Best Squishmallows at Walgreens for Unique Picks

I know a secret as an avid Squishmallows fan: You must look for the best Squishmallows in the most unusual places. Searching for the Best Squishmallows at Walgreens isn’t the first idea that comes to mind.

Still, my family of Squishmallow enthusiasts agrees that we found some gorgeously squishy options.

I’ve been collecting plush toys since childhood, and my kids enjoy the hunt for the best squishy plush.

We often scour the internet and stores for the latest trends in Squishmallow squad members, ranging from Target to Walmart and the official Squishmallows website. However, Walgreens brought a wonderful surprise.

The Best Walgreens Squishmallow

Walgreens has many gorgeous Squishmallows, so I had to narrow the best options by looking for unique, multi-squad plush.

My top pick is the Chelsea the Pink Cheetah Hug-A-Pet Squishmallow because it belongs to the Safari and Hugmees Squishmallow squads. Additionally, the pink cheetah cheats color expectations.

The 22-inch Chelsea Cheetah Hug-A-Pet Squishmallow is gorgeous, soft, and cuddly. I also love the Hug-A-Pet range that everyone commonly knows as Hugmees.

They look more accurate for the animals they portray, making them fit traditional plush better. However, I have a few more great picks.

A Glance at My Top Walgreens Squishmallow Picks

Here’s a peek at my top picks, which I’ll share details for soon enough. I’ll even add some bonus picks later.

  1. Aimee the Yellow Chick Flip-A-Mallow
  2. Bop the Glitter Pink Bunny Squishmallow
  3. Brody the Textured Blue Dinosaur Squishmallow
  4. Caitriona the Blue Cat With Chocolate Box Squishmallow
  5. Dominic the Blue Dragon With Pizza Squishmallow
  6. Edden the Pink Tie-Dye Unicorn Stackable Squishmallow
  7. Jacinda the Brown Poodle With Heart Glasses Squishmallow
  8. Kaelea the Pink Koala Squishmallow
  9. Keith the Blue Dragon Hug-A-Pet Squishmallow
  10. Lola the Tie-Dye Purple Valentine’s Unicorn Squishmallow
  11. Luther the Tie-Dye Blue Shark Hug-A-Pet Squishmallow
  12. Momo the Brown Valentine’s Monkey Squishmallow
  13. Sarah the Pink Valentine’s Squirrel Squishmallow

Essential Tips for Walgreens Squishmallows

Walgreens isn’t the typical store you’d expect to find the best Squishmallows. They have many regular Squishmallows like the Calico Cat Squishmallow and the Spotted Cow Squishmallow.

The first problem you should be aware of is that the store doesn’t give too many details about each Squishmallow.

For example, the calico cat is Risa, and the spotted cow is Colin. Squishmallow enthusiasts need to know the names to collect entire squads. The nameless problem can create a challenge. However, Google is a world of information that helps you find each Squishmallow’s name first.

I’ll be sure to add each squad member’s name, but you’ll need to find the names before purchasing a Walgreens Squishmallow.

For example, it was easy to find Risa’s name when I Googled, “What’s the name of the calico cat Squishmallow?” Use the colors and species to find the name of each squishy plush.

Secondly, Walgreens offers a range of unusual Squishmallows because they have fewer than most online stores.

Walgreen’s offering the unique beauties undoubtedly makes up for the lack of information on each Squishmallow’s page. They have many tie-dye, Valentine’s, and multi-squad members.

Hunt for the unusual Squishmallows. They’re worth every name search you have to complete if you’re as enthusiastic as my family. I’ll give you a great head start.

Selecting the Best Walgreens Squishmallows

I focused on Walgreens’s unique Squishmallows by picking only the plush that fit multiple squads. For example, they might fall into sealife and tie-dye squads.

Other noteworthy options include unusual colors, special editions, and stackable Squishmallows. In addition, Walgreens has a range of unique beauties.

Best Squishmallows at Walgreens: The Surprising Squishies

The best Squishmallows at Walgreens pave two squad paths and offer some glitz and glamor beyond the squishy cuddliness.

My kids and I always look for unique picks, but we’ll share the Squishmallow names to make a choice simpler. I’ll also include the features, pros, and cons of each Squishmallow.

Aimee the Yellow Chick Flip-A-Mallow

Aimee the Yellow Chick Flip-A-Mallow Best Squishmallows at Walgreens

Flip-A-Mallows are some of the best Squishmallows because you can have so much fun changing between the two characters.

For example, the other side of Aimee brings to life an Easter egg Squishmallow. I also love that the Flip-A-Mallow is larger for kids to enjoy showing their favorite characters off on their beds.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Aimee the Chick Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Flip-A-Mallow and farm squads
  • Size: 12″

Aimee the Chick Flip-A-Mallow Pros

  • There’s nothing more exciting with Squishmallows than getting a two-for-one combo
  • Kids love flipping between two special Squishmallow squad members to change things up
  • Flip-A-Mallows are happy on both sides versus the other reversible plush out there

Aimee the Chick Flip-A-Mallow Cons

  • Aimee the Chick Squishmallow and the Easter egg friend aren’t two of the most-known squad members

Bop the Glitter Pink Bunny Squishmallow

Bop the Glitter Pink Bunny Squishmallow

Some Squishmallows have a small but adorable difference that makes them unique. Little girls love glitter, and this Bop the Bunny Squishmallow, brings glamor to the front.

She’s also a pink Squishmallow that appeals beautifully to little girls. Her closed eyes make her look happier than most forest critters.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Bop the Bunny Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Glitter and forest critter squads
  • Size: 16″

Bop the Bunny Squishmallow Pros

  • The glittery ear insides make Bop the Bunny Squishmallow a unique plush for avid enthusiasts
  • I love plush toys that look happy because there are too many weird and freaky plush out there
  • The 16-inch Squishmallow range is another pro for me because they’re the ideal size for plush toys

Bop the Bunny Squishmallow Cons

  • Bop Bunny Squishmallow only has glitter ears and not a tie-dye effect, which would’ve increased her popularity

Brody the Textured Blue Dinosaur Squishmallow

Brody the Textured Blue Dinosaur Squishmallow

Brody the Blue Dinosaur Squishmallow is one of my son’s favorite squad members from the prehistoric era. He loves dinosaurs.

Then again, which little boy doesn’t love dinosaurs? Brody would bring a smile to any fan’s heart, and the textured fabric makes him unique compared to the other dinosaur squad members.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Brody the Dinosaur Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Textured and prehistoric squads
  • Size: 16″

Brody the Dino Squishmallow Pros

  • Brody, the Dinosaur Squishmallow, has a tie-dye and textured effect to make him stand out more
  • Brody comes with a friendly, warm, and inviting style that welcomes children to befriend him
  • Brody’s Squishmallow comes in my favorite size to fit any bed, plush collection, or cuddle

Brody the Dino Squishmallow Cons

  • Brody, the Dinosaur Squishmallow, only has color and texture effects without any other unique elements

Caitriona the Blue Cat With Chocolate Box Squishmallow

Caitriona the Blue Cat With Chocolate Box Squishmallow

I love how unique this Squishmallow is because she’s exclusive to Walgreens. I would never have found her if I wasn’t searching for the best Squishmallows at Walgreens.

I have a friend who collects the cat squad, and I must show her this unusual plush to ensure she has every available squad member.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Caitriona the Cat Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Valentine’s and cat squads
  • Size: 16″

Caitriona the Cat Squishmallow Pros

  • Caitriona is one of the most unique Squishmallows at Walgreens because she’s an exclusive
  • The cat squad is super popular, and Caitriona comes with glitter ears and an individual item for Valentine’s Day
  • The Walgreens Squishmallow is another fantastic 16-inch beauty that suits most fans

Catriona the Cat Squishmallow Cons

  • It’s unclear whether Caitriona belongs to Valentine’s squad, but the chocolate box tells a tale

Dominic the Blue Dragon With Pizza Squishmallow

Dominic the Blue Dragon With Pizza Squishmallow

Walgreens has an assortment of Squishmallows holding items that make them unique. For example, Dominic comes from the dragon or fantasy squad and loves eating pizza.

Hence, the brand gave Walgreens a special edition where Dominic looks like he’s eating a slice of pizza. It’s adorable, and the wings add a hint of glamor.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Dominic the Dragon Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Glitter, fantasy, dragon, and food squads
  • Size: 8″

Dominic the Dragon Squishmallow Pros

  • Dominic the Dragon Squishmallow, is unique for multiple reasons, ranging from holding a pizza to having glitter wings
  • Dominic also has a tie-dye color and adorably-styled arms holding the slice of pizza
  • I love how Dominic’s facial expressions show how much he enjoys the junk food from the creator

Dominic the Dragon Squishmallow Cons

  • I wish the Dominic Squishmallow were a larger size because he would look incredible on a child’s bed

Edden the Pink Tie-Dye Unicorn Stackable Squishmallow

Edden the Pink Tie-Dye Unicorn Stackable Squishmallow

Squishmallows at Walgreens come in various unusual ranges, including flat, stackable plush toys. My daughter loves unicorns as much as my son adores dinosaurs.

She would go wild for any unicorn Squishmallow, as many little girls would. Edden is a joy to add to a child’s Squishmallow collection, and he’s pink of all colors.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Edden the Unicorn Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Stackable, fantasy, and tie-dye squads
  • Size: 16″

Edden the Unicorn Squishmallow Pros

  • The Edden Unicorn Squishmallow knocks multiple squads out of the park for extra exclusivity and unique elements
  • Edden has gorgeous details, including glossy wings, a furry mane, and a pretty horn that makes him recognizable
  • Edden also comes in a beautiful size and works as a stackable Squishmallow for better displays

Edden the Unicorn Squishmallow Cons

  • I don’t love that Edden’s eyes are closed because he looks sleepy

Jacinda the Brown Poodle with Heart Glasses Squishmallow

Jacinda the Brown Poodle with Heart Glasses Squishmallow

Poodles are one of my favorite dogs, especially French Poodles. They’re so adorable, and they make excellent Squishmallow puppies.

The shaggy hair and textured elements add to the cuddliness of a Poodle Squishmallow. Additionally, Jacinda looks like a super friendly puppy that welcomes children to play with them.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Jacinda the Poodle Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Dog and Valentine’s squads
  • Size: 8″

Jacinda the Poodle Squishmallow Pros

  • Jacinda, the Poodle Squishmallow, is a friendly, inviting plush toy with multiple character elements for exclusivity
  • I love how Jacinda looks friendly enough to invite kids, yet she also looks like an intelligent mentor
  • Jacinda comes with an embroidered Valentine’s style and additional glasses to make her more unusual

Jacinda the Poodle Squishmallow Cons

  • The 8-inch Squishmallows at Walgreens don’t offer the same bang for your buck

Kaelea the Pink Koala Squishmallow

Kaelea the Pink Koala Squishmallow

Walgreens undoubtedly love the special Squishmallows, and Kaelea is another pretty little plush that welcomes little girls to befriend her. She looks inviting and holds a heart in her paws. The koala Squishmallows stand out nicely because their massive noses make them unmistakable.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Kaelea the Koala Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Valentine’s and forest critter squads
  • Size: 16″

Kaelea the Koala Squishmallow Pros

  • Kaelea the Koala Squishmallow holds a heart for children to feel more comfortable, making her a friend
  • Kaelea also has an adorable face with huge eyelashes and furry ears as a textured plush toy
  • She comes in my favorite 16-inch size range and has little arms to hold her heart close to where it belongs

Kaelea the Koala Squishmallow Cons

  • I would be more impressed if Kaelea Squishmallow had a tie-dye color

Keith the Blue Dragon Hug-A-Pet Squishmallow

Keith the Blue Dragon Hug-A-Pet Squishmallow

It was a close call between the cheetah and the dragon Hugmees because I love the Squishmallows that look more like traditional plush toys.

However, Keith is nearly as impressive. Admittedly, Chelsea only won because she was a pink cheetah, almost as unreal as a dragon. However, Keith belongs in my second place.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Keith the Dragon Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Hugmees, Hug-A-Pet, and fantasy squads
  • Size: 22″

Keith the Dragon Squishmallow Pros

  • Keith, the Dragon Squishmallow, is a fantastic beast with wings, a more accurate shape, and little horns
  • Keith also has pockets where kids can store their favorite toys on his sides
  • The dragon comes with excellent details, including glitter wings, claws, and an adorable baby face

Keith the Dragon Squishmallow Cons

  • The 22-inch Squishmallows are somewhat overwhelming for little kids, but they’re great for bigger kids

Lola the Tie-Dye Purple Valentine’s Unicorn Squishmallow

Lola the Tie-Dye Purple Valentine's Unicorn Squishmallow

My daughter went crazy with the Walgreens Squishmallow choices because there are a few unicorns with unique colors and extras.

Lola is an adorable unicorn Squishmallow most little girls know, making her a popular choice from Walgreens. She’s also a brilliant purple tie-dye color to spruce up any fan’s collection.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Lola the Unicorn Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Tie-dye, fantasy, and Valentine’s squads
  • Size: 16″

Lola the Unicorn Squishmallow Pros

  • Lola the Unicorn Squishmallow checks multiple exclusive boxes that make her more unique than most
  • Lola looks beautiful with a tie-dye color, a sparkling horn, hearts on her chest, and her founded snout
  • The unicorn Squishmallow at Walgreens also comes in my favorite 16-inch size

Lola the Unicorn Squishmallow Cons

  • Lola Unicorn Squishmallow’s snout does look like a pig’s, and she doesn’t smile or have a mouth

Luther the Tie-Dye Blue Shark Hug-A-Pet Squishmallow

Luther the Tie-Dye Blue Shark Hug-A-Pet Squishmallow

Luther Squishmallow is another more accurate portrayal of a sealife squad member at Walgreens. Still, I won’t say he’s my third favorite option at the store.

My son loves the shark squad, but I’m not into them enough to make him a favorite. However, the Hug-A-Pet shark undoubtedly stands out as a unique Squishmallow.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Luther the Shark Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Hug-A-Pet, Hugmees, Valentine’s, tie-dye, and sealife squads
  • Size: 22″

Luther the Shark Squishmallow Pros

  • Luther the Shark Squishmallow looks like a real shark if you take away the scary bits
  • Luther also has pockets on the sides for kids to store away their favorite toys and anything else they wish
  • The shark Squishmallow at Walgreens has multiple squad entries for a unique touch

Luther the Shark Squishmallow Cons

  • I’m not mad about the shark Hugmees as much as the other squad members, and he’s massive hit with little kids

Momo the Brown Valentine’s Monkey Squishmallow

Momo the Brown Valentine's Monkey Squishmallow

Squishmallows use Valentine’s Day to make unique plush toys, and they look fantastic, often cuter than the original versions. In contrast, children love monkeys.

My kids love visiting the monkeys at the zoo. Maybe monkeys intrigue children because they also have opposable thumbs? Nonetheless, Momo is adorable.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Momo the Monkey Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Valentine’s and jungle squads
  • Size: 16″

Momo the Monkey Squishmallow Pros

  • Momo, the Monkey Squishmallow, brings an extra touch to the stage with a Valentine’s heart
  • The Momo Squishmallow at Walgreens represents one of the children’s best animals at the zoo
  • I love that Momo also comes as my favorite 16-inch plush to enjoy the company of my others

Momo the Monkey Squishmallow Cons

  • Momo only has a heart on his chest and no other extras to make him super unusual

Sarah the Pink Valentine’s Squirrel Squishmallow

Sarah the Pink Valentine's Squirrel Squishmallow

Kids love or hate squirrels because the critters can be nearly as naughty as raccoons. Some children think they’re adorable, but others believe they are scary and might bite.

Admittedly, squirrels would bite to defend themselves because they’re tiny creatures. Fortunately, my kids see them as adorable animals.

Squishy Features

  • Squishmallow Name: Sarah the Squirrel Squishmallow
  • Multi-Squads: Forest critters and Valentine’s squads
  • Size: 16″

Sarah the Squirrel Squishmallow Pros

  • Sarah, the Squirrel Squishmallow, looks adorable for little girls with her pink fur and double heart embroidery
  • Squishmallows ensured that Sarah’s face looked friendly and inviting to welcome kids who might not love squirrels
  • Sarah comes in the brilliant 16-inch Squishmallows at Walgreens, which tops my list

Sarah the Squirrel Squishmallow Cons

  • Kids who think squirrels are scary might not love the Sarah Squishmallow as much

Top Q&As

Question: Does Walgreens Sell Pride Squishmallows?

Answer: Yes, it’s a super forward-thinking store if you’re looking for Pride Squishmallows at Walgreens. The store stocks Pride Squishmallows from the Disney range. I found four fantastic options, including:
Bing Bong the Pride Elephant Squishmallow
Mickey the Pride Mouse Squishmallow
Minnie the Pride Mouse Squishmallow
Stitch the Pride Alien Squishmallow

Question: Where Can I Buy Slipper Squishmallows?

Answer: Walgreens prides itself on unusual Squishmallows to compensate for the lack of variety. They don’t have every Squishmallow squad and range, but there are unique Squishmallow slippers at Walgreens. Some Walgreens Squishmallows slippers include:
Connor the Spotted Cow Squishmallow Slippers
Francis the Brown Lion Squishmallow Slippers
Kirk the Gray Koala Squishmallow Slippers
Tristan the Green Triceratops Squishmallow Slippers

Question: Which Unique Squishmallows Can I Find at Walgreens?

Answer: Walgreens has nearly as many unique Squishmallows as the usual range. There is Valentine’s edition Squishmallows and Hugmees called Hug-A-Pet Squishmallows at Walgreens.
However, the most attractive Walgreens Squishmallows for avid fans includes a tie-dye color range. Some choices are:
Brenda the Purple Valentine’s Butterfly Squishmallow
Daxxon the Tie-Dye Alien Squishmallow
Edden the Tie-Dye Glitter Unicorn Squishmallow
Gordon the Tie-Dye Shark Squishmallow
Opal the Tie-Dye Octopus Squishmallow
Sharie the Tie-Dye Sloth Squishmallow

Best Squishmallows at Walgreens: Conclusion

The best Squishmallows at Walgreens show me how the store doesn’t only focus on medicine and healthcare. It’s another source of gorgeous Squishmallows, especially if you love unusual picks like me.

I recommend the Chelsea the Pink Cheetah Hug-A-Pet Squishmallow because she’s such a remarkable find for fans.

I also recommend Caitriona the Blue Cat With Chocolate Box Squishmallow because you won’t find her anywhere else unless you buy her second-hand.

However, there are many different choices, and you merely have to spend five minutes to find their names before buying a Squishmallow at Walgreens.

Which unusual Squishmallow types appeal to your or your children? The Aimee, the Yellow Chick Flip-A-Mallow, is a happy reversible plush.

In contrast, Jacinda the Brown Poodle With Heart Glasses Squishmallow is an inviting friend for any little child. Finally, Bop the Glitter Pink Bunny Squishmallow is adorably glamorous.

Buy your Walgreens Squishmallow today if you want something beautiful for little ones.

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