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Best Crab Squishmallows Guide

Would you believe I own 11 Tarantulas but am terrified of crabs? The irony and humor drove me to write the best crab Squishmallows guide because I must understand why people love them so much. My son also enjoys crabs and chases me around when he finds them. So, others must enjoy them as much.

Hence, I’m going to learn about every crab Squishmallow hoping to change my frightened mind because my son won’t mind owning some. My family loves collecting plush toys, especially Squishmallows. So, it’s time to put my fears aside to embrace the best and most adorable sealife squad members.

crab squishmallow

Best Crab Squishmallows: Bottom Line Up Front

Admittedly, crab Squishmallow looks much less scary than the real things that creep me out. So, I started calming down as soon as I met the crab squad in pictures. Maybe my son will finally get one. Meanwhile, I’ll help you learn about each crab from the sealife squad and how they look to spot new ones as they come.

Furthermore, I’ll share tips on finding more unique crab Squishmallows by looking outside the standard sizes and types. Then, I’ll tell you how I picked excellent crab Squishmallows. But first, let me share my top pick. Cyra, the Crab Fuzz-A-Mallow, is a gorgeously unique option with an ultra-fuzzy texture.

In addition, Cyra is a special boy that doesn’t have wide varieties. So, he’s unique and collectible, two of my favorite Squishmallow things. However, I won’t spoil everything up front. So instead, let me share why I picked a few more favorites among my top 12 before getting to the crab Squishmallow details.

Some of My Favorite Crab Squishmallows at a Glance

  1. Cailey, the Open-Eyed Crab Squishmallow, is a perfect pick for little girls. She’s a sizeable Squishmallow crab with a colorful design and girly eyelashes.
  2. Carlos, the Valentine’s Crab Squishmallow, is ideal as a gift to someone you love. Carlos belongs to two squads and steals hearts on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Christabel, the Tie-Dye Crab Squishmallow, is my best choice for color schemes. Christabel has a beautiful tie-dye pattern with rainbow colors and is the only one with a bright design.
  4. Indie, the Tie-Dye Hermit Crab Squishmallow, is my ultimate choice for boys who love jumbo crab Squishmallows. In addition, he has a unique shell hat.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Crab Squishmallows

Breathe deep if you have children who enjoy crabs as much as my son because things are about to turn cute. So, let’s meet the crabs from the sealife squad, learn more about them, and find out how you can find more of them. Then, I’ll share how I picked the best crab Squishmallows that don’t make me cringe.

squishmallow crabs

Meet the Crab Squad from Squishmallows

Thank goodness, the crab Squishmallows don’t look like their real-life counterparts. Instead, they look cuddly and adorable. In addition, they remind me of The Little Mermaid, a classic from my childhood. Meanwhile, the crabs belong to the sealife squad as a primary family. So, let’s meet the leading members.

  • Cailey, the Crab Squishmallow, looks like a pretty plush girl with a pink body and white belly. However, her pincers are multi-colored, ranging from near-purple to light pink.
  • Carlos, the Crab Squishmallow, looks like a Little Mermaid crustacean with a bright red body and white belly. He’s ultra-famous and has various versions.
  • Christabel, the Crab Squishmallow, looks like a fantasy crab with tie-dye rainbow colors. She’s beautiful with pastel-styled coloring and multi-colored pincers.
  • Cosmina, the Crab Squishmallow, looks like a flirtatious creature from the deep with her winking eye and pale pink coloration. Meanwhile, the main pincers and belly are lilac purple.
  • Cyra, the Crab Squishmallow, looks like Carlos had an upgrade. However, Cyra’s belly is pink, and his legs are multi-colored. He also has a red body and main pincers.
  • Indie, the Crab Squishmallow, looks similar to Carlos, with a red body and white belly. However, he’s a hermit crab with a tan shell and noticeable cheeks.
  • Mackenzie, the Crab Squishmallow, looks like a rainbow and a crab had a baby. She has white, shimmering pincers and the same belly. However, her body has bright paint-splattered patterns.
  • Magela, the Crab Squishmallow, looks like a nightmare to clean. She’s snow-white with simmering silver primary pincers. Indeed, she’s beautiful but a nightmare to wash.
  • Xandra, the Crab Squishmallow, looks like a light green crustacean with multi-colored pincers. His body looks mint green with a white belly.

Tips to Find Special Crab Squishmallows

Finding the crab Squishmallows won’t be challenging. However, collecting the unique, exclusive, and limited edition crabs is another story. Unfortunately, Mackenzie is a rare crab, with her gorgeous pattern unlike other Squishmallows from the sealife squad. So, don’t worry too much about her.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to help you find more crab Squishmallows or those that become more valuable:

  1. Multi-squad crabs allow you to expand your collection in other ways when crabs become too much. Look for crab Squishmallows that fit into more than one squad. For example, some crabs also have a lovely Valentine’s edition, putting them in a second squad.
  2. Find unusual types of crab Squishmallows, like the Carlos Micromallow. In addition, some crab Squishmallows come as unique Fuzz-A-Mallows and backpack clips. The individual options add some talking points to your crab Squishmallow collection.
  3. Find crabs with entirely different color schemes from their original ones. I’ll soon share one that wows me. So, I don’t want to spoil it for you.
  4. Look for the various sizes available for each crab Squishmallow. Collecting similar and smaller sizes allows you to have a more extensive collection. In contrast, gigantic crab Squishmallows are fantastic for kids who enjoy the creatures because they see them as plush friends and cuddle buddies.
  5. Set an in-search-of (ISO) on the Squish Alert app to stay updated about new releases and restock opportunities at your favorite stores. Who knows? Mackenzi might return for round two, and the app will let you know as soon as she drops.

How I Selected the Best Crab Squishmallows

Nine primary crab Squishmallows exist. So, depending on my tastes, I’ll select the best one for each name. I often prefer more colorful, multi-squad, or exclusive options. However, I’ll choose the most significant, cuddliest option for crabs that don’t have unique features. After all, kids are going to love these crustaceans.

Furthermore, I’ll select another favorite for Cailey, Carlos, Indie, and Magela because they’re famous and have many variants. The other crabs have fewer versions. So, I’ll stick to a single best pick for each.

Best Crab Squishmallows Guide: Adorable Pinchers

Crab Squishmallows are slowly turning me into a fan of the plushies. However, I still won’t touch a crab. Nonetheless, let’s see what makes each crab Squishmallow ultra-awesome. I’ll share the size, whether they belong to other squads, and what features make me love them.

Cailey, the Open-Eyed Crab Squishmallow

cailey, the open-eyed crab squishmallow

I’m sure you know how much I wouldn’t say I like sleepy-eyed Squishmallows if you often follow my search for the best options from various squads. So, Cailey has an open-eyed Squishmallow that undoubtedly makes me happier than the closed-eye version. In addition, she has pretty, girly eyes with a multi-colored design.

  • Squads: Sealife Squad
  • Size: 14″

Cailey Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Cailey Squishmallow has open eyes, making her my winner
  • Cailey also has a beautiful face with a colorful claws design
  • The 14-inch Cailey Squishmallow is ideal as a cuddling friend for kids
  • Cailey’s red mouth makes her look like she’s wearing make-up

Cailey Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • Cailey Squishmallow is better suited to girls and not boys
  • The bright colors versus white belly make her challenging to clean

Cailey, the Sleepy Crab Squishmallow

cailey, the sleepy crab squishmallow

I might not love sleepy squad Squishmallows, but many children do, especially when they cuddle them at bedtime. Cailey’s extra-large Squishmallow is as pretty as the first one. Meanwhile, it adds a lot more marshmallow-styled plush to the cuddle benefits. And who knows? It might encourage kids to sleep.

  • Squads: Sealife and Sleepy Squads
  • Size: 16″

Cailey Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • The extra-large Cailey Squishmallow works wonders for bedtime
  • Cailey’s second pick also wears lipstick and looks ultra-girly
  • Her design is pretty, bold, and colorful for added pizazz
  • Cailey still has pretty eyelashes on her sleepy eyes

Cailey Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • The bright color contrasts undoubtedly make her challenging to clean
  • I’ll never enjoy sleepy squad Squishmallows without open eyes

Carlos, the Crab Squishmallow

carlos, the crab squishmallow

Carlos, the crab Squishmallow, has many variants. However, I enjoy his smaller version. My ultimate Squishmallow size is eight inches, but I’ll go smaller with an animal that creeps me out. Meanwhile, Carlos is the closest crab to my favorite childhood movie, The Little Mermaid. So, I’d welcome Carlos.

  • Squads: Sealife Squad
  • Size: 5″

Carlos Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Carlos, the crab Squishmallow, is an adorable and collectible size
  • Carlos has intense red colors that pop in a collection
  • The size feels different from other Carlos Squishmallows
  • Five-inch Squishmallows make excellent companions for kids on the move

Carlos Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • Some fans don’t love the texture of five-inch Squishmallows
  • Carlos has no special features or colorful parts

Carlos, the Valentine’s Crab Squishmallow

carlos, the valentine's crab squishmallow

Carlos, the crab Squishmallow, must have a soft spot for romance because he joined the Valentine’s Squad. It makes him much more appealing to someone who scares around real crabs. Instead, Carlos looks sweet as a Valentine’s member. I’d give this little guy to Squishmallow collectors as a gift.

  • Squads: Sealife and Valentine’s Squads
  • Size: 8″

Carlos Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Carlos, the crab Squishmallow, fits into two squads
  • Carlos becomes more appealing and looks cute for a crab
  • I love the crab’s Valentine’s message because of its claws
  • The crab’s claws are also shorter, making him look much better

Carlos Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • Crabs and romance don’t make much sense together
  • The tinier claws don’t have many shapes

Christabel, the Tie-Dye Crab Squishmallow

christabel, the tie-dye crab squishmallow

Squishmallows with rainbow-colored tie-dye patterns feel unique. In addition, the fantasy squad inspires the colors, making them fit into two teams. Christabel Squishmallow genuinely impresses me because her face looks hypnotic. The pattern twirls into her eyes, making you fall in love with her.

  • Squads: Sealife and Fantasy Squads
  • Size: 7.5″

Christabel Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Christabel, the crab Squishmallow, is a beautiful color and pattern
  • She also comes in a collectible size perfect for more extensive collections
  • The pastel-style rainbow-colored claws are adorable
  • Christabel is another fantastic option for little girls

Christabel Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • Rainbow-colored Squishmallows don’t appeal much to boys
  • Christabel should have cute eyelashes for a girl crab

Cosmina, the Winking Crab Squishmallow

cosmina, the winking crab squishmallow

Cosmina, the crab Squishmallow, looks flirty with her winking eye. However, it adds a hint of sass, making her double squads. Winking at passersby is a sign of sass. Meanwhile, Cosmina’s colors are vibrant and mellow simultaneously. In addition, she has a red mouth with pretty cheeks to make her look sassier.

  • Squads: Sealife and Sassy Squad
  • Size: 8″

Cosmina Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Cosmina, the crab Squishmallow, is an ultra-girly plush
  • Cosmina is the most collectible size Squishmallow
  • Her pale colors and girly design are perfect for little girls
  • The purple belly and primary pincers are adorable

Cosmina Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • Cosmina is another crab Squishmallow that is better for girls
  • She looks like a baby wanting mommy to pick her up

Cyra, the Crab Fuzz-A-Mallow

cyra, the crab fuzz-a-mallow

I’m heavily into unusual Squishmallows because I want plush that gain value or become rare. Besides, Cyra, the crab Fuzz-A-Mallow, is softer than you’ll ever imagine. The Fuzz-A-Mallow Squishmallows have extra softness with an inviting texture. They’re perfect for kids who want to cuddle their favorite animals before bed.

  • Squads: Sealife and Fuzz-A-Mallow Squads
  • Size: 12″

Cyra Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Cyra, the crab Squishmallow, is a unique Fuzz-A-Mallow
  • Cyra’s size is ideal for kids who love cuddling animals at bedtime
  • The multi-colored claws are fantastic and add more personality
  • Cyra can work for girls and boys

Cyra Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • Cyra’s belly isn’t as fuzzy as his body
  • Cyra’s eyes nearly vanish behind the fuzzy texture

Indie, the Hermit Crab Squishmallow

indie, the hermit crab squishmallow

Indie is a unique crustacean from the sealife squad. Unfortunately, he doesn’t fit into another team, even if he looks unique. However, the collectible hermit crab Squishmallow teaches children about another type of crustacean. Indeed, all crabs have shells, but hermit crabs live inside more giant shells.

  • Squads: Sealife Squad
  • Size: 8″

Indie Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Indie, the crab Squishmallow, is a collectible size
  • He’s a unique crab that looks different from other Squishmallows
  • Indie’s blatant cheeks make him look cute for a boy crab
  • Indie would work well for boys, girls, and collectors

Indie Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • Washing a red and tan plush is challenging
  • Indie’s claws are tiny compared to other crab Squishmallows

Indie, the Tie-Dye Hermit Crab Squishmallow

indie, the tie-dye hermit crab squishmallow

Jumbo Indie, the crab Squishmallow, is even more special than the last option because he fits into two squads. Additionally, jumbo Squishmallows are the ultimate picks for kids who only own a few. These giants take a child’s bed over, making them feel like they have a best friend staying over for the night.

  • Squads: Sealife and Fantasy Squads
  • Size: 20″

Indie Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Indie, the tie-dye crab Squishmallow, is a giant crab
  • He belongs to two squads and wears a brilliant shell
  • Indie’s cheeks and eyes look far more appealing on this Squishmallow
  • Children will go wild for this crab Squishmallow

Indie Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • Indie isn’t the best collectible at 20 inches
  • The color contrasts make it challenging to clean the plush

Magela, the Crab Squishmallow

magela, the crab squishmallow

White Squishmallows are as scary as real-life crabs. My kids learn to collect and cherish their plushies. Still, they’re kids who touch them with food-stained hands. So, white plush is typically scary for parents. However, Magela, the crab Squishmallow, looks like a glamor queen with her shimmering silver claws.

  • Squads: Sealife Squad
  • Size: 8″

Magela Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Magela, the crab Squishmallow, is snow-white and glittery
  • Her silver shimmering claws add a touch of diva
  • Magela seems like a good fit for little girls
  • Collectors can enjoy her size and keep her clean in packaging

Magela Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • White plushes are terrible nightmares to clean
  • Magela’s lack of color makes it look like she lacks personality

Magela, the Crab Squishmallow Clip-On

magela, the crab squishmallow clip-on

Backpack clips are ultra-popular with kids who want their favorite animals to travel the world with them. Magela also comes as a particular type of crab Squishmallow. In addition, the crab can travel to the school playground, guaranteeing cleaning nightmares for moms. Irrespective, Magela looks better in this size.

  • Squads: Sealife and Backpack Squads
  • Size: 3.5″

Magela Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Magela, the crab Squishmallow, is a unique plush type
  • She can travel anywhere with your young crab fans
  • Magela’s face looks much cuter in this size
  • Her shimmering silver claws look much bolder as tiny pincers

Magela Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • Magela will undoubtedly get dirty as a travel companion
  • Children get upset quickly when they lose the Squishmallow clip-on plushies

Xandra, the Crab Squishmallow

xandra, the crab squishmallow

Xandra, the crab Squishmallow, is finally the most boyish-looking crab. I mean that Xandra appeals more to boys than any other crab Squishmallow. He has brilliant mint colors with multi-colored claws that make him feel unreal. However, kids who enjoy crabs would likely think them to be red.

  • Squads: Sealife Squad
  • Size: 14″

Xandra Crab Squishmallow Pros

  • Xandra, the crab Squishmallow, is the most appealing to boys
  • The blue crab also comes with a huggable size
  • Xandra’s face is super friendly, and he smiles broadly
  • The crab’s colors are adorable as they fade with each claw

Xandra Crab Squishmallow Cons

  • Xandra Squishmallow might not appeal nicely to girls
  • He doesn’t come in a collectible size


Question: What Is the Weirdest Crab Squishmallow?

Answer: Admittedly, I thought they’d all be weird, but I was wrong. Crab Squishmallows are cute enough to enter my home, even though the animal freaks me out. However, one crab Squishmallow tops them all in oddness. Hot Topic has an exclusive Cailey, the Crab Squishmallow Pool Float. It’s crazy because it isn’t plush.

Question: Which Crab Squishmallow Is the Rarest?

Answer: Unfortunately, your chances of finding the most beautiful crab Squishmallow are low. Mackenzi, the Rainbow-Splattered Crab Squishmallow, is the rarest crustacean among them. She looks like a paintbrush touched the rainbow and splashed against her. However, you can try to find her with the Squish Alert app.

Question: Which Crab Squishmallow Is the Largest?

Answer: Indie, the Hermit Crab Squishmallow, is a giant crustacean. The jumbo crab Squishmallow measures a staggering 20 inches tall, ready to fill the bed of any child who loves crabs. Meanwhile, Indie’s hat or shell comes in a beautiful tie-dye blue and white pattern. So, he’s a unique boy with loads of character.

Best Crab Squishmallows Guide: Conclusion

The best crab Squishmallows made me think again about my son asking for one. They don’t look as frightening once you meet the nine crab members. Meanwhile, the adorable selections have advantages and disadvantages, and you know how to find more unique options using Squish Alert.

I wish you the best in finding Mackenzi, the crab Squishmallow. I’ll also be looking for her as a rare collectible. However, I’ll be happy to recommend starting with Cyra, the Crab Fuzz-A-Mallow, because he’s a unique Squishmallow. So, grab your crab fast before he scurries as they hurry on the beach.

Meet more of the Squishmallows sealife squad

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