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Best Avocado Squishmallow Guide

Oddly, avocado is one of my children’s favorite fruits, and I don’t mind the health benefits. Moreover, I don’t mind my kids enjoying their favorite fruit as a food squad member and plush collectible. The best avocado Squishmallow guide will shock you with the variety of options and fruity cuteness of these plush toys.

My children are Squishmallow crazy, loving them even more than Pokémon plush. In addition, I love Squishmallows and have been collecting plush toys since childhood. My mom taught me the value of collecting incredible plush, and I’m passing it on to my kids.

Furthermore, nothing’s more satisfying than sharing plush. So, come aboard the avocado Squishmallow train if you’re ready to meet the food squad’s famous member.

Best Avocado Squishmallows: Bottom Line Up Front

Admittedly, I don’t encourage my kids to eat fruit and veggies by buying food squad Squishmallows. However, I motivate their passion for specific fruits by adding a favorite plush toy. My kids love avocados and overeat them in summer. So, they enjoy Austin and his five avocado pals because of the fruit.

Therefore, I decided to hunt down unique options for avocado Squishmallows. Only six members exist, meaning you’ll have to find unusual plush to fill a child’s passion if they collect the fruits. Don’t worry; I’ll share tips on finding more after introducing the prominent members.

Then, I’ll select only the most attractive options. My selection criteria led to my ultimate avocado Squishmallow. Austin, the Trapper Avocado Squishmallow, is the cutest fruit and food squad member among the avocadoes. His winter theme is highly unusual for the fruit.

Still, the style pushes me into a corner, forcing me to fall in love with a winter-themed avocado plush. But first, let’s learn more about the avocado Squishmallow family before seeing my unique selections.

A Complete Guide to the Best Avocado Squishmallows

Avocado Squishmallows primarily come from the food squad, but some members can double into other teams. So, let’s meet the main avocadoes before learning how to find more variations to expand your fruity plush passions. Then, I’ll share how I selected an incredible range of avocado Squishmallows.

Meet the Avocado Squishmallow Family

The avocado Squishmallow family is limited for now, but the fruit doesn’t allow easy recognition for each member. So, it helps to know how each member looks before finding the best avocado Squishmallows.

In addition, some members are a form of avocado Squishmallow, but they’re not the primary plush members. For example, guacamole and avocado toast Squishmallows also have their squads. Still, they fall under the umbrella of avocado Squishmallows. So, let’s see what to expect from each avocado plush family member:

  • Aubrey, the Avocado Squishmallow, has two shades of green on her skin, a pink bow, a brown seed, a lime or near-neon green interior, and a laughing mouth.
  • Austin, the Avocado Squishmallow, has dark green skin, a lime green interior, and a dark brown seed.
  • Ava, the Avocado Squishmallow, is shaped like a natural fruit and has a deeper pit and girly eyes.
  • Gideon, the Avocado Squishmallow, looks like a bowl of guacamole with sprinkles and a colorful bowl.
  • Mireya, the Avocado Squishmallow, has dark green skin, a brown seed, pink cheeks, and a lime green interior.
  • Sinclair, the Avocado Squishmallow, looks like a yummy avocado toast slice with sprinkles and a brown border.

Sadly, Aubrey and Ava Squishmallows are a rare find. However, that makes the hunt more enjoyable.

Tips to Find More Avocado Squishmallows as an Avid Fan

Unfortunately, limited avocado Squishmallows mean you have to look further into the family to find incredible plush collectibles. In contrast, I have brilliant news. Avocado Squishmallows come in various shapes, sizes, types, costumes, and limited editions.

So, you’ll have plenty of avocadoes to add to your basket. For example, Austin, the Avocado Squishmallow, is the main guy with many variants. So, you’ll find a Squishmallow Clip-On for Austin. Then, you’ll see an Austin Avocado Fuzz-A-Mallow.

As a result, Austin has over ten variants available. However, let me pause before spoiling the fun. The same applies to all the avocado Squishmallow squad members. Look for unique editions to expand your fruity obsession with Austin and his friends. Some examples of unique Squishmallows in the avocado range include:

  • Alternate color avocado Squishmallows
  • Avocado Fuzz-A-Mallows
  • Avocado Squishmallows dressed in costumes
  • Avocado Squishmallows holding items
  • Avocado Squishmallow pet pillows
  • Avocado Squishmallows wearing adorable hats
  • Limited-Edition avocado Squishmallows for holidays
  • Multi-squad avocado Squishmallows
  • Squishmallow avocado backpack clips
  • Squishville miniature avocadoes
  • Various avocado Squishmallow sizes

Many variants exist when you look hard enough. So, start looking for unique avocado Squishmallows to ensure a more extensive collection. One way to keep on top of avocado Squishmallows returning to stores is by adding them as your in-search-of (ISO) on the personal shopping Squish Alert app.

Additionally, look out for exclusive avocado Squishmallows you won’t find in multiple stores. For example, Claire’s or Hot Topic might launch exclusive avocado Squishmallows as the squad becomes more popular. Meanwhile, I’ll share a simple trick to find discontinued avocado Squishmallows later.

How I Picked the Best Avocado Squishmallows

First, stick to the original Squishmallows with tags and a backstory. I won’t include any fake Squishmallows. In addition, I’ll only share avocado Squishmallows still available in stores.

I hate disappointing my readers. Then, it’s time to narrow the avocado Squishmallows to the best choices alone. So, the best choices fit unique features, wear costumes, or have extraordinary changes from the original characters. I won’t include any avocado Squishmallows that range in size. They must have a unique feature.

Best Avocado Squishmallow Guide: Top Picks

The best avocado Squishmallows have weird features or look different from standard plushies. That’s how I excite my children more with Squishmallows. In addition, the avocado family doesn’t have many members. So, let’s learn more about the unusual avocado Squishmallows.

Austin, the Avocado Fuzz-A-Mallow

austin the avocado fuzz-a-mallow Austin is the epicenter of famous avocado Squishmallows. He’s an adorable food squad member and comes with a fuzzy belly for added oomph on this plush. Austin’s tag tells a tale that reminds me of my son. He’s a dreamer who wishes to live on a faraway planet. Meanwhile, he’s also an active little guy and super social.

  • Family: Food and Fuzz-A-Mallow Squads
  • Size: 5″
  • Type: Fuzz-A-Mallow

Austin Avocado Fuzz-A-Mallow Pros

  • Austin, the avocado Squishmallow, is the center of this collection
  • Austin Squishmallow’s tiny stomach has a soft and textured touch
  • The avocado Squishmallow’s eyes have adorable detail with blushing cheeks
  • Five-inch avocado Squishmallows are fantastic for collectors

Austin Avocado Fuzz-A-Mallow Cons

  • My children aren’t crazy about the smaller Squishmallows
  • Austin’s fuzzy belly loses its texture with multiple washes

Austin, the Christmas Avocado Squishmallow

austin the christmas avocado squishmallow Austin grows up to be a Christmas-loving avocado plush with this version. Additionally, he’s the ideal size for children who enjoy larger Squishmallows and the holidays. It’s a problem when the holidays pass, but kids don’t mind. My daughter once had an Easter-themed Squishmallow she loved throughout the year.

  • Family: Food and Christmas Squads
  • Size: 12″
  • Type: Normal

Austin Avocado Squishmallow Pros

  • Austin, the Christmas Squishmallow, is a holiday-themed joy
  • Austin Squishmallow rocks the Christmas hat like few others
  • The adorable avocado plush has a red mouth and mature features
  • Children love Squishmallows from 12 inches upward

Austin Avocado Squishmallow Cons

  • Collectors don’t waste too much time with this size because it takes up space
  • Austin Squishmallow doesn’t have the extra detail in his eyes

Austin, the Clip-On Avocado Squishmallow

austin the clip-on avocado squishmallow Austin returns to his adorable size with extra details in the backpack clip Squishmallow. The rosy cheeks and white dots in the eyes add more personality to a Squishmallow. In addition, the backpack clips are ideal for kids who want their best plush friends going to school or traveling long roads.

  • Family: Food and Backpack Squads
  • Size: 3.5″
  • Type: Backpack Clip

Austin Avocado Squishmallow Pros

  • Austin, the Clip-On Squishmallow, is a travel companion for kids
  • Austin Squishmallow’s face turns into an adorable feature again
  • The avocado has brilliant elements and a border surrounding the skin
  • Austin brings the fuzzy belly back to life for one more round

Austin Avocado Squishmallow Cons

  • Squishmallow backpack clips are better suited for kids who travel with them
  • The fuzzy stomach washes down and changes the texture

Austin, the Medium Avocado Fuzz-A-Mallow

austin the medium avocado fuzz-a-mallow Austin Squishmallow stunned me with this brilliant, near-neon plush. The colors are exceptionally bright. Indeed, it’s an authentic Squishmallow. Austin turns his color scheme into a flashing radar you’ll see from space. Ironically, it fits his desire to explore other planets because no one will ever lose the guy.

  • Family: Fuzz-A-Mallow and Food Squads
  • Size: 8″
  • Type: Normal

Austin Avocado Fuzz-A-Mallow Pros

  • Austin, the avocado Fuzz-A-Mallow, is the brightest family member
  • Austin Squishmallow maintains his adorable eye depth and blushing cheeks
  • The avocado plush also has three unique dots on his back skin
  • The size would work for children and collectors who want a neon avocado Squishmallow

Austin Avocado Fuzz-A-Mallow Cons

  • Austin Squishmallow would stand out and look unoriginal among others
  • The fuzzy stomach always starts fading with many washes

Austin, the Sombrero Avocado Squishmallow

austin the sombrero avocado squishmallow Austin Squishmallow shows his fiesta roots with this plush because the Mexican sombrero represents a country that uses avocado a lot. The Mexicans introduced the tantalizing guacamole. So, it’s a subtle connection to Austin’s possible birth roots. In addition, the sombrero Austin Squishmallow is cute and full of attitude.

  • Family: Food and Fiesta Squads
  • Size: 7″
  • Type: Normal

Austin Avocado Squishmallow Pros

  • Austin, the sombrero avocado Squishmallow, is an adorable costume edition
  • Austin Squishmallow looks ultra-serious on this more miniature plush
  • The avocado has magnificent details, even without the extra depth
  • The sombrero is a part of Austin’s head, showing his roots

Austin Avocado Squishmallow Cons

  • The plush is slightly tiny for children who want cuddling choices
  • The sombrero can still come loose with many washes or too much handling

Austin, the Trapper Avocado Squishmallow

austin the trapper avocado squishmallow Austin Squishmallow ironically wears a trapper’s hat as part of the winter squad. My problem with this connection is that avocadoes are typically summer fruits. However, Austin’s trapper’s hat Squishmallow is beyond adorable. It’s my ultimate pick because of the style. So, I’ll forget the irony of this hat.

  • Family: Food and Winter Squads
  • Size: 8″
  • Type: Normal

Austin Avocado Squishmallow Pros

  • Austin, the trapper’s avocado Squishmallow, is the most adorable choice
  • Austin’s trapper’s hat has beautiful colors and patterns to add depth
  • The avocado has a fuzzy belly with a mature-styled face
  • I’d collect this Austin Squishmallow for its looks, and the size is perfect

Austin Avocado Squishmallow Cons

  • Austin Squishmallow’s belly will wash down and change the texture
  • Austin’s hat will cause issues with plenty of white parts

Austin, the Valentine’s Avocado Squishmallow

austin the valentine's avocado squishmallow Valentine’s Day brings many Squishmallow aboard the new team, adding new members each year. It’s brilliant because every fan loves different squads. So, each fan gets at least one adorable Valentine’s edition. Some Squishmallows wear costumes, and others enjoy holding cute items. Austin has his heart for the world.

Austin Avocado Squishmallow Pros

  • Austin, Valentine’s avocado Squishmallow, has a massive heart in his hands
  • Austin Squishmallow’s Valentine’s edition is unusual for being so tiny with a big heart
  • The avocado blushes and has a red mouth to match his heart
  • This version is better suited as a gift or a collector’s piece

Austin Avocado Squishmallow Cons

  • Austin Squishmallow’s texture feels weird on this little plush
  • Giving avocado arms is like putting them on a blackboard

Gideon, the Guacamole Squishmallow

gideon the guacamole squishmallow Gideon Squishmallow’s pick isn’t unusual or different from his original design. However, I picked it because Gideon is a unique boy from the start. He immediately fits into three teams and looks like he’s wearing a costume. Meanwhile, the sleepy eyes and colorful design make him look unusual as an avocado Squishmallow.

  • Family: Food, Sleepy, and Fiesta Squads
  • Size: 14″
  • Type: Normal

Gideon Avocado Squishmallow Pros

  • Gideon, the guacamole Squishmallow, is a triple team member
  • Gideon Squishmallow has beautiful colors and a weird tortilla chip on his head
  • The processed avocado Squishmallow represents another Mexican favorite
  • Gideon is perfect for kids who enjoy food squad members and plush cuddles

Gideon Avocado Squishmallow Cons

  • Gideon Squishmallow is slightly larger than a collectible plush
  • Gideon isn’t an avocado but fits into the family

Mireya, the Candied Bow Avocado Squishmallow

mireya the candied bow avocado squishmallow Mireya Squishmallow doesn’t have countless adorable plush types. Instead, she has a single variation that turns her bow from pink to a candy cane-color, making her belong to the Christmas family. However, I love that Mireya’s bow isn’t in your face or overwhelmingly holiday-themed. So, she would work for anyone.

  • Family: Christmas and Food Squads
  • Size: 7″
  • Type: Normal

Mireya Avocado Squishmallow Pros

  • Mireya, the avocado Squishmallow, is a pretty candy cane girl
  • Mireya Squishmallow subtly fits another squad but works for anyone
  • The girly avocado’s bow is pretty without an overwhelming change
  • Mireya’s facial features have beautiful details for a girly Squishmallow

Mireya Avocado Squishmallow Cons

  • Mireya should’ve been a larger size to be best friends with young girls
  • The avocado’s bow could also be a Mexican theme

Sinclair, the Avocado and Egg Toast Squishmallow

sinclair the avocado and egg toast squishmallow Sinclair Squishmallow is much like Gideon because they aren’t avocadoes. Instead, they’re variations of the famous summer fruit. It’s yummy! Meanwhile, I fell in love with this toasted avocado Squishmallow because it represents my family’s favorite breakfast. We enjoy avocado, egg, and cream cheese on warm toast.

  • Family: Food Squad
  • Size: 8″
  • Type: Normal

Sinclair Avocado Squishmallow Pros

  • Sinclair, the avocado egg toast Squishmallow, is a variation of the usual plush
  • Sinclair Squishmallow makes me feel hungry when seeing avocado and egg
  • The avocado toast plush loses the sprinkles and looks better
  • It’s a highly unusual food squad Squishmallow perfectly sized for collectors

Sinclair Avocado Squishmallow Cons

  • Children want larger Squishmallows to play with and cuddle
  • Some fans prefer Sinclair’s colorful sprinkles

Sinclair, the Clip-On Avocado Toast Squishmallow

sinclair the clip-on avocado toast squishmallow Sinclair Squishmallow looks incredible as a backpack clip because it gives him more shape. Meanwhile, Sinclair is Austin’s cousin, even though he has already become the avocado spread on toast. Indeed, Squishmallows don’t always make sense. However, things children love don’t always need to make sense.

  • Family: Food and Backpack Squads
  • Size: 3.5″
  • Type: Backpack Clip

Sinclair Avocado Squishmallow Pros

  • Sinclair, the avocado Squishmallow, is a tiny and cute version of himself
  • Children can carry Sinclair Squishmallow anywhere they desire
  • The Squishmallow backpack clips have improved texture compared to the five-inch plush
  • Sinclair’s face is adorable with a red mouth and sprinkled spices

Sinclair Avocado Squishmallow Cons

  • Sinclair Squishmallow’s backpack clip suits children better
  • Sinclair’s eyes have no depth or features

Sinclair, the Stackable Avocado Toast Squishmallow

sinclair the stackable avocado toast squishmallow Sinclair Squishmallow comes as one more unusual plush type. The stackable avocado toast Squishmallow is a massive salute to children who enjoy food squad members as pillow pals. However, Sinclair’s shape changes, making him look like an avocado on Rye bread more than a standard piece of toast.

  • Family: Jumbo, Food, and Stackable Squads
  • Size: 20″
  • Type: Stackable Squishmallow

Sinclair Stackable Squishmallow Pros

  • Sinclair, the stackable avocado Squishmallow, is an unusual shape
  • Sinclair Squishmallow is ideal for kids who enjoy jumbo plushies
  • The avocado Squishmallow looks like my favorite type of bread
  • The jumbo stackable Squishmallows are much softer and cuddlier than others

Sinclair Stackable Squishmallow Cons

  • Sinclair’s stackable Squishmallow is better for kids and not collectors
  • The jumbo Squishmallows are challenging to wash in a machine

Bonus: Famous Fruit Squad Alternatives

I’d love to share some alternative fruit squad Squishmallows to help you expand a food-inspired collection. I didn’t pick them with the same rules as my top avocado Squishmallows. However, I decided on each alternative for a reason, which I’ll share with the facts. So, see what these fruits have in common with avocadoes.

Judy, the Tangerine Squishmallow

judy the tangerine squishmallow What do tangerines and avocadoes have in common? Both fruits grow on trees and thrive in summer. My children enjoy tangerines as much as they love avocadoes. Meanwhile, many kids enjoy them as snacks. So, Judy Squishmallow is an alternative if you’re aiming for summer-inspired fruit that grows on trees.

Judy Squishmallow Pros

  • Judy, the tangerine Squishmallow, is an eight-inch collectible
  • Judy Squishmallow has beautiful orange colors and a gorgeous smile
  • Judy has an open mouth, blushing cheeks, and top leaves

Judy Squishmallow Cons

  • Judy isn’t ideal for kids who enjoy giant plushies
  • Judy’s colors undoubtedly make her stand out

Lena, the Guava Fruit Squishmallow

lena the guava fruit squishmallow So, what do guavas and avocadoes have in common? They grow on trees, are summer favorites, and have seeds to replant for future snacks. Meanwhile, Lena, the guava Squishmallow, looks like an avocado plush with similar borders. However, the eight-inch plush has a colorful interior with a blinking eye.

Lena Squishmallow Pros

  • Lena, the guava Squishmallow, is a fantastic summer fruit plush alternative
  • Lena Squishmallow has beautiful colors, features, and patterns
  • Lena’s girly face, smile, and eyes make her ideal for young fans

Lena Squishmallow Cons

  • Lena Squishmallow’s flower comes off with multiple washes
  • Lena’s belly is a pale pink color for guavas, making her hard to clean

Wanda, the Watermelon Squishmallow

wanda the watermelon squishmallow I’m sure you’re getting why I chose the fruit squad alternatives I did. Meanwhile, watermelon is a summer favorite for my kids, and the plush looks slightly similar to avocadoes. The eight-inch Wanda, the watermelon Squishmallow, will fit easily with avocado plush. However, her skin has different patterns from watermelons.

Wanda Squishmallow Pros

  • Wanda, the watermelon Squishmallow, can fit into an avocado collection
  • Wanda Squishmallow’s pretty face, seeds, and girly eyes are ideal for young fans
  • Wanda allows a similar color contrast matching avocado plush

Wanda Squishmallow Cons

  • Wanda Squishmallow isn’t an avocado or has similar colors in the front
  • Wanda undoubtedly suits girls more with her long eyelashes


Question: What Is the Biggest Avocado Squishmallow?

Answer: You’d think the famous Austin, the avocado Squishmallow, would come in a giant plush. However, his cousin has a larger size with fantastic pillow pal potential. Sinclair, the stackable avocado toast Squishmallow, is an enormous 20 inches tall and suits children who want squishy pillow pals.

Question: Which Avocado Squishmallow Is Rare?

Answer: Only one avocado Squishmallow is rare. I agree; it’s excellent news. Aubrey, the Avocado Squishmallow, is a Claire’s exclusive that the store doesn’t keep anymore. You can find the five-inch Aubrey Squishmallow and the 12-inch Aubrey Squishmallow from resellers on eBay.

Question: Which Avocado Squishmallows Are Discontinued?

Answer: Sadly, some avocado Squishmallows are already discontinued. However, you can still find them from resellers on eBay. Just be sure the seller guarantees the original tags on the plush. Here are some fantastic discontinued avocado Squishmallows I found:
Exclusive Mexican Avocado With Mustache Squishmallow
Large Austin, the Valentine’s Avocado Squishmallow
Limited-Edition Pug in Avocado Costume Squishmallow
Miniature Ava, the Justice Avocado Squishmallow

Best Avocado Squishmallow Guide: Conclusion

The best avocado Squishmallow guide contained some adorable plushies. You’d think the numbers would be limited with an avocado plush and few family members. However, keep using my tips to find more as they launch new editions for each name.

Meanwhile, collecting the food squad Squishmallows is fun for kids. I recommend buying Austin, the Trapper Avocado Squishmallow because the character is so much fun. Additionally, the plush is more gorgeous than others, and the trapper’s hat is highly unusual. Also, don’t wait for Austin’s special edition to disappear. Instead, buy him before he joins Aubrey and Ava avocado.

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