Kuromi Plush Guide: An Alternative Melody

My Melody’s infamous foe is a sweetie-pie, waiting for anime fans and plush collectors to scoop her many types up before misjudging her. I’m a long-time plush collector with two kids who love collecting Sanrio plushies. So, let me share the wonderful world of plush toys in my Kuromi plush guide.

Kuromi is a massive hit, whether you love or hate the bunny. She has over a dozen plush types, including Squishmallows. I’ll share the truth about Kuromi’s personality and how you can find endless plushies for her. Kuromi is so famous that she even appeals to emo plush fans. So, let’s unravel her story to help you collect her.

kawaii plush doll

Kuromi Plush: Bottom Line Up Front

Kuromi plushies are an absolute joy to collect, whether you’re emo, your children love the trendy bunny, or you’re an anime enthusiast. So, I’ll share details about what makes Kuromi the bunny we know and how you can identify her among other Sanrio characters. Besides, character confusion is easy with Sanrio plush.

Meanwhile, I’ll also advise you to collect different series of Kuromi plush before sharing my cutest example for each. Of course, some series are similar. However, buying the plushies from the correct stores prevents character confusion. Alternatively, my identifier tips will ensure you only buy Kuromi plushies.

In contrast, you might enjoy collecting various series of Kuromi plushies for variety. In that case, you’ll find a brilliant selection of examples for each series. But first, let’s pause for me to share my favorite Kuromi plush example. The Kuromi Squishmallow is my ultimate choice, even though two Squishmallows exist.

I always prefer the one with Kuromi’s natural colors because the other one doubles as her alternate series plushies. In addition, Squishmallows are insanely collectible and work well with Sanrio cuties. Next, glance at some favorite examples before learning about the misunderstood rabbit.

Some Fantastic Kuromi Plush at a Glance

Kuromi has a vast range of plushies. So, I’ll share one favorite from each type. But first, let’s see four more choices before diving into my complete guide:

  1. The Besties Costume Series Kuromi Plush appeals to two kinds of Sanrio series collectors. Meanwhile, it fits the Pastel Baby and Besties Costume Series for the little rabbit.
  2. The Holiday Sequin Kuromi Plush is a triple-series collectible from Sanrio. Kuromi belongs to Holiday, Sequin, and Alternate Series plushies, making her a jackpot for fans.
  3. The Kuromi Pillow Plush is a gorgeous addition for younger kids who enjoy pillow plushies. In addition, Kuromi doubles into the Royal Princess Sanrio Series for better collectibility.
  4. The Shiba Inu Kuromi Plush is a long-time series favorite among anime plushies. The Shiba Inu Series places the cuties in adorable costumes to make fans wild.

The Ultimate Guide to Kuromi Plush

Kuromi plushies are famous among Sanrio and anime collectors. They appeal to emos, children, anime enthusiasts, and My Melo fans. So, what makes them unique, and how can you identify the right ones? In addition, it helps to have a quick breakdown of the various types available for die-hard collectors.

Meet Sanrio’s Sweet Kuromi


Sanrio is one of the best plush designers worldwide. My Melody is one of the brilliant anime-inspired plush collections from Sanrio you can collect. Meanwhile, Kuromi is infamous for being My Melody’s foe in the series. However, every Sanrio character has a story to tell, even the so-called bad guys.

my melody plush

Indeed, Kuromi surrounds herself with troublesome friends like Wanmi, Nyanmi, Chumi, and Konmi. The trike gang gets into a lot of trouble. Still, it doesn’t define Kuromi’s entire personality. Instead, Kuromi is a sweet bunny with hobbies, interests, and endearing habits. Kuromi has loads of character to share with plushies.

Kuromi has a tough exterior in the anime series. Still, she’s a proper girly rabbit who writes in a diary and enjoys romantic stories. Kuromi is a tomboy on the outside, but this so-called villain loves cooking and doing other girly stuff. Meanwhile, you’ll find her acting tough against My Melody because it’s her job in the anime series.

Fun Fact: Kuromi is a Halloween bunny baby known as Kurumi Nui.

Identifying Kuromi Plushies

Funny enough, Kuromi looks similar to another Japanese creation, Pichu from Pokémon. For example, remove her jester hat and devil’s tail, and she seems like Pichu in another color. However, it’s essential to identify the Sanrio characters correctly if you plan to collect them. People often confuse My Melody, Kuromi, and others.

Unfortunately, sellers often use a long list of names related to a plush character to draw more attention. But it doesn’t help a Kuromi collector focus on the little white rabbit. So, the first identifier is that you’re looking at white rabbits with black eyes and pink noses. In addition, you’ll see black jester hats and devil tails.

The jester hat has a skull picture on Kuromi’s forehead, which can be pink or change color for various versions. Sometimes, the jester’s hat is purple with a black skull on the forehead. However, the skull is a giveaway that you’re looking at Kuromi, not the Sanrio puppy called Cinnamoroll.

Tips for Collecting Various Kuromi Plush

Kuromi collectors will want every option, version, and plush type available. So, let me share some of the common types and variations you’ll find. Some variations are simple changes to a single part of Kuromi. However, others will make her look quite different. Here are some popular versions of Kuromi plush:

  1. Alternate Kuromi Plush are the cuties with a slight color change but no other accessories.
  2. Besties Costume Series Kuromi Plush wears an adorable costume unrelated to other Sanrio characters.
  3. Classic Kuromi Plush comes in various sizes but looks like her typical description.
  4. Expressive Kuromi Plush have cute expressions, like shyness or sleepiness.
  5. Girly Kuromi Plush has added bows on the ears, but they’re girlier than the usual picks.
  6. Holiday Kuromi Plush vary in styles and colors, changing the hat to purple, and some have sequins.
  7. Kawaii Kuromi Plush comes in adorable costumes with extra texture, ideal for little kids.
  8. Keychain Kuromi Plush are miniature plushies you can carry around.
  9. Kuromi Plush Pillows are pillow-shaped plushies with Kuromi’s famous black-hat head.
  10. Kuromi Squishmallows feel like marshmallows and clouded heaven but look like a rabbit.
  11. Mascot Kuromi Plush shows the bunny in other mascot and anime character outfits, like My Melody.
  12. Pastel Baby Kuromi Plush looks like a baby version of Kuromi with lighter colors.
  13. Pocket Pals Kuromi Plush are miniature brooches that resemble Kuromi’s regular design.
  14. Royal Princess Series Kuromi Plush dresses the little bunny in a cute princess outfit for a royal design.
  15. Sequin Kuromi Plush are famous Sanrio choices that glamorize Kuromi’s ears or hat with sequins.
  16. Shiba Inu Kuromi Plush shows the rabbit dressed in Shiba Inu series outfits.

Additionally, you’ll notice how Kuromi changes positions, expressions, and sizes. Meanwhile, a costume Kuromi plush could wear one of many outfits. The same goes for Shiba Inu, sequin, and keychain Kuromi plushies.

How I Selected Some Fabulous Kuromi Plush Examples

So, the bottom line is that many Kuromi plush exists, meaning I have to do a challenging thing to narrow down a few excellent examples. As a result, I’ll pick one from each type of Kuromi plush. However, some classes have numerous sizes and variations. So, I’ll use the following guidelines to narrow them down to one each:

  • The Kuromi plush must be the cutest Japanese rabbit in the class, which depends on my personal choice.
  • It must be the most miniature version available, or it has to match Kuromi’s identifying factors the best.

Kuromi Plush Guide: Cute Japanese Rabbits

Sanrio plushies are popular beyond what you can imagine. So, picking a few gorgeous examples to share in my guide to buying Kuromi plushies was challenging. However, I narrowed them down to the cutest versions I could find. So, let’s see which Kuromi plushies tempted me to purchase many new Sanrio collectibles.

Alternate Kuromi Plush

alternate kuromi plush

Kuromi is a sweet girl passionate about hot pink and black. However, she loves dabbling with purple colors in her outfits. So, this alternate variation of Kuromi plush changes her color arrangement slightly, but it stays within her original design. Meanwhile, the skull and tuffs on her jester’s hat turn from pink to purple.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Mischievous
  • Size: 7.8″
  • Second Series: None

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • It’s the closest alternative available for Classic Kuromi plushies
  • Kuromi maintains her naughty expression that leaves you wondering
  • The plush is a good size with beautiful details and the devil’s tail

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • The purple variations of Kuromi aren’t 100% accurate
  • Kuromi sits down and doesn’t readily stand up as a plush

Besties Costume Series Kuromi Plush

besties costume series kuromi plush

The Sanrio Besties Costume Series is similar to the mascot series from the same brand. However, the Kuromi plushies series are beyond adorable and fit the Pastel Baby Sanrio series. In addition, Kuromi has an ultra-soft texture that would be excellent for little kids who enjoy playing with tactile-enhancing plush toys.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Naughty
  • Size: 8″
  • Second Series: Pastel Baby

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • This Kuromi plush doubles on the series for avid collectors
  • Kuromi is gorgeous as a pastel-colored baby plush
  • Every detail is accurate for Kuromi’s original design under a cute costume

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • The ultra-soft Kuromi plushies can be challenging to wash
  • The purple costume could’ve been pink for Kuromi

Classic Kuromi Plush

classic kuromi plush

The Classic Series Kuromi plushies are ideal for fans and collectors who enjoy how the bunny looks in the My Melody anime. Unfortunately, the classic series don’t always double into other types of plush. In addition, the smallest version of Kuromi plush is ten inches. Still, she’s ten inches of cuteness with a takedown expression.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Takedown mode
  • Size: 10″
  • Second Series: None

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • This Kuromi plush looks more serious than most, ready to take anyone down
  • The Kuromi plush is authentic from the Sanrio website
  • She has incredible details, accurate colors, and an ultra-soft exterior

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • The ultra-soft plushies lose their touch after many washes
  • The bright white colors can also be challenging to clean

Expressive Kuromi Plush

expressive kuromi plush

The expressive Kuromi range doesn’t have many options this year, but I’m sure more will come soon. The shy Kuromi plush is a joy because I love collecting unusual variations. Unfortunately, you won’t find her much longer. So, I recommend scooping her up before she’s gone with the melodic wind.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Shy
  • Size: 9.4″
  • Second Series: None

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The shy Kuromi plush is one of the unique options collectors enjoy
  • Kuromi has the original colors and details, but she looks cuter
  • She’s a fantastic size and comes with a removable outfit

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • The shy Kuromi plush is nearly gone
  • Kuromi’s closed eyes remove some of her original design

Girly Kuromi Plush

girly kuromi plush

A few Kuromi plushies wear pretty bows and hairpieces. Still, I chose this plush because it has excellent details and matches Kuromi’s original style and colors. In addition, the pretty pink bow doesn’t deter you from Kuromi’s naughty smile, and the pink cheeks look brighter. She undoubtedly looks girlier in this version.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Determined
  • Size: 10″
  • Second Series: None

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The Kuromi plush is the cutest girl plush variation available
  • The pink bow barely removes any of Kuromi’s authenticity
  • Kuromi has super bright cheeks and an ambitious expression

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • Not all Kuromi fans want a girly version
  • The hot pink bow should be much larger

Holiday Sequin Kuromi Plush

holiday sequin kuromi plush

The Holiday Series Kuromi plush is a bullseye for anime enthusiasts, plush collectors, and Sanrio fans. Kuromi has beautiful sequins all over her outfit, and the small fur tuft on her ear is a silly yet cute addition. Meanwhile, Kuromi has the softest texture on any of her plushies. So, she’s a triple-dynamite plush.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Smug
  • Size: 8″
  • Second Series: Sequin and Alternate Series

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The Holiday Series Kuromi plush is one of the most collectible versions
  • Sanrio went over and above with details on this Kuromi plush
  • The smug expression suits the little cutie perfectly

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • Limited-edition holiday plushies don’t stay in stores long
  • The ultra-soft texture is hard to keep with constant washing

Kawaii Kuromi Plush

kawaii kuromi plush

Kawaii is another adorable Japanese plush brand that often combines cuties with Sanrio characters and mascots. Sometimes, the Shiba Inu series falls into this perfect mix of Japanese plushies. Meanwhile, Kuromi is another excellent choice for brand collaboration. The fluffy purple costume enhances her expression.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Trouble’s brewing
  • Size: 7.8″
  • Second Series: None

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The Kawaii Kuromi plush is a favorite for many collectors
  • Most of Kuromi’s details, colors, and features match her design
  • The plush has incredible textures for little hands to explore

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • Kuromi’s famous devil tail is gone
  • Kuromi’s eyes and mouth are brown, not black

Keychain Kuromi Plush

keychain kuromi plush

Kuromi has a few plush keychains, which are fantastic for display in an anime enthusiast’s bedroom or office. However, I picked one that fits the Mascot Series, even though the colors are slightly off her original design. Meanwhile, some details are accurate, like the skull and ear shapes. So, she’s still a cutie-pie.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Uncertain
  • Size: 5″
  • Second Series: Mascot Series

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The Kuromi plush keychain is one of the most miniature collectibles
  • Kuromi’s expression is adorable because she looks confused
  • Some details are accurate for Kuromi’s original design

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • The colors are off, including the eyes and missing cheeks
  • The mascot costume isn’t easily recognizable

Kuromi Pillow Plush

kuromi pillow plush

Do you know what I like the most about any pillow plush series? My daughter can own her favorite plushies and use them as comforting bedtime buddies at night. In addition, this Kuromi plush doubles the Sanrio series to be more collectible as a princess version. Meanwhile, her eyes have greater depth than most plushies.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Mischievous
  • Size: 11″
  • Second Series: Royal Princess Series

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The Kuromi pillow plush has excellent details all-around
  • She’s a beautiful plush with pretty bows and a princess vibe for little girls
  • Pillow plushies are a trend among anime characters

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • Unfortunately, you can’t have the devil’s tail on a pillow plush
  • The bows emphasize a lot on the royal purple color

Kuromi Squishmallow

kuromi squishmallow

Squishmallows is one of my family’s favorite plush brands. So, it’s excellent news to see the brand making adorable Sanrio characters for anime enthusiasts. For example, Kuromi looks much like herself in Squishy form, even though her shape changes a lot. In addition, the marshmallow plush has the famous devil’s tail.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Up to no good
  • Size: 8″
  • Second Series: None

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • Kuromi Squishmallows are insanely popular among anime collectors
  • Kuromi’s details and colors are surprisingly accurate for the weird shape
  • It’s the ideal size for Sanrio Squishmallow collectors

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • Squishmallows round the characters up slightly
  • The devil’s tail is tiny compared to other Kuromi plush

Mascot Kuromi Plush

mascot kuromi plush

Sanrio’s Mascot Series plushies place different characters from the brand in multi-layered costumes. It’s slightly different from the Besties Costume Series in that the character must be a Sanrio anime plush. So, this adorable variation of Kuromi is a blended beauty again. Meanwhile, I love the skull on the headband.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: I am Kuromi!
  • Size: 6″
  • Second Series: None

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The Mascot Kuromi plush doubles into Lace Lolita’s costume
  • The headband is my favorite feature, as it brings Kuromi’s colors to Lolita’s lace
  • The details are insane, accurate, and colorful enough for Kuromi

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • This plush isn’t original to Kuromi’s flat-skull design
  • It has a difficult-to-clean texture

Pastel Baby Kuromi Plush

pastel baby kuromi plush

The Pastel Baby Series of Kuromi plush only includes four options. Still, this plush is my favorite because it’s a smaller version. I’m not crazy about the lighter pastel colors or the baby outfit. However, it’s another collectible Sanrio series to consider. Meanwhile, the plush also includes a girly factor in Kuromi’s weird expression.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Crazy baby
  • Size: 8″
  • Second Series: Girly Series

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The Pastel Baby Kuromi plush comes from a limited collection
  • Kuromi’s details, face, and ears are accurate for her character
  • Little kids will also enjoy the Pastel Baby Sanrio Series

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • Kuromi’s colors are too faded to match her original design
  • The baby frills around her face don’t do the plush toy justice

Pocket Pals Kuromi Plush

pocket pals kuromi plush

Sanrio’s Pocket Pals Series is famous because it allows collectors and fans to collect numerous character plushies. You don’t need much space to have a hundred of these cuties. In addition, they come on collectible cards and work as brooches. However, Kuromi has the colors from her Pastel Baby Series plushies.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Winking
  • Size: 3″
  • Second Series: Pastel Baby Series

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The Pocket Pals Kuromi plush is the most miniature collectible from my series of options
  • It doubles into two plush series and looks adorable enough for young kids
  • The accuracy of Kuromi’s eyes and ears matches her original character

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • Kuromi’s expression and colors don’t match her naughty character
  • I wish Kuromi’s ears were stiff like her other plushies

Royal Princess Series Kuromi Plush

royal princess series kuromi plush

Kuromi hides her sweetness in the show because everyone assumes she’s the villain and My Melody is the hero. However, this poor little bunny deserves some credit for her fame. Kuromi’s fandom is as massive as My Melody. So, I must share her royal version that doubles into the Pastel Baby Series.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Naughty
  • Size: 8″
  • Second Series: Pastel Baby Series

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The Royal Princess Series Kuromi plush comes from a limited range
  • Kuromi looks much more adorable in the princess costume for little girls
  • Kuromi might triple into the girly series with this plush toy

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • Unfortunately, Kuromi’s colors don’t match her original character
  • The costume makes you forget her naughty side until you see the expression

Sequin Classic Kuromi Plush

sequin classic kuromi plush

Kuromi is a confident bunny with mischief in her soul. But, unfortunately, it overtakes her sweetness most times. However, this version’s expression reminds you of her sweetness because she looks friendly and ambitious. Meanwhile, the Kuromi plush fits multiple series as a classic design with sequin accessories for a stunning effect.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Ready for anything
  • Size: 8″
  • Second Series: Classic and Girly Series

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • The Kuromi Sequin plush fits three series for better collectibility
  • The accuracy is spot-on because she comes from the classic collection
  • This expression is one of my favorites for Kuromi

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • The sequin design can be challenging to clean
  • Some anime fans don’t want the friendlier versions of Kuromi

Shiba Inu Kuromi Plush

shiba inu kuromi plush

Shiba Inu is a Kawaii Series often blended with Sanrio characters, making the plushies highly sought-after and collectible for fans. However, this variation of Kuromi looks sad compared to others. Her mouth isn’t visible, but her eyes look tearful. Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu costume is a gorgeous fit for the famous bunny anti-hero.

Kuromi Plush Facts

  • Expression: Tearful
  • Size: 4″
  • Second Series: Kawaii and Alternate Series

Kuromi Plush Pros

  • Shiba Inu Kuromi plushies are collectible among fans and plush collectors
  • Kuromi’s expression adds a unique element to make her more appealing
  • I love that the bows are black, and her eyes have so much depth

Kuromi Plush Cons

  • Unfortunately, Kuromi’s colors are all wrong on this plush
  • The costume might be overkill, but Shiba Inu goes all out on outfits


Question: Which Kuromi Plush Are Authentic to My Melody?

Answer: Kuromi has over a dozen types of plush, some original and some not. I advise you to always look on the official Sanrio website to find the original Kuromi plush. However, her color design is a black jester hat with a hot pink skull and a black devil’s tail. So, the Sequin Classic Kuromi Plush is a classic with a glamorous twist.

Question: Can I Find Kuromi Squishmallows From My Melody?

Answer: I have brilliant news because Squishmallows and Sanrio collaborate to make a gorgeous range of Kuromi plush. So, you’ll find an original color design Kuromi Squishmallow in an eight-inch plush. Furthermore, you’ll find the purple version of Kuromi Squishmallows in the same size. Admittedly, they’re a collector’s dream.

Question: Is There a Pink Kuromi Plush?

Answer: Kuromi has a few favorite designs, even though her black and hot pink style is the original from the My Melody anime series. So, buying her pink variations isn’t original to the show, but they’re gorgeous anyway. For example, the Pink Kuromi Plush has pink eyes, a jester’s hat, and a skull to glamorize the Sanrio bunny.

Question: Where Can I Find the Giant Kuromi Plush?

Answer: Some Kuromi plushies stood over two feet tall, making them popular for anime lovers with space. Unfortunately, the Giant Kuromi Plush isn’t easy to find anymore. So, you’ll have to turn to eBay resellers to find a slightly smaller 20-inch Jumbo Crown Kuromi Plush, but it will cost you a fortune.

Question: What Is the Smallest Kuromi Plush Available?

Answer: The tiniest Kuromi plushies come from a series I haven’t shared because they’re also holiday ornaments. However, the Kuromi Globe Ornament is a Sanrio collection of character plushies hidden inside Christmas ornaments. So, you’ll find a miniature Kuromi plush that measures 2.5 inches inside the globe.

Kuromi Plush Guide: Conclusion

Kuromi plush includes a universe of choices. So, it’s hard to pick your first or fifteenth edition for an anime collection. However, I hope I helped you narrow down some available options with the series and crossovers. Meanwhile, I tried to pick the cutest version from each Kuromi plush type to suit your anime passions.

Kuromi is much more than My Melody’s foe, and she deserves to set a new tune to the collection. I never understood Kuromi well until recently when I learned about her soft nature. She always acts tough but has a cloud of girliness over her head. As a result, the cutest examples were the perfect fit for Kuromi.

However, I recommend starting a Kuromi plush collection with the Kuromi Squishmallow. Not many brands are as collectible as Squishmallows. In addition, you get an authentic design of Kuromi, buy a licensed Sanrio product, and start something new with the most collectible plush brand worldwide.

Furthermore, I wish you the best or “cutest” of luck in finding every Kuromi plush you desire. Meanwhile, pick one of my adorable examples to begin the search.

kuromi plush toy

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