Aphmau Plush Guide: MeeMeows Galore!

Is Aphmau a Minecraft streamer or a plush series? Quite frankly, Aphmau is both. So, let me share the secrets behind an incredible story with my Aphmau plush guide. I’ve been collecting plush toys and Squishmallows for years, but I never heard a story as multi-faceted as Aphmau’s. A good story is always welcome with plushies.

Furthermore, Aphmau plushies have more collectible opportunities than you think. I’ll dive into the various series before narrowing down some recommendations for the latest, hottest plushies available. So, please join me on a journey through a layered world of intrigue and mystery to find a few adorable Aphmau plush.


Aphmau Plushies Bottom Line Up Front

One thing you’ll learn about Aphmau plush is that it’s a game of mystery and change finding every cat. So first,  I’ll share the primary series to help you identify how many cats are available. Then, I’ll choose a few recommendations of Aphmau cats you can buy directly without the mystery factor to start any of the series.

Only one series has no stock available anywhere for direct cat plush purchases. However, every other series includes at least one kitty you can buy to begin the collection. Then, you’ll have to surf the exciting mystery and blind boxes to find additional cats. It’s an exciting adventure for Aphmau plush collectors and children.

But first, let me share my ultimate recommendation because it has more potential than any other Aphmau plush toy. The Aphmau Creator Cat Plush is a fantastic option if you love customizing your plush kitties. This cat is the only one in its series, and it has more potential because you can customize anything about it.

So, you can change the color, patterns, name, and more, making the Aphmau kitty the perfect plush pet for collectors and kids. Unfortunately, it won’t fit with other series. Still, it will look adorable among the Aphmau plushies if you customize it the way you want. But first, I have a few more starter recommendations.

A Few Adorable Aphmau Plushies at a Glance

Let me share a few more recommendations before you learn about Aphmau’s fascinating background, including the female Minecraft streamer with millions of subscribers on YouTube. So, check out three more great picks before becoming an Aphmau plush guru capable of collecting any series.

  1. The Aphmau MeeMeow Oversized Donut Cat Plush is fantastic for litter one collectors who want giant editions. It’s a food-inspired plush double the size of its regular counterpart.
  2. The Aphmau MeeMeow Oversized Unicorn Cat Plush is my recommended starter for the second litter. Unfortunately, it would help if you waited for the stock to refill, but the official website will soon restock the plush.
  3. The Aphmau Werewolf Cat Plush is an ideal option for fans who want the Halloween Series from Aphmau plushies. The Werewolf Cat MeeMeow Plush is more adorable than most from the series.

aphmau plushies

A Complete Guide to Cute Aphmau Plush

Aphmau plushies are adorable and collectible. However, do you know who inspired them? Do you know the story behind the phenomenal MeeMeoew litter and the various series of mystery cats? When you unravel the mysteries, you’ll fall in love with Aphmau plushies, and I’ll share how I picked some recommendations.

An Aphmau Universe

Aphmau plushies have an odd beginning because the collectible soft toys come from a Youtube gamer collaborating with Bonkers Toys. Aphmau is a famous YouTube Minecraft player with nearly 15 million subscribers who grew up under strange circumstances. However, Aphmau’s rise to fame intrigues plush fans.

So, I dug into her past to see how a Minecraft streamer became the idea behind a legendary plush series. It began with Aphmau’s childhood. The alias’ name is Jessica Bravura. It’s ironic because she became obsessed with names starting with J, even marrying Jason and giving all her kids names that start with J.

Aphmau’s pets also had names like Jax. Aphmau grew up in a home with multiple cousins and avid gamers, teaching her to love the first Nintendo 64 she owned. She also had another passion that looked adorable on the short girl. She loved wearing cat ears and would do so in her YouTube videos years later.

Aphmau’s rise to YouTube fame earned her a series depicting her childhood. The show was My Street, featuring how Aphmau’s love of games and animals intertwined with her life. Bonker’s Toys would scoop Aphmau’s electric energy as a female gamer to turn her playable characters, pets, and passions into plushies.

Aphmau quickly became the inspiration behind the wolves and kittens plush, among other animals. In addition, the plushies took on a Minecraft design that looks like the pets in the game. Hence, Aphmau plushies look like cats lying down with a similar block-style design. Aphmau plushies have a layered history.

I love the plush range because it revolves around the inspiration of a famous gamer, possibly one of the most famous female game streamers on YouTube.

Various Aphmau Plush Series

Aphmau plushies have a few series available since the initial launch of the first MeeMeow series in 2018. Aphmau plushies are adorable recreations of the YouTuber’s character, childhood, pets, and in-game animals. However, you’ll need a quick rundown of the different series if you wish to collect Aphmau plushies.

I’ll list the different Aphmau plush series chronologically from the first release.

Aphmau MeeMeow Litter 1 Plush

Aphmau’s plushies came as the first litter in 2018. Although this litter included Aphmau’s Johnny Cat, who disappeared and broke her children’s hearts, Johhny became part of the first litter to inspire children to overcome sadness. Furthermore, the other cats from litter one were food-inspired.

aphmau blind box

You could buy a blind box with one mystery cat or a whole box with eight cats. The package would say litter one on the front to confirm which series you’re buying. There were eight cats to collect from the first litter, including:

  1. Cheeseburger Cat
  2. Donut Cat
  3. French Fry Cat
  4. Johnny Cat
  5. Pumpkin Cat
  6. Soda Cat
  7. Sugar Skull Cat
  8. Taco Cat

In addition, you could buy the Aphmau MeeMeows Food Cat Plush Bundle to get five primary kitties from this litter without diving into mystery packs. The plush bundles and buying the cats direct can take the fun out of mystery shopping to collect all the plushies in a series.

meemeows food cats plush bundle

Aphmau Wolf Series Plush (Ultra-Rare)

aphmau wolf plush

My Street inspired the wolf plush from Aphmau because it helped a child overcome their fear of wolves in the series. Woof “Doggo” was a gift from Aaron’s father in the show before becoming Aphmau’s plush friend. However, this Aphmau Wolf Plush isn’t the easiest series to find. I wouldn’t recommend finding Aaron Wolf.

Aphmau MeeMeow Litter 2 Plush

aphmau meemeows mystery plush

Aphmau’s second litter brought a few new cuties to the mix. Another eight cat plushies were available in blind mystery boxes or complete box sets. The boxes would show which litter comes inside if you’re buying original Aphmau plushies. The second litter of Aphmau plushies includes the following choices:

  1. Angel Cat
  2. Demon Cat
  3. Dragon Cat
  4. Fairy Cat
  5. Ice Cream Cat (super rare)
  6. Mermaid Cat
  7. Strawberry Cat (super rare)
  8. Unicorn Cat
mini angel cat bundle

The second litter doesn’t have a bundle. So, you’ll have to buy each Aphmau plush direct from the official store, or you’ll have to purchase mystery packs. However, the second litter has two brilliant plush bundles for Angel and Demon Cat. The plushies are more miniature and include stickers and a keychain. They’re limited editions.

mini demon cat bundle

Halloween MeeMeow Aphmau Plush

halloween cat bundle

Aphmau has a series that focuses on Halloween cat plushies. The plush cats wear adorable Halloween costumes and include some favorite ideas for young fans’ costumes. The following plushies are available for Halloween:

  1. Jack O’Lantern Cat Plush
  2. Ghost Cat Plush
  3. Werewolf Cat Plush
  4. Zombie Cat Plush

Furthermore, you can buy a Halloween Aphmau Plush Bundle that includes every cat except for Werewolf Cat. The bundles always conveniently leave out one or two cats because mystery packs and collecting all the cats are part of the Aphmau adventure.

Holiday MeeMeow Aphmau Plush

holiday meemeow aphmau plush

Aphmau also has a range of Holiday-inspired plushies for Christmas. The range has adorable plushies dressed in holiday-appropriate costumes. They include the following:

  1. Reindeer Cat Plush
  2. Santa Paws Cat Plush
  3. Snowman Cat Plush

The series also has a mystery box with five potential plushies, including two you can’t buy directly. The lucky plush collector will find a Gingerbread Cat Plush or a Christmas Tree Cat Plush as the two surprise options. Alternatively, you can directly buy an Aphmau Holiday Cats Bundle with the three primary cats.

holiday cats bundle

Customizable Aphmau Cat Plush

Did you know there’s an Aphmau cat plush you can customize as you wish? The Aphmau Creator Cat Plush allows you to customize your soft toy’s design, colors, patterns, and name. This plush series is ideal for kids who love kittens like Aphmau’s kids.

How I Selected Recommended Aphmau Plushies

So, how will I pick a few recommendations from the six series of Aphmau plushies available? Firstly, I’ll start by sharing every available cat plush you can buy directly without grabbing a mystery pack. That way, you’ll start any series collection before buying mystery packs to fill the gaps of kitties you’re missing.

In addition, you’ll have a variety of starters from which to choose. Meanwhile, I’ll only consider original Aphmau plushies because I love the story and believe fans should support the brand. Unoriginal Aphmau plushies also won’t suit the others. The size differences and stylization changes. So, let’s get into my chosen starters.

Aphmau Plush Guide: Adorable Aphmau MeeMeows

The Aphmau kitties have an adorable design to match the inspirational creator’s Minecraft passion. In addition, the cat plushies offer children a beautiful plush pet when they love kitties like Aphmau’s children. So, let’s see which Aphmau plushies are available to buy for you to begin your chosen series collection.

Aphmau Creator Cat Plush

creator cat plush

I love plushies I can customize from scratch. In addition, the Creator Cat allows me to possibly recreate a pet that no longer walks around our home. It’s the ideal gift for children who lost beloved pets, which relates to Aphmau’s deep desire to return Johnny Cat to her kids when he disappeared. So, it will always be my favorite.

Aphmau Creator Cat Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Creator Cat Series
  • Plush Size: 11″
  • Inspiration: Replacing a lost pet

Aphmau Creator Cat Plush Pros

  • The Creator Cat has more potential than others
  • You can customize the cat to look like a lost pet
  • You can also customize it for a unique collection, among others
  • It’s collectible because it has a self-owned series

Aphmau Creator Cat Plush Cons

  • You can’t change the cat’s facial expression
  • The white plush is a nightmare with kids and sticky hands

Aphmau Jack O’Lantern Cat Plush

aphmau jack o'lantern cat plush

Jack O’Lantern is an adorable cat among the Halloween cuties. This plush is the perfect size to blend into mystery packs. However, mystery packs come in various sizes. So, you’ll need to size them up before purchasing friends for Jack O’Lantern. Meanwhile, any child can enjoy this Halloween-inspired kitty plush.

Aphmau Jack O’Lantern Cat Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Halloween Series
  • Plush Size: 11″
  • Inspiration: Halloween pumpkins

Aphmau Jack O’Lantern Cat Plush Pros

  • The Jack O’Lantern Aphmau plush is a cute collectible
  • It looks like the pumpkins from the Minecraft games
  • It has an excellent size for kids to collect the series
  • I love the details, quality, and facial expression

Aphmau Jack O’Lantern Cat Plush Cons

  • Some kids might not enjoy scary Halloween plushies
  • I would be impressed if the eyes lit up in the dark

Aphmau MeeMeow Cheesburger Cat Plush

cheeseburger cat plush

I’m unsure whether I love the fast food-inspired Aphmau plushies because I’m trying hard to get my kids away from junk food. However, I won’t deny how gorgeously adorable the Cheeseburger Cat looks. Indeed, it looks like an edible plush friend children can cuddle. Meanwhile, I hope it won’t make them hungry for burgers.

Aphmau Cheeseburger Cat Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Litter 1 Series
  • Plush Size: 11″
  • Inspiration: Cheeseburgers

Aphmau Cheeseburger Cat Plush Pros

  • The Cheeseburger Cat Plush is cute enough to make you hungry
  • It’s the ideal size for kids to enjoy bedtime cuddles
  • The plush fits into the series with perfect sizing
  • The Cheeseburger Cat’s face is beyond cute

Aphmau Cheeseburger Cat Plush Cons

  • Kids might feel like junk food more often
  • You need to size-match mystery packs from Litter One

Aphmau MeeMeow Donut Cat Plush

official aphmau meemeows donut cat plush

The Donut Cat is one of my least favorites because the design looks confusing. In addition, I’m unsure how this plush looks like a donut. However, I’m not complaining because I don’t want my children’s mouths watering for donuts every night. So, it can look like a regular pink plush with a halo.

Aphmau Donut Cat Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Litter 1 Series
  • Plush Size: 11″
  • Inspiration: Donuts

Aphmau Donut Cat Plush Pros

  • The Donut Cat plush is adorable in color and size
  • The Aphmau plush has a brilliant cat face and expression
  • It’s another collectible size from the first litter
  • The colors would appeal primarily to girls

Aphmau Donut Cat Plush Cons

  • It won’t appeal much to Aphmau boys
  • You must size-match other Litter One series mystery plush

Aphmau MeeMeow French Fry Cat Plush

aphmau meemeow french fry cat plush

The French Fry Cat seems like another bad idea with cruel intentions for parents. However, I’m sure Aphmau never intended to make other parents suffer with junk food-inspired kitties. Meanwhile, French Fry Cat has some appealing features. It even looks like the French Fry Cat is chewing on some fries.

Aphmau French Fry Cat Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Litter 1 Series
  • Plush Size: 11″
  • Inspiration: French Fries

Aphmau French Fry Plush Pros

  • The French Fry Cat plush has adorable features
  • It’s a collectible version of Aphmau kitties from Litter One
  • The back feels incredible and offers tactile practice for kids
  • The eyes and mouth are my favorite features

Aphmau French Fry Cat Plush Cons

  • You must size-match plushies from the first litter
  • I fear kids might get hungry more often for junk food (maybe I’m being paranoid)

Aphmau MeeMeow Oversized Cheeseburger Cat Plush

cheeseburger cat pillow plush

Admittedly, the MeeMeows pillow plushies are brilliant because they’re jumbo-sized cats that welcome children to enjoy bedtime cuddles, fast food or not. I’m still on the border between junk food and cat plushies, but this one undoubtedly tips me in favor of the odd combos. In addition, it looks better in the more significant plush.

Aphmau Cheeseburger Cat Pillow Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Litter 1 Series
  • Plush Size: 18″
  • Inspiration: Cheeseburgers

Aphmau Cheeseburger Cat Pillow Plush Pros

  • The Cheeseburger Cat Pillow Plush is a bedtime friend for kids
  • The giant plushies somehow feel softer and more cuddly
  • The details on the cat’s body are good
  • It’s an enormous size for every fan to enjoy

Aphmau Cheeseburger Cat Pillow Plush Cons

  • You can’t match mystery plushies to the pillow cat sizes
  • The face doesn’t look as good as the regular-size alternative

Aphmau MeeMeow Oversized Donut Cat Plush

donut cat pillow plush

Donut Cat looks far better as a pillow plush, resembling junk food more than the regular-size alternative. The cat’s face comes to life, and you can see the sprinkles on the body better than the other size. Unfortunately, pillow cat plushies don’t fit in well with the mystery packs because they’re gigantic.

Aphmau Donut Cat Pillow Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Litter 1 Series
  • Plush Size: 18″
  • Inspiration: Donuts

Aphmau Donut Cat Pillow Plush Pros

  • The Donut Cat Pillow Plush is a gorgeous alternative
  • The massive plush feels softer and cuddlier
  • The colors seem brighter on this version of Donut Cat
  • The overall design looks good for a pillow buddy

Aphmau Donut Cat Pillow Plush Cons

  • You can’t match the size to Litter One’s mystery packs
  • This plush will take up half of a child’s bed, but it’s a cuddle buddy

Aphmau MeeMeow Oversized Unicorn Cat Plush

unicorn cat pillow plush

I had to add the Unicorn Cat from Aphmau because my daughter loves fantasy creatures. However, the store currently has no stock, but they’ll get more soon because the second litter was a huge success. Meanwhile, the colors on the Unicorn Cat Plush strike me more vividly than any other Aphmau kitty.

Aphmau Unicorn Cat Pillow Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Litter 2 Series
  • Plush Size: 18″
  • Inspiration: Unicorns

Aphmau Unicorn Cat Pillow Plush Pros

  • The Unicorn Cat Plush is a wonderland of plush friendship for girls
  • It’s the best starter cat for the second litter (although you might change the size)
  • The Aphmau plush has gorgeous colors and details
  • It’s a super-soft cuddle buddy for kids

Aphmau Unicorn Cat Pillow Plush Cons

  • You can’t easily match the pillow plushies to mystery packs from Litter 2
  • The colors are beautiful but light enough to get dirty quick

Aphmau MeeMeow Soda Cat Plush

aphmau meemeows aoda cat plush

Fortunately, my children aren’t mad about soda and gas cooldrink. So, I’m safe to buy this plush as a starter for the first litter. Meanwhile, I love the cat’s color because brown cats aren’t typical pets. In addition, the eyes have depth and detail. So, I’d recommend this gorgeous Soda Cat Plush as the perfect starter for kids.

Aphmau Soda Cat Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Litter 1 Series
  • Plush Size: 11″
  • Inspiration: Soda cans

Aphmau Soda Cat Plush Pros

  • The Soda Cat Plush has a brilliant chocolate-brown color
  • The cat’s face and paws have gorgeous details
  • The Soda Cat looks friendlier than most
  • It would make an excellent plush friend for kids

Aphmau Soda Cat Plush Cons

  • You have to size-match the mystery packs for Litter 1
  • The soda costume looks funny enough to make you giggle

Aphmau MeeMeow Sugar Skull Cat Plush

sugar skull cat plush

The Sugar Skull Cat is a beautiful design with vivid colors and patterns. Meanwhile, the Sugar Skull Cat looks like it sleeps, which counteracts the festival of inspiration. However, every plush toy has advantages and disadvantages. So, this cat plush might also not be suitable for kids who find skulls creepy.

Aphmau Sugar Skull Cat Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Litter 1 Series
  • Plush Size: 11″
  • Inspiration: Dia De Los Muertos

Aphmau Sugar Skull Cat Plush Pros

  • The Sugar Skull Cat Plush is a beautiful design for collectors
  • The face looks gorgeous with the Mexican festival design
  • It’s the perfect size to fit other Litter 1 plushies
  • You won’t quickly get this plush dirty

Aphmau Sugar Skull Cat Plush Cons

  • You must size-match the mystery packs from Litter 1
  • It might not be the best choice for kids who dislike skulls

Aphmau MeeMeow Taco Cat Plush

aphmau meemeows taco cat plush

I love irony, and the Taco Cat Plush is full of it. For example, it represents a cat blended with a taco. But, then, the face has a humorous way of showing what happens the day after Taco Tuesday. Children might not understand the humor behind this plush, but anyone who knows the connection will laugh once they see it.

Aphmau Taco Cat Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Litter 1 Series
  • Plush Size: 11″
  • Inspiration: Tacos and the Wednesday after

Aphmau Taco Cat Plush Pros

  • The Taco Cat Plush is a funny collaboration
  • The cat’s face says enough to make you laugh
  • It’s a cute starter for the first litter from Aphmau
  • The textured body adds benefits for little kids

Aphmau Taco Cat Plush Cons

  • You must size-match the mystery packs from the first litter
  • I can’t lie to say the face is cute

Aphmau MeeMeow Zombie Cat Plush

zombie cat plush

Aphmau makes some brilliant Halloween cat plushies. However, the zombie undoubtedly spooks you. The Zombie Cat Plush has glow-in-the-dark eyes. Can you imagine how creepy children will find this plush at night? So, it would be a brilliant Halloween gift if children enjoyed the creepiness.

Aphmau Zombie Cat Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Halloween Series
  • Plush Size: 11″
  • Inspiration: Halloween zombies

Aphmau Zombie Cat Plush Pros

  • The Zombie Cat Plush has glow-in-the-dark eyes
  • It’s the creepiest Aphmau plush fit for Halloween fans
  • It also resembles Frankenstein with the patched skin
  • It’s an excellent starter for the Halloween Series Aphmau collections

Aphmau Zombie Cat Plush Cons

  • This plush will freak young kids out at night
  • The face is as creepy as the glowing eyes

Aphmau Werewolf Cat Plush

werewolf cat plush

Aphmau also introduced Werewolf Cat, which looks nearly as creepy as Zombie Cat, except it doesn’t have glowing eyes. So, it would be ideal for younger Halloween fans to start their kitty collections. In addition, I love the details on the plush’s face. Meanwhile, the mane and ears make it looks more like a dragon.

Aphmau Werewolf Cat Plush Facts

  • Aphmau Series: Aphmau Halloween Series
  • Plush Size: 11″
  • Inspiration: Spooky werewolves

Aphmau Werewolf Cat Plush Pros

  • The Werewolf Cat Plush has cute and creepy features
  • It’s the ideal starter for Halloween cat collectors
  • The plush has a lot of detail around the face and neck
  • The colors also work well for Aphmau’s inspiration

Aphmau Werewolf Cat Plush Cons

  • The confusion with a dragon would upset Dragon Cat
  • Some fans would prefer glow-in-the-dark eyes on this plush


Question: Where Can I Buy Blind Boxes for Aphmau Mystery Plush?

Answer: Blind boxes are tremendous fun for plush collectors and Aphmau fans. So, I found both litters available at Toy Wiz. As a result, you can buy the Aphmau MeeMeow Litter One Mystery Box or the Aphmau MeeMeow Litter Two Mystery Box. Furthermore, I wish you the best of luck in finding the kitten of your dreams.

Question: Which Aphmau Cat Plushies Are Rare?

Answer: Aphmau often runs out of stock for their favorite plushies from Litter one and two. Hence, they recommend buying mystery packs to complete your collections. However, some Aphmau plushies have become rare commodities. For example, the Aphmau Fairy Cat Plush is hard to find in mystery packs.
In addition, you’ll struggle to find the Aphmau Ice Cream Cat Plush in blind boxes. Meanwhile, when they return to the store, the Aphmau Dragon Cat Plush sells out faster than a Black Friday sale. But there’s a super rare plush among the first litter’s cats. The Aphmau Pumpkin Cat Plush is nearly impossible to find in mystery boxes.

Question: What Other Aphmau Merch Can I Collect?

Answer: Aphmau has a range of adorable collectibles for various cats from different litter series. For example, you can find Aphmau Cheeseburger Cat Slippers to keep your feet warm. Alternatively, send the kids trick-or-treating with the Aphmau Ghost Cat Candy Bucket.
However, I like the Aphmau Food Cat Pin Set as a collectible.

aphmau plush

Aphmau Plush Guide: Conclusion

Aphmau plushies are adorable, creepy, and collectible. Some series will send chills up your spine with glowing eyes. Meanwhile, others will have children dreaming big with pillow plushies. However, it starts with knowing which Aphmau plushies exist, how many series are available, and how to begin collecting each one.

The best start to any series collection is by adding a definite cat plush first. Then, you can buy mystery packs to fill the missing kitties. Alternatively, you can go custom-made with the Aphmau Creator Cat Plush. It’s my favorite because children can recreate the kitties they lost at home, which Aphmau did for her kids.

Otherwise, pick your favorite starter for the multi-cat series your children enjoy. Then, watch them search for the missing pieces. Collecting plushies is an exciting adventure. So, searching for new editions will be fun.

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