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Best Owl Squishmallows Guide for Hooting Fun

Owl Squishmallows are a “hoot” of fun for fans and collectors wanting enormous squad-based collections. My family loves targeting Squishmallows with as much collectible potential as the owls. So, welcome to my best owl Squishmallows guide if you’re looking for every member, including some rare picks.

Owl Squishmallows are tremendous fun in the collectible plush toys universe because over 30 names pop up. In addition, many owls have the potential to enter other squads. However, let me not get carried away and spoil the fun. Instead, dive into my guide that shows you what every top owl Squishmallow offers.

Best Owl Squishmallows: Bottom Line Up Front

Collecting owl Squishmallows can keep you busy and entertained for years because so many exist. However, only some owls are easy to find. So, I’ll introduce you to every owl Squishmallow before sharing tips on finding the lost and rare variants. In addition, I’ll share some rare picks later in this article.

But first, let me share a peek at my ultimate owl Squishmallow. Ellette, the Halloween Vampire Squishmallow, falls into three squads, making his collection even more expandable. Indeed, it’s not necessary with over 100 owl Squishmallows available. However, he’s adorable because the Halloween owl Squishmallow isn’t scary.

Instead, he brings a new color owl to the Squishmallow fandom. No other owl is orange, and he wears a fantastic costume as a Dracula version. Yet, his outfit makes him perfect for young fans who enjoy colorful Squishmallows. Nonetheless, I have 16 of the best owl Squishmallows to share. So, let me pause for now.

Look at four more top owl Squishmallows before meeting the entire squad and learning how to find them all.

A Few Top Owl Squishmallows at a Glance

  1. Boone, the Owl Flip-A-Mallow Squishmallow is a top pick for offering two plushies in one. Flip-A-Mallows bring two characters to life, also giving you Paige Squishmallow.
  2. Dax, the HugMee Owl Squishmallow, is the best choice for adding a HugMee variant with Valentine’s love. Dax is adorable, with enormous wings to hug friends.
  3. Jaydelle, the School Teacher Owl Squishmallow, is a limited edition for the back-to-school squad. Not many Squishmallows enter this newer group.
  4. Solina, the Night Sky Owl Squishmallow, is my ultimate color choice because she looks like the night sky. Solina has brilliant colors and patterns that sparkle.

A Complete Guide to the Best Owl Squishmallows

Tazlow The Owl Squishmallow
Image from Fandom

The Owl Squishmallow squad is vaster than the ocean. So, let’s meet the team, see how they look, and learn some tips about finding the best owl Squishmallows. Meanwhile, you’ll see how the best Owl Squishmallows earned their spot on my list because I needed strict requirements for such a vast collection.

“Hoot” Are the Owls From Squishmallows?

The Owl Squishmallow squad offers tons of excitement for fans who want massive collections. Some owls are available in stores now. However, others are discontinued but offer collectible opportunities if you find them. So, let’s meet each owl Squishmallow and learn about their appearances.

However, I’ll spare you from double introductions by not introducing the upcoming best owl Squishmallows. You’ll know their names and appearances to search for more versions of each. So, here are the owl Squishmallows among the rare and discontinued options I can’t add to the best picks:

  1. Barnabus, the Owl Squishmallow, has a light gray tie-dye body with a white belly and gray speckles.
  2. Britta, the Owl Squishmallow, has a fuzzy belly, a blue bottom, and a pink top. She also has shimmering effects around her eyes, ears, and stomach.
  3. Demi, the Owl Squishmallow, is red with black horns, a matching cape, and black speckles on his belly.
  4. Dr. Hoot, the Owl Squishmallow, is gray with a white belly and a doctor’s costume.
  5. Efua, the Owl Squishmallow, has a mint-green body with teal wings, sleepy eyes, and a blue bow.
  6. Francesca, the Owl Squishmallow, has a pink body, white belly, and Valentine’s hearts on her chest.
  7. Harriet, the Owl Squishmallow, is a purple girl with a white belly and a purple heart on her chest.
  8. Hoot, the Owl Squishmallow, is light gray with a white belly and yellow speckles.
  9. Imogen, the Owl Squishmallow, is pale blue with a white belly and a pink heart on her chest.
  10. Jaxton, the Owl Squishmallow, is a light-gray baby with a white belly and gray speckles.
  11. Lilian, the Owl Squishmallow, has a light tan body with golden, shimmering ears and sleepy eyes.
  12. Olalla, the Owl Squishmallow, is tie-dye pink with a white belly and hot pink eye borders.
  13. Olive, the Owl Squishmallow, is baby pink with a white belly and light speckles.
  14. Owen, the Owl Squishmallow, is light green with a lime green belly and matching speckles.
  15. Petrina, the Owl Squishmallow, is mint green with a white belly, shimmering ears, and sleepy eyes.
  16. Tazlow, the Owl Squishmallow, is tie-dye pink with a white belly and shimmering ears.

Tips to Find the Top Hooting Owl Squishmallows

Owl Squishmallows

Wow, you didn’t guess so many owl Squishmallows existed. However, I’ll repeat it, not all of them are available constantly. So, you’ll need the Squish Alert app to notify you when specific owls return to stores. Set each owl’s name on your in-search-of (ISO) notifications to see if the discontinued owls reappear.

However, some owls are gone, and you’ll have to turn to platforms like eBay to search for the lost and rare owl Squishmallows. Having every owl Squishmallow’s name is a starting point for finding the rare collectibles. I’ll share a few rare finds later. Meanwhile, know that some owls have multiple sizes and variants.

Here are some ways each owl can vary:

  • They come in various sizes.
  • They have multiple Squishmallow types, like keychains, HugMees, and accessory plush.
  • Some owls wear outfits naturally, but others wear them for special occasions.
  • They belong to multiple squads like fantasy, costume, Fuzz-A-Mallows, and Flip-A-Mallows.

I suspect over 100 owl Squishmallows exist if there are over 30 prominent squad members. So, use each owl Squishmallow’s name to search for multiple variants and sizes in each store before selecting which one appropriately fits your collection. Meanwhile, let’s see how I narrowed my best owl Squishmallow selections.

How I Picked the Best Owl Squishmallows

I’ll have to use strict rules to select a few top owl Squishmallows to impress every fan or collector. So, the first rule is that every owl Squishmallow must be available to purchase from trusted stores. Then, they must fit two or more squads to expand their collection opportunities. Also, I want owls under 12 inches for collectibility.

Anything more significant will challenge you if you want to collect many owl Squishmallows. I prefer eight inches or smaller, but some of the best choices break my limit slightly. In addition, they’re incredible enough to include a few more extensive options. Finally, I’ll never repeat the same owl name to add variety.

Best Owl Squishmallows Guide: Hoots Galore

The owl Squishmallows in stores undoubtedly impress me. So, let me share what turned me into an owl Squishmallow lover. In addition, I’ll share basic information about each owl, including the multi-squad formations, opportunities, and sizes. I’ll even share what doesn’t make me love each owl Squishmallow.

Alder, the Halloween Owl Squishmallow

Alder, the Halloween Owl Squishmallow

Alder is one-of-a-kind because he’s a newer member of the owl Squishmallow family. He entered the adventure squad in 2022, wearing a costume and welcoming a new member to the Halloween squad. Meanwhile, Alder Squishmallow’s design is beyond adorable with the orange witch’s hat, typically black.

  • Size: 12″
  • Squads: Adventure, Costume, and Halloween Squads

Alder Squishmallow Pros

  • Alder Squishmallow is a multi-squad member in a cute Halloween costume
  • The witch’s hat is an unusual orange instead of black
  • Alder’s winking eye and skewed hat make him more adorable
  • Owls are synonymous with Halloween, perfecting this collaboration

Alder Squishmallow Cons

  • Alder is one of the more prominent picks from my best choices
  • Alder might not be available forever because he’s a 2022 edition

Boone, the Owl Flip-A-Mallow Squishmallow

Boone, the Owl Flip-A-Mallow Squishmallow

Boone is another new owl Squishmallow from the Halloween squad. He teams up with Paige, the Pumpkin Squishmallow, to bring you a Flip-A-Mallow. These reverse Squishmallows give you two plushies in one. They’re some of my favorite Squishmallows. In addition, I love that Boone’s stomach isn’t white like every other owl.

  • Size: 5″
  • Squads: Adventure, Halloween, and Flip-A-Mallow Squads

Boone Squishmallow Pros

  • The Boone Owl Flip-A-Mallow is a two-for-one treat for Halloween
  • Boone’s design is unlike any other owl on the squads
  • The plush size is incredible for kids and collectors
  • Boone and Paige look like old best friends from eons back

Boone Squishmallow Cons

  • Unfortunately, the second plush isn’t an owl Squishmallow
  • Boone’s ears are tiny, and his eyes have no details

Bri, the Sassy Pink Owl With Crown Squishmallow

Bri, the Sassy Pink Owl With Crown Squishmallow

Bri Squishmallow’s personality is sweet but spicy, and her plush perfectly captures her elements. Queen Bri Squishmallow has a sassier attitude than a toddler wearing a tiara. The crown on top of her head adds more personality. In addition, her tie-dye pattern gives her more depth and details.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Sassy, Adventure, and Fantasy Squads

Bri Squishmallow Pros

  • Bri Squishmallow is a diva of note, and her crown shows it
  • The sassy team has a few queens and divas to add to a collection
  • Bri Squishmallow’s colors are pretty and would suit young girls
  • The owl has feminine eyelashes to fit her diva attitude

Bri Squishmallow Cons

  • Bri doesn’t have much going for her beyond the crown
  • You can’t see Bri Squishmallow’s speckled feathers nicely

Dax, the HugMee Owl Squishmallow

Dax, the HugMee Owl Squishmallow

Dax doesn’t have many variations, which is excellent news if you’re worried about collecting every owl plush. However, his single version is adorable enough to melt any heart. Dax is a lovable boy owl who would hug children to comfort them when they feel low. I also prefer his colors to the darker Squishmallows.

  • Size: 12″
  • Squads: Adventure, Valentine’s, and HugMee Squads

Dax Squishmallow Pros

  • Dax Squishmallow’s wings are enormous for hugging and cuddling
  • The blue owl has much love to share with young friends
  • Dax also makes the ideal gift on Valentine’s Day
  • Dax Squishmallow’s design blends cuteness with a weird-looking owl

Dax Squishmallow Cons

  • Dax Squishmallow doesn’t look like an owl, even though HugMees typically seem accurate
  • Dax is in the more extensive range and better suited to young fans

Ellette, the Halloween Vampire Squishmallow

Ellette, the Halloween Vampire Squishmallow

Ellette looks like a bright young owl until you realize he’s a little vampire from the Halloween squad. Many owls fall into the Halloween squad. Some look spooky, but others have adorable designs and costumes. Ellette Squishmallow’s outfit makes him look cuter than most. Besides, Ellette is the only orange owl.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Halloween, Adventure, and Costume Squads

Ellette Squishmallow Pros

  • The Ellette Squishmallow is a unique color for owl plushies
  • Ellette is also the ideal size for collectors and Halloween squad fans
  • His purple inner ears and massive bow remove any spookiness
  • Children will take Ellette along for trick-or-treating or treat him as a friend

Ellette Squishmallow Cons

  • Ellette Squishmallow looks more like a penguin than Dracula
  • The Squishmallow’s cape can detach and ruin

Fania, the Owl Clip-On Squishmallow

Fania, the Owl Clip-On Squishmallow

With a backpack clip, Fania Squishmallow is ready to take your child’s adventure to the next level. In addition, she can join your driving ventures as a giant keychain plush. I love that Fania brings backpacks and wild adventures together because the ideas belong in a single box.

  • Size: 3.5″
  • Squads: Sassy, Sleepy, Adventure, and Backpack Squads

Fania Squishmallow Pros

  • Fania Squishmallow marries two of my favorite collaborating ideas
  • Fania’s tiny body feels ultra-squishy with a touch of mini-cuddles
  • Her crown also puts her in the sassy squad as a triple collectible
  • Fania’s colors are brilliant, and her feathers are bold

Fania Squishmallow Cons

  • Unfortunately, Fania Squishmallow also belongs to the sleepy squad
  • Small Squishmallows vanish too quickly, making children sad

Holly, the Halloween Mummy Owl Squishmallow

Holly, the Halloween Mummy Owl Squishmallow

Holly takes Halloween to a new level with this adorable Squishmallow, turning herself into a mummy. Holly bravely acts like a mummy among the scary monsters on Halloween. Unfortunately, you’d have to know your owls to recognize which animal Holly looks like, but she’s gorgeous nonetheless.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Costume, Halloween, and Adventure Squads

Holly Squishmallow Pros

  • The Holly Mummy Squishmallow is the perfect size for collectibles
  • She has beautiful eyes and feathers you can see through the costume
  • Holly Squishmallow’s multi-squad membership makes her more appealing
  • Holly also has that faded purple color that looks excellent on owl plushies

Holly Squishmallow Cons

  • You must know Holly to see which Squishmallow hides inside
  • The mummy costume nearly wraps her entirely

Jaydelle, the School Teacher Owl Squishmallow

owl plush

The back-to-school squad doesn’t have many Squishmallow members, and only Jaydelle from the owl squad can wear the teacher’s outfit. That alone makes Jaydelle Squishmallow super popular and appealing. Jaydelle will encourage your kids to work hard at school and enjoy the friendships along the way.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Adventure, Costume, and Back-To-School Squads

Jaydelle Squishmallow Pros

  • Jaydelle is one of the most unusual owl Squishmallows to collect
  • Her outfit, teams, and size make her ultra-desirable
  • Jaydelle is the ideal gift for kids going back to school or starting at a new school
  • She looks intelligent with her glasses and pencil

Jaydelle Squishmallow Cons

  • It’s hard to see that Jaydelle is an owl Squishmallow
  • Her wings look a lot like paws more than anything

Lesedi, the Tie-Dye Sleepy Owl Squishmallow

squishmallows lesedi the owl 8in

Lesedi Squishmallow is one of two owls with pastel rainbow colors, ideal for young fans who want girly plushies. It’s a pity she has sleepy eyes, but her design is feminine and works for young girls. Meanwhile, Lesedi Squishmallow comes from a distant land where the name commonly rings: South Africa.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Adventure, Fantasy, and Sleepy Squads

Lesedi Squishmallow Pros

  • Lesedi Squishmallow is a unique pastel-colored rainbow owl
  • She comes from a distant country, where the name is pretty common
  • Lesedi fits three squads to make her more appealing and versatile
  • Her rainbow colors are beautiful yet not overwhelming

Lesedi Squishmallow Cons

  • Lesedi is part of my least favorite squad: the sleepy team
  • Her ears are the same color, giving her no depth

Miranda, the Tie-Dye Owl Flip-A-Mallow Squishmallow

Miranda, the Tie-Dye Owl Flip-A-Mallow Squishmallow

Miranda brings another Flip-A-Mallow to life, but I didn’t pick it over the last one because it’s bigger. The 12-inch Squishmallows are better for kids than adult collectors. Meanwhile, Prim, the Unicorn Squishmallow, hides on the other side. So, this Flip-A-Mallow just became perfect for young fantasy squad fans.

  • Size: 12″
  • Squads: Adventure, Flip-A-Mallow, and Fantasy Squads

Miranda Squishmallow Pros

  • My daughter would want the Miranda and Prim Flip-A-Mallow the most
  • Children get two beautiful Squishmallows in one design
  • Both Squishmallows fit nicely into the fantasy squad for little girls
  • Prim’s design has the sparkling night sky patterns

Miranda Squishmallow Cons

  • Unfortunately, Prim Squishmallow looks better than Miranda
  • Miranda’s Squishmallow is more significant than I like for Flip-A-Mallows

Nikita, the HugMee Owl Squishmallow

Nikita, the HugMee Owl Squishmallow

Nikita came a close second to my last HugMee because she looks much fuzzier and softer than Dax Squishmallow. However, Nikita lost because of her plainer colors. Meanwhile, she isn’t a disappointing choice for owl plushies. Fortunately, she grabbed my attention with her Fuzz-A-Mallow squad membership.

  • Size: 10″
  • Squads: Adventure, Hugmee, Valentine’s, and Fuzz-A-Mallow Squads

Nikita Squishmallow Pros

  • Nikita Squishmallow belongs to four unusual squads
  • Her body is as soft as you imagine with the Fuzz-A-Mallow membership
  • Nikita is also from a loving team with an adorable heart
  • Nikita’s body shape looks more like an owl than Dax’s

Nikita Squishmallow Cons

  • The gray color feels too plain for such a beautiful Squishmallow
  • Nikita’s wings invite you to cuddle, and you might not get her away from kids

Onea, the Tie-Dye Sleepy Owl Squishmallow

Onea, the Tie-Dye Sleepy Owl Squishmallow

Onea Squishmallow is the second owl plush with pastel rainbow colors in a tie-dye pattern. These Squishmallows are perfect for young girls who enjoy feminine designs. In addition, she has a unique beak with enormous eyelashes, even though her eyes are tired. So, Onea is another special girl for little kids.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Sleepy, Adventure, and Fantasy Squads

Onea Squishmallow Pros

  • The Onea Squishmallow has unique colors and patterns
  • She belongs to multiple parties to triple expansion opportunities
  • Onea’s beak is embroidered, which isn’t typical among owl Squishmallows
  • Onea’s belly feathers are also colored and bold

Onea Squishmallow Cons

  • Sadly, Onea’s third squad is the sleepy team
  • Onea should be more prominent for little kids to enjoy at bedtime

Quartz, the Sleepy Owl Squishmallow

Quartz, the Sleepy Owl Squishmallow

Quartz Squishmallow is an ultra-unique owl plush with shimmering ears, fuzzy wings, and tired eyes. Meanwhile, the triple-squad member has pretty colors and a unique beak. She looks like an owl with many details from a child’s imagination. However, it undoubtedly makes Quartz stand out among the owl plushies.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Sleepy, Fantasy, and Adventure Squads

Quartz Squishmallow Pros

  • Quartz Squishmallow has many features in her favor
  • The wings are ultra-soft and cuddly, and the beak is embroidered
  • The shimmering ears and massive eyelashes make her more girly
  • The color is perfect, and Quartz is the ideal size for collectors and children

Quartz Squishmallow Cons

  • Unfortunately, Quartz belongs to the sleepy squad
  • Some fans might think Quartz Squishmallow has too much detail

Solina, the Night Sky Owl Squishmallow

Solina, the Night Sky Owl Squishmallow

Solina’s colors are uncommon among owl Squishmallows, making her fall into the alien squad with a night sky pattern and sparkling stars. Meanwhile, Solina is another diva with a bolder attitude than her sparkling design. However, this Squishmallow owl is one of my top picks for her unique colors and squads.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Adventure, Fantasy, Sassy, and Alien Squads

Solina Squishmallow Pros

  • Solina Squishmallow is a four-squad member with beautiful patterns
  • Solina sparkles with an attitude like her winking eyes share the boldness
  • She also has a shimmering design around her eyes and a fuzzy stomach
  • This owl Squishmallow is more girly than any other pick

Solina Squishmallow Cons

  • Unfortunately, Solina would better suit girls than boys
  • Solina Squishmallow might go overboard with her design

Vee, the Christmas Owl Squishmallow

Vee, the Christmas Owl Squishmallow

Vee Squishmallow is the only Christmas-themed plush I find, although she has two holiday-related variants. Vee’s colors undoubtedly make her ideal for a Christmas-themed Squishmallow. Meanwhile, her tan body and white belly make the scarf stand out more. So, Vee is another ultimate holiday squad member.

  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Adventure, Accessory, Sleepy, and Holiday Squads

Vee Squishmallow Pros

  • Vee Squishmallow has the perfect colors for her squads
  • Vee also wears a comfy scarf for the winter nights
  • Her design is adorable with the bold scarf
  • Vee is ideal for collectors and children as an eight-inch Squishmallow

Vee Squishmallow Cons

  • Unfortunately, light-colored Squishmallows are a nightmare for moms
  • Vee also falls into my unlikable sleepy squad

Winston, the Scarecrow Owl Squishmallow

Winston, the Scarecrow Owl Squishmallow

Don’t you think owls and scarecrows have a lot in common? I believe the one is as creepy as the next. However, Winston turns everything around by looking like an adorable scarecrow, Squishmallow. The colors also work well on this Squishmallow. Meanwhile, Winston deservingly earns his place with the weird outfit.

  • Size: 5″
  • Squads: Costume, Halloween, and Adventure Squads

Winston Squishmallow Pros

  • Winston Squishmallow is a cute owl in a costume for Halloween
  • I love the straw details coming from Winston’s hat and pants
  • Winston’s color and size make him collectible and unique
  • The pleated pants pattern is highly unusual for Squishmallows

Winston Squishmallow Cons

  • Winston’s size isn’t ideal for kids who enjoy snuggling their Squishmallows
  • The owl removes any fright from the two ideas


Question: Which Owl Squishmallows Are Discontinued?

Answer: Unfortunately, a few owl Squishmallows aren’t around anymore. However, that shouldn’t stop you from finding them. I took time to find a few owl Squishmallows on eBay I can’t find elsewhere anymore. So, here are some owl Squishmallows no longer available in retail stores:
11-Inch Hoot, the Gold Tie-Dye Owl Squishmallow
12-Inch Holly, the Black Owl Squishmallow
12-Inch Ollala, the Sequin Owl Squishmallow
12-Inch Olive, the White & Gold Owl Squishmallow
14-Inch Harriet, the Valentine’s Owl Squishmallow
16-Inch Britta, the Faded Shimmering Owl Squishmallow
Limited-Edition 16-Inch Tazlow, the Tie-Dye Owl Squishmallow
Target-Exclusive 11-Inch Fania, the Purple Owl Squishmallow

Question: Which Owl Squishmallow Is the Rarest?

Answer: Two owl Squishmallows are challenging to find. So, I rushed to eBay to see if anyone was selling them. Fortunately, I found a Dr. Hoot, the Owl Squishmallow, at a reasonable price. Sadly, there’s only one available. Meanwhile, I also found the Rare Purple Owl Squishmallow Mom & Baby Combo, which will cost a fortune.

Question: What is the New Squishmallow Squad’s Name?

Answer: Squishmallows only recently launched the back-to-school squad, including Beula Octopus, Chip Chipmunk, Chloe Poodle, and Ressie Apple. However, the back-to-school team also has an owl Squishmallow. Jaydelle, the School Teacher Owl Squishmallow, is a new member dressed as a teacher.

Best Owl Squishmallows Guide: Conclusion

Owl Squishmallows have one of the widest varieties for any young or old fan to collect as many plushies as possible. In addition, the particular types and multi-squad members allow further growth. The best owl Squishmallows introduces over 30 squad members, each with the opportunity to find multiple variants.

So, remember my tips to find more owl Squishmallows from the over 30 names you know. Meanwhile, I recommend buying Ellette, the Halloween Vampire Squishmallow, because she’s adorable and highly collectible. Additionally, she fits multiple squads, has beautiful bright colors, and wears a cute costume.

Furthermore, pick any of the best owl Squishmallows from which you can start an enormous collection. However, you’ll need to start as soon as possible to collect as many owls as your home can store. So, don’t waste time waiting to buy your first owl Squishmallow.

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