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Poppy Playtime Plush Guide: A Guide To Finding Your Favorite Poppy Playtime Plushies 

Everyone has been talking about the Poppy Playtime video game lately. If you are still in the dark about this game, let me quickly catch you up before I share with you even more exciting info. 

Poppy Playtime is a horror video game. It was created by “American indie developer Mob Entertainment” and was released on 12 October 2021. So it is still relatively new. The game occurs in an abandoned toy factory, Playtime Co, where staff members had gone missing 10 years prior. You, as a player, take the role of a former employee in the toy factory. Things soon get weird when the toys come to life, and you, as a player, need to solve puzzles to save one of the characters and escape the factory. 

A couple of months after the game was released, my husband and I decided to see what the hype was all about. The game gave me FNAF(Five Nights at Freddy’s) vibes. A few minutes soon turned to a couple of hours that we played the game. And before we knew it, we were hooked. 

I decided to do more research on the game and found that the game’s characters are available in plushie form! I was over the Moon. I’m so excited to share the Poppy Playtime Plush Guide with you today. Because these plushies are just too cute to keep a secret. 

Bottom Line Upfront

Are you a big fan of the Poppy Playtime horror video game? Well, you will be excited to hear that I’m sharing the game’s characters in plush form with you guys. Now you can make the game come to life with your own Poppy Playtime plushies. 

My favorite Poppy Playtime Plush is the Mommy Long Legs Poppy Play Time Plush. I’m just obsessed with her girly aesthetic. And how she is soft and bendable at the same time. So cute! 

Let’s have a look at my other top picks in this guide.

Top Picks

  1. Mommy Long Legs Poppy Playtime Plush – She is pretty in pink! She is also soft and bendable, which makes her great to cuddle and play with. 
  2. PJ Pug a Pillar Poppy Playtime Plush. – I love its creative and unique design. He also helps with my anxiety because he is so squishy. And by squishing him, it keeps my hands and mind busy, which reduces that anxious feeling. 
  3. Boxy Boo Poppy Playtime Plush – I love his creative design and that he is so vintage looking. 

Selection Criteria

I chose the Poppy Playtime plushies mentioned according to the following criteria.

  • Poppy Playtime plushies that are bright and colorful.
  • Poppy Playtime plushies that are unique looking.
  • Most of the Poppy Playtime plushies mentioned are suitable for all ages. 
  • Most of the Poppy Playtime plushies mentioned are bendable. This makes them even more fun to play with. 

Are you ready to have a look at some of the Poppy Playtime plushies and their details? Let’s get started, guys!

Poppy Playtime Plush Options

Boxy Boo Poppy Playtime Plush

boxy boo poppy playtime plush


Brand: Cargath

Size: 12.4 inches

Boxy Boo was created in 1966. Wow, he is older than my dad! He is one of the monsters of Playtime Co. Boxy Boo is a box with springs attached to it, and he resembles a jack in the box. 

Characteristics of Boxy Boo

He is happy, energetic, and patient. But don’t let that fool you; he will come out of nowhere when you least expect it and eat you. But here’s a tip, he is clumsy, so that counts in your favor.

The Appearance of Boxy Boo

The box part of Boxy Boo is a vibrant light blue color with a yellow star embroidered on the front of the box. The lever is also yellow, and so is the top part of the box. His body is a maroonish rustic color, which gives him that vintage vibe. Although he resembles a jack in the box, his face, body, and claws make him look like a dinosaur to me. 

He has big eyes with black embroidered pupils, and we can see the Sclera(the white part of the eye) sticking out. He has a wide open mouth that is pink inside and filled with sharp white teeth that match his sharp white claws. 

My Opinion of Boxy Boo 

He is very cute! I love his colors and his vintage vibe. He will make a great decoration around your house. It will also make an excellent gift to a Poppy Playtime game lover. 

Pros of Boxy Boo

  • He is filled with high-quality material (PP cotton). This makes him durable, soft, and cuddlable.
  • He will look great as a décor piece in your home. 
  • For his size, he is affordable.
  • His body is a darkish color that won’t get dirty easily. 
  • I like the embroidered star and lever detail. 

Cons of Boxy Boo

  • The lever might tear off if played too rough with.
  • The white teeth and claws will get dirty quickly.
  • Not everyone will like its vintage vibe. 

Poppy Playtime Plush Poppy Playtime

poppy playtime plush poppy playtime


Brand: Poppy Playtime

Size:7 inches

Poppy Playtime is a porcelain plush doll that was created in 1950 by Playtime Co. Interestingly, she is the first plush to be created by the company. She plays the character in the game that gets captured and needs to be freed by the protagonist(the Player). 

Characteristics of Poppy

She is very outgoing and cares deeply about her appearance. She always appears polite and elegant. 

The Appearance of Poppy

Poppy has porcelain skin, big bright blue eyes, a tiny nose, and thin red lips. She has long eyelashes and thin eyebrows with 2 high red ponytails tied up with light blue bows. She has a beautiful light blue dress with white frill details and bows. She also has cute little black shoes that remind me of school shoes. 

My Opinion of Poppy

I adore her! She is any little girl’s dream. I love her big bright blue eyes and her hair that is done up in 2 ponytails. I find her little outfit so cute and girly. She is definitely one of my favorite Poppy Playtime plushies. 


  • She is tiny and easy to carry around.
  • She will make the perfect gift for a little girl.
  • She has beautiful and vibrant features that make her stand out. 
  • I love her blushy cheeks and her small little lips. It just adds to that “porcelain doll look.”
  • I love her dress with the frills and bow details.
  • She is an officially licensed Poppy Playtime plush. 


  • The bows on her head and dress might tear off.
  • Her porcelain white skin and the frills of her dress will quickly show dirty.

Bunzo Poppy Playtime Plush 

bunzo poppy playtime plush 


Brand: MUTI

Size: 15.7 inches

Bunzo is a yellow bunny character from the Poppy Playtime game. He is the game’s main mascot and part of the musical memory game. If the Player gets multiple errors or fails at the game, Bunzo then jump scares and kills the Player. Scary!

Characteristics of Bunzo

Bunzo is cheerful and playful, loves birthdays, and is also a bit of a jokester. When he takes his monstrous form, his characteristics change a bit. He likes to be loud with his cymbals to scare the players. 

The Appearance of Bunzo

He is a light yellow rabbit dressed in a green playsuit with a matching green party hat. He has clown-like features like his cheeks and the markings above and below his eyes. He has a wide mouth with buck teeth. Bunzo also has 2 black cymbals in his hands with yellow embroidered detail on them. 

My Opinion on Bunzo

I’m not too fond of Bunzo and find him quite scary. His wide mouth with his buck teeth and clown-like features freak me out. I also don’t like the cymbals in his hands. 


  • For its size, it’s affordable.
  • He has on a cute playsuit with a matching party hat. 
  • He is made out of soft and comfortable material.
  • He has cute floppy ears.
  • I like its light yellow color. It is very calming.
  • He is a big size, 15,7 inches making him great to cuddle and play with. 


  • Some might find him scary.
  • The buttons on his playsuit can come loose and cause a safety hazard. 
  • Because he is so light in color, stains will easily show on him. 

Player Poppy Playtime Plush

player poppy playtime plush



Size: 10 inches

The Player is the main protagonist in the Poppy Playtime horror game. Although you can’t see the Player in the game because it is from the first-person perspective, you can see the shadow of it. 

Characteristics of Player

The characteristics of the Player can’t really be described because it is you who is playing the game as the Player.

The Appearance of the Player

The Player is a little yellow man with small little eyes, thin eyebrows, and a smile. The facial features of the Player are embroidered on. He wears a backpack. A red and blue hand comes out of the backpack and assists the Player during the game. 

My Opinion of Player

Even Though the Player can’t be seen in the game, and only his shadow, the way they created him is adorable. I also like the red and blue hands coming out of his backpack. It gives more character to the Player. 

Pros of Player

  • I like that he is so vibrant.
  • He is suitable for all ages.
  • He is soft and made out of high-quality materials.
  • He is the perfect size for kids to play with and take with them on adventures. 

Cons of Player

  • Not everyone will like the yellow color.
  • The hands that are coming out of the backpack may make cuddling uncomfortable.

Baby Long Legs, Poppy Playtime Plush

baby long legs poppy playtime plush



Size: 15.7 inches

You can see Baby Long Legs on a poster after the Player gets away from PJ Pug a Pillar. There is a limited amount of info on Baby Long Legs. The other thing we know about this character is that it comes in a set with Mommy Long Legs and Daddy Long Legs. 

Characteristics of Baby Long Legs

He is still a baby, and not much is known about him. So at this stage, he does not have any characteristics except for being adorable. 

The Appearance of Baby Long Legs

Baby Long Legs has yellow skin and is wearing a white diaper. He has blue shoes and blue gloves with frills around them. He has black embroidered pupils with orange and white surrounding it. His mouth is open and displays only one tooth. He has a single strand of blue hair on his head. 

My Opinion on Baby Long Legs

Baby Long Legs is adorable! And he will be a cute addition to your collection, especially if you have Mommy and Daddy Long Legs. You will literally have a family of plushies. 

Pros of Baby Long Legs

  • He has an adorable appearance.
  • His material is made out of high-quality material and is soft and durable. 
  • He is 15.7 inches which makes giving him hugs and cuddling him amazing.
  • His facial features are embroidered on. So no worrying about features falling off.

Cons of Baby Long Legs

  • His diaper and the frills on his hands and feet will get dirty quickly.
  • His one strand of hair looks more like a hook than a piece of hair. 

My Poppy Playtime Plushie Collection

I’m excited to share with you my Poppy Playtime plush collection. I own Mommy Long Legs and PJ Pug a Pillar, but would really like to grow my collection. But before I get sidetracked, let us have a look at my Mommy Long Legs and PJ Pug a Pillar. 

Mommy Long Legs Poppy Play Time Plush

mommy long legs poppy play time plush
Photo by Christine Kent
Photo by Christine Kent



Size: 16.9 inches

Mommy Long Legs was created in 1991. She is a skinny pink creature resembling a spider. The only difference is that she only has 4 legs. She appears multiple times during the game. 

Characteristics of Mommy Long Legs

She can first be perceived as friendly and welcoming. But as you get to know her better, you see that she is actually aggressive and mental. She also has a big ego and thinks that everyone sees her as a motherly figure. 

The Appearance of Mommy Long Legs

She is slender, and her face and legs are light pink, whereas the rest of her is a darker pink color. She has big bright green eyes with 3 eyelashes on each side. Mommy Long Legs has small little lips with pink lipstick on. 

Her noodle-like hair is tied up in a blue bobble that matches the blue necklace around her neck and the blue material around her legs. In her legs, there is plastic that makes her bendable. 

My Opinion on Mommy Long Legs

I love her because I love pink! She is my favorite character in the Poppy Playtime game. I love her big bright green eyes and her pink girly aesthetic. I’m also obsessed with the fact that she is bendable. It’s so cool! I also like that her hair is tied up in a ponytail, as it is my signature hairstyle. 

Pros of Mommy Long Legs

  • Her facial features are embroidered.
  • Her hair is tied up in a cute ponytail hairstyle. 
  • She has a cute necklace detail around her neck.
  • The plastic/wire in her legs makes her bendable, and you can fold her however you want.
  • She is soft and gives the best hugs because you can fold her around your neck. 
  • I love her pink girly aesthetic. 

Cons of Mommy Long Legs

  • I would have preferred if her lipstick was a bit darker so that her lips stood out more.
  • The necklace part can be ripped off easily when played too rough with. 
  • The bobble of her hair can tear off if played too rough with. 
  • She doesn’t stay in position when you bend her.
  • I don’t like that her fringe is so floppy, and I would have preferred it if it stayed upright. 

PJ Pug, a Pillar Poppy Playtime Plush

pj pug a pillar poppy playtime plush
Photo by Christine Kent
pj pug a pillar poppy playtime kid plush
Photo by Christine Kent


Brand: Yonclap

Size: 22.8 inches

If you couldn’t already tell from the name PJ Pug, a Pillar is a mixture between a pug and a caterpillar. He has a very long body and is part blue and part purple. PJ follows the Player the entire time during the statues part of the game. Be careful of PJ coming too close to you or if you fire your backpack, as he will jump scare and kill you. 

The only way to escape PJ is by swinging on the rings or by looking around the room. 

Characteristics of PJ Pug a Pillar

PJ is an introvert and tends to be unfiltered when he talks. It may seem as if he is saying something directly to you when he is actually talking about himself. He may look all cute and fluffy but beware of him, as looks can be deceiving. 

The Appearance of PJ Pug a Pillar

He has the body of a caterpillar with blue and purple segments. There are also blue and purple legs attached to each segment. It has fluffy ears and a fluffy head, which resembles a pug. He has huge black embroidered eyes, a blue heart nose, and a big smile with white teeth and his pink tongue sticking out. 

My Opinion on PJ Pug a Pillar

I love him and find him adorable! The concept of half pug and half caterpillar is very creative. I love his fluffy ears and face and his soft, squishable body. I also like the idea that it is half blue and half purple. It is pleasing to the eye. Oh, and I find the feet too cute for words!

Pros of PJ Pug a Pillar

  • His face and ears are soft and fluffy.
  • His body is soft and squishable and great for my anxiety!
  • I love the blue and purple together. 
  • I love his big embroidered eyes and heart-shaped nose.
  • This version of him is suitable for all ages.
  • He is bendable.
  • It will make a cute gift for a boy or a girl. 

Cons of PJ Pug a Pillar

  • Some might find the combination of a pug and a caterpillar weird.
  • His tongue is only glued on, so it can come off if played too rough with.
  • The material inside his ears might pull loose or tear if played too rough with. 
pj pug poppy plush and mommy long legs poppy plush
Photo by Christine Kent

Unboxing of Mommy Long Legs and PJ Pug a Pillar

I was so excited to unbox the two Poppy Playtime Plushies that I ordered. They both came together in vacuumed packaging. Let us have a look at me unboxing Mommy Long Legs and PJ Pug a Pillar below:

Alternative Poppy Playtime Options 

Here are some alternative Poppy Playtime products that you can add to your collection. 

Poppy Playtime Vinyl Figure Collection

poppy playtime vinyl figure collection

I’m obsessed with this Poppy Playtime Vinyl figure. This is the perfect gift for someone collecting Poppy Playtime products. They can display it in its box on their shelf, dresser, or bedside table. They can even take it out of the box so that everyone can appreciate her beauty even more. I would keep it in the box because it is a collector’s item, and I would feel too sorry for it to take it out. 

She is high-quality, and her appearance is just gorgeous. As a big fan of the Poppy Playtime game, I would love to receive this Poppy Vinyl Figurine as a gift. 

Poppy Playtime – Vintage Collectible Figure Pack 

poppy playtime vintage collectible figure pack 

You get these 4 vintage Poppy Playtime figurines in this Poppy Playtime pack. Again you can display them on your shelves, dresser, or bedside table in the box. Or take them out and get a special spot for each of them. This will make a very special gift for a Poppy Playtime collector. They are high-quality figurines and are also officially licensed products. 

The pack contains all my favorite characters from the game, so I’m obsessed with it! 

Poppy Wuggy pop Decompression Toy, Rainbow Push Pop Fidget Toy

poppy wuggy push pop fidget toy

This pop fidget toy is a great toy for kids and adults. It helps relieve anxiety and stress by keeping your hands busy by popping the little circles on the silicon Huggy Wuggy. I love this toy as it helps calm me down when I’m anxious and stressed. It is one of my favorite toys in my Poppy Playtime collection. 

I also like to get creative with it, fill it with chocolate, and put it in the freezer to enjoy later. I know, such a yummy idea! You have to try it!

Where to Buy Poppy Playtime Plushies

You can buy the Poppy Playtime plushies at the following places:

  • The official website – Poppyplaytime.co
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Smythstoys
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Takealot (South Africa)


Question: Are the Poppy Playtime Plushies Suitable for Younger Children?

Answer: Some of the Poppy Playtime plushies are, and some aren’t. For example, Bunzo might be scary to some children because of his clown-like features. In contrast, Mommy Long Legs and Baby long legs are cute and suitable for smaller children. You will have to decide what is appropriate for your child and what is not.  

Question: Are the Poppy Playtime Plushies Affordable?

Answer: The Poppy Playtime Plushies are quite expensive. They range from $20 to $50. But keep in mind they are of excellent quality. Some of them come in big sizes, have a lot of detail, and are unique compared to other plush toys. In my opinion, they are totally worth their price!

Question: What sizes are the Poppy Playtime Plushies Available in?

Answer: The Poppy Playtime plushies range from 7 to 24 inches. 


There you have it, guys! I hope you enjoyed my Poppy Playtime Plush guide and that you found a favorite. Poppy Playtime is a scary game but so much fun! And buying the characters from the game is so cool, as you can make your game a reality(But please don’t really kill your plushies).

Do you have a favorite Poppy Playtime plush mentioned in this guide? Let me know in the comments below. 

My favorite Poppy Playtime Plush is Mommy Long Legs Poppy Playtime Plush. I love her girly appearance and that she is bendable. I also recommend getting PJ Pug a Pillar Poppy Playtime Plush. He is unique looking, soft, and squishable.

So, ladies and gents, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite Poppy Playtime plushies, purchase them and have a great time! Have fun, and let the games begin!

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