Best Pink Squishmallows

Best Pink Squishmallows: A Guide for Pink Squishmallow Lovers

If you knew me, you would know I’m obsessed with pink. What makes pink better? Pink Squishmallows! Squishmallows are the cutest plushies to exist on this planet. And today, I bring you the Best Pink Squishmallows Guide.

I have been collecting Squishmallows for a few years now. I have learned the secret to finding the cutest and best quality Squishmallows. I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience on pink Squishmallows with you today. So let us get started!

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Bottom Line Up Front

Do you love Squishmallows and the color pink? If yes, you will love these pink Squishmallows I’m sharing with you today. My favorite pink Squishmallow is the Squishmallows Pink Unicorn – Ilene. She is a unicorn, and I’m obsessed with everything that is Unicorn.

There is just something about her that is magical. I don’t know if it’s her ultra-softness, rainbow-colored fringe, or sparkly horn. But she always brings me comfort and puts a smile on my face. Let us take a look at my other top picks.

Top Picks

  1. Squishmallows Pink Unicorn – Ilene – She is my favorite pink Squishmallow. She is a unicorn, and I’m obsessed with unicorns. She also has a rainbow fringe that just makes her even more magical.
  2. Squishmallows Watermelon – Wanda – I love watermelon, so I think it is the best thing ever that there is a watermelon Squishmallow! She is cute and makes any room feel more summery and relaxed.
  3. Squishmallows Succulent in Pink Pot Plush – Afiyah – She is pretty, unique, and a plant that I can keep forever.
  4. Squishmallows Strawberry Milk with Straw Plush – Amelie – She brings back nostalgic memories and a cute vibe to my room.

Selection Criteria

I chose the pink Squishmallows mentioned in this guide according to the following criteria:


I love Squishmallows because they are super soft and great to cuddle with. So I wanted to include Squishmallows that are the perfect cuddle size. Most of the Squishmallows mentioned in this list can become the best cuddle buddies. You can also use them as comfy pillows.

pink squishmallow

Fun Squishmallows

I wanted to include fun and unique Squishmallows that will make great gifts and will be a cute addition to your collection. I included fun Squishmallows like fruit, plant, strawberry milk, Squishmallows, etc.

Quality Squishmallows

I wanted to include Squishmallows of great quality that will last you for many years. The Squishmallows I included are soft and made of excellent materials. Most of the Squishmallows’ facial features are also embroidered. So you don’t have to worry about parts becoming loose.


I wanted to include various prices, from affordable to very expensive Squishmallows. This way, you can decide what Squishmallow will fit your needs.

Best Pink Squishmallow Options

Squishmallows Pink Unicorn – Ilene

squishmallows pink unicorn ilene

Meet Ilene, guys! She is a pretty pink unicorn Squishmallow. Singing and dancing is her passion, and she dreams of being a Broadway star one day. So if you want your other Squishmallows to be entertained, Ilene will do a great job with her beautiful voice and her dancing skills.

It is easy to keep Ilene happy; take her to a musical now and again, especially on her birthday. I love Ilene because I’m obsessed with unicorns and the color pink. I also love singing and dancing, even though it is only when I’m in the kitchen and in the shower.

I’m in love with her appearance! Her beautiful long lashes make me jealous and make me want to go put mascara on. And her swirly gold horn and rainbow fringe create a magical vibe. I love her! Let us have a look at some of Ilene’s features.


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 12 inches
  • Age: Age 3 and up


  • Her size makes her the perfect cuddle buddy.
  • Her long eyelashes make her look even more cute and girly. I love it!
  • She is very affordable.
  • I love that her nostrils look like commas and are embroidered.
  • The color of her fringe reminds me of ice cream.
  • Her material is so soft.


  • The white parts of her body will get dirty easily.

Squishmallows Pink Bunny – Brinkley

squishmallows pink bunny brinkley

Say hi to Brinkley, guys. Brinkley is the cutest and sweetest pink bunny. Brinkley is actually a rockstar who loves jamming out on her electric guitar. She has long floppy ears, a fluffy pink belly, and the cutest little eyes. I love her light pink color and her embroidered facial features.

Her fluffy belly is my favorite. It is the best pillow to lay on. Let us have a look at some of Brinkley’s features.


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 14 inches
  • Age: Age 2 and up


  • The perfect gift for a little girl.
  • She is the perfect cuddle size.
  • She is an original Squishmallow.
  • I love her floppy ears and her fluffy belly!


  • Because she is so light pink in color, she may show dirt very quickly.

Squishmallow Axolotl – Archie

squishmallow axolotl archie

Meet Archie the Axolotl! He loves playing soccer and even formed his own Squishmallow soccer club. If you see him talking with his hands, don’t freak out or stress; it is just one of his special talents. If you add him to your collection, he will keep your other Squishmallows active and fit.

I think Archie is adorable! I love anything that is glittery or shiny. So, of course, I think his pearly shine gills are beautiful! I also like his little mouth. It reminds me of a cat’s mouth.

Let us have a look at some of his features.


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 20 inches
  • Age: 2 and up


  • He is huge! So you can easily cuddle with him or use him as a pillow.
  • I love how his pink body looks with his white belly.
  • He is so soft and gives the best hugs.
  • He is an original Squishmallow.
  • His facial features are embroidered on, so there is no worrying about parts coming loose.
  • I love his little arms!


  • He is expensive.
  • The shining lining of his gills might tear if played too rough with.
  • Because he is so big, he will take up a lot of space.
  • His white belly will get dirty quickly.

Squishmallows Watermelon – Wanda

squishmallows watermelon wanda

Isn’t Wanda the cutest! Wanda is a strategist and needs to plan and have a strategy for everything she does. Trust me, your life will always be organized with her around. Oh, and if you love sandwiches, you will love Wanda even more as she makes the best sandwiches under the sun.

I love watermelon, so having a watermelon Squishmallow is the coolest thing ever! I love taking my Wanda to the pool so that she can have a fun day in the sun.

She has cute little black seeds on her belly that are embroidered. And a green rind with darker green stripes that resembles a real watermelon. I love the fact that she looks animated but still has the features of a real watermelon. Let us have a look at some of Wanda’s features.


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 12 inches
  • Age: Age 3 and up


  • She has cute little curled eyelashes.
  • Because of her size and shape, she will make the perfect pillow.
  • I love her colors. They are so girly and aesthetically pleasing.
  • For her size, she is very affordable.
  • She is an official Squishmallow.


  • The white ring surrounding her body will show dirty quickly.
  • Not everyone will want a fruit as a plushie and might find it weird.

Squishmallows Succulent in Pink Pot Plush -Afiyah

squishmallows succulent in pink pot plush afiyah

Meet Afiyah the succulent. I love her! She is so cute and the only plant I don’t have to worry about killing. I know that sounds rough, but I always need to remember to give my plants water, and they always end up dying. But Afiyah will last forever, and you can cuddle with her, which is a bonus. I love that her body is a pink pot, and her green leaves are outlined with pink. It just adds an aesthetic vibe to her.

She loves to sing and dance and have a great time. She is a succulent that has a lot of talent and determination. There is no stopping her.

Let us have a look at some of her features.


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 14 inches
  • Age: All ages


  • You will think because she is a plant that, she will be uncomfortable to hug or cuddle with, but she is so soft and comfy.
  • I love that her leaves are outlined with pink; it makes them stand out more.
  • She is an official Squishmallow!
  • It will make a great gift for a plant lover.
  • She will make a great addition to your Squishmallow collection.


  • She doesn’t have any cons.

Squishmallows Strawberry Milk with Straw Plush -Amelie

squishmallows strawberry milk with straw plush amelie

Meet Amelie, guys! She loves being creative and will bake or paint in her free time. So if you want to bring some creativity into your room, add Amelie to your collection!

I used to love strawberry milk when I was younger. It was my go-to drink when it was movie night. So having a Strawberry Milk Squishmallow is very special to me. It brings back cherished memories each time I see it lying in my room. I think she will look so cute in a pink-themed room.

Let us have a look at Amelie’s features.


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 14 inches
  • Age: All ages


  • She is an official Squishmallow.
  • She is pink and white, two of my favorite colors.
  • I love the detail on her and that she has a straw.
  • She is very affordable!
  • She will make a great gift for someone who loves strawberry milk.


  • The white parts of her body will get dirty quickly.

I would have preferred if the strawberry embroidered picture was in front of the “Milk” description on her. Because now I read it as “Milk strawberry” and not strawberry milk.

Squishmallows Pink Strawberry Cow – Reshma

squishmallows pink strawberry cow reshma

Say hi to Reshma, guys. Would you believe me if I told you Reshma loves motorcycle rides? She loves having long rides, especially in the strawberry fields. And when she is in the strawberry fields, she makes sure to fill her basket with juicy strawberries to make her favorite strawberry cheesecake dessert.

I think Reshma is adorable with her white body and her pink markings. I love her little pink snout and her nostrils that look like commas. She is one good-looking cow!

Let us have a look at some of her features.


  • Brand: Kelly Toy
  • Size: 8 inches
  • Age: 1 and up


  • She is tiny, so you can take her wherever you go.
  • I love the little strawberry that is embroidered on her.
  • She is super soft.
  • She is a cow, and I love moo moos!


  • Her white body will show dirty quickly.
  • She is very expensive.
  • For some, she might be too small.

Squishmallows Mushroom Plush – Rachel

squishmallows mushroom plush rachel

Meet Rachel! She is the sweetest pink mushroom that you will ever meet. She has a very outgoing personality and loves to have a great time. Rachel loves being comfy, and her favorite thing is to curl up on the sofa and watch her favorite movies. She also loves being social, and you can find her on a boat during the weekend, dancing her heart out.

I love eating mushrooms. They are one of my favorite things to eat but don’t worry, Rachel is safe. She adds so much personality to my room, and I love the tie-dye detail on her. Let us look at some features of Rachel.


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 14 inches
  • Age: All ages


  • I’m a big fan of tie-dye, so I’m obsessed with the detail on her head and belly.
  • I love her curled lashes because it makes her look even more girly.
  • She is just the right size to hug and cuddle with.
  • She is an original Squishmallow.


  • She is very light in color, so she will show dirt easily.
  • Not everyone will be a fan of her tie-dye detail.

Squishmallows Pink Lemur – Lucia

squishmallows pink lemur lucia

Lucia is a Lemur that is hot pink in color. She is part of the bright Squishmallow club. How cool is that? Now you can bring some brightness to your room, or any room in the house, with her. Lucia loves art, and she loves pepperoni pizza. So if you love these things too, make sure to add her to your collection so that you all can have a great time!

Want to know her special skill? She can use both her hands equally(ambidextrous). Now that’s talent! When she is sad, she paints, and when she is happy, she paints. So you are sure to see some creative and exciting artwork.

I love Lucia. She is beautiful and brings brightness and positivity. I find it very cute that her nose looks like a bear’s nose. Oh, and I love pepperoni pizza, so I love her even more! Let us have a look at some of her features.


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 12 inches
  • Age: 2 and up


  • She loves pizza just as much as I do, so we can have a great time together.
  • I love her hot pink color and that she brings brightness to any room you put her in.
  • She is very affordable.
  • It will make the perfect gift for someone obsessed with pink and Squishmallows.
  • She is made of great quality – soft material and facial features that are embroidered on.
  • I love her pink markings and that it looks like she is wearing a white mask around her eyes.


  • Her white belly and mask marking around her eyes will easily get dirty.
  • Not everyone will like this hot pink color.

Squishmallows Andreina Butterfly

squishmallows andreina butterfly

Meet Andreina, the butterfly guys. You can call her a busybody because she never sits still. She works out early in the morning and spends the rest of her day as a nurse. Now that is impressive! When she needs to clear her mind and relax, she spends time in her garden or sunbathes.

I love Andreina; she is a beautiful Squishmallow with a beautiful personality. I love the fact that she looks shy and looks as if she is blushing. Any girl will love to have her. Let us take a look at the features of Andreina.


  • Brand: Squishmallow
  • Size: 14 inches
  • Age: 12 and up


  • She will make a beautiful present to any girl who loves butterflies.
  • She has beautiful wings that look like real butterfly wings.
  • She is soft and huggable. I like to rest my head on her and use her as a pillow.
  • I love how the pink and black look together and complement each other.
  • She has cute little black and pink antennas.


  • She is expensive!
  • The white parts of her belly will show dirty very quickly.
  • Her wings might tear if played too rough with.

Alternative Pink Squishmallows

If you are not the biggest fan of pink but you are looking for cute Squishmallows, here are some alternatives that you might love:

Squishmallows Goldfish Plush – Kellie

squishmallows goldfish plush kellie

Meet Kellie the Goldfish. Isn’t she just the cutest? If you have always wanted to have a goldfish, but you are scared that you might kill it, Kellie is a great alternative. You can keep Kellie forever, and the bonus is you can hug her. Now you can’t do that with a real goldfish, can you?

I love the little sparkles on her white belly and her metallic fins. It makes her look beautiful and expensive. Get Kellie today!

Squishmallow The Llamacorn Valentine’s Day Plush – Kate

squishmallow the llamacorn valentine's day plush kate

Say hi to Kate, the Valentine’s Llamacorn guys. She is a beautiful white-ish cream color, with a fluffy rainbow fringe and a sparkly horn. I love the sparkly detail in her ears and around her eyes. The embroidered two hearts on her belly adds to her cuteness. It also makes her even more perfect for Valentine’s day.

So if you want to get your loved one something special for next year’s Valentine’s day, get them, Kate.

Squishmallows Plush – Nicolette

squishmallows plush nicolette

It is a week before Christmas at the time of writing this article. Nicolette(Father Christmas’s Wife) will make a great addition to your Squishmallows collection. She is sure to bring the joy of Christmas. She is so cute with her red outfit, silver glasses, and white hair.

Nicolette has the gift of a special memory. She always remembers everything. I mean, she is Santa’s wife, after all. So if you need help remembering things and want to make Christmas extra special this year, add her to your collection.

Where to Find the Best Pink Squishmallows

At the following places, you are sure to find the cutest pink Squishmallows:

  • The official Squishmallow store
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Claire’s
  • eBay


Question: Is Pink Squishmallows only for girls?

Answer: Hell no! Pink Squishmallows are for everyone. In the past, people believed that pink was only for girls. But now it has become popular for boys/men to like pink, wear pink, and have pink things. There are even pink Squishmallows with boy names. So anyone can get themselves a pink Squishmallow.

Question: Why are adults obsessed with Squishmallows?

Answer: Adults are obsessed with Squishmallows because they bring them comfort. They are also great at easing anxiety. They also bring out the inner child of adults and teach them to relax, be silly, and have a fun time.

Question: What is so special about pink Squishmallows?

Answer: Well, for one, they are pink! Who doesn’t love pink? I’m sorry if you don’t like pink, we can’t be friends. The other factors that make them special are that they are extra soft and cuddlable. You can even use them as a pillow and be extra comfy. They are also great at reducing anxiety. So if you don’t have a Squishmallow. Get yourself one today!


There you have it, ladies and gents! We have reached the end of the pink Squishmallow guide. I hope you enjoyed this guide just as much as I did picking out these choices for you guys. Squishmallows are soft, extremely cute, and make the best cuddle buddies. You will make someone’s Christmas very special this year if you give them one of these pink Squishmallows.

The pink Squishmallow brings positive vibes. They will make any room look cute and aesthetically pleasing. What was your favorite pink Squishmallow mentioned in this guide? Let me know in the comments below.

I recommend the Squishmallows Succulent in Pink Pot Plush – Afiyah if you have a friend obsessed with plants. They will love that they can decorate a room with a fun plant that will last forever.

I also recommend the Squishmallows Andreina Butterfly. She is a beautiful Squishmallow with gorgeous wings, and anyone of any age will love to receive her as a gift. You can also give her to someone in your life who is going through a tough time. It can symbolize that they will undergo a transformation and that growth will take place. Give them a gift that will symbolize new beginnings.

I hope you guys find the pink Squishmallow of your dreams.

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