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Best Monkey Squishmallows Guide

How exciting would it be to feel inspired by a family vacation before writing the best monkey Squishmallows guide? It inspired me, and I’m here to share my epic inspiration after a memorable family holiday. So, allow me to share my passion for Squishmallows while digging into my newfound love for monkey plush toys.

My family had the best times between multiple zoos, and monkeys were one of our favorite animals. Meanwhile, our love for collecting Squishmallows marries the new animal passion nicely. Squishmallows don’t have as many apes as the local zoos, but they have enough to get you started. So, let’s find your monkey.

Best Monkey Squishmallows Up Front

We visited the Hartebeespoort, Johannesburg, and Tswane zoos in less than two weeks, eventually hiring a golf cart to track the uphills. Admittedly, having two kids means we spent most of our holidays in zoos. However, we saw and learned about an abundance of orangutans, monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees, and gorillas.

The monkey Squishmallow squad has numerous fun members for kids and adult fans to enjoy. Meanwhile, hunting the best monkey Squishmallows was as much fun as seeing all the apes each zoo had to offer. So, it’s no surprise that my first article for the year leans into what’s stuck in my mind.

My ultimate pick would undoubtedly be Tazik, the Monkey Squishmallow. I’m a massive fan of Squishdoo hairstyles, and nothing makes a monkey plush more unique than a ridiculous hairdo. Tazik isn’t my favorite size Squishmallow, but he takes it for many other reasons. Additionally, he adds a touch of color to the collection.

But first, let’s learn more about the squad and its members, and I’ll share tips on finding unique monkeys.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Monkey Squishmallows

Perhaps Squishmallows will have versions of each ape in the coming years. But for now, some gorgeous monkey Squishmallows await your and your children’s love for the curious zoo animals. So, let’s see which monkeys exist and how to find more unique options. Then, I’ll share I selected the top monkey Squishmallows.

Meet the Hanging Zoo Crew

momo monkey

The monkey Squishmallows are a family on their own. However, they primarily belong to the zoo squad. Some will belong to multiple teams, but that’s part of my unique tips for special editions. But first, let’s meet the monkey Squishmallow family and distinguish how they appear before joining unusual squads.

  • Abu, the Monkey Squishmallow, is a famous Disney-inspired ape from Alladin. He’s a brown and tan monkey with a favorite outfit from Alladin.
  • Aron, the Gorilla Squishmallow, is black and gray with a fuzzy mane.
  • Boyd, the Monkey Squishmallow, is a brown monkey with a heart-shaped belly and sunglasses with hearts.
  • Elton, the Monkey Squishmallow, is a unique peach-colored monkey with a tan belly.
  • Mark, the Monkey Squishmallow, is a chocolate brown monkey with a white belly and ears.
  • Maruta, the Gorilla Squishmallow, is a red and pink ape with hearts. She’s coming soon as a new member.
  • Maxwell, the Monkey Squishmallow, is a red and white ape with hearts on his chest.
  • Melvin, the Monkey Squishmallow, is a brown and white monkey wearing a Santa hat.
  • Milly, the Monkey Squishmallow, is chocolate brown with white features and a brown snout.
  • Momo, the Monkey Squishmallow, is chocolate brown with a half-heart-shaped face with smaller round ears.
  • Robb, the Orangutan Squishmallow, is a brown, orange, and tan orangutan with a fuzzy mane and face.
  • Tazik, the Monkey Squishmallow, is purple with a white belly and a fuzzy rainbow tie-dye mane.

It’s a pity Squishmallows hasn’t designed a chimpanzee yet because my kids were obsessed with them. But fortunately, one gorilla and orangutan exist among the monkeys to offer some variety. You’ve met the main crew, but it’s time to learn what makes the plushies more unique than others in a collection.

Tips for Finding Awesome Monkey Squishmallows

Monkey Squishmallows are fun, but adding spruce of color or multi-squad members will raise the collectible excitement more than a bunch of brown and white monkey plush. Multi-squad monkey Squishmallows already fit into a unique category. For example, Robb Squishmallow belongs to two families.

Robb is an orangutan, which makes him fit into a fuzzy squad with fantastic colors. Meanwhile, Abu Squishmallow comes from the famous and much-loved Disney squad. He wears a fun outfit and is a well-known monkey that kids enjoy. Additionally, Melvin wears a Santa hat to fit into the Christmas squad.

Many variations make monkey Squishmallows even more lovable. However, the sad news is that some aren’t around anymore. I’ll share tips on finding rare monkey Squishmallows later. Meanwhile, you can add monkeys by name on the Squish Alert app to receive notifications when the stores restock them.

The monkey Squishmallow family has more opportunities than you realize. Still, you’ll have to keep looking for more ape plushies among the famous names. In addition, more monkeys and ape varieties will come. I aim to collect at least one of each family member, always pursuing the most unique or best of each name.

How I Chose the Best Monkey Squishmallows

Finally, I share how the best monkey Squishmallows come about by targeting the ultimate starter for each ape name. Remember that some monkeys are rare now. Unfortunately, finding every version and size of each monkey is challenging. So, starting with the best of each available name will do the trick.

My first rule would be that the plush is still widely available. Additionally, the in-store and online monkey Squishmallows that win my best choice for each member must fit at least one of the following factors:

  • The monkey Squishmallow must belong to multiple squads. Squishmallow monkeys in multiple squads allow you to expand your collection in different ways when you can’t find more monkeys. For example, Abu welcomes a Disney Squishmallow collection.
  • It should have a unique element. For example, monkey Squishmallows with unique patterns, unusual colors, and different plush types would work nicely. A stackable Squishmallow allows you to collect more stacking plush, or a striped monkey welcomes other colorful plushies.
  • It should be one of the smaller sizes available for the chosen monkey. Squishmallows eight inches or less are easier to collect if you want a massive selection without using too much space.

However, I’ll make an exception by adding two variations for Tazik Squishmallow because every version of this monkey has a unique element. In addition, one of Tazik’s best variations won’t fit my size requirements. However, the plush will meet two of my other criteria.

Finally, Elton, the monkey Squishmallow, has no unique variations. So, I’ll exclude Elton as a special collectible plush, as none of his selections fit my best choice criteria.

Best Monkey Squishmallows Guide: Swinging Picks

I picked six incredible monkey Squishmallows to show you. Each one fits a unique multi-squad collaboration or comes in unusual designs, colors, or patterns. In addition, I’ll share my thoughts on each monkey to help you determine whether it’s a good fit for your collection or your child’s ape passions.

Best Abu, the Monkey Squishmallow

abu the Monkey Squishmallow

Abu Squishmallow represents a classic from the famous Disney’s Alladin. Alladin was one of my childhood favorites. Abu is a trusted sidekick to Alladin, and the monkey has more personality than most of his squad members. So, adding Abu is a no-brainer to make the best monkey Squishmallows stand out.

Meanwhile, Abu Squishmallow has two size variants. I prefer the smaller sizes that allow me to collect more plushies than larger versions. However, kids might enjoy the more significant variation of Abu if they cuddle or sleep with their favorite Squishmallows. Alternatively, bring Disney’s magic to your collection.

  • Squads: Zoo, Wildlife, and Disney Squads
  • Size: 7″

Abu, the Monkey Squishmallow Pros

  • Abu, the monkey Squishmallow, is ultra-famous
  • Abu Squishmallow wears the famous Alladin outfit and pez
  • Abu’s face and tail have more details than any other monkey
  • The monkey comes in an adorable size for collectors

Abu, the Monkey Squishmallow Cons

  • Children enjoy larger Squishmallows to snuggle
  • Abu’s vest has no detail around it

Best Aron, the Gorilla Squishmallow

Best Aron the Gorilla Squishmallow

Gorillas are unsurprisingly dangerous animals. I once had an escaped gorilla venture through my garden while I sat with my jaw on the floor. Fortunately, it never approached me, but I knew to sit still and not threaten the wild animal. Gorillas are infamous South African animals that escape and terrorize people in the streets.

Indeed, South Africa often sees escaped wild animals, much like the current tiger roaming the streets. My daughter doesn’t understand the risk. Fortunately, warnings go out early, and we keep our kids indoors. However, a gorilla Squishmallow allows children to enjoy the wild creatures in the safety of their bedrooms.

  • Squads: Wildlife, Zoo, and Fuzz-A-Mallow Squads
  • Size: 8″

Aron, the Gorilla Squishmallow Pros

  • Aron, the gorilla Squishmallow, is a mighty beast plush toy
  • Aron Squishmallow looks much friendlier than a real-life gorilla
  • Aron’s fuzzy mane makes him fit another squad
  • Gorilla Squishmallows also look slightly like chimpanzees

Aron, the Gorilla Squishmallow Cons

  • This Squishmallow can teach children wrong lessons about gorillas
  • The gorilla Squishmallow only has a fuzzy texture as a special feature

Best Boyd, the Monkey Squishmallow

boyd squismallow

Boyd, the monkey Squishmallow, rocks an incredible teal-colored pair of sunglasses, making any version of this ape unique. However, the eight-inch plush floats my boat more than the more prominent variations. In addition, Boyd makes me think of the cool kid on the block with his attitude.

Boyd Squishmallow doesn’t have a bad attitude. Instead, he appears to be a leader among the cool kids. Meanwhile, he also fits into multiple squads and welcomes all fans of monkey plush. The heart-shaped belly is unique beyond most ape Squishmallows. Boyd is welcome in my collection any day.

  • Squads: Zoo, Wildlife, and Valentine’s Squads
  • Size: 8″

Boyd, the Monkey Squishmallow Pros

  • Boyd, the monkey Squishmallow, is one of the unique options
  • Boyd Squishmallow has gorgeous details, colors, and accessories
  • Boyd’s attitude shines through to bring confidence to young fans
  • The monkey says it all with glasses and a heart-shaped belly

Boyd, the Monkey Squishmallow Cons

  • Boyd’s personality might be too bold for some kids
  • His glasses should also be raised like his snout

Best Robb, the Orangutan Squishmallow

the Orangutan Squishmallow

Orangutans have an orange tinge to their coats, making Robb Squishmallow a unique pick without any other factors. These animals are more incredible to watch in the wild than in zoos. They have a nature similar to koala bears because they look lazy, calm, and slow-moving. However, they aren’t as peaceful as you think.

Orangutans are intelligent, and their colors bring more personality than other ape species. So, it helps to introduce your child to an orangutan Squishmallow and not a real-life ape. Meanwhile, Squishmallows did an excellent job recreating the colorful ape. So, let’s see my favorite version of Robb, the orangutan Squishmallow.

  • Squads: Zoo, Fuzz-A-Mallow, and Wildlife Squads
  • Size: 8″

Robb, the Orangutan Squishmallow Pros

  • Robb, the orangutan Squishmallow, is the first one of his plush kind
  • Robb Squishmallow has beautiful color contrasts to brighten a collection
  • Robb’s face has gorgeous details outlining his eyes, nose, and mouth
  • The orangutan Squishmallow is an adorable size for collectors

Robb, the Orangutan Squishmallow Cons

  • Robb’s colors are nearly accurate but not quite
  • Robb has the tiniest ears among the monkeys Squishmallows

Best Tazik, the Monkey Stackable Squishmallow

Tazik the Monkey Stackable Squishmallow

Tazik, the monkey’s stackable Squishmallow, should be my winner for fitting the smaller sizes. However, Tazik’s Squishdoo hairstyle isn’t as fabulous as my favorite plush. Meanwhile, Tazik’s stackable Squishmallow has more features and fits four families. For example, he has an insane zebra pattern on his purple body.

Tazik also has a stackable feature that allows collectors and children to grab more plushies and stack them on top of each other. In addition, stackable Squishmallows make incredible pillow buddies and feel ultra comfortable under your neck. Finally, Tazik is the ideal traveling companion for kids on a long road.

  • Squads: Wildlife, Zoo, Squishdoo, and Fantasy Squads
  • Size: 8″

Tazik, the Monkey Squishmallow Pros

  • Tazik, the monkey Squishmallow, is a unique four-squad member
  • Tazik Squishmallow’s colors, patterns, and hair are unusual
  • Tazik’s face has cute features around the eyes and mouth
  • This monkey plush is perfect for a car pillow buddy

Tazik, the Monkey Squishmallow Cons

  • Tazik’s colors are inaccurate for a monkey
  • Tazik’s ears and shape don’t fit well with monkeys

Best Tazik, the Monkey Squishmallow

Tazik, the Monkey Squishmallow

Unfortunately, my ultimate monkey Squishmallow doesn’t fit my perfect collector’s size. However, Tazik’s insane hairstyle makes me fall in love with a purple monkey. Meanwhile, Tazik’s body doesn’t look much like a monkey until you look into his dark black eyes. Suddenly, you welcome a cartoon-inspired monkey plush.

In addition, I love how Tazik’s personality seems bold and eccentric. I imagine monkeys are bizarre animals. Meanwhile, I’m abnormal in various ways, making this plush my ideal match. Moreover, children love the more prominent, cuddlier size of monkey Squishmallows. So, my daughter would go wild for Tazik Squishmallow.

  • Squads: Zoo, Wildlife, and Squishdoo Squads
  • Size: 14″

Tazik, the Monkey Squishmallow Pros

  • Tazik, the monkey Squishmallow, is a unique color
  • Tazik Squishmallow comes from the unusual Squishdoo squad
  • Tazik’s features, rainbow colors, and deep eyes look adorable
  • Children enjoy this larger size monkey Squishmallow

Tazik, the Monkey Squishmallow Cons

  • Tazik has nothing in common with real-life monkeys
  • The shimmering headband is too much for me

Best Monkey Squishmallow Alternatives

Indeed, I’m here to share three exceptional alternatives to my monkey Squishmallow favorites. Each option will be the best choice for a specific reason. For example, Abu deserves a Disney alternative. However, Elton is better suited to an animal alternative. Meanwhile, I’ll only pick animal alternatives.

Additionally, I’ll make the alternative recommendations fun for kids, adding larger size plushies. So, let’s see which three recommendations I picked.

Best Animal Alternative: Zyan, the Sasquatch Squishmallow

Zyan the Sasquatch Squishmallow

A sasquatch isn’t an animal in the traditional sense because it’s a fantasy creature. However, bigfoot Squishmallows look more like monkeys than any other animal. Hence, I picked a fun bigfoot Squishmallow that makes an excellent alternative to monkeys if you like color and style. It has incredible features.

Zyan Squishmallow Pros

  • Zyan Squishmallow has a Squishdoo hairstyle
  • Zyan has beautiful colors and a Disney-styled hat
  • She’s adorable and fits multiple squads
  • She’s an excellent size for younger kids to enjoy

Zyan Squishmallow Cons

  • Zyan has no relation to apes, even if it looks like she does
  • Zyan is undoubtedly a girl’s Squishmallow alternative

Best Disney Alternative: Tigger, the Tiger Squishmallow

Tigger the Tiger Squishmallow

Disney has a range of pretty Squishmallows, including animals. However, Tigger inspired me because of the wandering tiger in my neighborhood. So, Tigger makes an excellent Disney alternative to Abu Squishmallow. In addition, Alladin only has Abu and Jasmine Squishmallows. So, there isn’t another animal for the movie.

Tigger Squishmallow Pros

  • Tigger Squishmallow is a much-loved Disney classic
  • Tigers and monkeys are zoo squad members
  • Tigger makes an excellent animal-themed monkey alternative
  • Kids will love the massive and bright Tigger Squishmallow

Tigger Squishmallow Cons

  • Tigger Squishmallow doesn’t come from the same movies
  • Tigers and monkeys can’t live together in the same enclosure

Best Squishdoo Alternative: Opal, the Octopus Squishmallow

Opal the Octopus Squishmallow

Choosing one Squishdoo among many is tough. I only narrowed the options by picking an animal in a 14-inch Squishmallow. However, the rest was an uphill battle, like we battled the hills to the big cat enclosures at the zoos. Ultimately, Opal won because she had a true punk-rocker style with brilliant colors and features.

Opal Squishmallow Pros

  • Opal Squishmallow belongs to various squads
  • Opal’s hair and rainbow tie-dye patterns are insanely fabulous
  • Opal looks like an excellent friend to any animal plush
  • She brings a splash of sealife to animal collections

Opal Squishmallow Cons

  • Opal comes from the ocean and is uncommon in zoos
  • Opal doesn’t relate to a monkey in any way



Question: What Is the Newest Monkey Squishmallow?

Answer: The new year will welcome at least one more monkey Squishmallow. She’s already around if you look at resellers who pre-ordered her. For example, a seller in Orlando already has a stock of Maruta, the 2023 Valentine’s Monkey Squishmallow. However, add her to your Squish Alert app to scoop her once in stores.

Question: Where Can I Find Discontinued Monkey Squishmallows?

Answer: Unfortunately, many monkey Squishmallows left the stores. Some will return, but not all of them will come back. So, it helps to know where to find discontinued monkey Squishmallows to fill a collection. The best place to find them is on eBay. I found some fabulous and rare monkey Squishmallows on eBay, including:
Aron, the Valentine’s Gorilla Squishmallow
Elton, the Miniature Monkey Squishville Squishmallow
Mark, the Monkey Squishmallow
Maruta, the Valentine’s Gorilla Squishmallow
Maxwell, the Valentine’s Monkey Squishmallow
Melvin, the Christmas Monkey Squishmallow
Milly, the Monkey Squishmallow
Momo, the Monkey Micromallow
Momo, the Monkey Squishmallow

Question: Which Monkey Squishmallow Is the Biggest?

Answer: Unfortunately, no giant or jumbo monkey Squishmallows exist yet. However, you can find two monkey Squishmallows in the extra-large size. For example, Momo, the Extra-Large Monkey Squishmallow, and Milly, the Extra-Large Monkey Squishmallow, will fill the gap until a jumbo monkey arrives.

Best Monkey Squishmallows Guide: Conclusion

You’ve met the monkey, gorilla, and orangutan Squishmallows. Monkeys and various other apes are truly fascinating creatures. Combining these famous and entertaining zoo animals with Squishmallows is a dream for avid fans of all ages. Additionally, you know how to tell the unique plushies from the standard ones.

Meanwhile, I shared six ultimate monkey Squishmallows, my favorite being Tazik, the Monkey Squishmallow. I love how Tazik’s crazy hairstyle makes him stand out. I also enjoy the colors and boldness of this monkey plush. So, I recommend buying Tazik before he becomes another discontinued Squishmallow monkey.

Alternatively, pick your child’s favorite. For example, get the gorilla if they enjoy the beast, or buy Robb if they love orangutans. Either way, snag the best monkey Squishmallows before the members become scarce.

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