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Avery Squishmallow Guide: 16 Quackers

Welcome if you’re looking for every quacker, including the discontinued or rare duck plush toys. Would you like to read an Avery Squishmallow guide with a few picks, or would you prefer to meet all 30 versions of Avery Squishmallow? I’m a fellow Squishmallows collector who understands the obsession with one member.

My family also targets a few Squishmallow squad members to find every option available. We realized some squad members have dozens of choices. So, I’m not here to break your heart with a few best choices. Instead, I’m here to share every Avery Squishmallow that came, went, and still exists.

So, let the hunt begin, and let’s find Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow.

5-inch avery the mallard duck fuzz-a-mallow

Avery Squishmallows: Bottom Line Up Front

Avery Squishmallow is a cute boy with beautiful colors as a Mallard duck. He loves his farm squad family and friends, and I’ll open his world to see who lies inside. Furthermore, the duck with 30 Squishmallows earned fame through games, friendly banter, and the winning popsicles.

However, I’ll also show you how to avoid disappointment by buying authentic Avery Squishmallows. Fortunately, many of his discontinued Squishmallows are also available. Still, I’ll share them after showing you the 16 you should consider before they become discontinued.

My ultimate favorite among the 16 is the original 8″ Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow. Why, may you ask? I love Avery’s size as the most collectible choice for an extensive collection. In addition, I’m choosing the most original color scheme and design because Avery has many variations. Still, nothing beats originality.

Meanwhile, I also have a surprise for you before briefly sharing the missing Avery Squishmallows. But first, let’s learn more about the sporty, adventurous, and winning mindset of Avery, the Mallard Duck.

A Complete Guide to Avery Squishmallows

Mallard ducks are gorgeous animals in nature. They often sit on our balcony or fly over. So, my family is obsessed with them. Meanwhile, I’ll do Avery justice by discovering more about the duck, his fellow squad members, and how you can find authentic Squishmallows. Then, I reveal how I share the 16 quackers.

Let’s Meet Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow

Avery is a beautiful brown, green, and tan Mallard duck from the adventure and farm squads. He has a bright yellow beak against the emerald green head, and his body can come in two different color contrasts. Avery’s wings are typically fuzzy on most of his plush, and his black eyes primarily have white borders.

Meanwhile, Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow, has many stories to tell. Avery is a sporty, adventurous, and family-orientated duck. He plays the left wing on a rugby team similar to American Football. In addition, his family is ultra-supportive, always bringing popsicles to the game to celebrate his wins.

Avery’s secondary squad doesn’t feature much. However, the farm squad often welcomes Avery to the multi-packs at Costco and other stores. Some of Avery’s friends from the farm squad include:

  • Brisby, the Horse Squishmallow
  • Gregory, the Goat Squishmallow
  • Jason, the Donkey Squishmallow
  • Petra, the Pig Squishmallow
  • Rosie, the Pig Squishmallow

Furthermore, you’ll find Avery Squishmallow in multiple packs with secondary farm squad members. However, you’ll more likely see him with the five main characters. I won’t include multi-packs because they typically have a five-inch Avery Squishmallow, which comes as a standalone plush.

8-inch avery the stackable mallard duck squishmallow

Buying Tips for Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow

Unfortunately, untrusted stores and unlicensed products won’t do Avery Squishmallow justice. So instead, my buying tip is to direct you to the best stores to find the authentic versions of Avery. Some stores like Costco, Walgreens, and Target stock authentic Avery Squishmallows. However, they don’t have stock for now.

Meanwhile, these stores have original, licensed, and trustworthy Avery Squishmallow stock:

However, my second tip is to add Avery Squishmallow to your in-search-of (ISO) notifications on Squish Alert, the personal Squishmallow shopper. You’ll receive notifications as soon as Avery returns to stock or when new versions launch at any stores you select. It’s the best way to hunt Avery Squishmallows.

Avery: Which Ducks Are Worth Sharing?

I’m unwilling to break your obsessive or passionate heart over Avery Squishmallows. The upcoming variations should still be available from trusted stores like Squishmallows, Walmart, and the official Amazon outlet. So, my selection for which Avery Squishmallows I’ll share is simple.

Meanwhile, I promised all 30 Avery Squishmallows. So, I’ll include examples of the discontinued plushies later.

Avery Squishmallow Guide: Beautiful Mallards

So, let’s finally dive into the 16 Avery Squishmallows you’ll find in stores before they vanish among the discontinued variations. In addition, let’s see how many squads you can count because Avery loves visiting other groups as a guest member. Finally, I’ll share the best and worst facts about each Avery plush.

2-Inch Avery, the Squishville Mallard Duck Squishmallow

2-inch avery the squishville mallard duck squishmallow

The tiniest version of Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow, will blow you away with his adventurous spirit. Avery’s Squishville member is a miniature plush with an ultra-soft touch and a bigger heart. I’m surprised the tiny plush can hold Avery’s massive passion. However, it’s an incredible find from the Squishville squad.

  • Squads: Mini, Farm, Adventure, and Squishville Squads

2″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The Avery Squishville plush is tiny and gorgeous
  • It feels ultra-soft and looks fuzzier than normal
  • Two-inch Squishmallows allow you to collect plenty of them

2″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • It’s also easy to lose tiny Squishmallows
  • The Squishville plush isn’t suitable for kids under three

4-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow Ornament with Christmas Hat

4-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow Ornament with Christmas Hat

The first time you encounter Avery Squishmallow with a checkered hat is as a miniature Christmas ornament. There isn’t much difference with the upcoming Christmas hat Avery Squishmallow. However, you can hang this little duck on your tree. He’s a gorgeous Christmas ornament addition, so I’m adding him to another squad.

  • Squads: Farm, Adventure, and Christmas Squads

4″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The Avery Christmas Ornament Squishmallow welcomes a new squad
  • Avery Squishmallow’s checkered-style trapper’s hat is cute
  • The Mallard Duck feels ultra-soft as a tiny plush

4″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • Christmas ornaments go away after the holidays
  • This Squishmallow size is simple to lose

5-Inch Avery Daska, the Easter Mallard Duck Squishmallow

5-inch avery daska, the easter mallard duck squishmallow

Avery Squishmallow changes his appearance entirely with the Easter-themed, bunny-styled plushies. Indeed, he comes in more than one size with bunny ears. Avery Squishmallow with bunny ears is a salute to the Easter holidays, and he turns pastel blue. The emerald green vanishes for a memorable holiday edition.

  • Squads: Farm, Adventure, and Easter Squads

5″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The Avery Squishmallow with bunny ears is a different color
  • Avery Squishmallow’s size is ideal for extensive collections
  • Avery has massive ears and a super fuzzy belly

5″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • Avery will be harder to clean with the pale blue head
  • Holiday-themed Squishmallows don’t feel right all-year

7-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow With Checkered Hat

7-inch avery, the mallard duck squishmallow with checkered hat

Avery Squishmallow returns with his adorable trapper’s hat and checkered pattern as another Christmas-themed plush in a seven-inch variant. My ideal size is eight inches as a collector. So, Avery Squishmallow is nearing my perfect choice. However, my favorite Avery had alternative advantages.

  • Squads: Farm, Christmas, and Adventure Squads

7″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The Avery Squishmallow with a hat looks like a hunting duck
  • Avery’s hat lining is super fuzzy, and he seems adorably cheeky
  • The size is suitable for collectors and kids starting an Avery collection

7″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • The white hat lining gets dirty fast
  • Avery’s eyes look mischievous in this plush

7.5-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow

7.5-inch avery the mallard duck squishmallow

Avery Squishmallow has various plain plushies without accessories, hats, or holiday themes. The plain Avery Squishmallows are must-haves for die-hard collectors, and this size is the first option. It’s a near-perfect collectible Squishmallow showing Avery’s bright green head with his tan belly and brown body.

  • Squads: Adventure and Farm Squads

7.5″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • Collectors must own the plain Avery Squishmallows
  • Avery’s design is 100% authentic and original to his first release
  • Nothing looks better than Avery Squishmallow’s actual colors

7.5″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • The size falls slightly short of my wishlist
  • The white ring around Avery’s neck is difficult to clean

8-Inch Avery Daska, the Easter Mallard Duck Squishmallow

8-inch avery daska, the easter mallard duck squishmallow

Avery comes in a second Easter edition size if you love the pale blue Mallard Duck instead. However, Avery’s blue head is brighter with each size he grows. Meanwhile, the bright blue head allows the white bunny ears to stand out more. So, this Avery Squishmallow is perfect for easter bunny fans.

  • Squads: Adventure, Farm, and Easter Squads

8″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The Avery Squishmallow with bunny ears has a brighter head
  • Avery’s bunny ears are more prominent on this size plush
  • Eight-inch Avery Squishmallow are collectible, but the Easter theme appeals to kids

8″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • The Easter theme is unoriginal and appeals more to children
  • Avery’s white bunny ears get dirty too fast

8-Inch Avery, the Inverted Mallard Duck Squishmallow

8-inch avery the inverted mallard duck squishmallow

Avery Squishmallow’s next eight-inch plush will fool you into thinking he’s the original. Yet, he isn’t original in color. Some Avery Squishmallows invert the brown and tan colors, making his stomach darker than his body. It’s an excellent trick to give you more variety with Avery because he’s such a famous duck.

  • Squads: Adventure and Farm Squads

8″ Reversed Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The Avery Squishmallow has reversed color schemes
  • Avery adds one more collectible eight-inch Squishmallow
  • Some fans love the reversed colors because of added variety

8″ Reversed Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • I love Avery’s original color scheme much more
  • Avery doesn’t have a fuzzy stomach with reversed colors

8-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow

8-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow

I always choose the most unusual, unique, and obscene Squishmallows for my favorite squad members. So, I decided to change direction today, selecting the must-own Avery Squishmallow among the 30 options. Nothing will beat the most original Squishmallow, and this is Avery’s first release and most common variant.

  • Squads: Farm and Adventure Squads

8″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The eight-inch Avery Squishmallow is the one you must own
  • Avery’s colors are perfect, and his details are original
  • He has a beautiful chocolate brown and tan contrast

8″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • Some fans prefer the most unusual options
  • Avery Squishmallow looks plump as the original Mallard Duck

8-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow with Trapper Hat

8-inch avery, the mallard duck squishmallow with trapper hat

Avery Squishmallow is sporty, adventurous, and likes everything that brings kicks. However, the trapper’s hat Avery Squishmallow is likely the most ironic because it looks like he’s duck-hunting. I don’t think Squishmallows thought this plush through nicely. Still, it gives you another variant to collect for Avery, the Mallard Duck.

  • Squads: Adventure and Farm Squads

8″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The Avery Squishmallow with the trapper’s hat looks ironic but cute
  • It also looks like Avery touched something he shouldn’t have
  • This variant makes Avery look sportier and more adventurous

8″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • Fans confuse the Avery Squishmallow with trapper’s hat with the upcoming Santa hat
  • Avery’s irony with this plush is beyond me

10-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow

10-inch avery the mallard duck squishmallow

Avery Squishmallow grows and looks bulkier with his more significant sizes. However, children undoubtedly love larger Mallard Duck Squishmallows. Kids can more easily cuddle with bigger Squishmallows before bedtime. So, every size for Avery is worth something to some fans, depending on the purpose.

  • Squads: Adventure and Farm Squads

10″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The 10″ Avery Squishmallow is adorably round and cuddly
  • Avery’s emerald green head and bright yellow beak are noticeable
  • Children enjoy bedtime snuggling with larger Squishmallows

10″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • The 10″ Avery Squishmallow challenges a more extensive collection
  • Avery looks adorable but also pretty round

10-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow With Santa Hat

10-inch avery the mallard duck squishmallow with santa hat

So, I mentioned how the trapper’s and Christmas hats look similar. They look precisely the same. However, Avery Squishmallow came with a trapper’s hat as an unusual release. In contrast, this Avery Squishmallow launched as a Christmas-themed squad member. So, they look similar but represent different things.

  • Squads: Farm, Adventure, and Christmas Squads

10″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The 10″ Avery Squishmallow with Santa hat is fun and cute
  • The cap doesn’t look like a traditional Santa choice, making him more versatile
  • Avery Squishmallow’s colors and details are bright and brilliant

10″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • Some fans will still confuse the two hats
  • Unfortunately, the hats look the same

12-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow

12-inch avery, the mallard duck squishmallow

Admittedly, Avery Squishmallows look more adorable with each plumped growth. So, I wouldn’t say I’m mad about more extensive sizes, but they make Avery look cute in a child’s bedroom. My daughter once had a 12-inch Squishmallow that traveled everywhere. So, they also make travel companions in larger cars.

  • Squads: Adventure and Farm Squads

12″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The 12″ Avery Squishmallow is adorably oversized
  • Larger Squishmallows allow kids to enjoy them more
  • Avery Squishmallow’s details remain excellent with each size

12″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • Avery Squishmallow is beyond the extensive collection range
  • The larger Squishmallows also aren’t easy to keep clean

12-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow with Orange Hat

12-inch avery the mallard duck squishmallow with orange hat

Avery Squishmallow is ready to embrace the coming snow, dressed as warmly as possible. Squishmallows chose to launch a new Avery in 2022, and he came with an orange hat that looks like a warm beanie. So, it makes Avery Squishmallow fit into another new team, the winter squad.

  • Squads: Adventure, Farm, and Winter Squads

12″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The Avery Squishmallow with a beanie is a winter squad member
  • Avery Squishmallow adopts a new face with tired eyes (appealing to some fans)
  • Avery has another ultra-cuddly size for young fans to enjoy

12″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • Avery’s sleepy eyes don’t impress me
  • The duck’s personality and tired eyes don’t match nicely

14-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck HugMee

14-inch avery, the mallard duck hugmee

Finally, the 14-inch Avery Squishmallow joins the HugMee squad. I enjoy the HugMee Squishmallows because they’re easier for kids to cuddle and look like real-life animals. In addition, Avery finally gains webbed feet to match his duck personality. Meanwhile, this HugMee is the only available one in stores.

  • Squads: Farm, Adventure, and HugMee Squads

14″ Avery HugMee Pros

  • The Avery HugMee is the last size available, as others are discontinued
  • Avery’s HugMee is beyond cute, with bigger wings and feet
  • Children will love taking this Avery Squishmallow everywhere

14″ Avery HugMee Cons

  • The Avery HugMee is more prominent than I desire for my collection
  • The massive white stomach is a nightmare to clean

14-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishdoo

14-inch avery the mallard duck squishdoo

Another 14-inch Avery Squishmallow comes from a unique and newer squad, the one that makes every animal look like it has an insane hairstyle. The Squishdoo squad welcomed Avery twice. I prefer the punk-rocker hairstyle to this one. Still, this Avery Squishdoo is the one available in stores, and it looks impressive.

  • Squads: Adventure, Farm, and Squishdoo Squads

14″ Avery Squishdoo Pros

  • The Avery Squishdoo has an insane hairstyle or hat that looks like ice cream
  • The shimmering hairband and tie-dye colors add new features to Avery
  • Avery’s size and design are appealing to younger fans

14″ Avery Squishdoo Cons

  • I still prefer the upcoming Avery Squishdoo
  • The size doesn’t fit into my massive collection

16-Inch Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow

16-inch avery, the mallard duck squishmallow

Avery Squishmallow has a gigantic plush. However, finding Avery’s giant plush means turning to resellers. So, the store’s enormous and final salute is the 16-inch Avery Squishmallow. Meanwhile, other variations of the 16-inch plush exist, but I’ll share them later. Hopefully, Avery will come as another giant or jumbo plush soon.

  • Squads: Farm and Adventure Squads

16″ Avery Squishmallow Pros

  • The 16″ Avery Squishmallow is the largest in stores
  • Avery’s size welcomes younger fans to go wild with him
  • Avery Squishmallow’s large plush has beautiful and bright features

16″ Avery Squishmallow Cons

  • The size goes way beyond my preferences
  • Avery’s stomach nearly matches the ring around his neck

Bonus: Alternative Duck Squishmallows

I have one more treat before sharing the remainder of Avery’s Squishmallows. I have three gorgeous alternatives for Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow. Two are well-known among fans; the last is a surprise, and the other is a new farm squad member. So, you’ll have more than enough ducks around.

Disney’s Daisy, the Duck Squishmallow

disney's daisy the duck squishmallow

Daisy Duck’s Squishmallows are incredible additions or alternatives for Avery. Most children love Disney character Squishmallows, and collectors can scoop up the five-inch Daisy Squishmallow in a larger display. Meanwhile, Daisy’s outfit could use more work, but her bow and beak are perfect.

  • Squads: Farm, Adventure, and Disney Squads

Daisy Squishmallow Pros

  • Daisy Squishmallow is a famous Disney squad member
  • She’s a collectible size and a children’s favorite character
  • Daisy Squishmallow has adorable details

Daisy Squishmallow Cons

  • The price is heavy for the Squishmallow’s size
  • Daisy Squishmallow is too white to keep clean

Disney’s Donald the Duck Squishmallow

disney's donald the duck squishmallow

Donald Duck’s Squishmallow is more famous than Daisy’s because the duck always makes children laugh. Meanwhile, his outfit looks much better than Daisy Squishmallow’s. It seems accurate for the character, and his colors are brighter. In addition, Donald’s Squishmallows comes in a collectible size.

  • Squads: Adventure, Farm, and Disney Squads

Donald Squishmallow Pros

  • Donald Duck’s Squishmallow is perfect for Disney fans
  • Collectors can go wild with the size
  • Donald’s features are far better than the last duck

Donald Squishmallow Cons

  • Donald Duck also has too much white to keep clean
  • Donald’s bow should be raised like the beak

Sammy, the Yellow Duck Squishmallow

sammy the yellow duck squishmallow

Sammy, the yellow duck Squishmallow, is a relatively new addition to the farm squad. However, she would look gorgeous among Avery Squishmallows or as an alternative for children who want brighter plushies. Sammy Squishmallow’s 16-inch size makes her the ideal friend for young fans.

  • Squads: Adventure, Farm, and Food Squads

Sammy Squishmallow Pros

  • The Sammy Squishmallow is more yellow than an egg yolk
  • She looks adorable holding a fork, ready to eat
  • Sammy’s Squishmallow is a new and cuddly friend for kids

Sammy Squishmallow Cons

  • The all-yellow design will become a washing nightmare
  • Sammy Squishmallow’s eyes look unusual for the brand


Question: Is Avery, the Mallard Duck, a Rare Squishmallow?

Answer: No, Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow, is widely available in most of his sizes. However, the two larger-sized Squishmallows have become rare. Firstly, the 18″ Avery, the Mallard Duck HugMee, is hard to find. Meanwhile, the 24″ Avery, the Giant Mallard Duck Squishmallow, was an ultra-rare Canadian Exclusive plush.

Question: In Which Squad Is Avery Squishmallow?

Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t pin Avery Squishmallow to one squad. Firstly, he belongs to two primary teams: adventure and farm. Secondly, he has over 30 variations that put him in multiple squads. Finally, Avery Squishmallow belongs to Fuzz-A-Mallows, HugMees, Christmas, Easter, and stackable squads, to name a few.

Avery Squishmallow Guide: Conclusion

Avery Squishmallow undoubtedly travels the minds of every duck or farm animal fanatic. Otherwise, Squishmallows would never launch 30 versions of Avery Squishmallow ducks. The Mallard Duck deserves his adventurous spirit for traveling far and wide. Meanwhile, you know more about and where to buy him.

In addition, you have the 16 Avery Squishmallows to hunt before they become discontinued. Therefore, I recommend buying them quickly to avoid disappointment. Moreover, I recommend the 8″ Avery, the Mallard Duck Squishmallow, as the main duck that belongs to every collection and fan.

So, don’t wait around for more Avery Squishmallows. Instead, grab them before they’re gone.

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