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Best Koala Squishmallows Guide

The best koala Squishmallows guide will take you to the land down under by venturing into an adventure squad with 18 main members. That’s plenty of members for a single team, even if I must say so as an avid Squishmallow collector and fanatic. However, you’ll find the most incredible plush toys if you love koala bears.

My family adores koala bears, with my kids often wanting to see them first at the zoo. In addition, we enjoy collecting Squishmallows. Collecting a squad as vast as koala bears can undoubtedly take time. So, you’ll need a starting point. Therefore, I welcome you to my “land down under” koala bear Squishmallows hunt.

Best Koala Squishmallows: Bottom Line Up Front

I love that song, “from the land down under,” nearly as much as my kids run for the zoo’s koala enclosure. Additionally, my entire family loves and obsesses over collecting Squishmallows. Koala Squishmallows have a lot of potentials, with 18 prominent squad members, each with multiple variants and sizes available.

Many exclusives and special editions exist; one smart app will help you spot them before they sell out. So, I’ll introduce you to the squad before sharing tips on how you can find more to expand your koala bear Squishmallow collection. Also, I’ll share tips on how to find discontinued koalas later in my article.

But first, I must share my most-loved koala Squishmallow. Renate, the Kind Koala Squishmallow, is my ultimate choice because of the inspirational message. In addition, it’s challenging to find the koala Squishmallow’s original editions. Meanwhile, her puffy ears and heart-shaped belly make her seem unique.

Furthermore, I glance at a few more favorites and why I love them before introducing the squad and sharing tricks to collect many of them.

A Few Top Koala Squishmallows at a Glance

  1. Bethany, the Birthday Koala Squishmallow, is a favorite because she’s a mystery. She has two styles, one being a koalacorn. So, I’m wondering if her horn is under her hat.
  2. Doxana, the Koala Squishmallow With Boba Tea, is a top pick because she welcomes another famous squad. In addition, her rainbow-colored pom-pom ears are beautiful.
  3. Kayla, the Mermaid Koala Squishmallow, also impresses me with a mermaid outfit on a koala bear. She’s an adorable and famous koala that appeals to girls.
  4. Kevin, the Koala Inflate-A-Pal Exclusive Squishmallow, is another top pick because she’s from a highly unusual and new Squishmallow type. Coco is an inflatable pillow buddy.

An Ultimate Guide to the Best Koala Squishmallows

koala squishmallows

Koala bear Squishmallows make up a massive part of the adventure squad, meaning it’s a good idea to meet the members first. Then, I’ll give you quick tips on finding the many available variants for each if you plan to collect the entire koala squad. Finally, I’ll share how I selected the best koala bear Squishmallows.

Meet the Adventure Squad’s Koala Squishmallows

The koala Squishmallows are part of the adventure squad and are as adorable as you can imagine. However, it helps to know about the squad members, their names, and how they look before finding unique choices or collecting them all. So, here’s a quick breakdown of the koala Squishmallow squad:

  • Bethany, the Koala Squishmallow, is ultra-special, with a gray or purple body, white belly, and rainbow-colored pom-pom ears. However, the gray version also has a unicorn horn, making her a koalacorn hybrid.
  • Cataleya, the Koala Squishmallow, is a blue girl from Valentine’s squad. She has a white belly with hearts on it.
  • Coco, the Koala Squishmallow, has a mint green color, a white belly, and shimmering inner ears.
  • Detective Kirk, the Koala Squishmallow, is a gray and white cutie in a policeman’s outfit. He belongs to the heroes’ squad.
  • Doxana, the Koala Squishmallow, is a newer member with a light gray body and rainbow-colored pom-pom ears.
  • Lilah, the Koala Squishmallow, is a rare little bear with a white belly and pale blue body. She also wears a Christmas scarf. However, her larger version represents justice and has printed feet.
  • Kaelea, the Koala Squishmallow, is a pink Valentine’s squad member with pom-pom ears. She holds a heart and has tie-dye purple colors in her ears.
  • Karl, the Koala Squishmallow, is a special boy from the Easter squad. He’s a newer member with a white belly and fuzzy inner ears.
  • Katya, the Koala Squishmallow, is a tie-dye, rainbow-colored member from the fantasy and sleepy eye squads. So, she keeps her eyes closed.
  • Kayla, the Koala Squishmallow, is a lilac purple member with a white belly and fuzzy inner ears.
  • Kelina, the Koala Squishmallow, is a gray girl with pretty eyes, a fuzzy belly, and fluffy pom-pom ears. In addition, her ears and belly have beautiful rainbow colors.
  • Kevin, the Koala Squishmallow, is entirely new. He’s a blue boy with a white belly and sleepy eyes.
  • Kirk, the Koala Squishmallow, is a most common, dark gray squad member with a white belly and inner ears.
  • Kya, the Koala Squishmallow, is a gorgeous girl with a pale blue body and rainbow-colored pom-pom ears. Her stomach has a shimmer design, and her eyelashes are ultra-long.
  • Maura, the Koala Squishmallow, is white with a slightly blue tinge. She has a rainbow-colored fuzzy belly with the same color inner ears.
  • Paul, the Koala Squishmallow, is a pale blue member with a white belly and fuzzy inner ears.
  • Renate, the Koala Squishmallow, is a purple plush with a heart-shaped belly from Valentine’s squad. She has rainbow-colored pom-pom ears and a “be kind” message on her stomach.
  • Rosa, the Koala Squishmallow, is an adorable gray koala with a white belly and inner ears. She keeps her eyes closed as she smiles broadly.

How to Find More Koala Squishmallows

Fortunately, Squish Alert rescues collectors and fanatics who want every variant of koala Squishmallows as they come out. So, set your in-search-of (ISO) as koala bear Squishmallows from all stores. You’ll receive notifications as soon as new versions drop. In addition, some stores restock older koala Squishmallows.

How I Selected the Best Koala Squishmallows

So, an ocean of koala Squishmallows exists. Therefore, I’ll simplify the options by choosing one starter for each available squad member. You should be able to find them in stores or online. In addition, I’ll add two picks for Kirk and Kayla because they have more options than most. They’re famous Squishmallow plushies.

Meanwhile, the top pick for each koala Squishmallow depends on my taste. Don’t worry; I’m quite the Squishmallow snob and will ensure beautiful or unusual selections.

Best Koala Squishmallows Guide From Down Under

Finally, it’s time to meet the impressive Squishmallows for each squad member. Every koala Squishmallow on this list has something beautiful to offer. So, come to the land down under to see which koalas are top-notch Squishmallow squad members. Meanwhile, I’ll share the multiple squads some belong to and the size.

Bethany, the Birthday Koala Squishmallow

bethany, the birthday koala squishmallow

Bethany is already such a special girl. However, finding her gray variants is becoming challenging. Still, I found a gorgeous purple version of Bethany that belongs to multiple squads. Unfortunately, you don’t see her unicorn horn because the gray version shows Bethany as a koalacorn. Nonetheless, she’s a pretty koala bear.

  • Squads: Adventure, Zoo, Fantasy, and Birthday Squads
  • Size: 8″

Bethany Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Bethany, the Birthday Koala Squishmallow is ultra-adorable
  • Bethany holds a gift for her new owner
  • Her pom-pom ears and girly eyes are gorgeous
  • The birthday hat might hide a unicorn horn

Bethany Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • It isn’t Bethany’s original gray version, which is rare
  • You can’t see the unicorn horn

Cataleya, the Koala Squishmallow

cataleya, the koala squishmallow

Cataleya doesn’t have many variants yet. She has the original version, which I can’t find for sale. However, she also joined the Besties squad with a new belly message. Koala bears are enjoyable little creatures from Australia. So, Cataleya might make your child’s next best friend. She has a lot of potentials.

  • Squads: Zoo, Adventure, and Besties Squads
  • Size: 7.5″

Cataleya Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • The Cataleya koala Squishmallow has a beautiful color
  • Her belly message is incredible for little kids
  • Cataleya isn’t easy to find and must go home with you
  • Her fuzzy ears and white snout are adorable

Cataleya Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • Cataleya’s original version is impossible to find
  • She should be more prominent as a child’s best friend

Coco, the Koala Squishville Squishmallow

coco, the koala squishville squishmallow

Coco‘s original mint green Squishmallow is rare. So, I found Coco’s miniature Squishville version instead. She’s adorable in every way because of her size. Imagine a tiny koala bear in the wild. It would be insane! Therefore, Coco is one of my cutest picks, even though her colors are slightly off the original plush.

  • Squads: Zoo, Adventure, and Squishville Squads
  • Size: 2″

Coco Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Squishville miniature koalas are insanely cute
  • It’s the perfect travel buddy size
  • You could collect many of these koala sizes
  • Coco’s face is inviting and friendly

Coco Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • Squishville minis don’t get the colors right
  • The characters don’t look the same as their main versions

Doxana, the Koala Squishmallow with Boba Tea

doxana, the koala squishmallow with boba tea

Doxana is another newer member of the Squishmallow koala bears. However, she comes in with a bang, holding one of the most famous plush items this year. Boba Squishmallows are super trendy, making Doxana an instant favorite. Admittedly, I giggle when thinking about a koala sipping bubble tea.

  • Squads: Adventure, Zoo, Fantasy, and Boba Squads
  • Size: 14″

Doxana Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • The Doxana Boba koala Squishmallow is ultra-famous
  • Any Squishmallow with Boba connections is collectible
  • She’s a larger size that makes cuddling fun for kids
  • Her pom-pom ears and tiny arms look cute

Doxana Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • You’ll only find one Doxana Squishmallow this year
  • The arms are cute but also look awkward

Kaelea, the Valentine’s Koala Clip-On Squishmallow

kaelea, the valentine's koala clip-on squishmallow

Kaelea will have two versions in 2022. However, the clip-on Valentine’s Squishmallow is my favorite. Kaelea looks more adorable in the smaller plush, and the shimmering heart wraps her in my mind. Kaelea is a cute koala bear Squishmallow holding a heart. Meanwhile, Squishmallows glamorized her heart with the clip-on.

  • Squads: Clip-On, Adventure, Valentine’s, and Zoo Squads
  • Size: 4.5″

Kaelea Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Kaelea, the koala Squishmallow, is cuter than the original one
  • Her pom-pom ears and big nose make her look comical
  • She’s a travel mate for little kids or fanatics
  • The shimmering heart and tiny arms are gorgeous

Kaelea Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • Clip-on Squishmallows have the annoying clip
  • They also don’t always get the details right

Katya, the Tie-Dye Koala Squishmallow

katya, the tie-dye koala squishmallow

I’m surprised there aren’t more tie-dye koala Squishmallows because the pattern and rainbow colors are popular. Fortunately, Katya has more variants than other koala bears. She even has a pair of Squishmallow headphones. However, I recommend starting with Katya’s original tie-dye Squishmallow.

  • Squads: Fantasy, Zoo, and Adventure Squads
  • Size: 8″

Katya Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • This Squishmallow is Katya’s original starter
  • Katya, the koala Squishmallow, has the most beautiful colors
  • Her fuzzy ears and belly invite fans and kids to cuddle
  • The sleepy eyes fit the koala’s lazy nature

Katya Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • I’m not mad about sleepy eye Squishmallows
  • She has more unusual Squishmallow types

Kayla, the Easter Koala Squishmallow

kayla, the easter koala squishmallow

Kayla also has many variants. Hence, I’ll share two of her picks. My first pick is as a salute to the now-discontinued Karl koala Squishmallow. He was the only koala with bunny ears. However, Kayla adopted Karl’s bunny attitude for Easter surprises. Meanwhile, she’s a cute and fun koala bear.

  • Squads: Zoo, Adventure, and Easter Squads
  • Size: 5″

Kayla Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Kayla, the koala Squishmallow, is an Easter exclusive
  • Kayla pays tribute to Karl, a lost koala
  • Her inner ears are fuzzy and cute
  • The bunny ears have a rainbow color

Kayla Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • The bunny and koala ears don’t match
  • Kayla isn’t the original Easter koala Squishmallow

Kayla, the Mermaid Koala Squishmallow

kayla, the mermaid koala squishmallow

My second favorite pick for Kayla, the koala Squishmallow, is the mermaid costume plush. Kayla falls into more squads than most Squishmallows do with this variant. It’s hard to find a six-squad Squishmallow. So, Kayla is a unique girl that looks brilliant and makes an exceptional friend for little girls.

  • Squads: Zoo, Adventure, Wildlife, Sealife, Fantasy, and Costume Squads
  • Size: 7.5″

Kayla Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Kayla, the koala Squishmallow, is a six-squad member
  • She’s the perfect size for collections
  • The rainbow-colored inner ears match the mermaid costume
  • Her enormous nose and shells are comical

Kayla Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • Kayla doesn’t look exactly like her original plush
  • The sea shells are funny but distracting

Kelina, the Koala Squishmallow

kelina, the koala squishmallow

Kelina looks like a cheerleading koala bear Squishmallow, with her massive rainbow-colored pom-pom ears. Meanwhile, her belly is as fuzzy as her pom-pom ears, making you want to squish her. In addition, I love her shape in the 16-inch Squishmallow because she looks chubby, which is adorable for koala bears.

  • Squads: Adventure and Zoo Squads
  • Size: 16″

Kelina Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Kelina, the koala Squishmallow, is hard to find
  • The rainbow-colored pom-pom ears are impressive
  • Her belly is softer than a cloud
  • Kelina’s shape makes her cuter than other versions

Kelina Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • You’ll have to import her from Canada
  • She isn’t a collectible size

Kevin, the Koala Inflate-A-Pal Exclusive Squishmallow

kevin, the koala inflate-a-pal exclusive squishmallow

Kevin, the newest member of the Squishmallow koala bears, is waiting as a Hot Topic Exclusive. He’s one of the most unusual koala bears from Squishmallows. Kevin inflates to welcome children to a night filled with peaceful dreams. Indeed, Kevin is a pillow buddy that feels plush but inflates like a balloon.

  • Squads: Zoo, Adventure, and Inflate-A-Pal Squads
  • Size: 10″

Kevin Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • You won’t find another Kevin koala Squishmallow this year
  • It’s a Hot Topic collectible and exclusive Squishmallow
  • It’s the most unusual Squishmallow koala you can buy
  • Kevin’s sleepy eyes suit his purpose

Kevin Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • Kevin feels plush outside but isn’t comfortable
  • The plush’s details aren’t good because it’s an inflatable pillow

Kirk, the Koala Squishmallow

kirk, the koala squishmallow

Kirk has nearly as many variants as Katya, and this one is original compared to the accessory and costume versions. In addition, Kirk comes in the most collectible size and has a gorgeously natural feel. You’ll also notice that Kirk is one of the few male koala Squishmallows. Many girls exist with their cute ears.

  • Squads: Zoo and Adventure Squads
  • Size: 8″

Kirk Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Kirk, the koala Squishmallow, is the original version
  • Kirk has an adorably natural design
  • The darker gray koala bears stay clean longer
  • It’s an excellent size for kids and collectors

Kirk Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • Kirk isn’t a cuddling size for children
  • The original version might seem too plain for some fans

Kirk, the Pajama Koala Squishmallow

kirk, the pajama koala squishmallow

Kirk’s second option shows his relaxed nature, which suits the wild animal perfectly. Meanwhile, the message on his pajamas will teach young fans about being a good person. In addition, it has an inspirational feel about looking after our environment. Children should learn about taking care of their future earth.

  • Squads: Zoo, Adventure, Costume, Sleepy, and Inspiration Squads
  • Size: 8″

Kirk Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Kirk, the koala Squishmallow, looks cute in pajamas
  • The message is louder and more impactful than most
  • Kirk belongs to five Squishmallow squads
  • It feels like Kirk’s most unusual Squishmallow

Kirk Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • The pajamas should be another color
  • The message needs to be brighter

Maura, the Koala Squishmallow

maura, the koala squishmallow

Maura is one of the older koala Squishmallows without many versions. I only saw two variants for Maura Squishmallow. Meanwhile, this version comes in an unusual Squishmallow size. Nine inches isn’t the most common size among the brand’s plushies. However, Maura is a must-have if you want all the koala bears.

  • Squads: Zoo, Fantasy, and Adventure Squads
  • Size: 9″

Maura Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Maura, the koala Squishmallow, is a rare pick
  • Maura’s belly has more fuzz than most koalas
  • Her rainbow-colored inner ears and stomach are fantasy-inspired
  • You can add her to your ISO on Squish Alert, as she comes back often

Maura Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • You hardly notice Maura’s blue hue on the body
  • She isn’t easy to find and will sell out

Paul, the Koala Valentine’s Clip-On Squishmallow

paul, the koala valentine's clip-on squishmallow

Paul has three versions, but you’ll only find the Valentine’s Clip-On Squishmallow this year. You’ll have to add his other variants to your Squish Alert app. However, Paul is another one of a few male koala bear Squishmallows. So, I had to add his adorably tiny version. Besides, he makes an excellent travel buddy.

  • Squads: Valentine’s, Zoo, Adventure, and Clip-On Squads
  • Size: 4.5″

Paul Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Paul, the koala Squishmallow, is a challenging find
  • Paul’s ears have an extra-fuzzy feel
  • The smaller clip-on Squishmallows are cuter
  • Paul is a four-squad member with hearts on his belly

Paul Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • The smaller versions are cute but often inaccurate
  • Paul’s nose is too massive

Renate, the Kind Koala Squishmallow

renate, the kind koala squishmallow

Renate is my top pick because she’s the prettiest and most unusual koala Squishmallow. In addition, the heart-shaped belly isn’t on any other koala bear. Meanwhile, the message reminds children and older fans to be kind to each other. No one knows what’s happening in someone else’s life. So, kindness is a valuable trait.

  • Squads: Fantasy, Zoo, Inspiration, Valentine’s, and Adventure Squads
  • Size: 8″

Renate Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Renate, the koala Squishmallow, is my first pick
  • She’s cuter than all the others and has more color
  • She belongs to five squads and has the best belly message
  • Renate’s ears and nose are more significant than others

Renate Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • She seems more like a girl’s Squishmallow
  • She isn’t a confirmed Valentine’s Squishmallow


Question: Which Koala Squishmallows are Discontinued?

Answer: Unfortunately, a few koala bears are gone, especially their original versions. So, I dug into eBay’s resellers to find a few discontinued koala Squishmallows. Sadly, no one has Karl or Rosa, but someone will sell them again. So instead, here’s what I found from discontinued koala bears:

5-Inch Kya, the Tie-Dye Belly Koala Squishmallow
7-Inch Coco, the Shimmering Koala Squishmallow
8-Inch Kya, the Blue Koala Squishmallow
16-Inch Lilah, the Justice Koala Squishmallow
Limited-Edition Jumbo Kya, the Koala Squishmallow
Original 16-Inch Kaelea, the Koala Squishmallow

Question: Which Koala Squishmallow is the Rarest?

Answer: Detective Kirk, the Koala Squishmallow, is the rarest find this year. Fortunately, many resellers stock and sell him for reasonable prices. However, Lilah, the Koala Squishmallow, is another ultra-rare find, and you won’t pay less than $30 for her. Lilah and Detective Kirk are the two rarest koala Squishmallows.

Question: Which Koala Squishmallow has the Most Versions?

Answer: Katya, the Tie-Dye Koala Squishmallow, has more variants than any other koala bear. Unfortunately, some aren’t available anymore. However, like hotcakes, others are still selling, and more will come. So, here are some examples of Katya’s Squishmallows:
5-Inch Katya, the Tie-Dye Koala Squishmallow
8-Inch Katya, the Tie-Dye Koala Squishmallow
12-Inch Katya, the Tie-Dye Koala Squishmallow (discontinued)
16-Inch Katya, the Open-Eye Koala Squishmallow (discontinued)
18-Inch Katya, the Open-Eye Koala Squishmallow (discontinued)
19-Inch Katya, the Tie-Dye Koala Squishmallow (discontinued)
Katya, the Tie-Dye Koala Squishmallow Headphones
Mini Katya, the Blue Koala Clip-On Squishmallow
Mini Katya, the Yellow Koala Clip-On Squishmallow (discontinued)
Squishville Katya, the Koala Squishmallow (discontinued)

Best Koala Squishmallows Guide: Conclusion

Koala Squishmallows is among the best squads to collect because you have countless options. For example, Katya has over ten variants, and there are 18 members of the koala Squishmallow family. So, my best picks will help you find starters for all the available characters. Unfortunately, some are gone for now.

However, they might come back as new versions, or someone might relist the pre-owned beauties on eBay. So, don’t give up on the entire collection. Meanwhile, I recommend starting with Renate, the Kind Koala Squishmallow, because she has so much to give. She’s gorgeous and shares a kind message on her belly.

Furthermore, the koala Squishmallows family is super vast. So, start collecting the characters today.

For more adorable Squishmallows:

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