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Caedyn Squishmallow Guide: Choose Your Favorite Size Caedyn Squishmallow

Caedyn is a cow Squishmallow from the Valentine Squad. She is one of my favorite Squishmallows because she is a cow, and cows are one of my favorite animals. She also has pink patches on her body and pink embroidered detail, which makes me love her even more.

Since Squishmallows were released, a whole new world opened up to me. Squishmallows became my new obsession, and as soon as I heard about a new release, I needed to get it. I soon realized I couldn’t collect every Squishmallow. There were just too many. I decided to only collect the special ones that stood out to me.

After becoming a Squishmallow collector, I learned how to find the best Squishmallows out there. And I’m so happy to be sharing my Squishmallow knowledge in my Caedyn Squishmallow guide today.

We will look at the different sizes Caedyn comes in and what makes each size special.

Are you ready? Let’s move!

caedyn the cow

Bottom Line Up Front

Do you love Squishmallows and collect them? If yes, I have a Squishmallow that will be a cute addition to your collection. This Squishmallow’s name is Caedyn, and she is a white and pink cow from the Valentine Squad.

Today I will spill the tea on all things Caedyn and give you some tips on choosing the best Squishmallow. My favorite Caedyn Squishmallow is the Squishmallow Caedyn the Cow Super Soft Stuffed Toy. I love her giant size and that she is extra soft and cuddly. She also makes a bomb pillow.

Let’s have a look at my top Caedyn Squishmallow picks.

Top Picks

  1. Squishmallow Caedyn the Cow Super Soft Stuffed Toy – She makes the best cuddle partner. I enjoy resting my head on her because it feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud.
  2. Caedyn Cow Squishmallow Farm Squad Squishy Soft Plush Toy – It is small and convenient for little hands to hold and play with. You can also use it as a cute decoration around the house.

More about Caedyn the Squishmallow Cow

caedyn squishmallow

Characteristics and Interest

If you look at Caedyn, you will think that she has the sweetest and girliest personality. And you are right, she is lovely. She also has a very girly aesthetic going on. But there is something about Caedyn that you would have never guessed by just looking at her. What is it?

She loves watching scary movies. Her favorite part of her free time is having a scary movie marathon. When she isn’t watching movies, you will find her in the kitchen baking pies. Eating pies while watching a monster movie is what she will describe as heaven.


The majority of Caedyn’s body is white with pink patches. She has a hot pink patch at the bottom of her left side, while the right side of her head has a lighter pink patch. Her left ear has pink inside, and her right ear is white.

Her eyes are round, black, and embroidered. She has a light pink muzzle with embroidered hot pink heart-shaped nostrils. Caedyn also has 2 short light pink horns.

My Opinion on Caedyn the Squishmallow Cow

I love her appearance and find her adorable. My favorite things about her are her different colored pink patches and her heart-shaped nostrils.

I also love that she is part of the Valentine Squad. It just makes her even more special. So guys, let’s have a look at some Caedyn Squishmallow options.

Different Caedyn Squishmallow Options and Their Purpose

Caedyn Cow Squishmallow Plush Farm Squad

Caedyn Squishmallow Guide caedyn cow squishmallow plush farm squad


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 5 inches

This Caedyn Squishmallow is perfect for little ones. They can easily carry them around with their little hands. It is also the perfect size to fit in their backpack if they are allowed to take a plushie to school. Caedyn will only take up a little space in their backpack, which is ideal.

This Caedyn Squishmallow might be a little small to cuddle with, but it is great to play with. You can even use it as a decoration in your or your child’s bedroom.

Caedyn the Pink Cow Squishmallow

Caedyn Squishmallow Guide caedyn the pink cow squishmallow


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 8 inches

This is the normal version of the Caedyn Squishmallow. It looks slightly different from the Valentine Squad version of Caedyn. This Caedyn Squishmallow only has light pink patches. She has a white muzzle outlined with silver stitching with pink embroidered nostrils that look like commas. Her eyes are closed, and she has 2 eyelashes on each eye.

This size of Caedyn is more suited for little ones to cuddle and play with. It is also the ideal size if your family is planning on taking a trip somewhere and you know your child is going to want to bring a plushie with them. This Squishmallow will only take up a little space, I promise.

Caedyn the Squishmallow Cow Super Soft Animal Plush Stuffed Toy

Caedyn Squishmallow Guide caedyn the squishmallow cow super soft animal plush stuffed toy


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 10 inches

This Caedyn Squishmallow is also the regular version of Caedyn. It looks just like the Squishmallow I mentioned above. It is just a slightly bigger size. It is soft, squishy, and suited for all ages. It is an ideal size to fit in a bag and is also a good option for Squishmallow collectors with limited storage space.

Caedyn the Cow Squishmallows Valentine Squad

Caedyn Squishmallow Guide caedyn the cow squishmallows valentine squad


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 12 inches

This size Caedyn Squishmallow is perfect for children and adults to cuddle with. It will also look adorable as a cushion on your bed or sofa. This is a perfect size Squishmallow to get someone because it is not too small but also not too big. I recommend getting this size if you are still determining what size of the Caedyn Squishmallow to get.

Big Caedyn the Cow Squishmallow

Caedyn Squishmallow Guide big caedyn the cow squishmallow


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 16 inches

This Caedyn Squishmallow is huge! It will make a great cuddle partner, and you can also use it as a pillow to take the most comfortable naps on. Trust me, it will feel like sleeping on a cloud. The only downfall with this Squishmallow is that it is very expensive and it might take up a lot of storage space.

Pros and Cons of the Caedyn Squishmallows

The following is a combined pros and cons list of the Caedyn Squishmallows.


  • All the Caedyn Squishmallows are officially licensed Squishmallows.
  • All of them are made out of super soft and high-quality materials like polyester fiber.
  • They will make the perfect gift for a Squishmallow collector.
  • I love the pink features of Caedyn, like the pink patches and pink embroidered detail.
  • The different sizes are perfect for little ones and adults to cuddle with.
  • All their facial features are embroidered, which makes them safe for all ages to play with.


  • All the Caedyn Squishmallows are quite pricey.
  • Because the majority of the Caedyn Squishmallow’s body is white, it will show stains.

Alternative Cow Squishmallow Options

Here are some alternative cow Squishmallows if you can’t find Caedyn. Let us have a look.

Connor The Cow Squishmallows Farm Squad

connor the cow squishmallows farm squad


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 7.5 inches

If you love being active, you and Connor will get along great. He is an athlete and mostly enjoys riding his bike. Get ready for a lot of fun adventures with Connor.

Connor the Squishmallow looks very similar to Caedyn, except that he has black patches and isn’t part of the Valentine Squad. He is small, making him great for little kids as they can easily carry him around. He will also make a cute decoration in your house if you have a farm theme going on. Or if you are a Squishmallow collector and love to display your Squishmallows everywhere.

Squishmallow Evangelica Valentine 2023 Squad Pink Cow Plush

squishmallow evangelica valentine 2023 squad pink cow plush


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 12 inches

Meet Evangelica, guys. You and Evangelica will get along splendidly if you love and care about animals. Evangelica cares about all animals deeply. She works on a rescue farm where she takes care of different animals. She also cooks for them and reads them stories at night for entertainment. So sweet!

Evangelica is another cute pink and white cow Squishmallow. She is part of the 2023 Valentine Squad.

Her body is white, and it is covered in pink patches. She has round black embroidered eyes, a light pink muzzle, and hot pink comma-like nostrils.

Evangelica has a big yellow heart embroidered on her belly. It says “Dream Big” in hot pink capital letters. She has yellow horns, and the inside of her ears is a pink glittery material. She also has a cute floppy tail that matches her body.

I love her appearance! She will make the cutest gift for your significant other, whether it is Valentine’s day or not.

Belana The Cow Squishmallow

belana the cow squishmallow


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 7.5 inches

Do you like getting creative with a paintbrush in your hand? Well, then you and Belana will have a great time together. Belana’s favorite thing to do is paint, and her biggest dream is to go to art school one day. Creativity will always flow when you have Belana around.

Belana is a pastel-colored Squishmallow cow. She is a cream-ish color with a pastel blue patch on the left side of her body and the right side of her head. Her horns are also pastel blue. She has round black embroidered eyes and a pink muzzle with pastel blue embroidered nostrils.

She is gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing. She can calm you down by just looking at her or by giving her a hug. Belana is also a convenient size. And she is great for small children to play and cuddle with. She is also travel friendly.

Griella Cow Squishmallow (Rainbow Spots)

griella cow squishmallow rainbow spots


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 7.5 inches

If you love music, sleep-ins over the weekend, breakfast in bed, and sandwiches, you and Griella will be best friends. You might just gain a couple of pounds with her, but it’s not the end of the world.

Griella is a brown Squishmallow cow. She has a dark brown body and face. She has a white stripe down the center of her face. The inside of her ears and belly are also white. Her belly has rainbow-colored patches that match her cute little rainbow bow. Her eyes are black and embroidered, and she is winking.

She has a light pink muzzle with darker pink embroidered nostrils. I love how soft and squishy she is. I also like her rainbow-added features. It just gives her that cute girly aesthetic which I’m obsessed with.

I love her size; I can use her as decoration in my room. I can also take her with me when I’m traveling. Griella is one adorable-looking cow!

Angelica the Pink Cow Squishmallow

angelica the pink cow squishmallow


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 8 inches

If you are a fan of pink, glittery fuzzy things, you will love Angelica.

She looks very similar to Evangelica. The only difference is that Angelica has a fluffy pink tummy and tail. Just like Evangelica, she is also Valentine’s edition.

I prefer Angelica. Her fuzzy belly gives her a cuter appearance and makes her softer to cuddle with.


Question: In what sizes is the Caedyn Squishmallow available?

Answer: Caedyn the Squishmallow cow is available in the following sizes:
• 5 inches
• 8 inches
• 10 inches
• 12 inches
• 16 inches

Question: When was the Caedyn Squishmallow released?

Answer: Caedyn, the Squishmallow cow, was released in 2021.

Question: Is the Caedyn Squishmallow a boy or a girl?

Answer: When referring to Caedyn, they use she/her pronouns. So it is believed that Caedyn, the Squishmallow cow is a girl.


Holey cow! We have reached the end of the Caedyn Squishmallow guide. I hope you enjoyed discovering the different sizes of the Caedyn Squishmallow. The Caedyn Squishmallow is one of my favorite Squishmallows. I just love her aesthetic, and because she is a cow and I adore Moo Moos.

Which Caedyn Squishmallow size was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. I’m going to recommend 2 sizes to you.

The 5-inch Caedyn Squishmallow is the perfect size for little kids to play with. It also makes an adorable decoration. I like to put the 5-inch Caedyn on the dashboard of my car. It is just comforting to look at it now and again when I’m heading somewhere.

I also recommend getting the 16-inch Caedyn Squishmallow. She is a cuddle partner and a pillow in one. The best combination!

Get your favorite size Caedyn Squishmallow today! And enjoy the love and coziness she brings.

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