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Hybrid Squishmallows Guide: Next-Level Squads

The word hybrid is the creative offspring of two ideas or concepts. So, you’re in luck if you were wondering how the word relates to Squishmallows. But how can you trust me? My hybrid Squishmallows guide will rest any confusion about the unique Squishmallows, ranging from the oldest variants to the latest hybrid rage.

Fortunately, I’m a professional word-monger who uses creativity to find new meanings for everything. The word hybrid fathoms many images in my mind, including exciting opportunities for next-level collections. More importantly, I’m a mom with kids who love plush toys, including Pokémon plush and Squishmallows.

So, I promise to leave no stone unturned in my quest to share everything about hybrid Squishmallows.

Hybrid Squishmallows: Bottom Line Up Front

Hybrid Squishmallows are complicated but only until you understand them. Fortunately, I’ve been an avid Squishmallows enthusiast since their initial launch. I can recognize hybrids among similar squads and distinguish the differences between brand collaborations and hybrid characters.

However, let me pause and start from the beginning. Hybrids are the birth of two married concepts. Sometimes, they bring two characters together, but they can also be unique creations that blend two ideas. I’ll give you simple tips to discover which hybrids are true to character blends and which aren’t.

In addition, I’ll share the five trending types of hybrid Squishmallows before picking seven character blends and three new creations as my favorites. The seven collaborations will further help you distinguish hybrids from costume Squishmallows, even if the two overlap sometimes.

But first, let me share my favorite costume hybrid and animal hybrid Squishmallows. You must know Squishmallows well or remember the discontinued Alicorn to recognize this unusual hybrid beauty. The Rocky, the Racoon Alicorn Hybrid Squishmallow, is my favorite because it’s hard to see Grecia Alicorn in the mix.

Lizette, the Rainbow Caticorn Hybrid Squishmallow, is my ultimate pick from the hybrid animal Squishmallows. The brand makes gorgeous animal creations combined with fantasy creatures. However, Lizette is the boldest Squishmallow hybrid you’ll ever meet. She’s hot pink and flashy, just as a diva should be.

I’ll run away with my ideas if I don’t pause. So, let’s first learn everything you must know about hybrid Squishmallows before diving into the incredible examples.

A Complete Guide to Hybrid Squishmallows

Hybrid Squishmallows are a new rage, but what are they? There isn’t much information available about hybrids. However, some hybrid Squishmallows have existed for a long time. So, let’s see hybrids and the five common types before I share tips on knowing the difference between brand collaborations and hybrid plush.

What Are Hybrid Squishmallows?

Hybrid Squishmallows welcome a new world of collections and squad crossovers. How many squads and Squishmallows are you willing to collect? Focusing on a team is simple when you buy Connor, the Cow Squishmallow. You can stick to cows or farm squad members to expand your collection.

Quite simply, hybrid Squishmallows bring two different squad members together. However, hybrid Squishmallows allow you to expand in various directions. For example, Cookie, the Hybrid Squishmallow, is a blend of two different animals. Gordon Squishmallow, and Cookie, the Flamingo Squishmallow, join forces.

Cookie The Hybrid Squishmallow

Cookie Squishmallow wears Gordon Squishmallow as a mascot costume. However, both animals are sealife squad members. So, they keep you limited to the sealife squad. Meanwhile, the collaboration offers two opportunities if you don’t want the entire sealife squad. You can collect flamingoes or sharks.

Let’s look at another example of a hybrid Squishmallow that welcomes different squads. The Pumpkin Cat Hybrid Squishmallow has Autumn, the Black Cat Squishmallow hidden inside Paige, the Pumpkin Squishmallow’s costume. Two characters blend into one Squishmallow again.

Pumpkin Cat Hybrid Squishmallow

However, Paige and Autumn are different squad members. Paige belongs to the food and Halloween squads, while Autumn belongs to the cat squad. Ultimately, hybrid Squishmallows marry two famous characters from the same or different teams, leaving you with a plush that fits into multiple squads.

However, hybrid Squishmallows are only character collaborations. Squishmallows holding items or wearing odd hairstyles don’t fit the hybrid category. However, hybrid animal Squishmallows are unique types I’ll share soon. They don’t combine specific squad members. Instead, they combine different animals to create new ones.

So, let’s see the different types of hybrid Squishmallows available.

Different Types of Hybrid Squishmallows

Hybrid Squishmallows can fall into five simple categories. I won’t explain a same-squad and multi-squad hybrid Squishmallow again because my previous examples already shared the categories. So, let’s briefly explore how each hybrid Squishmallow type looks to help you find more as they come:

The costume hybrid Squishmallows are common, and they’ve been around since Regina’s appearance in a spider costume. Many costume hybrid Squishmallows are popular, and the brand launches new versions often. Another hybrid Squishmallow type has been around for a while. But, they border on hybrid squad members.

Flip-A-Mallow Hybrid Squishmallows

One hybrid Squishmallow is as old as the costume range. Flip-A-Mallows also welcomes two Squishmallow characters. Most of the hybrid Flip-A-Mallow collaborations blend two friends from similar squads. For example, Austin and Bernardo’s Flip-A-Mallow are both from the food squad.

Austin and Bernardo's Flip-A-Mallow Hybrid Squishmallows

Multi-squad Flip-A-Mallow hybrids aren’t common. However, you’ll occasionally find exceptions. For example, Willow and Kimberly’s Flip-A-Mallow introduces a fantasy squad member to a farmyard friend. Kimberly is a llama, and Willow is a dragon.

Hybrid Animal Squishmallows

Hybrid animal Squishmallows have also been around for ages. They’re an exception to the rule of combining two squad members. Instead, hybrid animal Squishmallows blend two animal ideas. For example, Clarice, the Caticorn Squishmallow, is a character on its own. It combines a non-existing cat member with a unicorn.

Clarice, the Caticorn Squishmallow

Neither cat nor unicorn has a foundational character. Instead, Squishmallows create a new kind of animal altogether. Among the various hybrid animals, you’ll find llamacorns, caticorns, pegacorns, and puppycorns. These hybrids are my daughter’s favorites because they turn regular animals into fantasy creatures.

However, the following hybrids are less common. So, let’s see the latest two-faced category.

Two-Faced Hybrid Squishmallows

Two-faced hybrid Squishmallows aren’t widely available because they’re a new concept. Wade, the Werewolf Skeleton Hybrid Squishmallow, is the best example of a two-faced hybrid. In Wade’s case, both characters are Squishmallows from the Halloween squad. There isn’t a multi-squad two-faced hybrid yet.

Wade The Werewolf Skeleton Hybrid Squishmallow

I recommend grabbing the two-faced hybrid Squishmallows as they come because it’s a new concept. New ideas will flourish, but they’ll sell faster than you think. Hence, I already ordered my Wade Hybrid Squishmallow. It will take time to arrive in South Africa, but I can’t wait.

How to Distinguish a Hybrid From a Regular Costume Squishmallow

Wade, the Pumpkin Werewolf Hybrid Squishmallow

Hybrid Squishmallows are much clearer now. However, some confusion can snag you. For example, Wade, the Pumpkin Werewolf Hybrid Squishmallow, brings two characters together. Paige and Wade create a mascot costume Squishmallow. However, Wade, the Hershey’s Kisses Squishmallow, isn’t a hybrid.

Sometimes, Squishmallows merely collaborates with a brand to create a squad member inside a famous costume. Candy costumes are popular and worn by many squad members. The Hershey’s Kisses bar isn’t a character or a living animal. Here are three more examples of non-hybrid candy costume Squishmallows:

These costume Squishmallows seem hybrid, but they’re not. Squishmallows didn’t blend two famous characters in a single plush or create a new animal. However, some costume Squishmallows are hybrid animals. They would fit the hybrid animal Squishmallow category because they’re new creatures.

For example, Tovinda, the Reece’s Caticorn Squishmallow, is a hybrid animal in a costume. She wears a candy costume but remains a hybrid animal concept. However, the simplest way to tell whether a Squishmallow is a costume or hybrid squad member is by considering whether the outfit has an individual character plush.

It doesn’t sound straightforward, but ask yourself three questions before deciding if its a costume or hybrid Squishmallow:

  • Does the costume have a Squishmallow character of its own?
  • Is the outfit an accessory?
  • Is the outfit related to a movie, holiday, or Disney character?

That brings me to more tips for distinguishing hybrids from costume editions. For example, Winnie, the Witch Squishmallow, wears an accessory hat and outfit related to Halloween. The outfit and accessory don’t represent a different squad member or Squishmallow. So, she isn’t a hybrid but only a Halloween edition.

However, movie and anime-themed Squishmallows can have hybrids as long as they blend two characters. Hello, Kitty’s Cupcake Unicorn Squishmallow is a hybrid that forms two categories. Hello, Kitty is a caticorn creation from the hybrid animal Squishmallows. Meanwhile, she wears a cupcake costume.

Hello, Kitty's Cupcake Unicorn Squishmallow

Do you recall me advising you to look for actual characters behind costumes? Fortunately, Hello Kitty wears Clara, the Cupcake’s Squishmallow outfit, making her fall into two categories. Hello, Kitty’s cupcake and unicorn blend makes her a multi-squad costume and hybrid animal Squishmallow. Indeed, she’s unique and collectible.

How Will I Share Hybrid Squishmallow Examples

My hybrid Squishmallow examples will help you become familiar with the collaborations that might seem confusing. So, I’ll skip the Flip-A-Mallow, two-faced, and animal hybrid categories because they’re easy to understand. Instead, I’ll focus my examples on same-squad and multi-squad costume hybrid Squishmallows.

Focusing on the simpler hybrids will help you learn how to distinguish combinations from the costume-only Squishmallow squad. My ideal hybrid Squishmallow examples must also meet at least three of the following criteria:

  1. The Squishmallow must have a wow factor, such as a colorful patch, tie-dye patterns, or a fuzzy piece anywhere on its body.
  2. It must measure ten inches or less to allow an enormous collection. The best sizes would be eight inches or less for massive collections. Hybrids bring more opportunities. So, you don’t want huge sizes that take up too much space.
  3. It has to have open, solid, or detailed eyes. I’m not a fan of sleepy eyes and won’t consider them for hybrid Squishmallows.
  4. The hybrid must show an apparent collaboration between two individual Squishmallow characters to avoid confusion with costume plush.

I’ll add my top three picks for hybrid animal Squishmallows later because they’re my daughter’s ultimate plush.

Hybrid Squishmallows Guide: 7 Famous Duos

Indeed, same and multi-squad costume hybrids will also fit into the costume squad. However, they stand out as hybrid collaborations between two identifiable characters. So, let’s see which unique combinations will clarify the differences to ensure you’re collecting the right ones. Also, I’ll add some pros and cons to each plush.

Cookie, the Flamingo Shark Hybrid Squishmallow

Cookie Flamingo Shark Hybrid Squishmallow

Cookie, the Hybrid Squishmallow, meets three of my criteria. Unfortunately, she has no wow factors unless you love hot pink birds. This hybrid shark and flamingo Squishmallow show both characters nicely. Cookie wears Gordon’s costume, blending the two sealife creatures into a world of beautiful creativity.

  • Characters: Cookie Flamingo and Gordon Shark
  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Sealife, Costume, and Hybrid Squads
  • Wow, Factor: None

Cookie Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • Both characters are clear from the start
  • Cookie is a fun, hot pink flamingo with adorably long eyelashes
  • Gordon is a much-loved Squishmallow character with many variants
  • Gordon’s gills complement Cookie’s eyelashes perfectly
  • Cookie’s beak makes her unmistakably a flamingo Squishmallow

Cookie Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • The hybrid doesn’t offer many expandable opportunities into other squads
  • There are no wow factors on this hybrid Squishmallow

Desmund, the Dragon Lion Hybrid Squishmallow

Desmund, the Dragon Lion Hybrid Squishmallow

Desmund and Leonard are an incredible duo because lions and dragons are beast-like creatures. Leonard Squishmallow is also an ultra-famous lion that comes in many versions. In addition, Desmund has various Squishmallows. The two make a perfect duo of might, strength, and fantastic beasts.

  • Characters: Desmund Dragon and Leonard Lion
  • Size: 7.5″
  • Squads: Fantasy, Hybrid, Costume, and Safari Squads
  • Wow, Factor: Leonard has a fuzzy mane, and Desmund has shimmering wings

Desmund Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • You can see Desmund hiding in Leonard’s costume
  • Leonard’s shaggy fur adds something unusual to touch
  • Desmund’s shimmering wings remind you there’s a fantasy creature inside
  • Both Squishmallows are wildly popular with collectors and kids
  • I love how Squishmallows blended the lion ears and dragon horns on one plush

Desmund Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • The lion and dragon hybrid doesn’t have exceptional colors
  • I don’t love Desmund’s mint green face behind the outfit

Hank, the Hippo Unicorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Hank, the Hippo Unicorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Hank is the last collaboration I’d expect with a unicorn, but Esmerelda and Hank seem to get along nicely. Hanks is one of the cutest wildlife Squishmallows, with exquisite details around his muzzle. However, Esmerelda brings a touch of fantasy to the mix with beautiful colors and textures.

  • Characters: Hank Hippo and Esmerelda Unicorn
  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Fantasy, Hybrid, Costume, and Wildlife Squads
  • Wow, Factor: A fuzzy mane, a shimmering horn, and a rainbow belly

Hank Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • You can see Hank and Esmerelda, two well-known Squishmallows
  • Hank’s blue color matches Esmerelda’s pink body gorgeously
  • The hybrid Squishmallow has various magnificent colors and textures
  • The belly isn’t overwhelmingly rainbow-colored
  • The color contrast would work beautifully for younger children

Hank Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • The pastel colors feel out of place for older collectors
  • Some kids would prefer a brighter rainbow-colored stomach

Hello Kitty Cupcake Unicorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Hello Kitty Cupcake Unicorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Indeed, Hello Kitty’s beautiful collaboration is one of my top picks. It fits many hybrid ideas, including turning the famous kitty into a caticorn creature. Meanwhile, Clara Cupcake is noticeable. The store says “ice cream,” but no ice cream Squishmallow is visible in the hybrid plush. I don’t see Gladys, Maya, or Shannon.

  • Characters: Hello Kitty and Clara Cupcake
  • Size: 12″
  • Squads: Fantasy, Costume, Hello Kitty, Hybrid, and Food Squads
  • Wow, Factor: Rainbow colors, tie-dye patterns, and a candy-cane horn

Hello Kitty Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • Hello Kitty and Clara Cupcake are clear as daylight
  • Both Squishmallow characters are well-known and much-loved
  • The hybrid has more wow factors than most. with bright colors and patterns
  • Hello Kitty’s pretty pink bow still sits on her head
  • Clara’s sprinkles and colors come through to win the hybrid challenge

Hello Kitty Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • Unfortunately, this hybrid Squishmallow misses my criteria for best sizes
  • It’s an ideal collectible for show fans or young girls only

Megan, the Hamster Pineapple Hybrid Squishmallow

Megan, the Hamster Pineapple Hybrid Squishmallow

Megan is an adorable pink hamster with a massive attitude. She thinks she’s larger than life or any challenge it throws her way. So, wearing Maui, the Pineapple Squishmallow’s outfit suits her personality perfectly. It makes her look like she’s wearing armor to protect her tiny yet mighty heart.

  • Characters: Megan Hamster and Maui Pineapple
  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Food, Hybrid, Costume, and Pet Squads
  • Wow, Factor: The stalk has a shimmering effect

Megan Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • I can easily see Megan and Maui, and the pineapple is super popular
  • This hybrid looks like Megan’s wearing a hoodie outfit, which is unique
  • Megan’s little face is adorable enough to welcome young fans
  • You can remove Maui’s hoodie from Megan’s head
  • The shimmering stalk adds enough pizazz to make this one stand out

Megan Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • Megan’s outfit is removable, making it a borderline hybrid
  • The pink and yellow colors don’t look excellent together

Rocky, the Racoon Alicorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Rocky, the Racoon Alicorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Rocky Raccoon teams up with an unusual Alicorn called Grecia. However, Grecia’s belly was white before she became a mascot outfit for her raccoon friend. So, she’s a close match, but you’ll need to know your Squishmallows back to front to recognize her. Meanwhile, Grecia is a rare find. So, I love this hybrid plush.

  • Characters: Rocky Raccoon and Grecia Alicorn
  • Size: 8″
  • Squads: Fantasy, Costume, Hybrid, and Forest Squads
  • Wow, Factor: A shimmering belly and horn and a fuzzy mane

Rocky Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • Rocky Squishmallow is a well-known and popular character
  • Grecia is a rare find, making her more valuable as a hybrid collaboration
  • Rocky and Grecia rock the hybrid world as a unique collectible, pun intended
  • The fuzzy mane and shimmering parts make the hybrid stand out
  • Rocky’s raccoon ears and face are easy to recognize

Rocky Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • Grecia’s stomach changes texture and color for the hybrid version
  • Many fans might not remember Grecia, the Alicorn Squishmallow

Stanley, the Panda Jellyfish Hybrid Squishmallow

Stanley, the Panda Jellyfish Hybrid Squishmallow

Jellyfish and octopus Squishmallows are different in tentacle size. Stanley, the Panda Squishmallow, teams up with one of the newer jellyfish sealife members. Janet, the Jellyfish Squishmallow, becomes a beautiful, colorful costume for Stanley, flaunting her thin tentacles. This collaboration is beyond gorgeous.

  • Characters: Stanley Panda and Janet Jellyfish
  • Size: 7.5″
  • Squads: Sealife, Wildlife, Zoo, and Hybrid Squads
  • Wow, Factor: Janet has a beautiful rainbow tie-dye design

Stanley Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • You can quickly see Stanley and Janet in this hybrid Squishmallow
  • Stanley, the Panda Squishmallow, is a famous panda bear
  • Janet brings a touch of color with her beautiful patterns
  • The hybrid Squishmallow panda and jellyfish make an exciting combo
  • Kids will love this splash of color, and the size is great for collectors

Stanley Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • Washing the panda jellyfish hybrid Squishmallow will be challenging
  • The thinner tentacles break over time, especially if kids play with them

Bonus Hybrid Squishmallows Guide: Top 3 Animal Hybrids

Animal hybrid Squishmallows are brilliantly creative and appeal mainly to young girls. So, I must add my top three picks. I asked my daughter for her top three collaborations. She asked me to add a top choice for a caticorn, llamacorn, and pandacorn. However, I’ll pick my favorite from each by considering the following rules:

  1. The hybrid Squishmallow must be eight inches to allow my daughter to go wild with a massive collection without overwhelming her bedroom.
  2. It must be the most colorful, unique, or wildly patterned option. I want to see rainbow colors blended with tie-dye patterns, fuzzy hair, and possibly some glitter effects.
  3. I want open-eyed hybrid Squishmallow animals only. The eyes can have details or be solid black, but I refuse to choose sleepy eyes.

So, let’s dive into my top three choices.

Lander, the Tie-Dye Pandacorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Lander Tie-Dye Pandacorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Lander, the Pandacorn Squishmallow, looks like something from a fantasy movie. Meanwhile, Lander is an individual character and doesn’t blend with others. Instead, he came to this realm as a unique pandacorn with gorgeous patterns, colors, and glamor. In addition, Lander’s bold eyes stand out from the tie-dye border.

  • Squads: Zoo, Wildlife, Fantasy, and Hybrid Squads
  • Unique Features: Rainbow tie dye and glitter

Lander Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • Lander, the Hybrid Pandacorn Squishmallow, is a unique animal creation
  • Lander’s design is something from another realm
  • The pandacorn has exceptional colors and patterns
  • The shimmering wings and twirly horn add more mystique
  • Lander’s inspiration comes from a famous zoo animal

Lander Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • Pandacorns aren’t well-known among fans yet
  • Lander’s ears are thin and flimsy

Lizette, the Rainbow Caticorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Lizette, the Rainbow Caticorn Hybrid Squishmallow

The boldest caticorn hybrid Squishmallow I found was Lizette. She looks like a rocking diva with punk hair and colorful elements. Her hot pink body complements the design perfectly, while her pale rainbow-colored belly doesn’t overwhelm the Squishmallow. She’s bold enough to see from space, which she likely originates.

  • Squads: Pet, Hybrid, and Cat Squads
  • Unique Features: Fuzzy hair and rainbow colors

Lizette Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • Lizette, the Hybrid Caticorn Squishmallow, looks like a glamor-rocking star
  • Lizette has the boldest colors available for caticorn Squishmallows
  • Her girly eyes with long eyelashes make her look more like a diva
  • Her inner ears, belly, mane, and horn have beautiful colors
  • Lizette would make an excellent plush pet for little girls

Lizette Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • Lizette’s hot pink color means you can’t wash her with lighter plush
  • The horn should’ve had pale rainbow colors to match the rest of her design

Lucy-May, the Rainbow Llamacorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Lucy-May, the Rainbow Llamacorn Hybrid Squishmallow

Lucy-May, the Llamacorn Squishmallow, is another animal from a faraway land. She strikes you down with flashing and bold elements from the start. Her face seems so peaceful, and she nearly looks like she’s wearing a costume. However, don’t be mistaken. She’s a llamacorn from a distant plane.

  • Squads: Hybrid, Fantasy, Farm, and Summer Squads
  • Unique Features: Rainbow colors, glitter, and a summer fruit

Lucy-May Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • Lucy-May, the Llamacorn Squishmallow, is a brilliant deception to think she wears an outfit
  • Lucy-May’s colors aren’t overwhelming, with a pale tie-dye pattern
  • Her girly face and long eyelashes make her prettier than other llamas
  • She has a shimmering horn and wings with a summer’s fruit
  • Lucy-May will be an excellent friend for little kids

Lucy-May Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • Her pale colors make her vulnerable in a wash with other colors
  • Some fans will think she’s in a costume, but she isn’t


Question: What Is a Hybrid Squishmallow?

Answer: A hybrid Squishmallow blends two individual squad members in costume form, a reversible plush, or a two-faced plush. The plush friends can be from the same or different squads. Alternatively, hybrid Squishmallows are original ideas to create new animals, like blending a cat and a unicorn.

Question: Where Can I Find Hybrid Squishmallows?

Answer: Unfortunately, it’s a tricky quest because online stores don’t show results for hybrid Squishmallow searches. However, knowing the various kinds will help you find more. You can also use the Squish Alert app to set in-search-of (ISO) notifications to grab new hybrids as they surface, but you’ll have to put their names in.

Question: Who Is the Famous Hybrid Werewolf Squishmallow?

Answer: Wade, the Hybrid Werewolf Skeleton Squishmallow, is a newcomer already missing from stores. Wade is a Halloween special blends the first two squad members in a two-faced design. Wade is Squishmallow’s first successfully known hybrid from 2022, even though the brand has many before him.

Hybrid Squishmallows Guide: Conclusion

Hybrid Squishmallows don’t seem like rocket science anymore. Indeed, it takes some understanding to learn how each hybrid creation category fits into the picture. However, it’s well worth the time once you realize how much potential each hybrid brings to collectors. You can level up your squads and extend your collection.

Remember that hybrids are the child of two ideas or characters. Each character should contribute equally to the collaboration to be a hybrid Squishmallow. Fortunately, my examples and favorites should have you at the expert level to recognize any of the five types. Meanwhile, start your collection with one of my favorites.

Rocky, the Racoon Alicorn Hybrid Squishmallow, salutes a near-extinct plush idea. Alternatively, Lizette, the Rainbow Caticorn Hybrid Squishmallow, will brighten any collection with her hot pink color and diva attitude. Besides, everyone loves the cat squad. So, adding fantasy to the mix is next-level.

Reaching the next level was the purpose of my article. So, you can aim higher and collect the best of the best.

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