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Goat Squishmallows Guide: Bleating Plush

Bleating is the sound a goat makes and not a bleeping coverup. Goats make the cutest noises and look like weird creatures from a fantasy world. Now that I clarified that, welcome to my goat Squishmallows guide, where I’ll share everything you need to know about the adorable farm animals and their plush toys.

My children love goats, among other farm animals. In addition, we love collecting plush as a family, whether searching for new Pokémon plush or Squishmallows. So, allow me to take you into the world of cute goats and their amazing Squishmallows. Welcome to a bleating world of squishable plushies.

Goat Squishmallows: Bottom Line Up Front

I must share a funny experience before moving ahead. I met an incredible goat while visiting the Johannesburg Zoo with my family over the holidays. The zookeeper called her name, and she came running. This goat was intelligent and knew when it was feeding time. She also knew her name and became the leader of the flock.

Suddenly, the entire herd flocked to the fence to eat. I was amazed at the goat’s intelligence and leadership. We often underestimate farm animals, but they’re insanely clever and trainable. So, it encouraged me to search for the goat Squishmallows available for children to collect. I found a herd of gorgeous plush options.

I’ll share everything you need to know about each goat Squishmallow, including available variants. Meanwhile, I have to share my favorite first. The 8″ Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow, wins my attention for looking like the goats I find in rural areas on my travels. Gregory looks like a real goat, and it’s his original design.

For once, I’m going for authentic designs because many goat Squishmallows are discontinued. However, let’s meet the goat Squishmallow family and learn more about finding collectible plush before finding out more about each one.

A Complete Guide to Goat Squishmallows

My kids enjoy the farm life, and we moved closer to the outskirts of town to welcome farm life nearby. In addition, goats are one of their favorite farm animals. So, I plan to cover every aspect of the adorable goat Squishmallows, including tips for finding unique and potentially valuable plushies for the future.

Meet an Adorable Farmyard Squad

goat squishmallows

There aren’t countless goat Squishmallows from the farm squad. Instead, the family or herd is small. It’s a brilliant Squishmallow squad to start collecting before too many members become rare or discontinued. So, here’s a quick breakdown of each goat Squishmallow’s appearance and characteristics:

  • Domingo, the Goat Squishmallow, is mint and white with tan horns and a white chin. He’s an Easter-themed socialite with a splashing personality. Domingo is a rare find from 2019.
  • Grant, the Goat Squishmallow, is tan and white with tan horns and a white goatee. He’s athletic and dreams of becoming a world-famous soccer player. Grant was born in 2019 to the Squishmallow family.
  • Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow, is black and white with silver horns and a white chin. He’s an artsy naturalist who loves photographing nature. Gregory debuted in 2020.
  • Louden, the Goat Squishmallow, is purple and white with purple horns and a white goatee. He also wears a green scarf as part of the Easter squad. He’s groovy and loves partying, always hoping to throw the biggest bash in town. Louden is a 2022 goat Squishmallow.
  • Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow, is mint-green and white with bottle-green horns and a white chin. Palmer often wears a green and white bandana. He’s an eclectic artist who loves meditating on the beach. Palmer was born in 2021.
  • Walker, the Goat Squishmallow, is gray and white with white horns and a goatee. His tag mentions a musical nature, making Walker a musical friend for my daughter, who plays various instruments. Walker came to the Squishmallow family in 2019.

Fortunately, the goat Squishmallows have a tremendous advantage. Each goat is easy to distinguish from another. Their colors are vastly different, making them one of the simplest squads to collect. No other Squishmallow animal squad has such distinguishable differences among members.

Advice for Collecting Goat Squishmallows

Unfortunately, goat Squishmallows are four years old, meaning some members are challenging to find. However, I’ll soon share tips to help you source rare and discontinued goats. But first, let me share some advice about expanding a smaller Squishmallow squad before hundreds of options exist.

Each goat Squishmallow has multiple variants. For example, Grant and Gregory come in at least two sizes. However, I’m not considering the unique editions for each goat. In addition, Grant’s character is a mascot costume for other Squishmallows. I’ll share hints of various versions of each available goat Squishmallow soon.

Meanwhile, I recommend you keep an eye out for different versions of every goat as they hit the stores. The easiest way to accomplish a perfect collection is to store each goat’s name as your in-search-of (ISO) notifications on the Squish Alert app. That way, you’ll know when new versions hit the stores.

In addition, remember to add goat Squishmallows as an ISO keyword to ensure you collect new members as they enter the family. Indeed, Squishmallow goats aren’t out of fashion, and more members will come. Meanwhile, follow my tips later to find the missing members if they don’t return to stores.

Some Squishmallows are retired. So, you’ll have to hunt for them. But don’t worry; I’ll share some guidelines.

How I Picked the Goat Squishmallows Here

I’ll share every goat Squishmallow variant under each adorable name to ensure you catch every cutie pie. Some versions will be discontinued, and I’ll share links if retired goats are on sale somewhere. However, my main focus will be the easy-to-find goat Squishmallows because the resellers can sell out before you snag them.

So, I’ll focus on every member’s available Squishmallows while sharing hints of retired plush. Sadly, it’s challenging to find goats beyond Gregory and Grant in 2023, but the tips will help you find potentially retired plush. However, I’ll skip Domingo and Louden Squishmallow because their only versions are retired.

Finally, I’ll share which goat Squishmallow is my favorite from each name. My choice depends on two factors:

  1. It should be eight or fewer inches to allow a more extensive collection in a smaller space.
  2. It must look as close to the original release of each goat Squishmallow, meaning it mustn’t have unique elements or unusual colors. That way, I keep the favorite goat Squishmallows as authentic as possible.

Goat Squishmallows Guide: Every Bleat

It’s time to meet all five goats Squishmallows, including the available variants. I’ll include pros and cons for the available variants and a few hints for retired goat Squishmallows. So, let’s have some bleating fun to start an astonishing collection of farmyard animal Squishmallows.

Meet Grant, the Goat Squishmallow

grant, the goat squishmallow

Grant, the goat Squishmallow, is an exciting addition for kids who enjoy the idea of farm animals playing sports. Grant has many passions, but his primary goal is to be the best goalie on the soccer team. My son loves sports and would enjoy Grant’s influence over his athletic skills. Also, the goat looks a lot like a real animal.

I live in South Africa, and goats roam the rural streets. You find many tan and white goats resembling Grant. It’s one of the most common colors. Fortunately, Grant has two available plushies. Neither are special editions, but you can easily find the 12″ Grant, the Goat Squishmallow.

In addition, the 8″ Grant, the Goat Squishmallow, is a winner if you want the most original version of Grant. Both in-store sizes are Grant’s authentic design, but the eight-inch plush makes a better selection if you want a massive collection. The details also improve on smaller goat Squishmallows.

Grant, the Goat Squishmallow Pros

  • The 8″ Grant Squishmallow is a collectible size
  • The 12″ Grant Squishmallow is ideal for younger kids
  • Both variants have a beautiful, natural tan and white contrast
  • Grant’s Squishmallows have an accurate face with a long beard

Grant, the Goat Squishmallow Cons

  • Grant has more out-of-stock variants you must add to Squish Alert
  • Grant’s horns should be a pale tan color

Grant, the Goat Squishmallow Retired Variants

Many goat plush fans search for a 16-inch Grant, the Goat Squishmallow. Unfortunately, I’ve searched far and wide to find nothing. I see no evidence that one ever existed. Squishmallows haven’t launched Grant as an extra-large plush yet. However, three retired Grant Squishmallows you can find include:

  1. 5″ Grant, the Australia Exclusive Goat Squishmallow
  2. Grant, the Easter Mascot Costume Squishmallow
  3. Grant, the Valentine’s Squishville Micromallow

Meet Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow

gregory, the goat squishmallow

Gregory, the goat Squishmallow, also looks like a real animal walking around the rural areas. I’ve encountered many goats on the roads when I travel. You quickly learn to be more observant in South Africa as soon as you hit a rural area. Goats may be miniature, but they’re mighty animals full of attitude.

Has a goat ever chased you? Gregory Squishmallow reminds me of a black and white goat that chased me as a kid. Fortunately, the goat never traumatized me beyond loving the bleating, sheep-like animals. So, I’m open to buying the 5″ Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow, or the 12″ Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow.

However, the 8″ Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow, wins my heart because it’s a collectible size and shows the goat’s original design. The 5″ Gregory Squishmallow would’ve won if it didn’t come from a mystery pack. You can’t guarantee how many mystery packs you must buy before finding him.

Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow Pros

  • Gregory Squishmallow has two smaller sizes for collectors
  • Gregory also has a larger size suitable for young kids
  • The black and white goat is adorably accurate for the animal
  • Gregory’s horns have a nice silver color that looks more natural

Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow Cons

  • More versions of Gregory are available from resellers
  • A black and white Squishmallow is challenging to machine wash

Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow Retired Variants

Gregory Squishmallow is another popular farm squad member with various sizes and versions. The available sizes offer a variety for kids and collectors. However, here’s a look at two retired Gregory Squishmallows you’ll find from resellers:

  1. 16″ Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow
  2. Gregory, the Goat Squishville Micromallow

Meet Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow

palmer, the goat squishmallow

Palmer, the Billy Goat Squishmallow, is a sweet boy with a mint-green body. Indeed, no goat truly has his colors, but that doesn’t mean Palmer isn’t collectible. Children love fantasy-colored farm animals. For example, Belana Squishmallow is a teal and white cow. She’s popular enough to have the seven best variants.

So, don’t underestimate how much children enjoy oddly-colored animal Squishmallows. Besides, Palmer was originally an Easter launch, explaining the pastel colors better. Palmer would make a brilliant friend for kids and has many variants. Fortunately, three exciting Palmer Squishmallow versions are still widely available.

You’ll find Palmer, the Goat Micromallow, and the 12″ Palmer, the Goat Stackable Squishmallow. However, my favorite is the 8″ Palmer Billy Goat Squishmallow because it’s Palmer’s most natural design. Palmer is originally a green goat, even if it makes no sense. This version is his most authentic plush.

Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow Pros

  • Palmer Squishmallow’s signature bandana is adorable on any size
  • Palmer’s stackable Squishmallow is a pillow buddy for kids
  • The eight-inch Palmer Squishmallow is collectible
  • The mint-green goat Squishmallow is a multi-squad member

Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow Cons

  • Palmer Squishmallow’s color scheme makes no sense
  • Palmer has various other out-of-stock versions

Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow Retired Variants

Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow, has more variants than most of his farmyard friends. He has at least ten different Squishmallows. However, many variants aren’t in stock anymore. So, you’ll need to find resellers selling a few extraordinary Palmer plush. Here are a few examples of retired Palmer Squishmallows:

  1. 3.5″ Palmer, the Goat Clip-On Squishmallow
  2. 5″ Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow
  3. 8″ Palmer, the Stackable Goat Squishmallow
  4. 12″ Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow With Big Eyes
  5. 14″ Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow
  6. 16″ Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow
  7. Palmer, the Goat Squishville Micromallow

Meet Walker, the Goat Squishmallow

walker, the goat squishmallow

Unfortunately, Walker, the Goat Squishmallow, is a heartbreaking tale for now. My frequented stores have no versions in stock, including Walmart, Amazon, Target, Walgreens, and Best Buy. However, I’m sharing Walker’s Squishmallows because he has many. Walker is nearly as famous as Palmer.

Walker Squishmallow’s popularity means you must add him to your Squish Alert ISO. In addition, Walker has various open and solid-eye variants in different sizes. The store might be out of stock now, but they will get more Walkers. Meanwhile, I must share my favorite: the 5″ Walker Billy Goat Squishmallow.

Unfortunately, my top pick is also discontinued. However, Walker’s original design had solid black eyes. The open, detailed eyes only came with later variants. In addition, the size is perfect for collecting countless farmyard Squishmallows. Meanwhile, let’s dive into what makes Walker Squishmallows good and not-so-good.

Walker, the Goat Squishmallow Pros

  • Walker Squishmallows have numerous versions
  • You can find him with open or solid eyes (I prefer the details of open eyes)
  • Walker appeals to children and collectors in various sizes
  • The gray and white goat looks natural for the real-life animal

Walker, the Goat Squishmallow Cons

  • Unfortunately, I can’t find Walker in stores for now
  • The light gray and white goat Squishmallows are challenging to wash

Walker, the Goat Squishmallow Retired Variants

Walker Squishmallow has at least nine variants. Some are retired, while others might return to stores as standard farm pals squad members. Who knows? Walker Squishmallow might overtake Palmer as a favorite this year. So, let’s see a few examples of what you need to find when searching for Walker’s return to fame.

  1. 3.5″ Walker, the Goat Clip-On Squishmallow
  2. 8″ Walker, the Goat Squishmallow (Open Eyes)
  3. 8″ Walker, the Goat Squishmallow (Solid Eyes)
  4. 11″ Walker, the Goat Squishmallow (Open Eyes)
  5. 12″‘ Walker, the Goat Squishmallow (Solid Eyes)
  6. 14″ Walker, the Goat Squishmallow
  7. 16″ Walker, the Goat Squishmallow
  8. Walker, the Goat Squishville Micromallow

Recommended Goat Squishmallow Alternatives

You can expand your Squishmallow collection to other farm pals squad members while waiting for new goats to appear. Adding farmyard animals would make the most sense because many goat Squishmallows look like real animals. So, let’s see which alternatives from the farm squad can work as the most realistic recommendations.

PS: I would’ve loved to share a pig Squishmallow alternative. Unfortunately, the only pig plush that looks realistic is Peter, the Pig Squishmallow. I don’t want to add him, as he’s a 16-inch plush that doesn’t allow for larger collections. Instead, I’ll stick to alternatives eight inches and less to welcome an extensive collection.

Aimee, the Chick Squishmallow

aimee, the chick squishmallow

Aimee Squishmallow is my first recommendation to expand the squad collection with other farm animals. Kids always think about chickens on farms, and Aimee’s yellow colors make her look like the chipping chicks that wander around the chicken run. She’s perfect as an alternative for a larger farmyard Squishmallow collection.

Aimee, the Chick Squishmallow Pros

  • Aimee, the chick Squishmallow, is as adorable as a newborn chick
  • Aimee looks accurate but adds pizazz with a shimmering belly and fuzzy wings
  • She has blushing cheeks to make her look cuter than a pea

Aimee, the Chick Squishmallow Cons

  • Aimee’s eyes aren’t open, and I’m not mad about closed-eye Squishmallows
  • The glitz and glamor of her design make her look slightly unrealistic

Connor, the Cow Squishmallow

connor, the cow squishmallow

Cows add another famous farmyard animal Squishmallow to a child’s collection. Meanwhile, Connor is one of two cows that look accurate. Connor, the cow Squishmallow, looks like an animal you expect to see in the paddocks. In addition, his eight-inch plush has no special features that make him look unrealistic.

Connor, the Cow Squishmallow Pros

  • Connor Squishmallow has perfectly accurate details on most of his body
  • Connor has deep, solid eyes that resemble the empty stare of a grazing cow
  • He’s the ideal size to add to a massive farmyard Squishmallow collection

Connor, the Cow Squishmallow Cons

  • Connor’s outer ears and horns are too yellow to be accurate
  • His snout also looks more like a pig’s than a cow’s

Tomar, the Horse Squishmallow

tomar, the horse squishmallow

My daughter loves horses, making Tomar the ideal alternative for her to collect more farmyard Squishmallows. Meanwhile, Tomar, the horse Squishmallow, has a girly design with long eyelashes. However, it doesn’t remove her authentic style. The bow is also natural because we often put bows and ribbons on our pony’s manes.

Tomar, the Horse Squishmallow Pros

  • Tomar, the horse Squishmallow, is the perfect color for a typical horse
  • Tomar Squishmallow’s detailed embroidery outline and bow make her look gorgeous
  • Her size welcomes children who want extensive farm pals squad collections

Tomar, the Horse Squishmallow Cons

  • Tomar’s nose looks more like a pig than a horse
  • Her ears should be longer, and the eyelashes can be too much


Question: Which Goat Squishmallow is Rare?

Answer: Sadly, you’ll mainly find goat Squishmallows for Gregory and Grant today. However, a rare goat called Domingo launched as a limited edition for Easter. Domingo, the Easter Goat Squishmallow, is the rarest among the farm animals. He came as an eight-inch plush in 2019. Also, Louden is a rare Easter-themed goat plush.

Louden, the Easter Goat Squishmallow, had a single version measuring eight inches. Louden was a Canadian-exclusive goat Squishmallow you can only buy from resellers. Fortunately, many Canadians resell Louden Squishmallow, and the shipping isn’t too harsh. He’s slightly easier to find than Domingo Squishmallow.

Question: Which Goat Squishmallow is the Most Popular?

Answer: I measure popularity by considering how many variants each goat Squishmallow has because the brand tries to meet the demand. The more goats sell from one squad member, the more versions come your way. Considering my measurement, Palmer Squishmallow has more than ten versions and is the most popular.

Question: Which Goat Squishmallow is Extra-Large?

Answer: I’m sad that no jumbo goat Squishmallows exist yet. But fortunately, you can find three extra-large goats. The bad news is that they’re discontinued, but you’ll find them from resellers. The extra-large goat Squishmallows include:

Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow
Palmer, the Goat Squishmallow
Walker, the Goat Squishmallow

Goat Squishmallows Guide: Conclusion

I loved finding every bleating goat Squishmallow available, including an extensive selection of retired and discontinued plush to expand a serious collector’s hobby. However, I took a different route with this article by focusing my favorites on original designs. So, I recommend buying the 8″ Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow.

It makes the ideal starter for a goat Squishmallow collection and welcomes other farm animals that look realistic. The black and white goats outnumber the brown and tan goats in South Africa, making Gregory my most memorable farmyard edition. The 8″ Grant, the Goat Squishmallow, is my second recommendation.

You or your children will have two gorgeous farm animals to start a goat or farm pals squad collection. Getting your hands on retired plush isn’t always easy. However, I recommend grabbing them before they’re gone or retired. So, make your collection bloom with the original starters for goat Squishmallows today.

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