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Best Killstar Plush Toys for a New Goth Culture

Fortunately, I obsessed over goth culture, understanding vast parts of it as a teenager. Admittedly, I also explored my inner goth in my teens, going through a phase. However, the best Killstar plush toys have nothing to do with a stage but rather a new era for the goth culture. I collect Pokémon plush and Squishmallows today.

Still, my roots in goth obsession and cultural knowledge help me admire the Killstar plush merch targeting the mythical beasts of a new merch era appealing to the traditional and subculture. So, let me show you the incredible plushes from Killstar to stun you into emotion, whether you intend it or not.

Best Killstar Plush Toys: Bottom Line Up Front

Goth culture, beliefs, and lifestyles are unique and often misunderstood. So, it’s fantastic to see a plush merch brand turning stuffed beasts into iconic collectibles for a new type of goth obsession. Killstar plush toys bring the inner beasts the culture faces to life and admire ancient myths and mystical roots.

Killstar plushes have deep gothic roots but appeal to other cultures, like modern vamps. The alternative lifestyle plush from Killstar finds inspiration in mythology and even fiction, meaning you must understand how you choose one right for you. So, I’ll share all the Kreeptures available and some secrets behind the brand.

But first, I must share a favorite, even if I no longer practice goth culture. The Killstar Kreeptures Anubis Plush because I feel as misunderstood as the mythology behind this innately positive creature. In addition, most alternative lifestyle plushes unmatch the details, symbolism, and quality.

How I Picked the Best Killstar Plush Toys

goth style toys killstar

Killstar plush toys are a rage among UK residents, but finding them in America is harder. So, I’ll first search local alternative stores to benefit from faster shipping. Then, I’ll find the best Kreepture plush for each energy type because some aren’t easy to find.

Next, I’ll add favorites for each Kreepture plush from the UK for missing creatures. However, I’ll narrow the best of each Kreepture plush toy by:

  • Considering how the plush captures the Kreepture better for a gothic, mythical, or horror-themed design
  • If it’s an original Kreepture from Killstar
  • Whether it has the best features and quality materials for the Kreepture
  • And, if it doesn’t cost a fortune in shipping and price (the plush mustn’t cost more than $50)

Best Killstar Plush Toys: 10 Epic Picks

The Kreepture plush toys may creep some people out, but cultural and subcultural fans will go wild for these epic Kreeptures. Killstar plush toys are alternative, gothic, and appeal to modern vamp culture. So, let’s see which Kreeptures has available plush toys between the US and the UK and what makes them unique.

Killstar Kreeptures Anubis Plush

anubis killstar plush goth style toys

The Killstar Kreeptures Anubis Le Soleil plushes are excellent if you feel judged and misunderstood because the legend speaks of a deity-type fox that guided people to the afterlife. So, it exudes a misunderstood energy because the plush represents something good and not evil. Goths relate to this misconception of the culture.


  • The Killstar Anubis plush has excellent features
  • It’s top-notch quality with unapologetic materials
  • The colors, design, and emblem represent the Anubis fox perfectly
  • You can swop it for the La Luna (night) or Bast version of Anubis


  • Some subcultures misunderstand that goths aren’t innately bad
  • Anubis plush surprisingly doesn’t resonate well with undead goth energies

Killstar Kreeptures Baby Cthulhu Plush

killstar baby cthulhu plush goth style toys

The Killstar Kreeptures Baby Cthulhu plush is a fictional and mythological inspiration with cosmic energy. It also strangely represents love and a darker form of intimacy. Goths and alternative lifestyle fans will enjoy the radiance of what looks like a squid crossed with a dragon, often confused with fiction but genuinely mythical.


  • The Killstar Cthulhu plush has an adorable and darker design
  • The materials are unapologetic, and the quality refined
  • The style, color, and features capture the Baby Cthulhu nicely
  • The darker resonance leans more toward the afterlife than love (which is also a darker form)


  • The interacting elements are frightening, such as love and death
  • The Baby Cthulhu is cuter but not as detailed as the UK version

Killstar Kreepstures Baby Vampir Plush

killstar baby vampire goth style toys

The Killstar Kreeptures Baby Vampir Bat plush is the pick for modern vamps. It’s also ideal if you feel like a night child who thrives in darkness. Gothic cultures also experiment with night-child lifestyles. I always thought I was a night child during my goth phase. So the little Killstar Kreepture bat plush is ideal because it’s also childlike.


  • The Killstar Baby Vampir Bat plush resonates with youth, night lifestyles, and modern vamps
  • The quality is next-level, with luxury materials to finish the bat plush
  • The color, baby style, and symbolism are spot-on for vamps and goths
  • The cute baby bat plush from Killstar shows the Kreepture’s childlike nature


  • The Kreepture bat plush’s eyes might be too adorable for old-school cultures
  • The Killstar Vampir Bat plush looks too much like a Halloween decoration

Killstar Kreeptures Dark Lord Plush

killstar dark lord plush goth style toys

The Killstar Kreeptures Victorian Dark Lord plush strikes the periodic symbolism of goths spot-on. It’s one of the few Kreepture plushes with periodic details. It will appeal to you if you feel attracted to defiance and diversity because Baphomet is all about those characteristics. Even traditional cultures understand its mythology.


  • The Killstar Victorian Dark Lord plush has insane details for the periodic design
  • The quality, embroidery, and materials are some of the best I’ve seen from Killstar
  • The symbolism, features, and sitting position are ideal for Baphomet
  • The Dark Lord’s mythology is likely the most well-known across all cultures


  • The Killstar Dark Lord plush carries some of the most defiant characteristics
  • The Baphomet plush would appeal better to a more traditional goth culture

Killstar Kreepstures Hellhound Cerberus Plush

killstar hellhound cerberus plush goth style toys

The Killstar Kreeptures Cerberus plush is another well-known Hellhound concept from an old-world culture. It would be ideal if you feel guarded or believe in ghosts and ghouls because the mythology behind the Hellhound plush also belongs in the afterlife. Meanwhile, the plush has exquisite details and characteristics.


  • The Killstar Cerberus plush also represents birth, youth, and end of life
  • The quality is insane with a leather exterior, and the details are spot-on
  • The Cerberus plush has excellent symbolism and features for the Hellhound
  • The Cerberus Hellhound signified more than you realize, even good and not evil


  • The Killstar Hellhound plush is often misunderstood and mistaken for evil
  • Not many goths are guarded in nature because of their desire for individualism

Killstar Kreeptures Sorcerer Plush

killstar kreeptures sorcerer plush goth style toys

The Hex Hoppers or Spirit plushes are new-age, whereas the Sorcerer appeals to new and old-world goths. So, consider the incredibly energetic spirit of the Killstar Kreepture Sorcerer plush if you feel drawn to the supernatural realm or sorcery. Meanwhile, the plush has a mystical characteristic with a third eye for insight.


  • The Killstar Sorcerer plush appeals to new and old-world goths
  • The quality is unexpectedly excellent with luxury materials
  • The Sorcerer plush’s colors, eyes, features, and horns are top-notch
  • The characteristics include supernatural interests, even extending to an internal insight


  • New-world goths might prefer the Hex Hopper or Hex Spirit plushes
  • Sorcery is often seen as a dark energy, but not all goths want that

Killstar Kreeptures Stygian Plush

killstar kreeptures stygian plush goth style toys

The Killstar Kreeptures Stygian plush comes from a disturbing mythology. It may look similar to Zombiecorns, but it has nothing to do with the new-world concept. Instead, the Greeks conjured the idea from the River Styx, which is believed to be connected to the underworld. So, it’s ideal if you feel troubled, gloomy, or forbidden.


  • The Killstar Kreeptures Stygian plush is ideal for goths who feel darker
  • The quality and materials include leather and a soft texture
  • The design doesn’t represent a creature, but a concept called Bone Myth linked to immortality
  • The Bone Myth also means this plush hails from a dark underworld


  • The Killstar Stygian plush resonates with old-world more than new-world goths
  • The plush’s characteristics are confusing, but they’re ideal for troubled goths

Killstar Kreeptures Tiamat Plush

killstar kreeptures tiamat plush goth style toys

The Killstar Kreeptures Tiamat plush represents something unusual from Babylonian mythology. It’s like a dragon and resonates well with those who feel spiritual or like old souls. In addition, the dragon-like creature can have different numbers of heads. This plush has two, meaning it represents two elements or powers.


  • The Killstar Kreeptures Tiamat plush is new and old-world goth
  • The quality is beautiful, and the materials are durable and luxurious
  • The features, single-color, and symbolism resonate better with spiritual goths
  • The near-astrological symbolism also captures the beginning and end of life


  • The Killstar Kreeptures Tiamat plush doesn’t represent five heads
  • It doesn’t have multiple colors for the chromatic characteristics of mythology

Killstar Kreeptures Tricky Plush

killstar kreeptures tricky plush goth style toys

The Killstar Kreepsures Tricky plush represents folklore and mythology as a Trickster who would defend his weaknesses with humor, especially at someone else’s expense. The Trickster is a feeble character with high intellect. It would appeal to goths who feel weak and need some characteristics to defend and exude it.


  • The Killstar Tricky plush is a Trickster suitable for defensive goths
  • The quality is different from others, but it doesn’t lack one bit
  • The fun features, patterns, and expressions are ideal for Tricksters
  • The characteristics can also work for individuals who feel unnoticed by their intellectual strengths


  • The Killstar Tricky plush isn’t as dark as most goth merch
  • You must understand the symbolism and folklore to appreciate it

Killstar Kreeptures Zombiecorn Plush

killstar kreeptures zombiecorn plush goth style toys

The Killstar Kreeptures Zombiecorn plushes shouldn’t be mistaken for Stygian plushes. These new-age goth plushies appeal largely to those who possess hope and vulnerability. Indeed, it also shows traits of an underworld origin. Still, the Zombiecorn Kreeptures are unique, colorful, and full of life or hope.


  • The Killstar Zombiecorn plush is the opposite of the Stygian plush
  • The quality, details, and materials are insane for a plush toy
  • The features, symbolism, and colors are excellent for the new-age concept
  • The Kreepture Zombiecorn plush can also mildly represent the Bone Myth


  • The Kreeptures Zombiecorn plush is far too new-age for old-world goths
  • Not all goths resonate with hope and vulnerability

UK-Exclusive Killstar Kreeptures Hydra Plush

uk exclusive killstar kreeptures hydra plush goth style toys

An exclusive Killstar Kreepture Ice Hydra plush is unique and collectible. The Hydra is a powerful beast for goths. It’s the icy version of the beast sent to kill Hercules in Greek mythology. Meanwhile, it possesses defiant, immortal energy, making it ideal for those who desire individual expression and self-empowerment in diversity.


  • The Killstar Kreepture Hydra plush carries intense defiance and self-expression
  • The quality, details, and materials are spot-on for luxury goth plush
  • The color, symbolism, and heads are perfect for the Greek beast
  • The color also exudes purity for the goth fan who wants pure energy


  • The Killstar Hydra plush appeals more to new than old-world goths
  • The color doesn’t represent the ancient Greek myth but a newer one

UK-Exclusive Killstar Kreeptures Kraken Plush

exclusive killstar kreeptures kraken plush goth style toys

The Killstar Kreeptures Kraken plush captures two beasts, the Kraken and Medusa. The Kraken is a powerful creature capable of destruction and an enormous beast. However, the Kraken comes from Scandinavian folklore more than mythology. It resonates with plush fans who need to feel seen and individualized.


  • The Killstar Kreeptures Kraken plush represents enormity and internal power
  • The quality is hard to define with luxury materials and next-level details
  • The features, color, and symbolism are incredible for the Kraken
  • The Kraken plush can also exude manipulative characteristics


  • The Medusa-inspired tentacles don’t belong on the Kraken plush
  • Manipulation isn’t a common characteristic old or new-age goths practice

Recommended Alternatives for Killstar Plush Toys

Killstar Kreeptures plush toys appeal to an alternative plush fandom. So, I picked recommendations based on similar alternative plush fandoms. For example, the Plushie Dreadfuls Guide is full of plushes that resonate with mental illnesses, LGBTQ, and medical conditions. Meanwhile, the Dragon Plush Guide is a straight mythical joy.

Finally, Killstar has various Dark Lord Kreepture plush. So, the Baphomet Plush Guide will suit you if you’re into Krampus, the Dark Lord, or Baphomet. Each recommended choice appeals to a specific alternative lifestyle. In addition, each one has an excellent selection of plushes to collect.


Question: Is Killstar a Good Plush Brand?

Answer: A hundred times, yes. Killstar is a brilliant brand that captures the modern cultures of goth, vampires, and alternative lifestyles. They make high-quality plushes called Kreeptures, and these creatures have leather, fur, and other materials plush brands don’t typically use. The brand is legit and creates some of the best plush.

Question: Are Dolls Kill and Killstar the Same Brand?

Answer: Dolls Kill and Killstar have no affiliation other than a past sales relationship. Both brands appeal to goth culture, making apparel and other merchandise. However, Dolls Kill is like Hot Topic, an online store that once sold Killstar plush and apparel. Both are goth brands but are not the same supplier or affiliated.

Question: What Is the Killstar Kreeptures Unicorn?

Answer: The Killstar Kreeptures Zombiecorn Livin’ Dead Plush shows an undead unicorn that comes back as a zombie. The plush unicorn Kreepture has guts hanging out, missing flesh, and some open teeth. Still, it’s a gorgeous design for someone obsessed with unicorns, mythical creatures, and the undead.

Best Killstar Plush Toys: Conclusion

Admittedly, you must understand some goth and alternative cultures to realize the value and energy qualities behind the collectible Kreeptures plushes. I revealed how to resonate with and collect the best plushes if you practice an alternative lifestyle. My favorite remains the Killstar Kreeptures Anubis Plush.

The misconception about the diety-like fox is my daily pain. Also, it’s an incredible alternative plush with positive energy. So, pick your favorite Kreepture plush for the best resonance. Then, please buy it before it vanishes because many Kreeptures came before and retired.

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