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Best Squishmallow Slippers Guide for Kids and Adults

My family and I are obsessed with everything about Squishmallows, even the wearable apparel that feels like a touch of heaven on your foot’s soles. Wearing the plush toys on your feet is indescribable. The best Squishmallow slippers guide brings your dreams alive if you ever imagined wearing marshmallows on your feet.

In addition, you’ll be soaring through a peaceful dreamland once you know the secret to turning the most comfortable thing into something more relaxing. Meanwhile, Squishmallow slippers helped me overcome a typical problem as a mom. So, welcome to my Squishmallow slippers guide, where dreams become tangible.

Best Squishmallow Slippers: Bottom Line Up Front

Imagine getting the gentlest foot massage before bed, with warm hands making your feet feel like S’mores. However, let’s take a step back before exposing my secrets to improve Squishmallow slippers. Instead, let me share the best news yet. Squishmallow slippers fit adults and children. Indeed, adults also love Squishmallows.

However, few stores stock sizes for adults and kids. In addition, you’ll only find Squishmallow slippers for kids wearing a size 12 (US) or bigger. Nonetheless, it’s excellent news for the entire family. So, let’s learn about finding the stores with the correct sizes and original Squishmallow slippers versus fake “factory reject.”

In addition, I’ll use strict rules to find the best Squishmallow slippers. But first, let me share my favorite pair. Hans, the Hedgehog Squishmallow Slippers are my ultimate pick because they have more personality than others. Hans wears headphones and has beautiful patterns that make him look like an animal.

Furthermore, let’s glance at a few more favorite picks and why I love them before learning more about Squishmallow slippers.

A Glance at Some Top Picks

  1. Autumn, the Cat Squishmallow Slippers are a favorite because the black and purple colors match anything. In addition, kids love cat squad members.
  2. Lola, the Unicorn Squishmallow Slippers are an ultimate pick for appealing to my daughter’s fantasy squad passions. Meanwhile, the slippers have excellent details and colors.
  3. Safiya, the Zebra Squishmallow Slippers are my favorite pick from my home country. The colorful zebra slippers are imaginative and fantasy-inspiring.
  4. Tatiana, the Dragon Squishmallow Slippers are my best pick for boys who enjoy fantasy creatures and the color blue. In addition, Tatiana has many gorgeous details.

A Complete Guide to the Best Squishmallow Slippers

squishmallow slippers

I have a secret I’m itching to share, but I’ll first show you that you can find adult Squishmallow slippers. Fortunately, you merely need to know where to find them. Furthermore, I’ll share the trusted stores that sell authentic Squishmallow slippers. Then, I’ll share how I selected the top slippers.

Squishmallow Slippers Aren’t Only for Kids

Fortunately, most Squishmallow slippers are for kids and adults. For example, Maui, the Pineapple Squishmallow Slippers come in sizes nine to ten for ladies. The thought of wearing pineapples as slippers undoubtedly tickle my funny bone. However, you know how soft Squishmallows feel. So, don’t worry about it.

However, some slippers are selling as Squishmallows. There’s no guarantee these slippers are genuine Squishmallows for adults. Meanwhile, they look nothing like the well-known brand’s products. For example, the Squishmallow’s Tiger Dinosaur Women’s Slippers raise multiple red flags to a Squishmallow expert.

Kelly Toys owns and manufactures authentic Squishmallows. I’m surprised Walmart sells them under the Squishmallow brand name. The information says they’re factory rejects, but they don’t appear original. So, don’t buy any Squishmallow slippers without the original Kelly Toys tags, which the suspicious slippers don’t have.

Stores Selling Authentic Squishmallow Slippers

Sadly, many slippers look like Squishmallows. Still, they won’t have the original tags with Kelly Toys and the squad members’ names. So, look out for original-looking Kelly Toys Squishmallow slippers among the many others available at these stores:

  • Amazon has a few options for kids.
  • Showcase has a selection of women’s and kid’s Squishmallow slippers.
  • Walgreens also sells gorgeous Squishmallow slippers.
  • Walmart also sells authentic Squishmallow slippers.

Meanwhile, please don’t buy Squishmallow slippers that show other brand names. In addition, you can request a picture of the Kelly Toys tag before purchasing from trusted stores.

Important Sizing Information About Walgreens Squishmallow Slippers

Walgreens has one of the best Squishmallow slippers selections. However, the sizes can confuse parents thinking they’re only children’s sizes. In addition, it doesn’t help that the sizing chart glitches. So, sizes 11 to three are the typical children’s sizes. However, sizes two to six are older kids’ and adults’ slippers.

Fortunately, I learned about this mistake from a friend who bought her kid’s pairs from Walgreens. Sadly, she thought the size five would fit her two-year-old child. It looks like she’ll keep them for her six-year-old as he grows. So, be careful, as Walgreens stocks Squishmallow slippers for toddlers to adults.

Secret: Enhancing Squishmallow Slipper Nights

Psst, here’s a secret to making your child’s feet feel more heavenly than ever. Indeed, Squishmallow slippers already feel like marshmallows on their feet. However, winter is here, and it’s time to enhance your child’s comfort with a simple trick. Squishmallow slippers are more durable than you think. So, warm them up.

It’s summer by me now, but winter will come next year. Place your child’s slippers in the dryer for five minutes while they bathe. Then, watch your child think warm marshmallows are kissing their feet goodnight. It makes my daughter sleep like an angel. It’s the best method I have to help her sleep better in winter.

Meanwhile, you can do the same with your Squishmallow slippers to feel melting clouds under your feet before bed. Nothing warms you better than warming your feet.

How I Chose the Best Squishmallow Slippers

Unfortunately, I can’t add all the Squishmallow slippers available. So, I’ll use these rules to narrow down the best Squishmallow slippers:

  1. The slippers must be winter-friendly with backings for kids.
  2. They must be authentic Squishmallow slippers with a Kelly Toys tag.
  3. They must have a broad range of sizes available for various kids and adults.
  4. The best Squishmallow slippers come from multiple squads to make every fan happy.

Best Squishmallow Slippers Guide: Heaven!

Finally, it’s time to turn the heat up for winter and slip on the marshmallow clouds for improved relaxation before bedtime. So, let’s kick those feet up and find a comfy pair. My selections will follow the rules, but I’ll share the available sizes for adults and kids under each gorgeous pair of slippers.

Autumn, the Cat Squishmallow Slippers

Autumn, the Cat Squishmallow Slippers

The Cat Squishmallow Autumn is much prettier than a pair of slippers because her purple is loads brighter than the pale violet on her Squishmallow. Besides, her colors are ideal for matching any pajamas or clothes if you wish. Meanwhile, the catty Squishmallow slippers add a touch of sass, fitting her personality “purrfectly.”

  • Children’s Sizes: 11-13 & 2-3
  • Adult Sizes: 4-9
  • Squad: Cat Squad

Autumn Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Autumn Cat Squishmallow slippers are versatile in color
  • It’s a pair of winter slippers waiting to warm your feet
  • The bright purple and friendly expression make Autumn more inviting
  • She comes in a variety of sizes and cheap

Autumn Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • Autumn is also a Halloween squad member, which doesn’t suit all kids
  • I’m not mad about the purple’s shimmer effect

Bronk, the Bulldog Squishmallow Slippers

Bronk, the Bulldog Squishmallow Slippers

Bronk, the bulldog, is an adorable Squishmallow puppy full of character, warmth, and kindness. So, putting this puppy on your feet would turn bedtime into a dream of puppy kisses and snuggles. Besides, children love puppies as much as they do kittens. Therefore, you’ll give your child a new best friend in many ways.

  • Children’s Sizes: 11-12
  • Adult Sizes: 4-5
  • Squad: Puppy Squad

Bronk Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Bronk Squishmallow slippers come from a famous squad
  • The colors are neutral enough to wear with most pajamas
  • Bronk’s expression is warm and inviting
  • The slippers look like a bedtime buddy

Bronk Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • Bronk’s eye should instead be open
  • The slippers are light and will mess up easily

Cam, the Cat Squishmallow Slippers

Cam, the Cat Squishmallow Slippers

Cameron is one of the original eight Squishmallow characters ever to embrace the plush world, making him an icon. Indeed, he’s the second kitten on my list, but kids love kittens and puppies. So, nothing’s wrong with adding double options. Meanwhile, the sizes are ultra-versatile, but kids’ sizes are limited to babies’ US-9.

  • Children’s Sizes: 2-9 (small sizes)
  • Adult Sizes: 3.5-11 (massive range)
  • Squad: Original Squad

Cam Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • Cameron’s Squishmallow slippers are iconic
  • Ladies and men with huge feet will enjoy these slippers
  • Cameron has excellent colors for his character and anti-slip soles
  • Cameron’s winking eye looks adorable

Cam Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • The children’s sizes are limited to young toddlers under two
  • The colors make Cameron easy to mess

Coco, the Koala Squishmallow Slippers

Coco, the Koala Squishmallow Slippers

Koalas are gorgeous animals my children love seeing at the local zoo. The Australian animals come from the adventure squad, and Coco Squishmallow is the mint green edition. Although, her slippers look much darker than her Squishmallow. Still, she’s a beautiful animal kids enjoy from an exotic squad.

  • Children’s Sizes: 11-13 & 1-3
  • Adult Sizes: 4-9
  • Squad: Adventure Squad

Coco Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Coco Squishmallow slippers represent a favorite zoo animal
  • Koalas have a sense of adventure and exotic journeys
  • The color is relatively bright for a pair of slippers, which kids love
  • Coco’s nose is massive, ideal for koala bears

Coco Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • The color isn’t simple to match
  • I wouldn’t say I like it when Squishmallow’s eyes aren’t open

Hans, the Hedgehog Squishmallow Slippers

Hans, the Hedgehog Squishmallow Slippers

The Hans Squishmallow slippers are my top pick for many reasons. Firstly, Hans is another original squad member from the first eight animals. Secondly, he has accessories and a beautiful design. Finally, the Hans Squishmallow slippers feel so alive on your feet, and the animal’s expression is bold and inviting.

  • Children’s Sizes: 13-3
  • Adult Sizes: 4-5
  • Squad: Original Squad

Hans Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Hans Squishmallow slippers come from the original squad
  • The slippers have more detail and color contrasts than most
  • The hedgehog’s expression is layered, and he looks super friendly
  • The colors are brilliant, and the headphones add depth

Hans Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • Sadly, Hans doesn’t have much range in sizes for adults or kids
  • The headphones break off with a few washes (or dryer sessions)

Kirk, the Koala Squishmallow Slippers

Kirk, the Koala Squishmallow Slippers

Kirk is the second koala, but children love these animals enough to add two options. Admittedly, I prefer Coco over Kirk, primarily because Kirk is hard to keep clean. However, Kirk is a famous Squishmallow from the adventure squad. He has many variations, costumes, and sizes. So, his slippers are slightly legendary.

  • Children’s Sizes: 11-1
  • Adult Sizes: 4-7
  • Squad: Adventure Squad

Kirk Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Kirk Squishmallow slippers are another cute animal
  • Kirk’s huge nose matches his gigantic ears
  • The slipper’s color would fit almost anything
  • Kirk’s smile is heart-warming, like the animal

Kirk Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • It’s another nightmare color for parents to keep clean
  • It doesn’t have the most comprehensive size variety

Lola, the Unicorn Squishmallow Slippers

Lola, the Unicorn Squishmallow Slippers

The Lola Squishmallow slippers are my second favorite pick for having tie-dye colors, a unicorn horn, and a fuzzy mane. She looks as gorgeous as her personality. In addition, my daughter is obsessed with anything unicorns. So, this would be her first pick. It’s undoubtedly the girliest option among Squishmallow slippers.

  • Children’s Sizes: 2-9 (small sizes)
  • Adult Sizes: 3.5-11 (massive range)
  • Squad: Fantasy Squad

Lola Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Lola Squishmallow slippers are a favorite for girls
  • The tie-dye colors are magnificent
  • The unicorn is a gorgeous fantasy squad member
  • She has anti-slip soles and beautiful features

Lola Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • Unfortunately, the sizes only fit toddlers under two or school-aged kids
  • The slippers only suit girls and women

Maya, the Mint Ice Cream Squishmallow Slippers

Maya, the Mint Ice Cream Squishmallow Slippers

Maya Squishmallow is a delectable member of the food and summer squads. She represents everything about summer, which somewhat challenges my winter slipper idea. However, she’s an unusual pick I had to add because of her exquisite details. Maya has beautiful details and patterns.

  • Children’s Sizes: 11-1
  • Adult Sizes: 4-9
  • Squad: Food Squad

Maya Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Maya Squishmallow slippers look edible and adorable
  • The colors are bright, and the details are pretty
  • Women and girls would love these slippers
  • I love the patterns all over Maya’s slipper body

Maya Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • Maya isn’t versatile across genders or to match clothes
  • Her children’s slipper sizes aren’t as versatile, either

Rocky, the Raccoon Squishmallow Slippers

Rocky, the Raccoon Squishmallow Slippers

Rocky Squishmallow is another adventure squad member that parents might not love as much as others. Raccoons are infamously naughty animals that dig bins out and steal food. Don’t worry; we have monkeys that do that in South Africa. Living on the coast is a daily challenge with the thieving, blue-butted monkeys.

  • Children’s Sizes: 11-13 & 1-3
  • Adult Sizes: 4-9
  • Squad: Adventure Squad

Rocky Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Rocky Squishmallow slippers have excellent details
  • They appeal to the few kids and parents who enjoy raccoon plush
  • Rocky’s expression is friendlier than the animal’s nature
  • You can match nearly everything to these slippers

Rocky Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • The light gray gets dirty quickly
  • Not everyone loves raccoons

Rosie, the Pig Squishmallow Slippers

Rosie, the Pig Squishmallow Slippers

My kids enjoy visiting their aunt on the farm because the animals keep them busy all day. So, the farm squad has a few brilliant Squishmallow slipper options for kids and adults. Rosie Squishmallow is an adorably spotted pig with loads of personality. Pigs aren’t my favorite animals, but kids don’t mind them as plushies.

  • Children’s Sizes: 11-13 & 1-3
  • Adult Sizes: 4-9
  • Squad: Farm Squad

Rosie Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Rosie Squishmallow slippers are from the famous farm squad
  • Rosie’s spotted colors are adorable
  • She has a friendly expression with a massive snout
  • She comes in an excellent size variety

Rosie Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • Rosie looks more like a cow than a pig
  • The colors are light and unsuitable for farm wear

Safiya, the Zebra Squishmallow Slippers

Safiya, the Zebra Squishmallow Slippers

Safiya Squishmallow is a beautiful version of the African zebra. My kids enjoy watching them on safari because we’re from South Africa. These slippers look nothing like real zebras. Still, they allow kids to combine fantasy with safari animals. Imagination and creativity can brighten a child’s dreams.

  • Children’s Sizes: 2-9 (small sizes)
  • Adult Sizes: 3.5-11 (massive range)
  • Squad: Safari Squad

Safiyah Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Safiyah Squishmallow slippers appeal to safari animal lovers
  • They also appeal to kids who imagine weird animals
  • The colors are brilliant, and the slippers have beautiful details
  • Safiyah’s mane is bright and rainbow-colored

Safiyah Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • The colors are too funky to match most things
  • The kids’ sizes are pretty limited

Sharie, the Tie-Dye Sloth Squishmallow Slippers

Sharie, the Tie-Dye Sloth Squishmallow Slippers

Sloths are some lazy animals my children enjoy seeing at the zoo. However, I never wish for them to behave like sloths. Meanwhile, Sharie Squishmallow is a pretty girl who loves tap dancing. She would connect well with my musically-inclined daughter. In addition, she’s a popular Squishmallow that comes in various sizes.

  • Children’s Sizes: 13-1
  • Adult Sizes: 4-9
  • Squad: Adventure Squad

Sharie Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Sharie Squishmallow slippers are adorable animals
  • The tie-dye colors are bright and beautiful
  • Sharie’s snout is cute and looks like a bear
  • Sharie appears to be sleeping

Sharie Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • The slippers don’t have many sizes for kids
  • Sharie’s eyes should be open

Sunny, the Bumble Bee Squishmallow Slippers

Sunny, the Bumble Bee Squishmallow Slippers

I can’t shake how kids enjoy the bug squad, but they do. I’m highly allergic to the African bee and need an epi-pen to come near them. However, my son and daughter aren’t allergic and enjoy the little creatures until they sting. However, they aren’t as aggressive as they look. The Squishmallow bees are pretty friendly.

  • Children’s Sizes: 11-13 & 1-3
  • Adult Sizes: 4-9
  • Squad: Bug Squad

Sunny Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Sunny Squishmallow slippers are from the famous bug squad
  • The color is bright, and the bee looks friendly
  • Yellow isn’t the worst color to match
  • The wings and stripes are cute

Sunny Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • I’m terrified of bees, even the plush types
  • The color will mess up quickly

Tatiana, the Dragon Squishmallow Slippers

Tatiana, the Dragon Squishmallow Slippers

Tatiana Squishmallow is the ideal fantasy squad member boys can wear for bedtime. Tatiana is a girl, but my son is obsessed with dragons, like my daughter loves unicorns. He’s 14 and can’t stop loving them. So, dragon Squishmallow slippers would be ideal, and the color suits boys (and men) who want masculine styles.

  • Children’s Sizes: 2-9 (small sizes)
  • Adult Sizes: 3.5-11 (massive range)
  • Squad: Fantasy Squad

Tatiana Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Tatiana Squishmallow slippers are perfect for boys and men
  • The bright teal color is brilliant
  • Tatiana’s details, wings, and horns are beautiful features
  • The slippers have anti-slip soles and come from a famous squad

Tatiana Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • The children’s slipper sizes are limited to smaller options
  • These slippers don’t pair with everything

Trinity, the Dino Squishmallow Slippers

Trinity, the Dino Squishmallow Slippers

Trinity Squishmallow almost beat Tatiana, but I wanted something better suited for boys and men. Unfortunately, Trinity’s colors, as beautiful as they might be, aren’t excellent for boys or men. However, the slippers are perfect for her scale, plush tie-dye design. Also, Trinity has a nose, unlike others.

  • Children’s Sizes: 11-13 & 1-3
  • Adult Sizes: 4-9
  • Squad: Dino Squad

Trinity Squishmallow Slippers Pros

  • The Trinity Squishmallow slippers come from the famous dino squad
  • Kids love dinosaurs, but the colors suit girls and women better
  • Trinity’s scales show on her slippers, and she has incredible details
  • She looks ultra-friendly and ready for bedtime cuddles

Trinity Squishmallow Slippers Cons

  • Only girls and women can wear these slippers
  • Trinity’s horns will get dirty so quickly


Question: Where Can I Find Squishmallow Slippers for Adults?

Answer: Walgreens keeps the largest adult selection of Squishmallow slippers at any time. Nearly every Squishmallow slipper pair comes in children’s and adult sizes. Anything over a size four is for older kids and adults with smaller feet. However, keep an eye on their website because the slippers sell out quickly.

Question: Can I Use Squish Alert to Find Squishmallow Slippers?

Answer: Fortunately, Squish Alert will help you quickly scoop the restocked adult slippers after Walgreens sells them out. So, keep an eye on your app, and add Walgreens and Squishmallow slippers to your in-search-of criteria. The Walgreens Squishmallow slippers are mainly available online. So, act fast if you want them.

Question: Were Squishmallow Slippers Recalled?

Answer: No, don’t be mistaken with the Kidget animal slipper recall of 2011. Fortunately, Squishmallow animal slippers are child-friendly because the eyes and other details use embroidery instead of buttons and choking hazards. So, Squishmallow slippers have nothing to do with the recall and are perfectly safe for little ones.

Best Squishmallow Slippers Guide: Conclusion

My favorite part of this guide is that you can find Squishmallow slippers for kids and adults. However, acting fast to grab the original slippers is a must because the stock shuffles a lot. Fortunately, Squish Alert will help keep you on top of things. So, I recommend buying Hans, the Hedgehog Squishmallow Slippers now.

Otherwise, the stock will sell out, and you might wait until next winter for stores like Walgreens to stock up. Any of my picks are fabulous options for different reasons. Still, the Hans Squishmallow slippers are the most unusual, meaning they won’t last long in stores. So, start the dryer and order your pair today.

For more odd Squishmallows:

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