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Glamrock Freddy Plush Guide: Punk Rock Fred

Are you a plush fan who also loves punk rock and horror-survival games? Then, you’re my kind of person. So, welcome to my Glamrock Freddy plush guide, where you’ll meet the punkiest, rockiest plush around. I’m a long-time FNAF plush toys enthusiast, gamer, and music fanatic, making this my ultimate FNAF article.

Meanwhile, my family goes wild for pop culture plush, including Squishmallows for my little girl and Pokémon plush for my teenage son. Moreover, my son and I share an FNAF passion and go wild for punk rock. Glamrock Freddy and his friends are right up our alley, and I’ve selected some fantastic examples to share.

Glamrock Freddy Plush: Bottom Line Up Front

Glamrock Freddy and his rocking animatronic friends are another joy for plush enthusiasts who enjoy Five Nights at Freddy’s. Freddy is the friendly animatronic that helps to save Gregory from Security Breach.

However, I’ll share his story soon enough. In addition, I’ll tell you how excellent Glamrock Freddy is as part of his band.

The Security Breach band allows you to collect more Glamrock plushies, broadening an otherwise dull collection with six top examples. Furthermore, I’ll reveal secrets about who you can and can’t find among the FNAF Glamrock plush sets. Indeed, there are two sets from a highly collectible brand.

Then, I’ll narrow the options by considering the quality and much more before sharing examples of Glamrock Freddy plush. Would you like to see my favorite one first? The YouTooz Chibi FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush is my ultimate pick because it’s the most accurate version of the animatronic and is adorable.

You won’t see as many Glamrock Freddy features on another plush. So, hang tight through my guide before I share a few more fabulous plushies.

A Complete Guide to Glamrock Freddy Plush

glamrock freddy plush

Let’s discover more about Glamrock Freddy, who he is, what he looks like, and what makes him stand out from other Freddy animatronics. Then, I’ll share tips on collecting a rocking FNAF plush collection before showing how I selected brilliant examples that show Freddy’s rocking animatronic.

How I Picked Glamrock Freddy Plush Examples

Glamrock Freddy deserves a few rocking animatronic plushies because he earned my admiration for turning against the corrupted band members. So, I’ll add as many versions of Glamrock Freddy plushies as I find to follow my coming rules. In addition, I’ll add one of each Glamrock band member as an alternative.

Each of the Glamrock plushies must follow these rules:

  1. It must closely resemble the in-game animatronic. It must match the animatronic’s colors, style, and features. I’ll only add limited editions or exclusives that show the animatronic in a different light for some unique plushies. However, it will still be the Glamrock version.
  2. It must be the best quality of all the options available for the Glamrock plush’s size and animatronic. I want strong stitching and durable features. I only make an exception for Glamrock Freddy if I find more than one fabulous plush in a specific size.
  3. It must measure 12 inches or less to create a punk-rocker FNAF band on your shelves. Anything more significant will limit your collection.
  4. It must come from stores well-known for selling quality FNAF plushies, including Amazon, Walmart, Funko, YouTooz, and Entertainment Earth.

Glamrock Freddy Plush Guide: Rocking Fred

Glamrock Freddy is the center of all things punk-rock about the survival horror FNAF game. So, let’s see which plushies show his best features and style. Freddy Fazbear plushies should be the center of collections because he started the trouble in the FNAF games. Funny enough, Glamrock Freddy is the only non-trouble-maker.

7″ FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush

fnaf 7 inch glamrock freddyplush doll

First up is the FNAF Glamrock Freddy plush from the official fan website. It comes in a seven-inch plush with sufficient details, even though the eyes look slightly skew. The plush isn’t an inadequate representation of the friendliest animatronic in FNAF Security Breach. The face mask is adorable, and the features match nicely.

FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush Pros

  • The FNAF Glamrock Freddy plush is suitable for Security Breach collectors
  • The facial features, colors, mask, top hat, and bowtie match the first style of Glamrock Freddy
  • Younger fans can also enjoy the friendly face of Glamrock Freddy
  • The body shape looks more like a bear than the animatronic does in the games

FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush Cons

  • The Glamrock Freddy plush could improve the quality
  • The eyes look into different directions, making the plush look fan-made

6″ Funko FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush

6 inch funko fnaf glamrock freddy plush

Undoubtedly, Funko plush makes the best Glamrock plushies for all animatronics. The quality is untouchable by other plush brands, and the details are as accurate as you can make them on a plush toy. The head’s shape is better than the last, and Glamrock Freddy looks at you with his big, blue eyes and KISS-style face mask.

FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush Pros

  • The Funko Glamrock Freddy plush is the smaller, more collectible version
  • This Glamrock Freddy plush comes in a set, and you’ll see more of them soon
  • The features are exact, including the top hat, mask, eyes, bowtie, and colors
  • Children and FNAF fanatics will go wild for this gorgeous Glamrock Freddy plush

FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush Cons

  • I imagine Glamrock Freddy with longer arms
  • The top hat and ears might break off with young children

10″ Funko FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush

10 inch funko fnaf glamrock freddy plush

Glamrock Freddy looks like he’s staring into space, but the design is nearly flawless for a plush toy from FNAF. The details remain as accurate as the more miniature Glamrock Freddy plush, with striking bright colors. Funko Plush launched two sizes for the original Glamrock Freddy design without blacklight features.

FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush Pros

  • The large Glamrock Freddy Plush also comes from the collectible Funko brand
  • The design is spot-on, including the top hat, bowtie, face mask, and colors
  • Glamrock Freddy almost looks like he’s about to come to life, like the animatronic
  • Younger fans will prefer an oversized Glamrock Freddy plush from Funko

FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush Cons

  • Collectors prefer finding plush similar in size, and this plush doesn’t fit the set
  • Glamrock Freddy shouldn’t stare so high, and his shape changes slightly

7″ Funko FNAF Blacklight Glamrock Freddy Plush

7 inch funko fnaf blacklight glamrock freddy plush

The final installment from Funko plush is the blacklight Glamrock Freddy with alternative colors. The Funko FNAF Security Breach blacklight plushies come from a specific range, and you can collect a set of the main animatronics. Any plush for Glamrock Freddy with the potential for a set is a winning choice.

FNAF Blacklight Glamrock Freddy Plush Pros

  • The blacklight Glamrock Freddy plush is part of a collectible Funko set
  • The colors don’t remove Glamrock Freddy’s features, as he still looks right under the new style
  • Glamrock Freddy still wears a top hat with a bowtie, KISS-style mask, and chest print
  • Collectors will go wild for a set of Security Breach blacklight plushies

FNAF Blacklight Glamrock Freddy Plush Cons

  • Some fans can mistake Glamrock Freddy for other versions with blacklight colors
  • The bowtie and top hat should be purple to reflect Glamrock Freddy’s change

9″ YouTooz Chibi FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush

9 inch youyooz chibi fnaf glamrock freddy plush

YouTooz is another great plush brand that takes animatronics to new heights with alternate styles and chibi bodies.

This Glamrock Freddy chibi plush is more accurate than Funko plush because it has bracelets, an open mouth, and red accents on the bear’s paws and shoulders. It’s spot-on for a Glamrock Freddy plush.

FNAF YouTooz Glamrock Freddy Plush Pros

  • The FNAF YouTooz chibi Glamrock Freddy is the best resemblance to the animatronic
  • YouTooz did wonders for Glamrock Freddy, adding features other brands didn’t
  • The YouTooz chibi Glamrock Freddy plush also appeals more to children
  • I’d collect this version of Glamrock Freddy plush as a unique choice

FNAF YouTooz Glamrock Freddy Plush Cons

  • The chibi Glamrock Freddy plush doesn’t form part of a set
  • Not all fans are familiar with the YouTooz plush brand

9″ YouTooz Chibi Sitting FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush

9inch youtooz chibi sitting fnaf glamrock freddy plush

Suppose the first chibi Glamrock Freddy plush sells out temporarily. In that case, buy my favorite pick among the animatronic’s punk-rock style.

The chibi Glamrock Freddy plush in a sitting position makes it more adorable, looking like a puppy ready to greet his owner. Meanwhile, the details are as perfect as the last YouTooz plush.

FNAF YouTooz Glamrock Freddy Plush Pros

  • The chibi Glamrock Freddy plush in a sitting position is another perfect resemblance
  • The features improve with bracelets, red accents on the shoulders and paws, and a red earring
  • Children will obsess over a Glamrock Freddy plush that looks like a puppy
  • Glamrock Freddy in a sitting position makes two from YouTooz, almost a set

FNAF YouTooz Glamrock Freddy Plush Cons

  • The YouTooz Glamrock Freddy plush isn’t part of a set yet
  • Glamrock Freddy might look too much like a puppy for serious fans

Recommended Alternatives: Rocking Band Members

How can you collect Glamrock Freddy without his animatronic punk-rock band? You can’t do that. So, let me recommend excellent alternatives or additions (more likely) for a Glamrock Freddy plush collection.

Here are the other Glamrock band members, each having excellent and not-so-good qualities.

6″ Funko FNAF Glamrock Chica Plush

6 inch Funko FNAF Glamrock Chica Plush

I’d love to help you complete the Funko Glamrock plush sets. So, it’s time to show you the brilliant Funko Glamrock Chica plush that works perfectly with the regular versions of Glamrock Freddy.

Indeed, you can add them to the chibi versions, too. However, the Glamrock Chica plush suits the animatronic nicely.

FNAF Glamrock Chica Plush Pros

  • The FNAF Glamrock Chica plush is part of the Funko collectibles set
  • Glamrock Chica’s features are excellent, including her face paint, hair, and clothing
  • Children will enjoy how cute Glamrock Chica looks as a plush toy
  • Fans and collectors can use Glamrock Chica to finish the Security Breach collection

FNAF Glamrock Chica Plush Cons

  • Glamrock Chica’s body should be longer and not chibi-style
  • Her arms are too short, and her hair too fragile

6″ Funko FNAF Blacklight Glamrock Chica Plush

6 inch Funko FNAF Blacklight Glamrock Chica Plush

Funko’s blacklight Glamrock Chica plush isn’t easy to find anymore. However, that merely means you should snag her before she sells out.

Remember that the blacklight plushies from FNAF are limited editions and won’t keep coming back to stores. Meanwhile, blacklight Glamrock Chica is a good match for the animatronics.

FNAF Blacklight Glamrock Chica Plush Pros

  • The blacklight Glamrock Chica plush completes a second Funko collectible set
  • You can see Glamrock Chica through her alternative colors and neon illumination
  • Children will enjoy how these blacklight FNAF plushies glow in the dark
  • Collectors will love Glamrock Chica because she’s not too common anymore

FNAF Blacklight Glamrock Chica Plush Cons

  • The colors can make some fans mistake Glamrock Chica for another animatronic
  • Blacklight Glamrock Chica might sell out before you snag her

6″ Funko FNAF Roxanne Wolf Plush

6 inch Funko FNAF Roxanne Wolf Plush

Funko plush also makes a Roxanne Wolf plush for the first and original design collectible set. So, the Roxanne Wolf plush is a must-own for collectors and Security Breach fans.

Don’t mistake Roxanne for Foxy because she would be highly offended. Glamrock Foxy doesn’t exist, but Roxanne looks fantastic for a plush.

FNAF Roxanne Wolf Plush Pros

  • The FNAF Roxanne Wolf plush matches her animatronic nicely
  • The Roxanne Wolf plush is another edition to the first Funko collectible set
  • Roxanne’s colors, clothing, face paint, and features look spot-on
  • Children and collectors will find joy in snagging the Roxanne Wolf plush

FNAF Roxanne Wolf Plush Cons

  • Roxanne Wolf’s body shape should be longer because she’s tall
  • Her face should also be slender and not so Foxy-like

8″ Funko FNAF Blacklight Roxanne Wolf Plush

8inch Funko FNAF Blacklight Roxanne Wolf Plush

Indeed, each band member has a Funko FNAF plush to fit into both collectible sets. So, the blacklight Roxanne Wolf plush works toward another collection you can own as an FNAF fanatic and gamer. Roxanne’s face looks much more docile in the blacklight FNAF plush, but her features shine through the colors nicely.

FNAF Blacklight Roxanne Wolf Plush Pros

  • The FNAF blacklight Roxanne Wolf plush is another collector’s edition from Funko
  • Roxanne Wolf has the right features, patterns, and clothing under the dark neon colors
  • Children will love how these blacklight FNAF plushies glow in the dark
  • Gamers and FNAF fans can enjoy finding another series plush from Funko

FNAF Blacklight Roxanne Wolf Plush Cons

  • Roxanne Wolf’s face should be slender and unlike Foxy’s
  • Not-so-wild fans might mistake her for a Glamrock Foxy plush

7″ Funko FNAF Montgomery Gator Plush

7 inch Funko FNAF Montgomery Gator Plush

Glamrock Freddy’s band wouldn’t be complete unless you added the Funko FNAF Montgomery Gator plush. Montgomery is a rockstar in the making, and the plush shows the animatronic’s musical flair in the FNAF world.

Admittedly, Montgomery Gator looks more like a punk rocker than most FNAF animatronics.

FNAF Montgomery Gator Plush Pros

  • The Funko FNAF Montgomery Gator must come to almost complete the first Funko set
  • Montgomery Gator’s plush design is perfect, including his glasses, teeth, and KISS-style face paint
  • Children will love this alligator plush from FNAF, with his rockstar image and all
  • Fans move one step closer to finding the Funko Security Breach set

FNAF Montgomery Gator Plush Cons

  • Montgomery Gator isn’t a well-known animatronic in other games
  • It would look fantastic if Montgomery Gator stood instead of sat

8″ Funko FNAF Blacklight Montgomery Gator Plush

8 inch Funko FNAF Blacklight Montgomery Gator Plush

Finally, you’ll need the Funko blacklight Montgomery Gator plush to complete the foursome in the limited edition set. The FNAF blacklight plush set only consists of four band members.

Meanwhile, Montgomery Gator looks even better as a blacklight rockstar because of the glasses and clothing patterns.

FNAF Blacklight Montgomery Gator Plush Pros

  • The FNAF blacklight Montgomery Gator plush completes the second Funko set
  • The Montgomery Gator blacklight plush is a limited edition with collectible potential
  • Kids will love a blacklight Montgomery Gator plush that glows in the dark
  • Older fans can go wild, knowing they completed a Funko plush set

FNAF Blacklight Montgomery Gator Plush Cons

  • Montgomery Gator should stand and not sit
  • The excessive use of pink neon colors is slightly feminine for Montgomery Gator


Question: Who Is the Final Funko FNAF Glamrock Plush?

Answer: I didn’t add Vanny because she wasn’t part of the band, and it didn’t make sense to add to the alternatives for Glamrock Freddy plush. However, she’s a must-own if you collect FNAF Security Breach plush. The Funko FNAF Security Breach Vanny Plush completes the collection from Funko Plush for the game.

Question: Who Are the New Circus Animatronic Plush in FNAF?

Answer: FNAF Security Breach recently brought new animatronic mascots for carnival games and circus themes. However, the FNAF circus animatronic plushies aren’t as sinister as the in-game characters. Instead, you’ll find various friendly, cute, and non-horrifying FNAF circus plush launching in 2023, including:

FNAF Security Breach Circus Freddy Plush
FNAF Security Breach Circus Bonnie Plush
FNAF Security Breach Circus Foxy Plush

Question: What Makes Glamrock Freddy Plush Unique?

Answer: Firstly, the YouTooz Chibi FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush looks like a rockstar bear with attitude. However, Glamrock Freddy is famous for being the only version of Freddy Fazbear that wants to help the player in the Security Breach game. He’s still an animatronic and band leader, but he has no evil intentions.

Glamrock Freddy Plush Guide: Conclusion

Knowing more about Glamrock Freddy makes you love him more, especially knowing he helps the player in Security Breach. Additionally, you can’t collect Glamrock Freddy plushies without knowing about his two Funko sets, which include the blacklight Glamrock Chica, a rare find and a must-own.

Besides, who wouldn’t want punk-rock plush styles from the 1980s and FNAF as a collector and fans? I grew up with music and styles from the 1980s, which rocks my boat more than anything else. The potential for Glamrock animatronic plushies is endless, and the best examples will find more inspiration from plush brands.

Meanwhile, I recommend collecting the two Funko FNAF plush sets for Security Breach Glamrock animatronics. However, I highly recommend my favorite as the correct choice. You won’t regret buying the YouTooz Chibi FNAF Glamrock Freddy Plush to add to any collection, even Funko plush.

For more rocking plush:

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