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Zero Squishmallow Guide: A Famous Ghost Puppy

How cute is Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas? You’ve come to the right article if you wish to find every version of him in my Zero Squishmallow guide. My family watches the movie every holiday season, and our passion for Squishmallows matches our love for Zero. So, I looked for every size of the ghost dog in plush toys.

The various sizes of Zero Squishmallows will suit different fans. The puppy also appeals to other fandoms. Meanwhile, Zero seems straightforward, but there’s much to learn about the puppy. He has more personality than you think. So, welcome to the ultimate guide for the puppy’s Squishmallows.

zero squishmallow

Zero Squishmallows: Bottom Line Up Front

Let me get straight to the point. Zero is a gorgeous Squishmallow, but he only has five versions now. I can’t wait to see different types of Squishmallows for the movie’s puppy star. However, I’ll cover every version of him in the meantime. In addition, I’ll share three brilliant alternatives that suit my ultimate Zero Squishmallow.

My entire family loves collecting our favorite pop culture characters with Squishmallows. So, the Nightmare Before Christmas 8″ Zero Squishmallow is my best option because I’m a collector. Zero’s design is perfect, but the size matters the most for my favorite pick. Furthermore, Zero isn’t a dull puppy.

I’ll share information about the puppy that not every fan knows, and I’ll show you how to keep a ghostly white Squishmallow clean and intact. Finally, you’ll see the Zero puppy Squishmallows and who they suit best. But first, let’s dig into Zero’s character because he’s more incredible and famous than you believe.

A Complete Guide to Zero Squishmallows

Zero is a loyal puppy who would do anything for Jack Skellington. The friendly ghost dog became rather famous with Squishmallow fans recently. So, let’s learn about Zero from the movies and poems. Then, let’s see how you can keep him clean and how I selected the Zero Squishmallows I shared.

A Famous Nightmare before Christmas Puppy

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is an iconic movie, originally a poem. Jack Skellington and the other main characters get tons of attention. However, a previous dachshund puppy is a popular character that never speaks. Zero, the ghost puppy with a pumpkin nose, has a more significant role than you think in the movies.

Zero is one of three film characters mentioned in the poem that inspired the movie. In addition, Zero had shape-shifting ghost abilities and could change moods, according to Jack Skellington. Furthermore, the puppy has his comics and appears in various video games. So, Zero is more famous than you realize.

Zero is famous, loyal, and awe-inspiring. In addition, the up is like Casper because he’s the least scary part of Tim Burton’s creations. So, Squishmallows scooped up the puppy, among other characters. The plush brand loves making deals with famous characters. Zero is so renowned that you can buy him in various sizes.

Finally, Zero appeals to many fandoms, including puppies, ghost dogs, and Nightmare Before Christmas fans. So, you’ve come to the right article to look for winning Squishmallows for your child or your collection.

nightmare b4 xmas squish

Zero, a Multi-Squad Ghost Puppy

Multi-squad Squishmallows are popular among collectors. I love plush which allows me to expand in any direction I wish. Zero is another one that enables my expansion of passions. A four-squad Squishmallow appeals more to me than a single-squad alternative.

Zero, the ghost dog Squishmallow, belongs to the following Squishmallow squads:

  • Halloween Squad
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Squad
  • Dog Squad
  • Buddy Squad

Cleaning Zero, the White Puppy Squishmallow

Unfortunately, Zero is one of the whitest Squishmallows on the market. That means cleaning him is a nightmare, pun intended. The first rule is never to use bleach products on Squishmallow plushies. Instead, you can wash Zero with other monotone white plushies or clothes in the washing machine.

A gentle cycle is the best for Squishmallows. Meanwhile, you can further protect the puppy by lowering the spin cycle. Once the cycle finishes, allow Zero to dry naturally, away from the sun. A trick to ensure white Squishmallows remain intact is to place them inside laundry bags before putting them in the machine.

You don’t need to worry about his white body or orange pumpkin nose. Avoid bleach products and use a gentle or baby detergent with cool or lukewarm water. It’s the secret to keeping Zero Squishmallows clean, fresh, and intact. Fortunately, Squishmallows are durable in washing machines.

My only advice about machine-washing Squishmallows is to avoid doing it as often as your linen. Instead, washing them every three months will work much better. On the other hand, keeping them vacuum-sealed or packaged will ensure less washing, too. The three-month rule applies to puppies you often handle.

Which Zero Squishmallows Will I Share?

Of course, I’ll share every available size for the ghost puppy because he deserves the limelight. However, I’ll only share original Squishmallows and no other brands. Then, I’ll select three excellent alternatives closest to five inches each. They must also be 100% authentic and from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie.

Zero Squishmallow Guide: Every Little Pup

So, sharing every version of Zero seems to take the best out of him. Therefore, I’ll tell you what makes each size better than another and who it suits. Furthermore, Zero’s design is pretty straightforward. So, each size will look similar, but they work better for different collectors and fans. Meanwhile, collectors can grab them all.

Nightmare before Christmas 5″ Zero Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 5 inches zero squishmallow

You can’t find a more miniature size in Zero Squishmallows than the five-inch plushy. The tiniest Squishmallow size for the puppy isn’t my ultimate pick because these plushies have a different texture compared to the eight-inch plush. However, every Zero puppy has a place in someone’s heart. So, let’s see the pros and cons of it.

Tiny Zero Squishmallow Pros

  • Five-inch Zero Squishmallows are fabulous travel companions for kids
  • They’re large enough to allow babies to play with them
  • The plush has no small parts that could come off
  • The pumpkin nose is fantastic on this Squishmallow

Tiny Zero Squishmallow Cons

  • The texture of smaller Squishmallows can feel rougher than others
  • The size doesn’t make the best cuddle buddy or collectible

Nightmare before Christmas 6″ Zero Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 6 inches zero squishmallow

Zero Squishmallow’s next size is brilliant because many fans don’t know it exists. In addition, it’s not six inches. The Zero Squishmallow is just under 6.5 inches, making it an ideal size between the tiny and collectible plushies. Meanwhile, Zero maintains his long ears and happy pumpkin-patched face.

Mini Zero Squishmallow Pros

  • The six-inch Zero Squishmallow also allows for a traveling companion
  • The size is super safe for babies and young toddlers to travel in a stroller
  • The long ears give young fingers exercise, and nothing comes off
  • Zero Squishmallow’s plush is perfectly shaped and feels softer

Mini Zero Squishmallow Cons

  • Six-inch Squishmallows are still better suited to babies and young toddlers
  • It doesn’t intrigue little ones to cuddle much, and it’s not a collectible size

Nightmare before Christmas 8″ Zero Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 8 inch zero squishmallow

My family collects Squishmallows, meaning we are four fanatics under one roof. So, we need space and expansion opportunities. Therefore, we determined that eight-inch plushies are ideal for vast collections in a multi-fan home. So, Zero Squishmallow’s eight-inch size would suit us perfectly.

Small Zero Squishmallow Pros

  • Zero Squishmallow’s eight-inch plush is perfect to collect
  • Visitors and fans will notice the puppy while he doesn’t take an entire bed
  • The details and color always appear exceptional on an eight-inch Squishmallow
  • The size also starts feeling cuddly and still welcomes little ones

Small Zero Squishmallow Cons

  • Next-level collectors wouldn’t be able to collect hundreds of eight-inch plush
  • This size starts growing too large to be safe in a baby’s crib

Nightmare before Christmas 12″ Zero Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 12 inch zero squishmallow

Twelve-inch Zero Squishmallows start grabbing the attention of die-hard fans of the little puppy. Meanwhile, Zero Squishmallow’s body shape changes slightly, making him look more egg-like. Admittedly, it’s adorable. My kids choose a few absolute favorite Squishmallows to buy in this size. A top Zero fan will love this size.

Medium Zero Squishmallow Pros

  • Medium Zero Squishmallows suit small-scale collectors
  • Fans who go wild over Zero, the puppy, will also enjoy this size more
  • Zero Squishmallow’s egg-shaped body is adorable
  • Zero’s pumpkin nose is enormous, nearly diminishing his long ears

Medium Zero Squishmallow Cons

  • Zero Squishmallow’s 12-inch plush is far too big for babies’ cribs
  • Some fans might not love the egg-shaped body (then opt for the next one)

Nightmare before Christmas 14″ Zero Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 14 inch zero squishmallow

The 14-inch Zero Squishmallow is the final size, but it’s better suited to ultimate movie fans. Zero’s final size marries the joy of owning a noticeable plush while maintaining a sleeker body shape. Meanwhile, Zero’s super-long ears are more notable in this size again, having improved balance with his pumpkin nose.

Large Zero Squishmallow Pros

  • You buy 14-inch or larger Squishmallows to showcase your best fandoms
  • Zero Squishmallow’s 14-inch plush looks better than the egg-shaped body
  • The ears, nose, and massive eyes find a balance with this size
  • A 14-inch Zero Squishmallow is ideal for older kids who enjoy cuddling their plushies

Large Zero Squishmallow Cons

  • You can’t collect many Zero Squishmallows in this size
  • Zero’s left eye looks lower than his right one

Best Alternative Nightmare before Christmas Squishmallows

Zero deserves friends if you’re collecting the Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow Squad. So, I selected three other characters from the movies. In addition, they’re authentic Squishmallows. However, I’m sticking to eight inches for my alternatives because it’s the most collectible Squishmallow size you’ll find.

Nightmare before Christmas 8″ Jack Skellington Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 8 inch jack skellington squishmallow

I would undoubtedly buy Jack, the Skellington’s Squishmallow, to put with Zero’s collectible size. Indeed, I also think Jack Skellington’s body shape and Squishmallows don’t make sense together. However, collectors don’t care about what makes sense. Instead, they want every character available from their favorite fandoms.

Jack Skellington Squishmallow Pros

  • The 8-inch Jack Skellington Squishmallow is highly collectible
  • Adding Jack to Zero’s collection brings friends together
  • The size and character are ideal for Nightmare Before Christmas fans
  • It’s cuddly enough for kids and small enough to display

Jack Skellington Squishmallow Cons

  • Jack Skellington makes zero sense as a Squishmallow
  • Two-tone Squishmallows are harder to clean

Nightmare before Christmas 8″ Oogie Boogie Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 8 inch oogie boogie squishmallow

Admittedly, Oogie Boogie Squishmallow’s green variant makes me think of boogers, and I’m sure many parents can agree. Nonetheless, Oogie Boogie is another of the four most-loved characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas movies. He belongs to a collection as an eight-inch plush.

Oogie Boogie Squishmallow Pros

  • The 8-inch Oogie Boogie Squishmallow is a collectible size
  • He makes another excellent alternative or addition
  • Oogie Boogie looks like a blob of boogers, which entertains kids
  • The size is ideal for light cuddles, and the design is spot-on

Oogie Boogie Squishmallow Cons

  • The Oogie Boogie Squishmallow isn’t the safest in baby cribs
  • He won’t make the best travel mate for older fans

Nightmare before Christmas 8″ Sally Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 8 inch sally squishmallow

I love Sally Squishmallow as an alternative or addition because she finally brings some color to the collection. She also reminds me of a hybrid Squishmallow with various patches pieced together. Sally Squishmallow’s eight-inch plush is ideal for kids who love movies and collectors. She undoubtedly brings pizazz.

Sally Squishmallow Pros

  • The eight-inch Sally Squishmallow is collectible
  • She’s one of the four much-loved movie characters
  • Sally’s Squishmallow can brighten up a collection
  • Children can enjoy cuddling her without her consuming the bed

Sally Squishmallow Cons

  • Sally Squishmallow’s 8-inch plush isn’t safe in a baby’s crib
  • She’s not the best traveling companion as she’s slightly oversized

Bonus Nightmare before Christmas Squishmallow Alternatives

Some Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow alternatives fit the collection but come in odd sizes. So, I’ll briefly share them without going into much detail. Unfortunately, these Squishmallows weren’t as popular. So, you can still find them a year later. Let’s see the lesser-known Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows.

Nightmare before Christmas 10″ Barrel Squishmallow

squishmallow barrel disney nightmare before christmas plush

Nightmare Before Christmas also introduces us to Barrel, a naughty young man who works for Oogie Boogie. The trio of trick-or-treaters includes Lock and Shock, a handful of mischiefs. It’s not surprising their Squishmallows aren’t as popular as the four main characters. Nonetheless, Barrel is another alternative.

Nightmare before Christmas 10″ Lock Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 10 inch lock squishmallow

Lock is one of Barrel’s best and naughtiest friends. However, the Lock Squishmallow is another alternative for kids who want every character from the show. Unfortunately, the secondary antagonists don’t have collectible sizes of Squishmallows. Hence, I never added them as primary alternatives or additions.

Nightmare before Christmas 10″ Shock Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 10 inch shock squishmallow

Shock is the film’s third little tyrant if I’m allowed to say that. Shock has a deceivingly sweet style until you see her henchman ways in the movies and series. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a collectible size that suits my requirements for Zero Squishmallow alternatives or additions.

Nightmare before Christmas 12″ The Mayor Squishmallow

nightmare before christmas 12 inch the mayor squishmallow

I’m disappointed that The Mayor’s Squishmallow isn’t smaller because he’s one of my favorite characters. Indeed, he’s as bad as Jack Skellington. However, The Mayor’s personality is goofy, which I love in animated films. Meanwhile, The Mayor’s Squishmallow has exquisite details and bright colors.


Question: Why Do Zero Squishmallows Have a Pumpkin Nose?

Answer: Zero’s famous pumpkin nose came from Rudolph’s red nose. Squishmallow tries to accurately portray the characters they use for their wildly-popular marshmallow-touch plushies. The puppy has a pumpkin nose in the film. So, adding it to the Squishmallows makes them more authentic to the famous pup.

Question: When Did the Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows Come Out?

Answer: The Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow Squad started as a Halloween special in 2021. The squad welcomed Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, Zero, Sally, Lock, Shock, Barrel, and The Mayor. Since then, Squishmallows expanded the Halloween Squad, adding more sizes for each character, especially Zero.

Question: What Are Zero, the Ghost Dog’s Squishmallow Sizes?

Answer: The theory is that there are four sizes for Zero, the Ghost Dog Squishmallows. Many fans know about the five, eight, 12, and 14-inch Zero Squishmallows. However, I found one size that breaks the theory—the Nightmare Before Christmas 6″ Zero Squishmallow measures just under 6.3 inches. So, five sizes exist.

Zero Squishmallow Guide: Conclusion

Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic. However, if your child loves the story, you can add the other three main characters or even the last four I shared. So, collecting every Squishmallow is the dream. I wish more Zero Squishmallows existed, but five is the number for now. It’s a pity the final four come in poor sizes.

Furthermore, remember my tricks to keep the white Zero Squishmallows clean. Meanwhile, I recommend buying the Nightmare Before Christmas 8″ Zero Squishmallow before the collectible size is gone. Alternatively, buy the one that suits your fan’s needs, whether a child or a die-hard movie fanatic.

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