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Belana Squishmallow Guide: Seven Moos

Are you ready for a mooing adventure with a spirited, creative, and friendly cow, Squishmallow? My children join me in the pursuit of finding every plush friend. I spend many days searching for every version available for my favorite squad members. So, you’ll find an adventure in my Belana Squishmallow guide.

Belana is an incredible cow from Squishmallows, reaching fame and fandom close to Pokémon plush. The plush toy’s personality is larger than life, and she has much to offer fans. I’m creative and enjoy Belana’s character more than I can emphasize. So, let me introduce the cow and her many adventures for your next collection.

Belana Squishmallow: Bottom Line Up Front

Belana, the cow Squishmallow, has an unusual teal and white design, and she belongs to two squads right away. Her character has layers and relates to other cow Squishmallows. So, I’ll introduce Belana’s incredible nature, passions, and family members before sharing tips to find every version of her.

Belana, the Flower Headband Cow Squishmallow, is the sweetest girl with a pretty spring headband to welcome the new season. Her nature and accessories appear to match better than any other Belana Squishmallow. So, she is my winning Belana Squishmallow for aesthetic and creative reasons.

Furthermore, check out my quick facts about Belana Squishmallow before diving into her adventurous story.

Quick Facts About Belana, the Cow Squishmallow

  • Belana is Ronnie Squishmallow’s sister
  • She was born over an Easter weekend
  • She has many adventures and travels to various squads
  • Belana is a creative girl who loves painting and designing beautiful farm furniture

A Complete Guide to Belana Squishmallow

Belana Squishmallow has a magnificent tale filled with wonder and adventure. The unusual cow has colors unlike most, and she’s a spirited girl. So, let’s learn everything about Belana Squishmallow first. It helps to know more about a Squishmallow before collecting the various squad members, types, and sizes.

Meet Belana, the Cow Squishmallow

Belana Squishmallow is a pale, teal, white cow with light blue horns from the farm squad. This cow Squishmallow is a famous girl among her farm squad friends. However, she became a popular Easter squad member, influencing her unusual colors. The placement of her colors also matters in identifying her.

Various cow Squishmallows have similar colors and patterns. So, you can recognize Belana by identifying her pale, teal patches over the right ear and left bottom. Belana also has an enormous pink snout and solid black eyes. Sometimes, she wears a green scarf but doesn’t wear it in every variation.

Belana, the Cow Squishmallow, has a beautifully creative nature as Ronnie Squishmallow’s sister. You’ll find Belana painting gorgeous pictures for her brother. She only looks different from the brown and white cow because she was born over an Easter weekend. Meanwhile, she also has an adventurous spirit.

Belana Squishmallow loves visiting other Squishmallow families, turning herself into a well-traveled and much-loved plush. So, you’ll need to learn about her adventures to understand how collectible this versatile cow Squishmallow is among the farm squad friends.

Tips to Collect Belana Squishmallow’s Many Adventures

Belana ventures into new imaginative worlds whenever she steps into a new squad. Indeed, she belongs to the farm squad, but she also first appeared in an Easter squad. Meanwhile, Belana Squishmallow has various types of plush and enjoys friends from many families. As a result, you can use her adventures to collect her plush.

Here are some Squishmallow families that welcomed Belana over her life:

  • Anime Squad
  • Costume Squad
  • Easter Squad
  • Flip-A-Mallow Squad
  • Fuzz-A-Mallow Squad
  • Halloween Squad
  • HugMee Squad
  • Spring Squad
  • Stackable Squad

In addition, Belana changes size occasionally. So, you can collect various sizes for the famous cow. Sadly, many of Belana’s variations come and go from stores because she’s famous. So, you’ll need to set her as your in-search-of (ISO) Squish Alert notification from Walmart, Target, and other retailers to catch her restocked plush.

You’ll also find original Squishmallows on Amazon because the brand has an official store. It’s where the brand sells most of its Squishmallows. In addition, you can reach out to the official store to ask whether they might restock the Belana cow plush. Otherwise, add Amazon’s official store as an ISO notification.

Bonus: I’ll share a few examples of finding Belana’s discontinued cow Squishmallows later.

How I Chose Belana Squishmallows to Share

Belana, the cow Squishmallow, is an impressive girl with many tales. So, I’ll share every mooing adventure I find. I’ll also find the size for Belana’s plain plush to suit most fans. However, my only requirement is that the Belana Squishmallow is original and comes from stores you can add to Squish Alert.

Belana Squishmallow Guide: Every Moo

Belana’s seven available adventures await. However, some are running low on stock. So, you’ll have to act fast or add them to your Squish Alert app quickly. I only picked low-stock Belana Squishmallows under the correct brand to ensure they might restock once they sell out. However, let’s dig in before that happens.

Belana, the Anime Cow Squishmallow

Belana the Anime Cow Squishmallow

Belana Squishmallow’s anime version is indescribably gorgeous. It’s funny how slapping anime-styled eyes on any plush turn it into a baby design that makes you wish to hold it. Belana’s adventure to the far East helped her join the anime family. Her horns aren’t blue but white. Still, she looks incredible and fits most collections.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Animal, Farm, and Anime Squads

Belana Cow Squishmallow Pros

  • Belana, the anime cow Squishmallow, has the most enormous eyes ever
  • Belana Squishmallow’s anime eyes have depth, detail, and next-level cuteness
  • Her nose also adopts more features with two silver, shimmering dots
  • Belana is ideal for any cow Squishmallow fan, and she works for anime lovers

Belana Cow Squishmallow Cons

  • Belana Squishmallow’s horns don’t match her original design (but the plush is authentic)
  • Belana would look brilliant in an anime style if she had a pretty or funny mouth

Belana, the Cow HugMee

Belana, the Cow HugMee

Belana loves visiting her HugMee friends and family with new versions for holidays. However, she often sees them with an unusual type of plush. Many Belana HugMees have a Fuzz-A-Mallow family connection with an ultra-soft stomach that makes you want to sleep on this lovely plush. You’ll be counting moos in no time.

  • Size: 14″
  • Squads: Farm, Animal, HugMee, and Fuzz-A-Mallow Squads

Belana Cow HugMee Pros

  • Belana, the cow Hugmee, is one of the softest editions available
  • Belana Squishmallow falls into four incredible squads as a collectible plush
  • She has beautiful features and looks more like real cows if they were blue
  • Belana is a cuddle-a-minute plush with pillow pals potential for kids

Belana Cow HugMee Cons

  • Belana Squishmallow doesn’t allow you to collect many of this size plush
  • Belana’s horns turn yellow, and her nose protrudes (but she remains original)

Belana, the Cow Squishmallow

Belana the Cow Squishmallow

Belana Squishmallow’s most authentic design comes in a collectible-size plush, which is fantastic news for older fans like me. I want many Belana Squishmallows and not just one. Meanwhile, nothing strikes a collector’s heart more than the original design. Belana doesn’t need bandanas or Easter eggs to show her beauty.

  • Size: 7.5″
  • Squads: Animal and Farm Squads

Belana Cow Squishmallow Pros

  • Belana, the cow Squishmallow, is the original and collectible size
  • Belana Squishmallow stuns you with her magnificent colors
  • Her details, colors, and layouts are as accurate as possible
  • Any cow Squishmallow fan will love starting a collection with her

Belana Cow Squishmallow Cons

  • Belana Squishmallow challenges you to keep her clean with such pale colors
  • This Belana Squishmallow has no unique features beyond her colors

Belana, the Devil Cow Squishmallow

Belana, the Devil Cow Squishmallow

Belana Squishmallow seems like the sweetest cow in the paddocks. So, she might’ve chosen a devil’s Halloween costume as an entirely unexpected choice her friends would never have expected. Admittedly, it’s an adorable version for Belana, even if I’m not keen on devil costumes. Belana Squishmallow wears every adventure well.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Farm, Animal, Costume, and Halloween Squads

Belana Devil Cow Squishmallow Pros

  • Belana, the devil cow Squishmallow, is a unique Halloween edition
  • Belana Squishmallow falls into four squads to be more collectible
  • Her pale colors and solid black eyes contrast the outfit nicely
  • Some kids love collecting Halloween-themed Squishmallows

Belana Devil Cow Squishmallow Cons

  • Belana and a blood-red costume will challenge everything you know about washing plush
  • I can’t say I love devil costumes, especially on sweet girls like Belana

Belana, the Easter Cow HugMee

Belana, the Easter Cow HugMee

Belana Squishmallow returns to the HugMee family to create an Easter-themed adventure. Admittedly, I’m not mad about her horns changing colors because it makes you dig deep to ensure she’s authentic. However, this Belana HugMee is 100% original. So, here comes Belana with an Easter egg for her HugMee friends.

  • Size: 14″
  • Squads: Farm, Animal, HugMee, and Easter Squads

Belana Easter Cow HugMee Pros

  • Belana, the Easter cow HugMee, is a four-in-one squad collectible
  • Belana Squishmallow replaces the fuzzy belly with an Easter egg
  • The cow’s protruding snout and legs make her feel genuine and cuddly
  • Children go wild for cow HugMees because they work the same as pillows

Belana Easter Cow HugMee Cons

  • Belana Squishmallow has yellow horns again
  • Belana’s belly should be fuzzy to throw her into five squads at once

Belana, the Flower Headband Cow Squishmallow

Belana, the Flower Headband Cow Squishmallow

Belana Squishmallow’s spring edition plush is my top pick because the flower headband best fits her sweet nature. I imagine a farm full of plush animals, with cows wearing flower headbands to welcome spring. Meanwhile, Belana seems like a soft, feminine cow set on making multiple friends.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Animal, Farm, and Spring Squads

Belana Spring Cow Squishmallow Pros

  • Belana, the spring cow Squishmallow, has the best character match
  • Belana Squishmallow’s flower headband adds beautiful colors for spring
  • The connection between spring flowers and cow paddocks is strong
  • Little girls would love such a girly cow Squishmallow

Belana Spring Cow Squishmallow Cons

  • Belana Squishmallow has no unique features beyond her headband
  • This Squishmallow seems better suited to young girls and not boys

Belana, the Green Bandana Cow Squishmallow

Belana, the Green Bandana Cow Squishmallow

Belana Squishmallow’s final version in most stores for the coming months includes a famous style original to the cow. Meanwhile, the bandana Belana Squishmallows came to stores straight after the original style without accessories. Additionally, Belana’s colors, patches, snout, and eyes are perfect for her authentic design.

  • Size: 10″
  • Squads: Farm and Animal Squads

Belana Bandana Cow Squishmallow Pros

  • Belana, the cow Squishmallow with a green bandana, was the second design
  • Belana Squishmallow is highly collectible in her authentic styles
  • Her bandana adds a touch of attitude to match her adventurous spirit
  • Belana’s green bandana breaks some of her blue and teal patches

Belana Bandana Cow Squishmallow Cons

  • Belana comes with various bandanas, but only the green one is in stores this year
  • Belana’s ear patch looks nearly as dark as her horns

Best Alternatives for Belana Squishmallow

Unfortunately, Belana doesn’t have countless Squishmallow yet. I hope to see more soon. Meanwhile, let me share three cow Squishmallows as suitable alternatives because they use unusual colors and fit multiple squads. These cow Squishmallow alternatives will work with Belana or replace her in an out-of-stock situation.

Evangelica, the Valentine’s Cow Fuzz-A-Mallow

Evangelica, the Valentine's Cow Fuzz-A-Mallow

Evangelica Squishmallow is a cow that looks brilliant next to Belana because she also flaunts unusual colors. In addition, Evangelica has beautiful heart patterns because she loves visiting Valentine’s family members. Furthermore, she has an ultra-fuzzy belly with unique designs that make her stand out.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Farm, Animal, Fuzz-A-Mallow, and Valentine’s Squads

Evangelica Cow Squishmallow Pros

  • Evangelica, the cow Squishmallow, is a four-in-one squad collectible
  • Evangelica Squishmallow’s colors are as unique as Belana
  • She would contrast Belana’s colors beautifully with hot pink features
  • Evangelica has shimmering inner ears, a fuzzy belly, and hearts

Evangelica Cow Squishmallow Cons

  • Evangelica Squishmallow has multi-shaped patterns
  • Ironically, the yellow horns don’t match Evangelica’s plush

Griella, the Brown Cow Squishmallow

Griella, the Brown Cow Squishmallow

Griella Squishmallow is a unique cow for venturing into the heart of fantasy squad members. Her rainbow-colored patterns make her a beautiful fantasy family member. Meanwhile, her winking eye and attitude put her in the sassy squad, making her another excellent cow Squishmallow collectible or alternative.

  • Size: 7.5″
  • Squads: Sassy, Animal, Farm, and Fantasy Squads

Evangelica Cow Squishmallow Pros

  • Griella, the cow Squishmallow, is another multi-squad collectible
  • Griella Squishmallow has unique patterns and colors
  • She looks more like a real cow than most of the colorful Squishmallows
  • The bow and winking eye make her ideal for young girly fans

Evangelica Cow Squishmallow Cons

  • Griella Squishmallow has hints of a goat in her design
  • Her horns are too tiny for her big head

Tegan, the Halloween Cow Squishmallow

Tegan, the Halloween Cow Squishmallow

Tegan Squishmallow is the most unusual cow you’ll see from the animal and farm squads. However, Tegan’s bright blue colors are neon, not pale or pastel, like Belana and Evangelica. Still, the cow has a mean design with a collectible attraction. In addition, Tegan fits into a unique squad: Day of the Dead Squishmallows.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Farm, Animal, Halloween, and Day of the Dead Squads

Evangelica Cow Squishmallow Pros

  • Tegan, the skeleton cow Squishmallow, is the most unusual pick
  • Tegan Squishmallow’s color scheme is impressive
  • He has gorgeous neon contrasts and fits a unique Squishmallow squad
  • Tegan has the potential to venture into four families or collections

Evangelica Cow Squishmallow Cons

  • Tegan Squishmallow doesn’t match the pastel or pale colors I intended (but he’s fantastic)
  • Tegan might not appeal to younger children who scare with skeletons


Question: Which Belana Squishmallows Are Discontinued?

Answer: Sadly, some of Belana’s adventures were short-lived in other squads. So, a few Belana Squishmallows are discontinued and won’t return to stores. It doesn’t help to add them to Squish Alert because you’ll hunt them down on eBay, which doesn’t notify you on the app. So, here are some examples of discontinued cows:
2 Inch Belana, the Squishville Cow Squishmallow
3-Inch Belana, the Clip-On Squishmallow With Purple Bandana
5-Inch Belana Cow and Rosie Pig Flip-A-Mallow
5-Inch Belana, the Easter Cow Squishmallow
10-Inch Belana, the Cow HugMee Fuzz-A-Mallow
12-Inch Belana, the Cow Stackable Squishmallow
12-Inch Belana, the Cow Squishmallow With Purple Bandana
16-Inch Belana, the Easter Cow Squishmallow
16-Inch Belana, the Cow Squishmallow
16-Inch Belana, the Cow Squishmallow With Green Bandana

Question: Which Belana Squishmallow Is the Largest?

Answer: Unfortunately, Belana, the cow Squishmallow, still has to come in jumbo and giant plushes. However, she has extra-large Squishmallows. I’m sharing too much bad news because they’re also discontinued. Still, watch out for Belana’s 16-inch Bandana Cow, Easter Cow, and Regular Version from resellers in stock.

Question: Is Belana Squishmallow a Girl or a Boy?

Answer: Belana, the cow Squishmallow, is a girl. She has girly features with pale colors that match well with her flower headband in a spring version. Squishmallows will tell you that Belana is Ronnie, the cow Squishmallow’s sister. Some Squishmallows are non-binary, but Belana has a specific gender and matches it nicely.

Belana Squishmallow Guide: Final Moo

Belana Squishmallows range from cute to creepy. Still, use my tips to find more variations for the creative cow who loves adventures with other squads. You can’t keep a spirited animal locked in a single family. She’s bound to venture into more places as Squishmallows launch new versions.

So, add her to Squish Alert, and watch out as she continues to bloom. Meanwhile, I recommend buying Belana, the Flower Headband Cow Squishmallow, because she’s a limited edition from the spring family. She’ll vanish like other discontinued cow Squishmallows if you sleep. So, avoid losing out by buying her today.

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