Build-a-Bear Pokemon Guide

I am a huge Build-A-Bear fan and a lifelong Pokémon collector. So, the 25th-anniversary collab is a dream come true for me (and a nightmare for my wallet.)

This year, 2022, marks both Build-A-Bear and Pokémon’s 25th anniversary. To celebrate, Gamefreak and Build-a-Bear are collaborating, releasing 25 exclusive plushies you can build, give voices to, and dress up.

However, it won’t be easy to collect all 25 as a handful are exclusive to specific countries. Others are online exclusives that quickly sell out when restocked. Lastly, a handful of discontinued designs are on the collection checklist, and a re-release date has not been announced for their return. This guide will help collect all 25 of this once-in-a-fandom-lifetime collaboration.

Bottom Line Up Front

I think that the UK-exclusive Snubbull, the 24-inch Snorlax, and the Dragonite are the coolest in the collection.

I’m upset that there are THREE slightly different Pikachus instead of bringing in two more iconic pokémon to the set.

My Top Three

  1. Vulpix
  2. Jumbo Snorlax
  3. Gengar

25 Years of Pokémon Celebration Collab

Build-A-Bear and Pokémon picked a somewhat random yet super iconic list of pocket monsters to include in the collaboration. It ranges from gen one starters to a UK online exclusive Snubbull. Below is how to catch ’em all.

Regular Pikachu

This plushie is a 15-inch, machine washable (in a pillow case on a cool cycle) Pikachu. Unfortunately, I think Pikachu is overrated, so I’m not a huge fan of this plush.

There are two limited edition Pikachu’s in this set that would be a better staple in a collection, but this plushie is excellent for kids who are fans of the electric mouse.

Alone and naked, Pikachu is $40, and accessories usually range from $15-$40.

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Yes! There is a 6-in-1 sound chip exclusive to Pikachu. The chip allows Pikachu to yell out their battle cry when squeezed!

In Stores or Online?

This Pikachu is available both online and in-store. However, there is an online exclusive bundle that includes two hoodies for your new Build-A-Friend!


  • The online bundle comes with two exclusive hoodies and a voice box. 
  • Pikachu is usually in stock at in-person locations. 
  • An iconic choice for fans.


  • I really just don’t like Pikachu.


I recently built my Eevee and am in love with her! She’s super fuzzy and soft, and her battle cry is adorable.

I love to collect eeveelutions, and Build-A-Bear is hands down my favorite Eevee plush.

She runs relatively large, standing at 14 inches tall. She is $32 by herself, with accessories being $10-$20 each.

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Eevee has a 4-in-1 sound box that contains four different Eevee battle cries.

In Stores or Online?

Like Pikachu, Eevee is available both online and in-stores. There is also an online exclusive bundle that comes with Eevee’s voice box and two exclusive outfits!


  • Fuzzy and soft
  • The online bundle comes with an adorable poké ball pajama set! 


  • She stands in a somewhat odd position, making her hard to cuddle with. 


Charmander is a 14-inch plushie that is $40. His online bundle is $62 but comes with a voice box and two outfits (a great ball hoodie and a Charmander sleeper). The bundle sets him up for whatever adventures lie ahead!

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Like Eevee, Charmander has a 4-in-1 sound box.

In Stores or Online?

I have not seen Charmander at any of my Build-A-Bear locations in quite a few months. However, online he comes bundled with his voice box, a great ball hoodie, and a set of exclusive jammies!


  • His shape allows you to put almost any Build-A-Bear outfit on him. 
  • He has a fuzzy, multi-color tail that looks like fire! 


  • He is rarely in stock at in-person stores, and ordering a pre-built Build-A-Bear is not as fun. 


I (almost) always pick the water starter, and it all began with my love for Squirtle! He captured my toddler heart over a decade ago and has remained one of my favorite Pokémon to this day.

This Squirtle is $40 for just the 14-inch plushie, but his online bundle comes with the cutest pokéball-themed slicker I’ve ever seen AND an ultra ball hoodie!

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Squirtle has a 6-in-1 voice box that lets your plushie let out Squirtle’s battle cry when squeezed.

In Stores or Online?

Squirtle is available in-store and online, but the online bundle is the better deal if you’re a collector. It is the only way to get the Pokéball Slicker. Online Squirtle comes with an ultra ball hoodie and voice box as well!


  • Adorable plushie
  • I love his exclusive pokéball slicker


  • You can’t put his arms down
  • His shell makes it hard to wear other Build-A-Bear outfits  


Bulbasaur is the most budget-friendly of his starter friends. He is $35 and is 14-inches. His online bundle is $55 and comes with Bulbasaur’s voice box, and a special hat and scarf themed around the grass-type pocket monster!  

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Bulbasaur has a 6-in-1 voice box that lets your plushie let out his battle cry when squeezed.

In Stores or Online?

Bulbasaur is available both in-store and online. However, unlike Charmander and Squirtle, Bulbasaur’s online bundle can easily be found in stores for a similar price.


  • If you build him in person, consider putting roller skates on him because he’s super fun to roll around the mall! 
  • He’s very detailed, especially compared to other Build-A-Pokemon plushies. 


  • He can’t wear any outfits due to his shape and shell. 


Scorbunny is almost always in stock at my local Build-A-Bear. He is 15-inches and runs for $40 plus the cost of accessories. 

His $66 online bundle comes with a personalized cape and sleeper set! 

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Scorbunny has a 5-in-1 voice box.

In Stores or Online?

Scorbunny is both online and in-stores. The online bundle includes a unique jammie set and a Scorbunny-themed cape.


  • He’s the perfect shape and size for cuddling!
  • He can wear multiple different Build-A-Bear outfits. 


  • Weird complaint, but I hate that his ears aren’t floppy. Honestly, they’re just one big V-shaped ear, and I would have preferred two more flexible ears. 


Like Bulbasaur, Grookey comes sitting in an odd position. Yes, he’s just sitting down, but this makes him super hard to dress up and hard for kids to hold onto.

That said, I’m a huge Grookey fan and think this is a super realistic-looking plushie for the grass type.

Like Scorbunny, he is 14-inches and starts at $40. However, his online bundle comes with a leafy button-down shirt and a cape!

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Grookey has a 5-in-one sound box.

In Stores or Online?

Grookey is both online and in-stores. The online bundle includes an adorable, leafy button-down shirt and a Grookey-themed cape.


  • Great for Grookey lovers 
  • The online bundle comes with one of the more unique outfits 


  • The sitting position makes him hard to dress

Snorlax and Jumbo Snorlax

Regular Snorlax has been out of stock for a long while, but I am hopeful with the 25th-anniversary event, he will come back. 

The jumbo Snorlax is 24-inches (think Costco’s Ronnie the Squishmallow) and a whopping $99. He is only available online and comes with an exclusive set of pajamas.

Unfortunately, He is currently out of stock, but there is an email waiting list to be notified of his next restock! 

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

No, Snorlax does not have a custom voice box, but a generic one can be put in him.

In Stores or Online?

Jumbo Snorlax is an online exclusive that comes bundled with a sleep robe and hat!

Regular Snorlax is unavailable, though it is hinted that he will come back for the 25th-anniversary celebration!


  • The size of extra large Squishmallows! 
  • It comes with exclusive pajamas 
  • One of the first Build-A-Bears of its size


  • It’s HUGE, so not ideal for apartments. 
  • It sells out super quickly when restocked 

Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix

Neither Vulpix nor Alolan Vulpix has been available in the US since 2017. Alolan Vulpix is now a UK exclusive. She is 33 centimeters and £32.

Regular Vulpix is not currently available but may make a short return for the 25th-anniversary event. Vulpix is one of the more valuable retired Build-A-Bears with a resell value of $70-$80.

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Yes, there is a 6-in-1 Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix voice box option! However, most of the Vulpixs’ for resell do not have a sound box, and those containing one sell for nearly double the market value.

In Stores or Online?

Alolan Vulpix can be found in UK locations. She has an online bundle that comes with a voice box, a sleeper, and a hooded cape.


  • Super rare and in third place on my DISO list 
  • I love Alolan Vulpix’s cape


  • Until it is restocked in the US, it is nearly impossible to get her for under $100

Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon

The original eeveelutions are exclusive to the UK. They are all 30 centimeters and £24.

However, Vaporeon is sold out everywhere. Vaporeon resells for $150-$300, depending on if it contains a sound box. 

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

They all have 5-in-1 sound boxes that are addible for £5.50.

In Stores or Online?

You can find Jolteon and Flareon at UK locations. Their online bundle includes the sound box, a cape, and a sleeper set. 


  • As an eeveeloutions collector, I adore these! 
  • The capes have hoods with earholes, which I find absolutely adorable! 


  • Only available in the UK and have expensive resell values in the US.
  • Vaporeon has been sold out for months

Espeon and Umbreon

My favorite eeveelutions! The thing about these two is they are both region exclusives. Umbreon can be found in the US and Espeon in the UK. 

Espeon is 28 centimeters and £29.50. Umbreon is 12 inches and $40. Unfortunately, Umbreon is currently out of stock online, but you can sign up for email notifications for his next restock. 

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

They both have 5-in-1 sound boxes that come with the plushie.

In Stores or Online?

Not only are the 4th gen eeveelutions exclusive to the US and the UK, but they are also online exclusives! They both come with their sound box, a custom sleeper, and a custom cape.


  • They have two of the cuter sleeper sets. 


  • Insanely hard to collect both as the eeveelution plushes have high resell values. 
  • Online only, so you can’t build your own

Glaceon and Leafeon

The last of the eeveelutions (anyone else super bummed we still don’t have a Sylveon at Build-A-Bear?) They are both 12-inch and $40.

Their online bundles are $66 and come with a custom sleeper and cape.

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Like the other eeveelutions, Glaceon and Leafeon have a 5-in-1 voicebox.

In Stores or Online?

Leafeon and Glaceon are available at Build-A-Bears everywhere as well as online.


  • Two adorable additions to the eeveelutions Build-A-Bears! 
  • Reasonably easy to find, but if you don’t care about in-person buildings, they are in stock online. 


  • I’m not too fond of either of the capes or sleepers. They’re super unoriginal compared to the other eeveelutions. 


Gengar is one of my all-time favorite Pokémon, and I’m heartbroken this plushie isn’t in my collection yet!

He is 12 inches and comes in a $56 bundle.

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Yes! Gengar comes pre-installed with a 5-in-1 sound box!

In Stores or Online?

Gengar is only available online. He comes with a Gengar coat and his sound box.


  • I love his customized coat! 
  • Number 1 on my DISO list! 


  • Super hard to get your hands on as Gengar sells out minutes after restocking. 

The Special Edition Pikachus

Ladies and gentlemen, the event mascots… my least favorite pokémon: Pikachu and yet another Pikachu. The only difference between the regular Pikachu and these two is that the male (red jacket) is winking, and the lady Pikachu (purple jacket) has sparkly fur.

In contrast, the regular, male Pikachu has normal fur and a wide-eyed face. The anniversary exclusives also have a silver (instead of red) Build-A-Bear emblem on their paw.

Is There an Exclusive Sound?

Yes! They both come with a Celebration Pikachu voice box! It includes five different battle cries.

In Stores or Online?

It is available both in stores and online, but online comes bundled with the sound box, a pajama set, and a Pikachu varsity jacket. 


  • I think the varsity-style jackets are cute. 


  • They’re too similar to the regular Pikachu that cost $12 less. It isn’t worth the extra cost unless you’re a Pikachu collector. 
  • All 25 Pokémon involved in this event should have the anniversary patch on their paw. This is mostly just me being salty towards Pikachu. 

Build-A-Pokémon Accessories

On top of the outfits specially made for the Pokémon above, Build-A-Bear has a handful of other fun outfits and accessories for your new stuffed friend!

The Snacks

Yum! This Citrus Poké Puff wristie makes a sweet accessory for your furry friend! ©2018 The Pokémon Company International. ©1995–2018 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. TM, ®, and character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

The berries are £3.00 wristlets accessories that your pokémon can hold, just like in the games! However, this accessory is only available in the UK. Choose between a tasty sitrus berry or a sweet citrus poké puff!

Pokémon Toy Bear Carrier

Pokémon Toy Bear Carrier - Build-A-Bear Workshop®

This bag is perfect if you plan on carrying your new friend around the mall after building! It’s also great for those who travel with their Build-A-Bear. It has tiny hand and leg holes for the plush, whose head bops out of the top! The bag is only an additional $6.25, which is only a few dollars more than the standard box. 

Pokémon T-Shirts

Build-a-Bear Pokemon Guide

Currently, three t-shirt designs come out a various times of the year. The summer shirt is available in stores and features Pikachu lounging on the beach. 

The party shirt is a royal blue and features the gen one starters and Pikachu waving with the word “party” in a bold font. It’s relatively plain and boring compared to the other two shirts. 

Last but not least is the holiday shirt. It’s red with green lining and features Pikachu in a Santa hat, tangled in lights. It’s downright adorable (and as you’ve now learned, I don’t care for Pikachu). 

The part and holiday shirts are available online but pop up in stores depending on the event/time of year. 

Past Collaborations and Retired/Unavailable Build-A-Pokémon Plushies

These are confirmed discontinued Build-A-Bear plushies. However, since the announcement of the 25th-anniversary event, these may become temporarily available in stores and/or online.


How Long Has it Been Discontinued?

Snubbull was super recently discontinued. It left the UK Build-A-Bear website September 1st, 2022.Best Place to Find for Resell She resells for around $35 on Mercari, which is more than likely going to skyrocket by this time next year.


How Long Has it Been Discontinued?

Dragonite was available during the Christmas 2020 season and has not made a reappearance since.

Best Place to Find for Resell

He resells for around $70 on Mercari, which is drastically less than competitor resellers.


How Long Has it Been Discontinued?

Within the last few months. Mew was still in stock at my Los Angeles Build-A-Bear in May!

Best Place to Find for Resell ?

Both ebay and Mercari. Both sites value him at $100-$150.


How Long Has it Been Discontinued?

Meowth was in stores during the fall of 2017. To my knowledge, he hasn’t had another appearance since.

Best Place to Find for Resell

eBay has the most Meowth options, but Mercari has the best prices. He resells for a wide variety of prices depending on his outfit. For example, a naked Mewoth averages around $30, but a Meowth with all his exclusive costumes and sound box costs $200.


How Long Has it Been Discontinued?

Piplup launched in the winter of 2018. This is, so far, his only appearance.

Best Place to Find for Resell

Mercari has more Piplups up for sale. Prices are similar across all competitor retailers. Without clothes, he is around $70 but will his full get-up, he is about $180.


How Long Has it Been Discontinued?

These final 3 are the ones I’m most heartbroken about being discontinued, and I will be first in line if they restock! She was a part of the Summer 2018 collab and has not made a return since.

Best Place to Find for Resell

Mercari has the most Jigglypuffs available, many of which are bundled with other Build-A-Bears! Depending on included accessories, she is valued between $80-$270.


How Long Has it Been Discontinued?

I adore Psyduck. He’s currently the shiny I’m hunting in PLA! He launched alongside Snubbull in April of 2019 for the Detective Pikachu movie!

Best Place to Find for Resell

Mercari has both the most available Psyducks and the best price range. He is valued at around $60-$100 depending on costumes.


How Long Has it Been Discontinued?

Pichu came out around Halloween of 2019 but has not returned since. Additionally, his online bundle included a Pikachu card, which is odd since all the other bundles that included cards came with one that matched the Pokémon.

Best Place to Find for Resell

I was actually surprised to see that Pichu does not have a high value. He resells on eBay and Mercari for around $40.

The Build-A-Pokémon Cards

Between 2018 and 2020, Build-A-Pokémon used to come with a special card. It would be a reprint from a recent set, but it would feature the Pokémon you built and featured a Build-A-Bear Workshop stamp in the bottom corner. 

Today, the best place to search for these cards is on TCG. You will buy from a reputable card shop and pay the current market price vs. the scalper-level prices on other resell sites. The cards aren’t too valuable, though, as the most expensive is Snorlax for $39. 

The Q&A’s

Question: What Pokémon can you Make at Build-A-Bear?

Answer: Currently, there are 25 designs through Build-A-Bear. However, they swap out which few are in stock every couple of months. As of fall 2022, most of the 25 are available because it is the Build-A-Bear’s anniversary.

Question: Is Shiny Blue Mew Available at Build-A-Bear?

Answer: No, the shiny pokémon aren’t available at Build-A-Bear. However, many Pokémon fans make their own Build-A-Bear shinies with fabric dye!

Question: Is Build-A-Bear Still Doing Pay your Age?

Answer: While “pay your age” was canceled during the pandemic, it is back at most in-person locations.

Happy Training!

As a Pokémon super fan and a lover of plushies, I am so excited to participate in the 25th-anniversary events. While I may not be building another Pikachu, I will be excited to see what restocks come our way and hopefully add a DISO or two to my collection! So who are you excited to make your poké partner this season?

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