pumpkin spice squishmallow

Pumpkin Spice Squishmallow Guide: Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallows That Will Bring You Cozy Vibes

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I call it my “cozy season.” It is also the season when I splurge a bit. I splurge on cozy blankets, scatter cushions, and plushies. My favorite plushie for the fall season is the Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow. I love pumpkin spice lattes, so I’m excited to share my Pumpkin Spice Squishmallow Guide with you today.

I have been obsessed with Squishmallows since they came out in 2017. This was the year after I graduated high school. You would think that I would be all grown up by this stage and that I wanted nothing to do with plushies. Nope, since I laid my eyes on a Squishmallow, there was no turning back. That is where my obsession started. So you can trust me that I will recommend the best Squishmallows because I know them inside and out.

So grab a snack, get cozy and let’s get started!

pumpkin spice squishmallow

Bottom Line Up Front

Do you love the coziness of fall and the yummy drinks that go with it? Well, today, I have something even better in store for you. Today I bring you a guide to the cutest pumpkin spice latte Squishmallows. My favorite pumpkin spice Squishmallow is Kendla The Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow. I love her size, her cute little eyes, and the straw with the bow attached to it. She is a great option to make your fall cozier.

Let us have a look at my other top picks.

Top Picks

  1. Kendla The Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow – The perfect size to use as a pillow. And her smile is sure to put a smile on your face.
  2. Cinda the Pumpkin Spice Latte Cat – I love the cross of the cat with the pumpkin spice latte. It is cute and unique. And her blushy cheeks are adorable.

Selection Criteria

I chose the pumpkin spice Squishmallows mentioned in this article according to the following criteria:

  • Pumpkin Squishmallows that scream “fall” to me.
  • Pumpkin Squishmallows that are specific colors like orange, white, brown, and green. And also match the “fall” vibe.
  • Pumpkin Squishmallows that have specific patterns on them, like dots, lines, or swirls.
  • Pumpkin Squishmallows that are designed with sprinkles, pumpkins, whipped cream, syrup, and straws.
  • Pumpkin Squishmallows that are soft and of great quality.

Pumpkin Spice Squishmallow Options

Kendla The Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow

kendla the pumpkin spice latte squishmallow


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 16 inches

Meet Kendla, guys! I’m obsessed with her because we have much in common. She loves to be cozy, and her favorite season is fall. I can relate to this so much! I know we will be able to bond over good books, cute sweaters, and fireplaces. And she is a great size to be my cuddle buddy. This makes her even more perfect.

Let us have a look at Kendla’s pros and cons.


  • I love the cozy vibes she brings to any room you put her in.
  • I love the whipped cream and orange sprinkle detail on her head because I’m a big whipped cream fan.
  • She is the perfect size to cuddle with or to use as a pillow.
  • I love that her facial features are embroidered on.
  • She is super soft and cuddlable.


  • The white whipped cream part on her head will show dirty very quickly.
  • She is very expensive.
  • The little pumpkin on the whipped cream might pull loose after constant rough play.

Cinda the Pumpkin Spice Latte Cat

cinda the pumpkin spice latte cat


  • Brand: Claire’s
  • Size: 8 inches

Meet Cinda, guys! She is a cat crossed with a pumpkin spice latte. The bottom of her body is a cup, while the top is a cat’s face with whipped cream and orange and brown sprinkles. Oh, and don’t forget the added cinnamon stick and the smiling pumpkin. This detail makes her appearance more cute and fun.

What Cinda and I have in common is that we both love food. The only difference is that she is a chef, and I try my best to make my food edible and not burn everything. Cinda also dreams of opening her own non-profit to feed the Squishmallows in need. How thoughtful is that?

Let us have a look at Cinda’s pros and cons:


  • I love her appearance. It looks like a cat sticking out of a cup with whipped cream on its head.
  • It is a very practical size. You can use it as a plushie or a decoration/cushion on your sofa. It is even a great size to travel with.
  • The best plushie to set the fall mood with.
  • I love that her facial features are embroidered on.
  • I love her whiskers and her blushy cheeks.


  • The whipped cream and the rind of the cup will get dirty easily because it is white.
  • Some might feel that she is too small.

Delindy Pumpkin Spice Latte with Green Straw Plush

delindy pumpkin spice latte with green straw plush


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 14 inches

Say hi to Delindy, guys. She is a flirtatious Squishmallow that knows how to steal your heart. I mean, just look at her winking face! She has delicious whipped cream on top with orange sprinkles and syrup. It makes her appear cute and divine at the same time. But don’t worry, she is safe; I don’t harm Squishmallows.

Let us have a look at Delindy’s pros and cons.


  • I love her detailed embroidered facial features and the detail of the sprinkles and syrup on the whipped cream.
  • For her size, she is affordable.
  • Her size makes her great to cuddle with or to use as a pillow to rest your head on.
  • I love that there is a green straw added. It just adds to the aesthetic.
  • It would be an excellent gift for a pumpkin spice latte lover.


  • The whipped cream part will show dirt very quickly.
  • I know she is winking, but her different eyes look a bit weird to me.

Paislynn Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallows

paislynn pumpkin spice latte squishmallows


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 14 inches

Meet Paislynn, guys! She is obsessed with fall, getting cozy with cute sweaters, and having a great time with friends. That is why she is also one of my favorite pumpkin spice squishmallows. I love fall, being cozy, and having a great time with friends or family. She looks very similar to Delindy, but she is just darker in color, and the detail on her whipped cream is different.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of Paislynn.


  • I love that both eyes are the same and that she has cute little eyelashes.
  • I’m obsessed with her brownish-gold blush and her little smile.
  • She is a great size to cuddle with.
  • She will make a great addition to your Squishmallow collection.


  • The whipped cream part will get dirty very easily.

Alternative Squishmallow Options

Here are some alternative hot drink Squishmallow options if you can’t find a pumpkin spice latte Squishmallow. Let’s have a look.

Renne Coffee Squishmallow

renne coffee squishmallow


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 7 inches

Meet Renne, the coffee Squishmallow guys! She is white and brown in color. Her body resembles a takeaway cup with a lid and a straw sticking out. She also has a logo design on the middle of her body that indicates she is “hot.” I love her cute eyelashes and her pink blushy cheeks.

If you love drawing, you and Renne will have a great time together as she loves drawing and calligraphy. Get Renne and get creative together!


  • I love that she is tiny, and I can take her anywhere I go. She is literally a coffee on the go.
  • Her logo design is very creative.
  • I’m a coffeeholic, so I’m obsessed with the fact that there is a coffee Squishmallow.


  • For her size, she is quite expensive.
  • Her face and lid area will show stains quickly.

Marsha Peppermint Latte Limited Edition Squishmallow

marsha peppermint latte limited edition squishmallow


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 16 inches

Meet Marsha, the peppermint latte Squishmallow guys. She is brown in color and has whipped cream on top of her that is decorated with brown sprinkles, a green straw, and a piece of candy. Her eyes are closed, and she is smiling.

Marsha loves to be cozy and read good books. You definitely need to add her to your collection if you want some good book recommendations.


  • I love that she is a dark color. This way, you won’t see the stains or dirtiness on her.
  • She is a limited edition!
  • She is huge! So you can lay on her or cuddle with her.
  • I love the added candy detail!


  • She is expensive!
  • Her whipped cream part will show dirty quickly.
  • Because she is a limited edition, you might struggle to get your hands on her.

Marshina the Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows Squishmallow

marshina the hot cocoa with marshmallows squishmallow


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 12 inches

Meet Marshina, guys! She is a hot cocoa with Marshmallows. Her body resembles a beige and red mug with a hot pink handle. So cute! She has hot cocoa inside of her, topped with marshmallows and a red and white straw.

Marshina is part of the Winter Seasonal Exclusive collection. She has a big imagination and dreams of becoming a writer one day and also taking her work on screen. What a queen!


  • I love the detail of the cocoa and the marshmallows.
  • She is a perfect size!
  • I love her pink blushy cheeks and the pink handle.


  • Because her face is so light in color, it will show dirty quickly.
  • Although I like the hot pink handle, it doesn’t match the red.

Emery the Latte Squishmallow

emery the latte squishmallow

  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 20 inches

Meet Emery, guys! She is a latte in a pink mug. I’m obsessed with pink, so I love that she has different shades of pink on her. She is filled with brown coffee with a white pattern on top of it. So creative! She looks very similar to Marshina mentioned above.

Emery is your girl if you want some fancy coffee with heavenly ingredients and cool patterns on top! She is sure to impress you with her coffee skills.


  • I love the pattern on top of the coffee.
  • She is 20 inches and makes a great cuddle buddy.
  • I love her different shades of pink!


  • The light pink part of her will show stains very easily.
  • Because she is so big, storage might be a problem.
  • She looks very similar to Marshina, so she doesn’t have a unique look.

Where Can I Buy Pumpkin Spice Squishmallows

You can buy the pumpkin spice latte Squishmallows at the following places:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Claire’s
  • Walmart
  • Target


Question: How big is the pumpkin spice Squishmallow?

Answer: The pumpkin spice latte Squishmallows are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 18 inches.

Question: Why do adults like Squishmallows?

Answer: The answer is pretty simple. Squishmallows are extremely soft and squishy, and they help relieve stress. And what adult doesn’t want something soft to hug? Or something that will relieve their stress and anxiety? Squishmallows are an excellent option for this, and that is why everyone loves them.

Question: Can You buy the pumpkin spice Squishmallows all year round?

Answer: Of course! The pumpkin spice latte Squishmallow is available all year round as stock lasts. We see the purchases rise of this Squishmallow during the fall season. This is because everyone wants something cute and cozy to display or add to their collection.

Pumpkin Spice Squishmallow: Conclusion

kendla pumpkin squishmallow

There you have it, guys! We have reached the end of the pumpkin spice latte Squishmallow guide. I hope you enjoyed it and found the perfect Squishmallow to make your fall cozy and cute. I’m obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes, but I love the Squishmallow version of it so much more! It is soft, squishy, and extremely cute.

What is your favorite pumpkin spice latte Squishmallow? Let me know in the comments below. I would recommend purchasing Kendla The Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow. She is the perfect size to use as a pillow and take the most amazing naps on. I also have a lot in common with her. We both love fall and being cozy. If Kendla was a person, I know she would be my BFF.

So what are you waiting for? Add these cute pumpkin spice latte Squishmallows to your collection! They will definitely add some cozy and cute vibes to your life. See you, “latte” guys!

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