Harrison Squishmallow Guide for Puppy Lovers

Hugging a Harrison Squishmallow is as exciting as puppy kisses if you love the plush and the animal. I’m a lover of both and willing to share every secret in my Harrison Squishmallow Guide to ensure you get the joy you imagine. So, you’ve clicked the right page if you love puppies and Squishmallows.

My family adores plush toys that feel like marshmallows in your arms, and we have our fair share of puppies. I’m glad Squishmallows never named Harrison Spotty, though. The puppy’s name is original, even though he has the much-loved spot over his eye. With originality comes a range of characteristics and styles.

Harrison is a profoundly deep Squishmallow character, more than you can imagine. Let me share the secrets.

Revealing the Ultimate Harrison the Dog Squishmallow

You’d think there are only so many versions of Harrison. However, you’d be wrong if you believe Harrison Squishmallows are dull or limited. On the contrary, there’s a lot to know about the puppy who wants everyone’s love. Ultimately, Harrison, the Sleepy Dog Hugmees Squishmallow, is the best version for many reasons.

Firstly, I love Hugmee Squishmallows because they have the right shape and style to match real-life animals. Kids can hold them like a puppy and carry them around wherever they need a plush friend. Secondly, the Hugmees Harrison Squishmallow has textured ears and a tail for little kids to experience sensory plush.

Thirdly, Harrison Squishmallow Hugmees are massive, and kids can use them as pillows. The sleeping version of Harrison also inspires children to fall asleep. Finally, Harrison Squishmallow Hugmees have the newer style with longer lashes, closed eyes, and a tiny tongue sticking out of the mouth.

I can’t find a better version of Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow. I love unique variants inspired by famous Squishmallow squad members, and Harrison has a few. Harrison is a much-loved puppy with unusual styles and squad cross-overs. However, there are more fabulous variants for the puppy.

Look at my other picks to see the variety before learning the secrets behind Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow.

Other Harrison Squishmallow Variants at a Glance

Harrison Squishmallow

There are only 11 variants for Harrison Squishmallow, including my ultimate favorite Hugmees version. Here’s a look at the other nine available variants:

  1. Clip-On Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow
  2. Fur-Ever Friends Harrison, the Valentine’s Dog Squishmallow
  3. Large Harrison, the Valentine’s Dog Squishmallow
  4. New-Style Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow With Textured Belly
  5. Old-Style Large Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow
  6. Old-Style Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow
  7. Old-Style Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow With Textured Belly
  8. Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow With Pawprint
  9. Squishville: Harrison, the Dog in Vehicle Mini Squishmallow

As a bonus, I’ll reveal one super rare Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow, at the end of this guide. So, you’ll be the talk of the Squishmallow town if you find the rare variant for Harrison Squishmallow.

Let’s Meet Harrison the Dog Squishmallow

You likely know Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow, a little if you’re reading my guide to his nature and variants. However, there are some secrets to collecting every Harrison Squishmallow if you or your kids have an avid passion for the puppy.

Don’t worry; I’ll share the secrets and not expect you to search for hours for every Harrison plush.

Who Is Harrison Squishmallow?

Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow, is a tan and brown puppy with a gorgeous spot over his eye. He looks like a spaniel with massive, floppy ears. The puppy has a white snout, a belly, a brown nose, and a caramel-colored spot. The ears are two shades of brown and come in various textures and styles.

Harrison is the ideal image of a puppy for kids who love dogs. The profile tag with Harrison Squishmallow plush tells the tale of a good boy with a helpful nature. The puppy sounds like the teacher’s pet at puppy school, but the little guy is a good boy with a massive heart.

Harrison is a child’s best friend, much like a dog is a man’s best pal. He would do anything to help friends out of sticky situations, making him a special boy. Harrison’s character changes in different versions. At first, he came with a closed mouth and inviting black eyes.

However, Harrison’s nature changes in many variants. He becomes more playful, closing his eyes and sticking his tongue out for little friends. This puppy is the ideal plush friend for your little ones. His playful and helpful nature can inspire children so much. Harrison is relatively new, only being a Squishmallow since 2021.

Harrison’s young age among the dog squad members doesn’t make him any less of a best friend for kids.

Quick Tips for Harrison the Dog Squishmallow Fans

Collecting Squishmallows is exciting, but knowing every secret and variant of a loved squad member changes the game for avid marshmallow plush fans. Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow, has 11 variants, and I’m sure there will be more because he’s famous. However, some variants look pretty similar if you aren’t paying attention.

For example, looking for Harrison Squishmallows in various sizes won’t work unless you consider the different variants for each size. Fortunately, Harrison comes in simple collectibles for now. Let me use one size that looks similar to explain what I mean. The 7-inch Harrison Squishmallow has two variants.

Firstly, the Old-Style Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow, shows how the brand first launched the puppy with a white belly and open eyes. Remember that the old-style and new-style variants also make a difference. There isn’t a new style for the 7-inch Harrison, but it might come soon enough.

Nonetheless, look at the Old-Style Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow With Textured Belly, compared to the other 7-inch version. The two variants are spitting images of each other, or so you would think. However, the newer version (also with the old-style face) comes with a furry, textured belly for kids to enjoy.

The example shows how minor differences can give you two variants for the same Harrison Squishmallow. Another example would be the 16-inch variant that comes with different styles. The Old-Style Large Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow, has open eyes and no extra edition features.

In contrast, the Large Harrison, the Valentine’s Dog Squishmallow, has new facial features and Valentine’s pictures. The different variants can look similar or miles apart. I’ve spotted 11 variants in total. Sadly, one is rare now. It might be hard to find the 12-inch variant, but you might be lucky enough.

Otherwise, let me share how I selected the ten best Harrison Squishmallows.

A Buyer’s Guide for the Best Harrison Squishmallows

I shared my ultimate favorite, Harrison the Dog Squishmallow. However, there are many more of him because he’s a popular animal with various Squishmallow types, sizes, and special editions. Therefore, I decided to show you every version of Harrison Squishmallow available, allowing you to have a variety of picks.

Of course, I’ll stick to the available variants for Harrison Squishmallow. I’ll share the rare version later, but my top picks are the ones you can easily find.

Harrison Squishmallow Guide: Meet the Pups

I’m as excited to see why every Harrison Squishmallow is next-level cool. But, of course, each variant has pros and cons, and Harrison changes features as he evolves from the initial launch. So, let’s meet the many faces of Harrison Squishmallow so that you can start collecting the gorgeous puppy for you or your kids.

Clip-On Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow

Clip-On Squishmallows are fantastic for kids or adult fans who love carrying squad members to school or work. The Clip-On Squishmallows feel as squishy as the larger versions. For example, Harrison Squishmallow is part of the backpack squad that allows children to take him to school. The spotted eye also looks adorable.

Squishmallow Facts

  • Variant: Harrison Clip-On Squishmallow
  • Size: 3.5″
  • Unique Features: Harrison is a portable plush friend
  • Squads: Dog and backpack squads

Harrison Squishmallow Pros

  • A child is ecstatic to carry Harrison Squishmallow around on their bags to show their friends who they claimed for their dog squad collection
  • Harrison’s spotted eye looks more adorable on the clip-on Squishmallow than on others because it has a border around the caramel color

Harrison Squishmallow Cons

  • Kids would be heartbroken if they lost their best friend because he was on their backpacks

Fur-Ever Friends Harrison, the Valentine’s Dog Squishmallow

Valentine's Dog Squishmallow

Fur makes plush softer, cuddlier, and squishier. Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow also comes as a tiny variant with special fur features. Harrison’s ears are ultra-soft with a divine texture, and he holds a bone with a special Valentine’s Day message for fans. Additionally, Harrison’s spotted eye turns into a heart for more cuteness.

Squishmallow Facts

  • Variant: Furry Harrison Squishmallow
  • Size: 5″
  • Unique Features: Harrison has more fur than others
  • Squads: Fur-Ever, Valentine’s, and dog squads

Harrison Squishmallow Pros

  • The Fur-Ever Harrison Squishmallow is one of my favorites because it’s more adorable than most, and it has a lovely message, making it suitable for gifts
  • Harrison falls into multiple squads with this gorgeous Squishmallow again, and he even has embroidered paws to hold the bone and improve his details

Harrison Squishmallow Cons

  • The 5-inch Squishmallows range is tiny and not suitable for all kids, especially children under three

Large Harrison, the Valentine’s Dog Squishmallow

the Valentine's Dog Squishmallow

The large version of the Harrison Valentine’s Squishmallow with the Fur-Ever Friends message isn’t as adorable as the smaller ones. Still, it comes in my favorite plush size. The Squishmallow doesn’t have as much fur as the last one, but it carries the same loving message. Harrison has an old-style face with a heart over his eye.

Squishmallow Facts

  • Variant: Large Harrison Squishmallow
  • Size: 16″
  • Unique Features: Harrison carries a beautiful message for his fans
  • Squads: Fur-Ever, Valentine’s, and dog squads

Harrison Squishmallow Pros

  • Harrison, the Valentine’s Dog Squishmallow, comes in an ideal size for kids of all ages, and he carries the same adorable message as the smaller version
  • Harrison’s ears are still softer than traditional variants because he’s a special edition for Valentine’s Day, and he has the same paws holding the messenger bone

Harrison Squishmallow Cons

  • Harrison’s color is super light with this variant, making it a challenge to keep him neat

New-Style Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow With Textured Belly

the Dog Squishmallow With Textured Belly

Harrison only recently changed his facial features and nature. He always looks like he’s goofing around or sleeping with the new-style face. Unfortunately, Harrison only belongs to a single squad with this Squishmallow. Still, it doesn’t mean he’s not collectible if you want all the variants. The new face is also a must-own.

Squishmallow Facts

  • Variant: Small Harrison Squishmallow
  • Size: 8″
  • Unique Features: Harrison flaunts a new face and a textured belly
  • Squads: Dog squad

Harrison Squishmallow Pros

  • Harrison, the Small Dog Squishmallow, takes on a new, playful nature with his adorable tongue sticking out, and he has closed eyes that make him look like he’s having a ball
  • The colors on this Harrison Squishmallow look better to me because the browns are more profound, and the textured belly is a wonderland for little kids to experiment with their senses

Harrison Squishmallow Cons

  • Some fans might prefer the old-style face because Harrison might look sleepy with the new one

Old-Style Large Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow

Harrison takes on a new ear texture once you get to the large size. Unfortunately, it’s not as soft as the previous variants, but it allows little hands to experiment sensually with different textures. Harrison also doesn’t belong to multiple squads here because it’s the first version of the spotted puppy.

Squishmallow Facts

  • Variant: Large Harrison Squishmallow
  • Size: 16″
  • Unique Features: This version is the first release of Harrison Squishmallow
  • Squads: Dog squad

Harrison Squishmallow Pros

  • You have to own the first variant for Harrison Squishmallow as a collector, and the details are gorgeous enough to impress children of all ages
  • Harrison comes with a smooth white belly and furry ears to help kids learn about textures, and he looks like one happy puppy ready to help his friends

Harrison Squishmallow Cons

  • The colors are duller on this Harrison Squishmallow because the larger ones tend to be lighter

Old-Style Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow

I look for every variant, whether I love them or not. This Harrison Squishmallow is my least favorite because of the dull colors compared to other smaller versions. I love bright Squishmallows. I know dogs should have neutral colors for accuracy, but Squishmallows could’ve made the browns and tans deeper.

Squishmallow Facts

  • Variant: Small Harrison Squishmallow
  • Size: 7″
  • Unique Features: It’s the second variant available for Harrison Squishmallow
  • Squads: Dog squad

Harrison Squishmallow Pros

  • You have to own the second Harrison Squishmallow as an avid collector, even if he has a duller color, and there’s nothing wrong with his style
  • Harrison has the same furry ears with a different texture for little kids to enjoy, and his old-style face undoubtedly looks inviting to young friends

Harrison Squishmallow Cons

  • I expect the smaller Harrison Squishmallow variants to be brighter if the larger ones are duller

Old-Style Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow With Textured Belly

Old-Style Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow With Textured Belly

I’ve also seen enough less furry Harrisons now. I found another gorgeous Harrison Squishmallow from the smaller variants with an ultra-furry belly that makes up for the lack of texture in the last two versions. Harrison also has a unique nose that almost looks like a heart shape. It isn’t heart-shaped, but it seems pretty close.

Squishmallow Facts

  • Variant: Small Harrison Squishmallow
  • Size: 7″
  • Unique Features: Harrison comes with a super-soft belly for textured play
  • Squads: Dog squad

Harrison Squishmallow Pros

  • The small Harrison Squishmallow has a stomach that would drive little fingers wild when they look for different textures, and his ears are fluffier than others again
  • The smaller variant has improved details, including the embroidered circle around Harrison’s eye, and the lighter colors match better for an adorable puppy

Harrison Squishmallow Cons

  • I wish Squishmallows would make a jumbo Harrison variant with ultra-soft textures for little ones

Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow With Pawprint

Small Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow With Pawprint

Harrison comes with one super unique version that has an embroidered pawprint over his heart. It makes me think of how Harrison prints his nature on a child’s heart. I’d call this Harrison Squishmallow my third favorite because there’s only one of him. He also comes in an adorable size if you want to give him as a gift.

Squishmallow Facts

  • Variant: Pawprint Harrison Squishmallow
  • Size: 8″
  • Unique Features: Harrison has a unique pawprint with a heart over his chest
  • Squads: Valentine’s and dog squads

Harrison Squishmallow Pros

  • The small Harrison Squishmallow with a pawprint looks cute enough to squish, and he fits into more than one squad to make him an unusual beauty
  • Harrison’s ears and belly are ultra-fluffy for kids to enjoy, and he makes the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for a Squishmallows fan

Harrison Squishmallow Cons

  • Smaller versions of Harrison aren’t suitable for kids under three, which counteracts the textured parts

Squishville: Harrison, the Dog in Vehicle Mini Squishmallow

Harrison, the Dog in Vehicle Mini Squishmallow

Squishville brings a range of tiny squad members, and Harrison becomes part of the family. I’m sure he fits into most families with his adorable and friendly nature. Additionally, he comes with a plush vehicle that looks like Tristan, the Triceratops Squishmallow. It’s a two-for-one plush pleasure that appeals to most collectors.

Squishmallow Facts

  • Variant: Harrison Mini-Squishmallow
  • Size: 2″
  • Unique Features: Harrison comes as a two-for-one special in his smallest size
  • Squads: Dog and Squishville squads

Harrison Squishmallow Pros

  • Harrison, the Mini-Squishmallow, is the ultimate pleasure for collectors who want every version, and he comes with a squishy friend from another squad
  • It’s the only variant where Harrison’s eyes are open while his tongue sticks out, and he has gorgeously furry ears for such a tiny Squishmallow

Harrison Squishmallow Cons

  • The 2-inch Squishmallow range undoubtedly doesn’t suit kids under three unless you supervise play

Bonus: Custom Harrison Squishmallows (Not Authentic)

Maybe ten available variants aren’t enough for you or your kids if you love puppies and Squishmallows like my family. There’s another method to get unusual Harrison Squishmallows. I must warn you that they won’t be originals or have certificates. However, they’re as customizable as the designer’s imagination.

I’d recommend a larger version of Harrison Squishmallows with various textures for kids under three. Ensure you mention your little one’s age to the designer to avoid loose pieces and choking hazards. The textured play has too many benefits for little ones, so I can’t ignore the potential of customized Harrisons.

Find a designer on the Etsy Store if you want a customized size with any textures you can imagine.

Top Q&As

Question: What Breed is Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow?

Answer: Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow, doesn’t have a set breed like the others. For example, Bronk, the Dog Squishmallow, is a bulldog. In contrast, Harrison is a popular dog breed that children associate with movies. He has a gorgeous tan and brown coat with a caramel spot over his eye that makes him look like a spaniel.

Question: What Sizes Are Available for Harrison Squishmallow?

Answer: There are currently seven sizes for Harrison Squishmallow, although a 12-inch variant is ultra-rare. The miniature version of Harrison comes as a Squishville Mini-Harrison Squishmallow that only measures three inches. The other five sizes available for Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow, include:
Harrison Squishmallow 3.5-inch Clip-Ons
Five-Inch Harrison Squishmallows
Seven-Inch Harrison Squishmallows
Eight-Inch Harrison Squishmallows
16-Inch Harrison Squishmallows

Question: Is Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow, Rare?

Answer: Harrison, the Dog Squishmallow, once came as a 12-inch plush. However, the 12″ variants have become highly collectible and rare. Finding Harrison, the Valentine’s Dog Squishmallow, in a 12-inch plush toy is like panning for gold in a deserted mine. He’s the rare beauty a collector must find and buy.

Harrison Squishmallow Guide: Final Woof

Harrison Squishmallows are a beautiful way to introduce children to plush puppies without needing to clean up after the dog. Many Harrison variants include the rare Harrison, the Valentine’s Dog Squishmallow. Remember to look for differences in texture, size, and facial expressions.

You won’t collect every Harrison Squishmallow without considering every option. I recommend starting with Harrison, the Sleepy Dog Hugmees Squishmallow, if you don’t have any variants yet. However, I recommend the Large Harrison, the Valentine’s Dog Squishmallow, for younger kids.

Harrison Squishmallows come with various textured pieces, but kids under three can’t enjoy small plush toys if you’re not supervising their play. Ultimately, I recommend collecting every Harrison Squishmallow you can find. They all look different enough to make an adorable puppy Squishmallow collection.

So, embrace the world of Harrison Squishmallows and get your first one today.

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