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Best Spiderman Plush Guide

Marvel’s Spiderman is a marvelous hero with an enormous fandom. So, I’d love to help you find a collectible Spiderman plush as a fellow Marvel fan and plush collector. The best Spiderman plush guide will include a few top picks with detailed buying guidelines to help you expand the hero’s collection.

Spiderman and Marvel plush toys are as collectible as Pokémon plush. In addition, you’ll find highly collectible Spiderman Squishmallows as an option, even though I don’t add them to my best choices. As an avid collector, I don’t pick the best plush with an eenie-meenie mindset. Instead, allow me to share the ultimate picks.

Best Spiderman Plush: Bottom Line Up Front

The best Spiderman plush requires you to learn more about the hero’s age and the few brands selling licensed collectibles. Then, I’ll share buying guidelines that help you narrow the best choices for your Spiderman plush search. You’ll be surprised how many plush types exist for Spiderman’s various editions.

As a result, you’ll have expert guidance on how to find top-quality, collectible, and famous Spiderman plush for various editions and costumes. But first, let me share my ultimate Spiderman plush for collectors of all ages. The Funko Classic Spiderman Plush represents the first Spiderman costume, edition, and legend.

Meanwhile, Funko is one of my favorite collectible brands that make plush toys. The details are accurate, and the plush Spiderman has an odd style matching the highly collectible vinyl figures. However, I have a few favorites. So, glance at some more top picks before diving into my comprehensive buying guide.

A Glance at Some Favorite Spiderman Plush

  1. Marvel’s Amazing Spiderman Web-Slinging Plush is a favorite for allowing Spiderman’s fans never to forget their creative passions. It has lights and sounds with excellent quality all around.
  2. The Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Posable Plush is a top pick for allowing fun when displaying it. Posable plush has movable joints that entice kids and adults.
  3. The TY Beanie Babies Miles Morales Spiderman Plush is a favorite coming from another old-school collectible brand kids, and older fans love. It also adds variety for Miles Morales.

A Complete Guide to the Best Spiderman Plush

Spiderman has been a merch and superhero fan’s dream for over four decades. The first Spiderman movie set an unstoppable ocean of fans, merchandise, video games, and animated series in motion. However, let’s see how Spiderman’s plush merch expansion is riveting the foundation of Marvel fans and plush toy collectors.

Buying Guidelines: How to Pick the Right Spiderman Plush

marvel spiderman

Spiderman plush floods the market because of the hero’s vast fandom. So, there are endless opportunities in which you can collect Spiderman plush. Unfortunately, you’ll need guidance if you want top-quality, licensed, and collectible Spiderman plushies. So, let’s break down the right features of collectible Spiderman plush.

But first, know that children also collect Spiderman plush. Some brands will appeal better to children, while others will appeal to both types of collectors. Still, let’s see the three buying guidelines you need before choosing the Spiderman plush right for you or your kids.

1. Choose Trusted Spiderman Plush Brands

Buying Spiderman plush from trusted brands will ensure quality products licensed by Marvel. In contrast, purchasing poor-quality Spiderman plush will result in disappointment and unlicensed, deformed, low-quality options. So, learn about which brands sell licensed and top-range Spiderman plush before buying any.

These brands are trusted Spiderman and Marvel plush suppliers:

  • Bleacher Creatures sells licensed Spiderman plush for kids, but they’re medium-quality.
  • Build-A-Bear recently purchased the license to make Spiderman plush and accessories. The brand is well-known for its quality, but they only make costumes for Spiderman. Keep watching their website to see the first Spiderman Build-A-Bear Plush.
  • Cuutopia has a range of cute Spiderman plush for kids, with excellent quality and authentic licensing.
  • Disney’s Tsum Tsum Spiderman Plushies are licensed and cute, but they’re for kids.
  • Funko Plush sells exquisite Spiderman plush with licensed tags. It’s one of my favorite brands as a collector.
  • Jay Franko’s Spiderman Plush is ideal for children who want Spiderman plush dolls, and they’re original.
  • Marvel’s Spiderman Brand has top-range, authentic options for all Miles Morales and Spiderman plush.
  • Mattel has always been a trusted brand and sells original Spiderman plush suitable for kids and collectors.
  • Spiderman Cuddleez is a Disney brand that licenses and sells Marvel plush for kids. Some plush is small and works for adult fans and Marvel collectors. However, the plush typically lies down flat.
  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends is a licensed brand selling top-quality plush suitable for kids.
  • Squishmallows has a license to sell collectible-quality Spiderman plush for adults and kids.
  • TY Beanie Babies is an old-school licensed collectible brand with extraordinary quality Spiderman plush.

2. Know the Many Spiderman Plush Types

Any massive Marvel fandom has various plush types. You might want to collect the odd Spiderman plush types. In that case, here are some examples of non-traditional Spiderman plush:

  • Action or accessory Spiderman plush includes toys that allow kids to imagine shooting webs from the hero’s hands. They can also fall into interactive options.
  • Chibi-inspired Spiderman plush typically has enormous heads or comes in multi-character styles. Chibi-style plushies are funny and cute and work for kids and adults.
  • Interactive Spiderman plush often comes from quality brands, but they have lights and sounds to activate children’s wild imaginations.
  • The reversible Spiderman plush looks like the octopus plush and includes a second Marvel hero. They’re fantastic for kids and adults who enjoy fidgeting.
  • Sitting Spiderman plush is standard and fun for collectors and kids. They look like everyday plush in a sitting position.
  • Spiderman beanie balls come from TY Beanie Babies and look like round bean bags. They work for all ages.
  • Spiderman pillow buddies are larger plush suitable for kids. They look similar to Spiderman plush dolls and often have movable joints.
  • Spiderman plush backpacks are traveling options for kids. They don’t work well for adults.

3. Decide Which Spiderman Plush Editions to Collect

Miles Morales Spider-Man

According to movies, comics, and video games, Spiderman has changed many times. So, different Spiderman editions exist. I’ll share some examples of Spiderman editions to consider. Still, you’ll know which works better for your passion or your child’s fandom. Here are quick examples of different Spiderman editions:

Many of Spiderman’s editions and costumes look similar. However, slight differences make them fall into other editions. For example, Spiderman only got the golden costume accents in 2021. In addition, Miles Morales’s Spiderman plush includes black and gold spider costumes.

Bonus Buying Tip: Finding Unusual Spiderman Plush

Finding a unique Spiderman plush is ideal for die-hard Marvel and Spiderman collectors, especially if you want a plush that gains value. So, extend your final buying guideline to ensure you find exceptional Spiderman plush. The best method to guarantee a distinctive Spiderman plush is to follow my tips and look for exclusives.

Some brands like Disney, Funko, and TY Beanie Babies occasionally bring exclusive plush to stores like Hot Topic, Claire’s, Target, and Walmart. Look out for exclusive limited editions to make your collection stand out more than anyone. You’ll have to continue watching for exclusives as they change often.

How I Picked the Best Spiderman Plush

Too many Spiderman plush exist. So, I’ll use four simple rules that quickly narrow down which plushies make the best options for children and adults who genuinely enjoy the Marvel Universe and Spiderman. Every plush should follow these rules:

  1. It must be from a reputable and trusted brand.
  2. The quality must be top-notch and collectible, with bright colors and detailed features.
  3. It should be no larger than 13 inches to allow more collectibles.
  4. It must be one of Spiderman’s various editions, with variety in mind. However, I won’t include editions with poor-quality plush.
  5. It mustn’t be an unusual plush, like a backpack. It must be a standard-type plush.

Best Spiderman Plush Guide: My Favorites

Spiderman knows how to web his way into every Marvel fan’s heart. So, he has incredible plush for kids and adults. Let’s see which Spiderman plush fits my requirements because they’re stricter than you realize. It’s the only way I could narrow the hundreds of unoriginal and undesirable Spiderman plush.

Bleacher Creatures Amazing Spiderman Chibi Sitting Plush

bleacher creatures amazing spiderman chibi sitting plush

Bleacher Creature designed an Amazing Spiderman plush that would’ve won over the next one. The plush can never stand, but the details around Spiderman’s costume are spot-on. However, it’s in a sitting position with a weird body joint. Fortunately, Spiderman looks accurate enough to fit into a traditional plush.

  • Brand: Bleacher Creatures
  • Size: 8″
  • Edition: Amazing Spiderman

Spiderman Plush Pros

  • The Bleacher Creature Spiderman plush has excellent color finishes
  • Spiderman’s eyes look profound and ready for anything
  • Collectors and children will enjoy the lazy, sitting Spiderman plush
  • The plush toy’s chibi style isn’t overly noticeable

Spiderman Plush Cons

  • Spiderman’s body joint has a terrible design
  • Spiderman’s hands have no details or fingers

Bleacher Creatures Ultimate Spiderman Miles Morales Plush

bleacher creatures ultimate spiderman miles morales plush

I’m impressed that Bleacher Creatures makes a Spiderman plush suitable for older fans and collectors because they focus on kids. However, the brand’s Miles Morales sitting plush is perfect for all ages and has exquisite details. Indeed, it’s a sitting plush, but it doesn’t look different from traditional-style Spiderman plush.

  • Brand: Bleacher Creatures
  • Size: 8″
  • Edition: Miles Morales

Spiderman Miles Morales Plush Pros

  • The Spiderman Miles Morales plush has exquisite details
  • It’s the latest version of Spiderman in New York
  • Spiderman looks like the top-range traditional plushes
  • It’s the perfect size to fit in an enormous Spiderman plush collection

Spiderman Miles Morales Plush Cons

  • You can’t change Spiderman’s sitting position
  • Spiderman’s hands are oversized, nearly enough to make me miss this plush

Exclusive Mattel Vintage Denim Spiderman Plush

exclusive mattel vintage denim spiderman plush

Mattel’s only collectible Spiderman plush commemorates the original spider costume and Tobey Maguire. However, the Target-Exclusive is also an unusual plush type that doesn’t remove the traditional style. Mattel took denim to design Spiderman’s costume. The details on this plush are next-level impressive.

  • Brand: Mattel
  • Size: 11″
  • Edition: Amazing Spiderman

Vintage Spiderman Plush Pros

  • The denim Spiderman plush is highly collectible and exclusive
  • Mattel’s Spiderman plush design makes him unique
  • The Spiderman plush has beautiful details for a denim design
  • Children can enjoy this durable plush, while adults collect the medium Spiderman

Vintage Spiderman Plush Cons

  • Some fans might not find the denim design impressive
  • The Spiderman plush doesn’t allow for extensive collections

Funko Classic Spiderman Plush

funko classic spiderman plush

I collect Funko Pop vinyl figures, but the brand recently started making plushies. Wow, that is all I can say. Funko’s Spiderman plush perfectly salutes his original design and costume color scheme. Meanwhile, the white eyes almost make Spiderman’s plush look like the ultra-popular vinyl figures.

  • Brand: Funko
  • Size: 6″
  • Edition: Amazing Spiderman

Funko Spiderman Plush Pros

  • The Funko Amazing Spiderman plush is a classic collectible
  • The design and details are spot-on for the Spiderman edition
  • Spiderman’s shape is also nearly accurate, with very few flaws
  • Funko is a collectible brand doubling your opportunities

Funko Spiderman Plush Cons

  • The Funko Spiderman plush has a chibi-style head
  • Spiderman’s hands are awkward along his sides

Funko Mopeez Spiderman Plush

funko mopeez spiderman plush

Funko also makes a smaller range of plush called Mopeez. So, they turned the Amazing Spiderman into a mobile-friendly plush toy. Indeed, it’s another collectible from the brand for avid fans. However, this Spiderman plush has more potential by allowing kids to carry their tinier toys around, adding confidence and bravery.

  • Brand: Funko
  • Size: 4.5″
  • Edition: Amazing Spiderman

Funko Spiderman Plush Pros

  • The Funko Mopeez Spiderman plush is as collectible as the last one
  • Spiderman’s details and design are adorable for kids and collectors
  • Spiderman’s eyes improve on this plush, and his colors are superb
  • Children can use the Spiderman plush as a travel buddy

Funko Spiderman Plush Cons

  • The Funko Mopeez Spiderman plush has a slightly inaccurate shape
  • Spiderman’s body and arms don’t have many details

Marvel’s 60th Anniversary Spiderman Plush


Marvel designed a beautiful Spiderman plush to commemorate the hero’s 60th Anniversary. Indeed, Spiderman is half a century old. In addition, Disney’s Marvel returned to the classic style for Spiderman and added a removable mask to show Tobey Maguire. Returning to the classics is always a winner for collections.

  • Brand: Marvel
  • Size: 11.25″
  • Edition: Amazing Spiderman

Marvel Spiderman Plush Pros

  • Marvel’s Tobey Maguire Spiderman plush is a classic collectible
  • Marvel created a unique plush with a removable mask
  • Children and older fans will enjoy the extra touches on this plush
  • Spiderman’s costume details are pretty impressive and top-quality

Marvel Spiderman Plush Cons

  • Spiderman’s removable mask reveals a low-quality face
  • You can’t cover Tobey’s face entirely with the mask

Marvel’s Amazing Spiderman Flexors Plush


Marvel and Disney created a Spiderman plush in the flexors collection. This plush can stand on its feet and change positions. Older fans enjoy displaying superhero plush with movable joints. Meanwhile, children can enjoy playtime opportunities with movable Spiderman plushies.

  • Brand: Disney Marvel
  • Size: 9.5″
  • Edition: Amazing Spiderman

Marvel Flexors Spiderman Plush Pros

  • The Marvel Spiderman Flexors plush can stand alone without support
  • Posable Spiderman plush appeal to children and collectors
  • Spiderman’s body shape and design are acceptable for a plush
  • Spiderman can stare into the sky, looking for the next villain

Marvel Flexors Spiderman Plush Cons

  • Spiderman’s head is slightly oversized, and his hands are round
  • The flexor range must use odd shapes to help create durable moving parts

Marvel’s Amazing Spiderman Web-Slinging Plush


Marvel also designed an interactive Spiderman plush with sound effects and lights. In addition, you can use a web-slinging effect to play with Spiderman, making him seem better suited to children. However, this plush’s quality puts him back in the running for collectors, even with the lights and sounds.

  • Brand: Marvel
  • Size: 11″
  • Edition: Amazing Spiderman

Interactive Spiderman Plush Pros

  • The interactive Spiderman plush also looks like a traditional option
  • Kids can enjoy sensory play with an interactive Spiderman plush
  • Collectors can benefit from displaying the traditional-style plush
  • Spiderman’s details are next-level, even making him look muscular

Interactive Spiderman Plush Cons

  • The interactive Spiderman plush puts some collectors off
  • Children will require many batteries to keep the lights and sound going

Marvel’s Amazing Web Flash Spiderman Plush

marvel's amazing web flash spiderman plush

Spidey and His Amazing Friends is a collection of plush toys for kids created by Marvel. The nine-inch plush is perfect for lighting up a Spiderman fan’s display shelf. However, the web flash Spiderman plush is ideal for collectors, too. It has exceptional details, looks accurate for a plush toy, and has bonus features.

  • Brand: Spidey and His Amazing Friends
  • Size: 9″
  • Edition: Amazing Spiderman

Marvel Spiderman Plush Pros

  • The Spiderman web flash plush can project from the chest and hand
  • The details are impressive all around the plush
  • Children will have tons of fun playing with this plush Spiderman
  • Collectors can use it to display Spiderman’s logo on the wall

Marvel Spiderman Plush Cons

  • Interactive Spiderman plush still appeals more to children
  • Spiderman’s eyes have the Marvel collection’s big design

Marvel’s Basic Spiderman Plush

Marvel's Basic Spiderman Plush

Marvel makes a basic Spiderman plush that looks like the Amazing Spiderman or Homecoming editions. Meanwhile, the plush toy’s hands have a detail others don’t. It seems like Marvel tried to make the fingers more noticeable. They point in a direction that looks like Spiderman is about to web something.

  • Brand: Marvel
  • Size: 8″
  • Edition: Spiderman Homecoming

Marvel Spiderman Plush Pros

  • The Spiderman plush has more hand details than most
  • It’s a perfect Spiderman plush for classic collectors
  • Children will love playing imaginative games with Spiderman’s hands
  • The slightly-off body shape allows you to carry Spiderman more easily

Marvel Spiderman Plush Cons

  • Spiderman’s body shape isn’t the best on this plush
  • Spiderman’s joints have breakable risks

Marvel’s Spiderman Homecoming Plush

marvel's spiderman homecoming plush

Spiderman’s Homecoming plush editions aren’t that common. So, this Spiderman Homecoming plush is unique for that reason. In addition, it changes Spiderman’s costume to offer more variety. Spiderman returns to his simpler roots with the iconic and classic outfit you see a few times in the Homecoming films.

  • Brand: Marvel
  • Size: 8″
  • Edition: Spiderman Homecoming

Marvel Spiderman Plush Pros

  • The Spiderman Homecoming plush offers something different and unusual
  • The plush is an adorable and collectible size
  • Children will enjoy Spiderman’s plush if they know it from movies or comics
  • Spiderman’s body shape has more accuracy than most

Marvel Spiderman Plush Cons

  • Spiderman’s Homecoming plush isn’t well-known among fans
  • You don’t get the famous Spiderman costume

Marvel’s Ultimate Spiderman Posable Plush

marvel's ultimate spiderman posable plush

Marvel is the brand from which you’ll find a wider variety of Spiderman editions because it’s the mother brand. So, I found another brilliant and movable plush from the Ultimate Spiderman collection. Meanwhile, you can change Spiderman’s position because he has thin leg joints. Posing Spiderman plush is always fun.

  • Brand: Marvel
  • Size: 8″
  • Edition: Ultimate Spiderman

Marvel Spiderman Plush Pros

  • The Ultimate Spiderman plush has movable joints
  • Children enjoy playing with plush that poses in different positions
  • Collectors can display their Spiderman plushes in action positions
  • Spiderman’s details and colors are pretty good

Marvel Spiderman Plush Cons

  • I wouldn’t say I love Spiderman’s rounder head
  • The thin leg joints break quickly with too much play

Spidey and His Amazing Friends Miles Morales Plush

spidey and his amazing friends miles morales plush

Spidey and His Amazing Friends have one more gorgeous Miles Morales plush. The details are excellent, and the black colors pop in a red-and-blue Spiderman plush collection. Admittedly, Spiderman’s eyes are enormous, which nearly put me off adding this plush. However, I make exceptions for excellent quality Spiderman plush.

  • Brand: Spidey and His Amazing Friends
  • Size: 8″
  • Edition: Miles Morales

Spiderman Miles Morales Plush Pros

  • The Miles Morales plush has excellent colors and details
  • Children can play easily with an accurate Spiderman shape
  • Collectors can enjoy the size and edition
  • The black-and-red looks fantastic in a dull Spiderman plush collection

Spiderman Miles Morales Plush Cons

  • Spiderman’s eyes are enormous and inaccurate
  • The joints are movable but also breakable

TY Beanie Babies Amazing Spiderman Plush

TY Beanie Babies Amazing Spiderman Plush

TY Beanie Babies is another ultimate pick for collectible plushies. Beanie Babies are classic plush toys and a brand that offers a touch like no other. I collected them as a child, and my children collected them. Indeed, Spiderman Squishmallows also have an insane feeling, but they don’t have suitable shapes for my rules.

  • Brand: TY Beanie Babies
  • Size: 6″
  • Edition: Amazing Spiderman

TY Beanie Babies Spiderman Plush Pros

  • TY Beanie Babies make fantastic Spiderman plush
  • The brand is a long-time collectible and fan favorite
  • Spiderman’s body is nearly accurate and has detailed hands
  • Children love playing with Beanie Babies because of their texture

TY Beanie Babies Spiderman Plush Cons

  • The Spiderman Beanie Babies doesn’t look accurate
  • The head has a chibi design, and the body seems slightly egg-shaped

TY Beanie Babies Miles Morales Spiderman Plush

TY Beanie Babies Miles Morales Spiderman Plush

TY Beanie Babies targets classics and trending Spiderman plush by adding a Miles Morales edition. The black Spiderman plush is gorgeous and shares the quality of the last option. The eyes have an unusual effect I can’t admit loving, but the hands have the same web-launching design.

  • Brand: Ty Beanie Babies
  • Size: 6″
  • Edition: Miles Morales

TY Beanie Babies Spiderman Miles Morales Plush Pros

  • The TY Beanie Babies Spiderman Miles Morales plush is collectible
  • The size is suitable for kids and collectors
  • It’s the latest edition of Spiderman plushes
  • The hands and fingers remain impressive

TY Beanie Babies Spiderman Miles Morales Plush Cons

  • The body shape still doesn’t match nicely
  • The head is too large, and the egg-shaped body isn’t accurate


Question: What Is the Ghost Spiderman Plush?

Answer: Ghost Spider plush or Spider-Girl plush represent Gwen Stacey’s version of Spiderman. So, these plush aren’t entirely Spiderman-inspired. Instead, they’re a new era with a beautiful Ghost Spider-Girl. The Spidey and His Amazing Friends Ghost Spider Plush is Marvel’s female spider tribute to the superhero franchise.

Question: Is There a Life-Sized Spiderman Plush?

Answer: Unfortunately, Marvel means child-sized when calling the plush life-sized. So no, Spiderman plush doesn’t come in sizes big enough to stand as tall as Marvel fans unless they’re children. For example, the Marvel Life-Sized Spiderman Plush stands 28 inches tall, which would stand taller than some kids.

Question: Does Build-A-Bear Make Spiderman Plush?

Answer: Unfortunately, Build-A-Bear doesn’t have a Spiderman plush yet. However, some fans add the Build-A-Bear Spiderman Costume to other bears to soothe their Marvel passions. Fortunately, you can add the two-piece costume to any Build-A-Bear plush, creating your own Spiderman Build-A-Bear plush.

Best Spiderman Plush Guide: Conclusion

The best Spiderman plush requires careful consideration because the fandom is massive. So, use my buying guidelines to narrow your options before selecting low-quality or unlicensed plush. They don’t work well for collectors. In addition, remember to look for the exclusive plush to broaden your collection’s value.

Meanwhile, I recommend buying the Funko Classic Spiderman Plush because the brand is collectible and of superior quality. Additionally, you get the original Spiderman plush from a brand that releases them in batches. So, be careful not to miss out on this plush. Please buy it before the brand releases different versions.

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