his friends to the Unova region. The show became multi-layered, and the Pokémon took many new forms and evolutions. Many Pokémon came with their transitions in this generation. Some of my favorite fifth-generation Pokémon included Snivy, Victini, and Stoutland.

Here are five fifth-generation Pokémon plush examples:

pokémon cinccino plush

  1. Pokémon Cinccino Plush
  2. Pokémon Embroar Plush
  3. Pokémon Hisuian Zorua Plush
  4. Pokémon Oshawatt Plush
  5. Pokémon Scraggy Plush

Gen 6 Pokémon Plush

The sixth-generation Pokémon saw Ash and his friends enter the Kalos region. Poké-battles became much more challenging, and the Pokémon brought new rivals and evolutions. Some of my top Kalos region Pokémon included Chesnaught, Greninja, and Vivillon, the gorgeously dangerous butterfly-type Pokémon.

Here are five sixth-generation Pokémon plush examples:

pokémon dedenne plush

  1. Pokémon Dedenne Plush
  2. Pokémon Delphox Plush
  3. Pokémon Fennekin Plush
  4. Pokémon Gogoat Plush
  5. Pokémon Helioptile Plush

Gen 7 Pokémon Plush

Pokémon’s seventh generation took Ash and his friends to the Alola region. Pokémon became even more challenging, opening our imaginations to new adventures, evolutions, and extraordinary Pokémon. Some of my best seventh-generation Pokémon included Dartrix, Rockruff, and cute Fomantis.

Here are five seventh-generation Pokémon plush examples:

pokémon alolan vulpix plush

  1. Pokémon Alolan Vulpix Plush
  2. Pokémon Decidueye Plush
  3. Pokémon Mimikyu Plush
  4. Pokémon Popplio Plush
  5. Pokémon Rowlet Plush

Gen 8 Pokémon Plush

The eighth Pokémon generation sees Ash and his friends in the Galar region. Meanwhile, I’ll share my son’s three top Pokémon from this generation: Thievul, Boltund, and Toxtricity. Indeed, you can see we enjoy different Pokémon types. Still, my son and daughter want generation eight more than me.

Here are five eighth-generation Pokémon plush examples:

pokémon inteleon plush

  1. Pokémon Inteleon Plush
  2. Pokémon Morpeko Plush
  3. Pokémon Rillaboom Plush
  4. Pokémon Sobble Plush
  5. Pokémon Yamper Plush

Gen 9 Pokémon Plush

The newest Pokémon generation turns to the Paldea region, where adorable new creatures with immense powers will stun you. Not many Pokémon plush comes from the ninth generation yet. However, that will soon change. My son’s top three generations of nine Pokémon include Crocalor, Skeledirge, and Quaxly.

Meanwhile, here are two teaser examples of Pokémon plush from generation nine:

gen 9 pokémon plush

  1. Pokémon Fuecoco Plush
  2. Pokémon Sprigatito Plush

Prime Pokémon Plush Brands

Pokémon plushies are massive worldwide. So, you can expect hundreds of plush brands supplying the latest soft toys for your favorite Pokémon. Unfortunately, I only trust a few brands to provide prime-quality plush for Pokémon. I’ll show you why each brand wins. My top brands for Pokémon plush include:

  • Build-A-Bear Pokémon Plush is of top-notch quality and provides customizable options for Pokémon fans. The brand has been around for many years, providing self-made Pokémon plush friends. You might not find the broadest range yet. However, quality is a guarantee with Build-A-Bear Pokémon plush.
  • Jazwares Pokémon Plush is of good quality. I buy plenty of Jazwares Plush for various collections. The brand never disappoints. But they don’t offer much variety for Pokémon plushies.
  • Pokémon Brand Plush is vast and available on Amazon and Walmart online stores. Fortunately, they offer a variety of licensed and high-quality plush for fans. You won’t always find every generation or evolution, but the brand is top-notch.
  • Pokémon Squishmallows are another ultra-collectible plush that feels like marshmallows. Sadly, Pokémon Squishmallows is relatively new in 2022, and you won’t find many yet. However, you’ll get the Gengar Squishmallow and the Pikachu Squishmallow. Meanwhile, they’re super expensive and limited edition.
  • Finally, Pokémon Center is where you find every plush, generation, evolution, and style. No one has a variety near the Pokémon Center’s plush collection. Meanwhile, quality and licensed plush are a promise. So, it’s the place to shop if you want a massive collection. It’s my top recommendation.

pokémon brand plush

Understanding Pokémon Plush Variants

You’ll quickly lose yourself in the thousands of plush available if you want every Pokémon and plush type from each generation. So, let’s see how wide varieties exist and how they look before diving into the endless Pokémon plush collection options. Here are some popular Pokémon plush types to consider:

eevee plush costume cape

Pokémon Plush Collections Explained

Some licensed Pokémon plush also allows you to collect specific collections rather than variants. Here are some examples of famous Pokémon plush collections from the Pokémon Center:

pokémon pikachu comfy cuddlers plush

Plush Pokémon Type Guidelines

Furthermore, you can break Pokémon plush into different types, including fire, psychic, and water. Some Pokémon plush fans might desire to collect them by type. So, here are the main types with two examples each:

piplup large microbead plush

How I Picked a Few Fantastic Pokémon Plush to Start

Choosing a few starters as my best Pokémon plush is one of my most significant challenges. However, I’ll use my tips to provide the perfect starter for each generation. So, I’ll first choose one from each era. Then, the plush must meet my standards to make an excellent collectible starter:

  1. The generation’s winner must have a traditional style, which typically comes from the Sitting Cuties Collection or Pokémon Plush Dolls.
  2. It must also measure 12 or fewer inches to allow for a more extensive collection. Larger sizes will limit your ability to collect many Pokémon plush.
  3. It should also never repeat a previous winner’s type, such as fire or ground. I won’t cover every Pokémon type among the top nine plushies, but it will start you somewhere.

Some best picks will cross multiple types, variants, and collections. However, they must meet my three rules without exceptions. So, let’s get to the point you’re waiting to see.

Best Pokémon Plush Guide: Brilliant Starters

It’s been a long journey, but you can’t start collecting Pokémon plush without knowing every primary type, collection, and generation. Meanwhile, you’ll find the greatest starter plush for each generation now. In addition, I’ll share as much information about the plush as possible to help you narrow down other plushies.

Gen 1 Pokémon Pikachu Plush

gen 1 pokémon pikachu plush

I apologize if you guessed I would choose Pikachu. He’s famous for a reason. Pikachu travels every region and climbs into every fan’s heart. Pikachu plushies are tremendously collectible, fan-favorites, and ever-green because Pikachu remains by Ash Ketchum’s side throughout the generations.

  • Type: Electric
  • Collection: Sitting Cuties Collection
  • Variant: Traditional Pokémon plush
  • Size: 8″

Pokémon Pikachu Plush Pros

  • The Pikachu plush is the start of everything Pokémon
  • Pikachu can also fit into multiple generations or region collections
  • The feisty electric-type Pokémon plush is a collectible size
  • Pikachu’s plush details are insanely accurate and overly cute

Pokémon Pikachu Plush Cons

  • Pikachu can fit into all the generations
  • There’s nothing unique about the Pikachu plush

Gen 2 Pokémon Pineco Plush

gen 2 pokémon pineco plush

Pineco was one of the strangest Pokémon in the second generation because it didn’t look like a bug. Yet, this bug-type Pokémon plush represents the confusing design of Pineco. I always thought it was a steel or rock-type Pokémon when encountering it. Nonetheless, the confusion adds some nostalgia to collecting Pineco.

  • Type: Bug
  • Collection: Sitting Cuties Collection
  • Variant: Traditional Pokémon Plush
  • Size: 5″

Pokémon Plush Pros

  • The Pineco plush has a fascinating history of confusing fans
  • Pineco’s design is pretty fabulous, with the multi-layered effect
  • Pineco’s plush is one of the most collectible sizes
  • Old-school Pokémon fans will remember the bug-type creature well

Pokémon Plush Cons

  • The confusion made a lot of Pokémon fans unlike the poor thing
  • It doesn’t keep the shape well on a flat surface over time

Gen 3 Pokémon Blaziken Plush

gen 3 pokémon blaziken plush

I always began my journey with fire Pokémon, even if they battled against rock-type Pokémon you see too often in the Hoenn region. However, Blaziken appears to have improved abilities because he’s also a fighting-type Pokémon. I did far better with Blaziken than Charmander in the first generation.

  • Type: Fire and Fighting
  • Collection: Sitting Cuties Collection
  • Variant: Traditional Pokémon Plush
  • Size: 7.25″

Pokémon Blaziken Plush Pros

  • The Blaziken plush represents a beast from the third generation
  • Blaziken is a personal favorite and looks like a monster
  • Blaziken’s plush falls into two types of Pokémon collections: fire and fighting
  • The plush has pristine details to show Blaziken’s fire

Pokémon Blaziken Plush Cons

  • The plush won’t suit rock, water, or ground-type Pokémon collectors
  • Blaziken’s sitting position can pose problems when displaying it

Gen 4 Pokémon Weavile Plush

gen 4 pokémon weavile plush

Weavile is an odd Pokémon that evolved from Sneasel, which wasn’t a favorite of mine, either. However, Weavile’s dark and icy elements improve him after the transition. In addition, Weavile is one of the better-looking Pokémon because the first generations saw some oddballs pop into the scene.

  • Type: Dark and Ice
  • Collection: Sitting Cuties Collection
  • Variant: Traditional Pokémon Plush
  • Size: 6″

Pokémon Weavile Plush Pros

  • The Weavile plush represents a potent threat in the fourth generation
  • Weavile is a much better Pokémon than Sneasel
  • The plush has gorgeous details that portray the Pokémon nicely
  • Weavile fits into two collection types: dark and ice

Pokémon Weavile Plush Cons

  • Weavile’s sitting cuties position also looks odd because of its shape
  • Weavile’s claws are slightly enlarged on the plush

Gen 5 Pokémon Hisuian Braviary Plush

gen 5 pokémon hisuian braviary plush

I’m obsessed with the Hisuian Braviary plush because the bird is a psychic beast that causes extensive damage. It’s a much-needed upgrade from the Pigeotto Pokémon. Meanwhile, it looks more like an eagle, one of my favorite real-life animals. So, it’s understandable why I enjoy this plush Pokémon so much.

  • Type: Psychic and Flying
  • Collection: Traditional Collection
  • Variant: Traditional Pokémon Plush
  • Size: 10.25″

Pokémon Hisuian Braviary Plush Pros

  • The Hisuian Braviary plush reminds me of my favorite bird
  • It’s an excellent pick and famous Pokémon from generation five
  • The Hisuian Braviary plush fits into two Pokémon type collections: psychic and flying
  • The eagle-like bird Pokémon has exquisite details as a plush toy

Pokémon Hisuian Braviary Plush Cons

  • The plush’s white parts could stain easily in a displayed collection
  • The Pokémon mistakenly makes some fans think it’s a legendary choice

Gen 6 Pokémon Bunnelby Plush

gen 6 pokémon bunnelby plush

Many friends loved normal-type Pokémon when I grew up. So, I had to add one, and none of them is as adorable as Bunnelby. Indeed, the poor bunny-type Pokémon plush doesn’t have incredible powers or good fighting skills. However, the little bunny Pokémon plush scores points for being too cute.

  • Type: Normal
  • Collection: Traditional Collection
  • Variant: Pokémon Plush Doll
  • Size: 8″

Pokémon Bunnelby Plush Pros

  • The Bunnelby plush is the most adorable, even more than Pikachu
  • Bunnelby is a well-known collectible from the sixth generation
  • Bunnelby’s ears will drive you wild if you like cute plushies
  • The plush has gorgeous details on the body and ears

Pokémon Bunnelby Plush Cons

  • The Bunnelby plush doesn’t represent a powerful Pokémon
  • This plush looks like it belongs to a little child

Gen 7 Pokémon Decidueye Plush

gen 7 pokémon decidueye plush

Decidueye isn’t the easiest Pokémon to figure out among fans. The grass and ghost-type Pokémon plush also look like a bird. Yet, the Pokémon isn’t a flying type, even if it can fly. So, it’s a little confusing for fans. Fortunately, the Pokémon is one of the swiftest movers in the seventh generation, earning its spot on my list.

  • Type: Grass and Ghost
  • Collection: Traditional Collection
  • Variant: Traditional Pokémon Plush
  • Size: 12″

Pokémon Decidueye Plush Pros

  • The Decidueye plush represents a supernova Pokémon from generation eight
  • It’s a massive plush if you’re into collecting larger ones
  • The details are astonishing on Deciueye’s wings, cape, and head
  • The oddball Pokémon will be a talking point among fans

Pokémon Decidueye Plush Cons

  • I think Decidueye should also be a flying-type Pokémon plush
  • Decidueye’s face and eyes are hardly visible through the thick cape

Gen 8 Pokémon Regidrago Plush

gen 8 pokémon regidrago plush

Regidrago would undoubtedly be my son’s favorite because of its color schemes and Pokémon type. My son loves everything about dragons. So, he was ecstatic to find dragon-type Pokémon in the Galar region. Regidrago is the weirdest-looking dragon design I’ve seen anywhere, but it works for kids.

  • Type: Dragon
  • Collection: Traditional Collection
  • Variant: Pokémon Plush Dolls
  • Size: 7″

Pokémon Regidrago Plush Pros

  • The Regidrago plush represents a mythical-style Pokémon
  • Regidrago is one of the mightiest Pokémon in the eighth generation
  • The plush’s details are excellent, making it look like the strange Pokémon
  • Any fan who loves dragons will fall in love with the Regidrago plush starter

Pokémon Regidrago Plush Cons

  • Fans who don’t know Regidrago won’t know what they’re looking at
  • Regidrago’s design makes it look like a side-winding Pokémon

Gen 9 Pokémon Quaxly Plush

gen 9 pokémon quaxly plush

Unfortunately, Quaxly isn’t my favorite Pokémon. Still, this Pokémon plush makes the ideal starter for a traditional-styled soft toy from the newest generation. I also added Quaxly because I didn’t yet have a water-type Pokémon plush. Admittedly, water-type Pokémon aren’t my ball game unless it’s Gyrados or Squirtle.

  • Type: Water
  • Collection: Traditional Collection
  • Variant: Traditional Pokémon Plush
  • Size: 7″

Pokémon Quaxly Plush Pros

  • The Quaxly plush brings one of the first three collectibles in the newest generation
  • Quaxly appeals largely to water-type Pokémon fans and new players
  • Its details are brilliant, with the eyes adding depth
  • Quaxly is an adorable addition for kids, and its the ideal size for collectors

Pokémon Quaxly Plush Cons

  • Quaxly is only one of three Pokémon currently available from generation nine (also making it valuable)
  • Quaxly’s colors will challenge you to keep it stored well


Question: Which Pokémon Plush Is the Biggest?

Answer: It depends on the Pokémon plush variation. For example, the Pokémon Arcanine 59″ Jumbo Plush is the widest resting choice because it measures from the head to the tail’s tip. However, the Pokémon Lucario 48″ Jumbo Plush is much taller because it measures from the head to the floor.

Question: What Size Is the Pokémon Pikachu Squishmallow?

Answer: The Limited-Edition Pokémon Pikachu Squishmallow stands 12 inches tall. It’s an excellent size for fans who enjoy larger Squishmallows. In addition, you’ll find the Limited Edition Pokémon Gengar Squishmallow in the same size. So, the size must be a popular choice for Pokémon Squishmallow fans.

Question: Which Pokémon Plush Is the Most Popular?

Answer: Of course, the Pokémon Pikachu Plush Collection shows how much fans love Ash Ketchum’s original friend. Hence, you’ll find it as a Pokémon Pikachu Microbead Plush and a Pokémon Pikachu Holiday Workshop Keychain Plush. However, the funniest of the 72 options is the Pokémon Pikachu in Wedding Dress Plush.

Best Pokémon Plush Guide: Conclusion

The best Pokémon plush guide likely showed you a world you weren’t aware of and desired. However, take the time to narrow down which Pokémon plush you genuinely want before diving into an extensive collection. Otherwise, pick a few favorites from a simple collection like Pikachu or Ditto.

Meanwhile, I hope the generations, collections, types, variants, and tips helped you find a starting point for a valuable Pokémon plush collection. I recommend the Gen 8 Pokémon Regidrago Plush for any young fans who enjoy dragon-type Pokémon plush. In addition, it gives them the strangest-looking starter to enjoy. So, start narrowing your wishlist and buy your first starter. You’ll love most Pokémon plush because the fandom is so vast.

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