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Best Bear Squishmallows Guide

Bear Squishmallows allow collectors and fans to enjoy a traditional form of plush. My family and I always look for the best in class for every Squishmallow squad, often finding plush families we’d love to collect. The best bear Squishmallows guide opened our plush toys‘ passion to new frontiers with a classic touch.

Bear Squishmallows are the closest thing you’ll find to iconic teddy bears. Meanwhile, the roaring fun of searching for every bear squad member is beyond explanation. You’ll have to see the adventure for yourself. So, welcome to my family’s incredible selection among the over 20 bear Squishmallows.

squishmallow omar brown bear

Best Bear Squishmallows: Bottom Line Up Front

Bear Squishmallows take me back to my childhood when my bedroom was full of teddy bears, Build-A-Bear, and Wellington bears. It’s a touch of classic combined with a modern collectible brand. In addition, Squishmallows feel much cuddlier and suit younger fans more.

However, it helps to meet the entire bear Squishmallow family first. I’ll share tips to distinguish one brown bear from another before sharing the names of rare and discontinued plushies. But there’s more! Depending on a few criteria, I’ll also share the best of every bear Squishmallow still available in stores.

So, I hope you’re ready to meet a fantastic family of Squishmallows. But first, let me share my ultimate choice. Brooke, the Polar Bear Squishmallow, is my favorite pick. I usually go for the most insane option, but Brooke takes the North Pole to a new level by looking like she’s going on a skiing adventure.

So, Brooke earns my ironic plush respect. Meanwhile, glance at a few more favorites before entering the complete guide to bear Squishmallows.

A Glance at Some of the Best Bear Squishmallows

  1. Braven, the Nutcracker Bear Squishmallow, reminds me of Christmas and theater, two things my family love. So, he wins for that reason.
  2. Brownie, the Bear HugMee Squishmallow, is a favorite because he reminds me of a Wellington bear. He has dark colors and a HugMee shape.
  3. Len, the Frankenstein Bear Squishmallow, is my favorite costume pick because the poor bear looks like Frankenstein. So, he wins me over.
  4. Marley, the Rainbow Bear Squishmallow, wins for her gorgeous pattern that looks like heart stamps. It’s highly unusual among Squishmallows.
  5. Misko, the Water Bear Squishmallow, is the most unusual bear Squishmallow of all because he’s a unique type of bear. You won’t find another like him.

A Complete Guide to the Best Bear Squishmallows

Bear Squishmallows are another joy to collect, but it helps to know who you must find first. So, let me introduce the famous bear Squishmallows you’ll find in many stores. Then, I’ll share tips on expanding the bear Squishmallow collection to its maximum potential before showing how I selected my favorites.

Meet the Bear Squishmallows

The bear Squishmallow family is vast, with over 20 primary members. Even worse, many bear Squishmallows are similar colors and could confuse fans. So, let me introduce the brown and tan bear Squishmallows that have everyone wondering who they collected. Then, I’ll introduce the others and similar designs together.

The Brown and Tan Bear Squishmallows

Many bears have brown or tan colors. So, you’ll have to focus on the slight differences between them. Fortunately, some brown bear Squishmallows have more noticeable differences. However, some are merely a different shade of brown. So, here are quick notes on the slight differences:

  • Baron, the Bear Squishmallow, has a chocolate-brown body with slightly lighter brown accents. Baron also has a golden brown and round snout with circular eyes.
  • Blake B, the Bear Squishmallow, has a similar color to Baron, but his accents are tan-colored. In addition, Blake’s snout is long and narrows between his round eyes.
  • Brownie, the Bear Squishmallow, is dark brown with tan accents and looks like a HugMee.
  • Goldie, the Bear Squishmallow, easily stands out with the golden writing on his belly. He also has a white muzzle and matching inner ears with round eyes.
  • Greta, the Bear Squishmallow, stands out with a chocolate brown body with tan accents and a highly detailed muzzle. A border surrounds the muzzle, and you can see her mouth underneath the round eyes.
  • Hilary, the Bear Squishmallow, doesn’t need much detail because she wears an inspirational or kind message costume.
  • Kofi, the Bear Squishmallow, is another brown and tan plush. However, you’ll recognize his various ensembles, like the blue Hannakuh outfit.
  • Omar, the Bear Squishmallow, is a popular boy with many variants. However, Omar has one dead giveaway on his chocolate brown and tan body: the two pink blushing cheeks. No other brown bear has blushing cheeks.

omar squishmallow

Meet the Rest of the Bear Squishmallow Family

Fortunately, the rest of the bear Squishmallow family has noticeable differences. So, let me share simple appearance features you’ll notice with each bear. However, I won’t share the upcoming bear Squishmallows with non-brown colors because you’ll see what they look like as they come.

Meanwhile, here are the bear Squishmallows I haven’t included in my top picks because they’re not in stock now:

  • Belinda, the Bear Squishmallow, is bright teal with hearts and comes as a HugMee.
  • Belton, the Bear Squishmallow, is luminous yellow with lemon-styled ears and pink cheeks.
  • Bliss, the Bear Squishmallow, is mint-green with pink cheeks and tired eyes.
  • Celeste, the Bear Squishmallow, is ocean blue and looks like a HugMee.
  • Jonessa, the Bear Squishmallow, has a white belly, a purple tie-dye body, and big eyelashes.
  • Molly, the Bear Squishmallow, is hot pink with hearts and looks like a HugMee.
  • Shellie, the Bear Squishmallow, is styled like a Mexican skeleton with black and purple contrasts.
  • Thekla, the Bear Squishmallow, is gray with a white muzzle, belly, and inner ears.

How I Found the Best Bear Squishmallows

The best bear Squishmallows take careful consideration because some names have multiple options. The best variant might be an exclusive or unusual plush type or the only variant available for the current bear Squishmallow. So, I’ll stick to the bears still available in stores before choosing the best variant.

Best Bear Squishmallows Guide: Roaring Choices

Bear Squishmallows take me back to my childhood. My bedroom was overwhelmed with teddy bears because my mom was a toy hoarder. Of course, I didn’t mind because I was a kid. However, I teach my children only to find the best Squishmallows that deserve to be collected. So, let’s meet the bears that won my attention.

Baron, the Honey Bear Squishmallow

baron the honey bear squishmallow

Baron Squishmallow is an adorable bear that reminds me of his squad mate, Winnie the Pooh. He loves honey and carries a particular honeypot in this Squishmallow version. Meanwhile, you’ll find other variants for Baron, including multiple sizes of standard plush without accessories. However, this is the most adorable Baron plush.

  • Squads: Wildlife and Accessory Squads
  • Size: 14″

Baron Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Baron Squishmallow carries a honeypot as a special surprise
  • Baron is a friendly-looking bear with a sweet tooth
  • He makes an ideal bedtime friend for kids who enjoy larger Squishmallows

Baron Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Baron’s Squishmallows often get mixed up with the discontinued Blake B.
  • Baron’s size doesn’t make him collectible, as he takes up a lot of room

Braven, the Nutcracker Bear Squishmallow

braven the nutcracker bear squishmallow

Braven is a 2022 Squishmallow bear that only comes in one version. The light tan bear Squishmallow in a nutcracker costume makes him a special boy from the start. In addition, he has an adorable muzzle with big, round eyes. However, I won’t complain about Braven’s holiday-themed nutcracker personality.

  • Squads: Wildlife, Christmas, and Holiday Squads
  • Size: 8″

Braven Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Braven Squishmallow is a cute costume plush with a Christmas-theme
  • Braven’s outfit and lighter colors make him stand out from other brown bears
  • The costume’s details are exquisite, and it’s a collectible size

Braven Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Braven only has one variant for now
  • Braven and Kofi are easy to confuse (you’ll meet him soon)

Bristle, the Bear HugMee Squishmallow

bristle the bear hugmee squishmallow

Bristle is another beautiful bear Squishmallow that wows you with her holiday-themed version. You’ll find regular Squishmallows for Bristle, with those light tan contrasts and detailed eyes. However, this variation allows children to enjoy cuddling more with the plush. HugMees also look more like real-life animals.

  • Squads: HugMee, Christmas, Holiday, and Wildlife Squads
  • Size: 14″

Bristle Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Bristle Squishmallow has a lot to offer as a HugMee with multiple squads
  • Bristle wears an adorable scarf with a belly letter and Christmas decorations
  • She’d make a perfect buddy for kids at bedtime

Bristle Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Bristle’s type and size don’t suit collectors
  • Bristle’s other variants are plain

Brooke, the Polar Bear Squishmallow

brooke the polar bear squishmallow

Have you ever imagined a polar bear skiing down the Swiss Alps? I haven’t guessed it, either. However, I can’t stop thinking about Brooke skiing on those slopes now. The snow-white bear Squishmallow with fuzzy paws is incredible. In addition, you’ll find Brooke in various sizes and versions without a costume.

  • Squads: Wildlife, Costume, and Zoo Squads
  • Size: 8″

Brooke Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Brooke Squishmallow looks ironically adorable and funny
  • Brooke is an incredible collector’s piece and the perfect size
  • Brooke’s shimmering goggles and costume add attitude

Brooke Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Children want giant plushies to cuddle at bedtime
  • White Squishmallows can be challenging to wash

Brownie, the Bear HugMee Squishmallow

brownie the bear hugmee squishmallow

Brownie Squishmallow’s name makes me feel like the matching treat. Meanwhile, Brownie is the darkest of bear Squishmallows with noticeably tan accents. Furthermore, you’ll only find him in the HugMee range for now. Hopefully, Brownie will bring more variants soon because he looks like a traditional Wellington bear.

  • Squads: HugMee, Wildlife, Holiday, and Christmas Squads
  • Size: 14″

Brownie Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Brownie Squishmallow sounds and looks delectable
  • Brownie’s HugMee shape makes him ideal for children and bedtime cuddles
  • He has a cute scarf, letter, and Santa hat picture

Brownie Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Squishmallows should’ve put the Santa hat on Brownie’s head
  • HugMee bears aren’t collectible because they’re too big

Goldie, the Exclusive Bear Squishmallow

goldie the exclusive bear squishmallow

Goldie is an unusual boy with one version. However, the golden-colored Squishmallow bear is a celebration exclusive to the Cedar Point stores. Goldie’s eyes are profound, nearly like a wise old bear in the wild. In addition, the exclusive part makes him more collectible and desirable. I hope to see more of the golden bear.

  • Squads: Wildlife and Celebration Squads
  • Size: 12″

Goldie Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Goldie Squishmallow has a near-golden color and a special message
  • Exclusive bears are more collectible (even if the size is wrong)
  • Goldie is a gorgeous bear with cuddle potential for kids

Goldie Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Goldie Squishmallow is too large for my collections
  • The Squishmallow celebrates a store’s 150th anniversary

Greta, the Fuzzy Brown Bear Squishmallow

greta the fuzzy brown bear squishmallow

Greta, the Brown Bear Squishmallow, is a unique girl with a fuzzy belly. It doesn’t put her in the Fuzz-A-Mallow squad, but she feels softer than silk. In addition, Greta once had many variants but only has this one left for now. I love adding near-gone Squishmallows to my collection, and she’s the perfect size to fit in with others.

  • Squads: Wildlife and Zoo Squads
  • Size: 5″

Greta Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Greta Squishmallow is an adorably soft plush
  • Greta also has a traditional vibe with old teddy bears
  • Her stomach is ultra-soft and her face inviting

Greta Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Children prefer larger bear Squishmallows
  • Greta will soon become a challenging find

Hilary, the Kind Bear Squishmallow

kind people are my kind of people

Hilary is another unique girl with a single Squishmallow. She only spreads kindness with her costume message. In addition, Hilary is a girl with dramatic eyelashes and a pink outfit. The contrast between the brown and tan is also perfect, making her look more like a bear than most Squishmallows.

  • Squads: Wildlife and Kindness Squads
  • Size: 8″

Hilary Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Hilary Squishmallow wants everyone to be kind to each other
  • “Be Kind” Squishmallows have lessons for children to learn
  • Hilary Squishmallow is the ideal size for collections

Hilary Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Unfortunately, she only has one variant
  • Hilary’s costume looks weird because you don’t know what it is

Kofi, the Hannukah Bear Squishmallow

kofi the hannukah bear squishmallow

Kofi is Braven’s closest bear Squishmallow cousin. The two bear Squishmallows wear costumes with similar details and colors. So it’s easy to confuse them. However, Kofi is a limited-edition Hannukah bear Squishmallow. Not many Hannukah versions of Squishmallows exist. So, Kofi is ultra-special.

  • Squads: Wildlife, Costume, and Holiday Squads
  • Size: 7.5″

Kofi Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Kofi is a unique and collectible bear Squishmallow
  • Kofi’s outfit perfectly captures Hannukah as a holiday theme
  • He finally brings a Jewish holiday to life

Kofi Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Other religions might not want Kofi in their collections (same with Christmas plush)
  • Kofi doesn’t have another version and will become rare

Len, the Frankenstein Bear Squishmallow

len the frankenstein bear squishmallow

Len, the Frankenstein bear Squishmallow, is unique for obvious reasons. The poor little bear turned into the Halloween squad’s Frankenstein. However, he wears the monster like a beast, with pride and an adorable attitude. So, Len is welcome to join my collection as a Halloween or bear Squishmallow.

  • Squads: Monster, Wildlife, Costume, and Halloween Squads
  • Size: 8″

Len Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Len Squishmallow is unique and bright for collectors
  • The Frankenstein bear Squishmallow has gorgeous details
  • He would make an excellent friend for kids on Halloween

Len Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Sadly, Len will become rare once he sells out
  • Some kids don’t love the idea of Frankenstein plush

Marley, the Rainbow Bear Squishmallow

marley the rainbow bear squishmallow

Marley brought thoughts of that sad movie to mind when I found her squad name. However, seeing her replaced all the sadness with absolute joy and passion. Marley has the cutest design with a heart-shaped pattern to wiggle her way into your heart. In addition, she’s a Claire’s exclusive with a single variant.

  • Squads: Wildlife and Fantasy Squads
  • Size: 5″

Marley Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Marley Squishmallow will melt your heart with her rainbow pattern
  • Marley is a collectible size and exclusive from Claire’s
  • She would make an impressive gift for any fan

Marley Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Marley will become rare because she’s unique and exclusive
  • Marley’s size isn’t the best for kids

Misko, the Water Bear Squishmallow

misko the water bear squishmallow

Did you know water bears are bugs? Still, Misko Squishmallow is a part of the bear family and wildlife squads. He’s the most unusual “bear” you’ll ever see from Squishmallows, including his six paws with tiny claws. Meanwhile, Misko looks like he belongs in the sealife squad with seals and seahorses.

  • Squads: Wildlife and Bug Squad
  • Size: 8″

Misko Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Misko Squishmallow is the most unusual bear in the squad
  • Misko makes a fantastic collectible by size and uniqueness
  • He can teach children about new bugs

Misko Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • The water bear bug that inspires Misko is gross
  • Water bears aren’t technically related to bears or polar bears

Omar, the Spring Bear Squishmallow

omar the spring bear squishmallow

Omar is one of the most famous bear Squishmallows, and you’ll find various sizes and types. However, Omar’s latest Spring Edition Squishmallow is cute and sassy. The only brown bear Squishmallow with pink cheeks will encourage you to revisit the gym with his adorable outfit and headband. Are you ready for spring?

  • Squads: Wildlife, Costume, and Spring Squads
  • Size: 8″

Omar Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Omar Squishmallow is collectible because he has many variants
  • The size also makes him desirable, and the outfit is beyond cute
  • The “Hustle for the Muscle” message is perfect

Omar Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Omar is a typical bear Squishmallow and not unique
  • Omar’s outfit colors nearly look like a candy bar

Paislee, the Unicorn Bear HugMee Squishmallow

original squishmallows kellytoy paislee hug mees 2021 christmas bear

Paislee would undoubtedly be my daughter’s first choice because she believes slapping a unicorn horn on any animal looks good. Meanwhile, Paislee impresses me for fitting into many squads and looking cute as a winter-themed Squishmallow bear. It’s ironic because bears hibernate in winter. However, Paislee is ultra-special.

  • Squads: Fantasy, Wildlife, Zoo, Holiday, and Christmas Squads
  • Size: 14″

Paislee Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Paislee Squishmallow fits into more teams than most bears
  • Paislee’s style, colors, details, and hat look fantastic
  • Paislee would make an ideal gift for young girls with unicorn dreams

Paislee Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Paislee Squishmallow combines too many squads for some fans
  • She’s a limited holiday edition that might become rare

Rider, the Blue Bear Squishmallow

squishmallows ryder the blue bear plush cedar point

Rider is unique because he’s the only bright blue bear Squishmallow. I enjoy any outstanding quality Squishmallows because I’m less likely to collect regular plushies. So, I have something in common with Rider. We both stand out from the crowd. He’s blue, and I’m a Squishmallow collector who wants the unusual ones.

  • Squads: Wildlife, Cedar Point, and Zoo Squads
  • Size: 12″

Rider Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Rider Squishmallow is bright, royal blue with brilliant features
  • Rider is also exclusive to Cedar Point, without the celebration belly
  • His deep red inner ears pop against the blue background

Rider Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Rider Squishmallow is larger than the plushies I add to collections
  • The Cedar Point stomach puts some fans off of Rider

Tula, the Tie-Dye Bear Squishmallow

Tula, the Tie-Dye Bear Squishmallow

Tula Squishmallow has an exciting name beyond her brilliant rainbow and tie-dye colors. Tula is a typical South African word meaning hush. It’s a gentle way of telling someone to hush. It has no negative connotations. So, it’s a familiar word South African moms tell babies and toddlers when lulling them to sleep.

  • Squads: Wildlife and Fantasy Squads
  • Size: 8″

Tula Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Tula Squishmallow is mesmerizing in name and patterns
  • Tula would make an adorable and brightly colored friend for kids
  • She also comes in sizes suitable for collections

Tula Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Tula Squishmallow’s color looks slightly faded
  • She only has a blue and pink blend

Winnie, the Pooh Bear Squishmallow

squishmallows disney winnie the pooh

Winnie, the Pooh Squishmallow, is a well-known and much-loved character. Every child knows the Disney superstar and his friends. However, Winnie is also a honey-obsessed bear. So, he fits perfectly into the Wildlife squad. In addition, you’ll find the famous Disney Squishmallow in two more sizes.

  • Squads: Fantasy, Wildlife, and Disney Squads
  • Size: 5″

Winnie the Pooh Squishmallow Pros

  • Winnie Pooh Squishmallow is a famous and loved character
  • Winnie, the Pooh, comes in an adorable size to collect
  • Winnie’s facial details are spot-on and impressive

Winnie the Pooh Squishmallow Cons

  • Unfortunately, Winnie Squishmallow won’t be an excellent cuddle friend
  • Winnie’s outfit looks awkward and out-of-place

Zaya, the Pink Bear Squishmallow

zaya the pink bear squishmallow

Zaya, the pink bear Squishmallow, seems like a more straightforward choice. However, I love Zaya’s shimmering inner ears that turn her slightly glamorous. Zaya also has ultra-feminine eyes and comes in a pastel pink color to suit young girls. Unfortunately, she’s not the most significant bedtime cuddle buddy.

  • Squads: Wildlife and Zoo Squads
  • Size: 5″

Zaya Bear Squishmallow Pros

  • Zaya Squishmallow is an adorable little girl bear with shimmering ears
  • Her eyes also have ultra-long lashes for extra pizazz
  • Zaya is a collectible size and pretty color

Zaya Bear Squishmallow Cons

  • Zaya Squishmallow isn’t significant enough to keep children happy
  • Her pink nose almost fades away against her body color


Question: Which Bear Squishmallows Are Discontinued?

Answer: Unfortunately, some bear Squishmallows come and go. Nothing guarantees that you’ll find them once they’re discontinued. However, I look on eBay to see resellers letting go of their old Squishmallows. So, here are some discontinued bear Squishmallows:
5″ Brooke, the Polar Bear Squishmallow With Blue Scarf
5″ Omar, the Valentine’s Bear HugMee Squishmallow
8″ Brooke, the Polar Bear Squishmallow With Pink Cheeks
14″ Yogi, the Bear Squishmallow
24″ Misko, the Giant Water Bear Squishmallow
24″ Omar, the Giant Bear Squishmallow

Question: Which Bear Squishmallow Is Rare?

Answer: Some Squishmallows aren’t merely discontinued. They’re also rare because fans don’t want to resell them. So, you’ll find them occasionally. The first irregular choice is Boysen, the Knott’s Berry Farm Bear Squishmallow. Also, Erie, the Tie-Dye Cedar Point Bear Squishmallow, is an ultra-rare find.

Question: Which Bear Squishmallow Is the Most Popular?

Best Bear Squishmallows Guide: Conclusion

The best bear Squishmallows took careful consideration because so many exist. It helped to know the fundamental differences in primary bear Squishmallow family members before meeting the remaining squad. It also helps to have tips to continue finding more bears, and there will come many more bear Squishmallows.

Meanwhile, pick the bear that strikes you as the perfect choice. Brooke, the Polar Bear Squishmallow, is my ideal pick for having an ironic connection. Who would ever assume polar bears and skiing were a thing? Ironic Squishmallows make me giggle, making me want them even more.

So, don’t miss out on Brooke’s skiing Squishmallow because it’s unusual enough to become rare soon. Instead, buy one today to avoid disappointment.

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