Friday Night Funkin Plush Guide

Can the poor boyfriend catch a break? Sadly, we’ll wait for week eight to know. Meanwhile, let’s dig into the Friday Night Funkin plush guide to see which characters are the most memorable from the games. Friday Night Funkin (FNF) is another flash game with horror and a unique rhythm genre, not to mention a crazy story.

The FNF plush toys are vast, but only the top-quality plushies can compete with collectible brands like Squishmallows. However, I’m a plush collector whose son enjoys the game. So, I’m here to dig deep into a few excellent FNF plush toys to start a gamer’s collection. Welcome to my FNF week-by-week plush guide.

demon monster plush friday night

Bottom Line Up Front

Admittedly, I never got into Friday Night Funkin as much as my son holds the game-high, as I finally allowed him to play it as a 14-year-old. So, my family’s hobby of collecting collectible plushies, combined with my son’s game experience, results in a good batch of examples to help you start a collection.

Meanwhile, I’ll also share the weeks and what to expect, including characters that may or may not become plush toys. Of course, many of the famous characters are already plushies. However, some plush toys aren’t available yet, like Daddy Dearest, who has such a massive influence on the game, and Pico.

Furthermore, I’ll share tips on keeping FNF plushies in good shape because some have undesirable fabrics, which you’ll find from all the suppliers. So, my tips will ensure they stay in good condition. Finally, I’ll share how I picked an excellent example for each available FNF character. But first, I must convey my favorite FNF plush.

The Friday Night Funkin Pico Plush is my ultimate starter because the character is the most memorable psycho from the game. In addition, the Pico plush is one of the best-looking designs, with an accurate facial expression that matches his in-game character before a sing-off challenge.

However, I have a few more exceptional starter plushies from FNF weeks. So, check them out before diving into the game’s details and week’s characters.

Some Top Friday Night Funkin Plush at a Glance

Don’t worry; I won’t spoil everything upfront. Instead, peek at four more favorite Friday Night Funkin plush before getting into the ultimate guide.

  1. The Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend Plush is the perfect starter you need. In addition, adding the Friday Night Funkin Girlfriend Plush is the best way to start a Friday Night Funkin plush collection.
  2. The Friday Night Funkin Kofi Plush is ideal for making your collection stand out because the character is a secret from week seven. So, not every player knows the Kofi character.
  3. The Friday Night Funkin Sarvente Plush is another favorite character plush from a two-week mod. Meanwhile, she adds tons of personality to an FNF plush collection.

tricky the clown plush

The Ultimate Guide to Friday Night Funkin Plush

Friday Night Funkin is another brilliant game that has everyone twisted into plush collectors. I don’t mind because I love finding new collections of popular games. But first, you should know more about the game, who it’s best for, and how you can find every plush as they are released. So, let’s get down to plush business.

Friday Night Funkin: A Highly Unusual Game

friday night funkin'

The Friday Night Funkin game is highly unusual because it’s a rhythm game that invites players to defend their relationships with the girlfriend character. So, the boyfriend is the main protagonist, who has to sing three songs “weekly” to keep his relationship safe, which isn’t the most inspirational game for kids.

Fortunately, the game is best for children 13 and older. I’m afraid I still have to disagree that the game teaches children suitable lessons. However, my son can learn that every relationship requires work. So, I see a silver lining in the game he enjoys because I love boyfriends who make an effort.

Meanwhile, girlfriends should learn to do the same because relationships are a two-way street. Nonetheless, the game is an open-source Indie rhythm game with colorful and creative play opportunities. FNF has a gorgeous graffiti-styled feel that welcomes artistic players with street smarts and modern creativity.

It doesn’t have levels like a traditional game. Instead, the game features “weeks” with various challenges the boyfriend must complete to keep his girlfriend happy. So, the player sings, dances, and challenges other FNF characters to keep the girlfriend content in her relationship. Admittedly, it sends some poor signals.

However, teenagers can undoubtedly learn to work on strengthening their relationships with tiny gestures. So, my son gets a stamp of approval because I want him to have excellent relationships and expect nothing less.

FNF Plush Varieties: Weeks and Characters

So, how do you collect FNF plushies when so many exist? The answer is to look at the game’s weeks and determine which characters belong in the collection. For example, the Friday Night Funkin Tankman Plush belongs to week seven. Meanwhile, it helps to know how the characters meet.

So, let’s see the weeks as players experience them and how the poor Boyfriend fights to have a relationship with the girlfriend:

  • Week One, Daddy Dearest: The boyfriend has a sing-off against Daddy Dearest, who disapproves of him dating the girlfriend.
  • Week Two, Pico: The boyfriend will challenge Pico to a rap battle after the contract killer sent by Daddy Dearest fails to shoot the poor little guy.
  • Week Three, Mommy Must Murder: Mommy Mearest puts the poor boyfriend to a sing-off test on top of moving limousines surrounded by weird henchmen.
  • Week Four, Spooky Month: The boyfriend and girlfriend face numerous sing-off challenges on Halloween night, including a battle against Skid, Pump, and Monster.
  • Week Five, Red Snow: Poor boyfriend has to beat Daddy Dearest, Mommy Mearest, Mall Santa, and Monster to keep his girlfriend this week.
  • Week Six, Hating Simulator vs. Moawling: The boyfriend struggles a virtual battle within a game once Daddy Dearest pushes him into the simulator, facing Senpai and Spirit.
  • Week Seven, Tankman: The seventh week is deceiving because the couple goes on vacation at Daddy Dearest’s word. At the same time, he hires Pico to kill the boyfriend again, but the poor boyfriend also faces Tankman and his army.
  • Week Eight, Upcoming: The new update will come soon, including antagonists like Pico, Nene, and Darnell.

Please note that there is a week before the first one I listed. Still, it’s a pre-tutorial that doesn’t relate to the plush collection because it doesn’t have relevant characters. In addition, the Boyfriend and Girlfriend characters exist every week. So, I didn’t add them to specific weeks. So, sadly, you might not find every character plush yet.

Bonus Mod Weeks: Many mod weeks came as “versus” games. For example, you could play Friday Night Funkin vs. Sonic Exe, where Sonic becomes a singer called Sunky. So, you’ll find mod-week characters, some including Sunky, Sarvente, Kofi, and Pibby, among others. But I’ll mention the mods as I share them.

boyfriend plush toys for friends boys and girls

How to Keep FNF Felt Plush Decent

Unfortunately, many Friday Night Funkin plushies have felt parts. For example, the Friday Night Funkin Tricky Clown Plush has felt teeth, which can be a nightmare if you handle or clean the soft toy too often. The hard truth is that plush toys with felt fabric pieces shouldn’t be controlled or washed as often as other plushies.

Friday Night Funkin has a few plushies with felt hair, teeth, or other accessories. So, I have three simple rules to keep your FNF plushies safe and decent for years if you love collecting every character. First, follow my directions to ensure the durability of felt FNF plushies:

  1. Wash your FNF plushies with felt accessories as little as possible. Instead, store them neatly away from children’s constant hands, and the same goes for gamers who want to hold their favorite plush while jamming the songs. Of course, you can’t keep them clean forever, but less touching means less washing.
  2. Use a damp cloth to wipe the felt fabric when you notice stains. A wet cloth beats a washing machine cycle that will slowly degrade the felt material, whether using my third rule or not.
  3. Wash your FNF plushies in a lukewarm or cold yet gentle woolen cycle when they gather dust. You can wrap the plushies inside a pillow cover to ensure they don’t hit the drum. In addition, add a few other plushies in the washing machine to soften the blow and skip the spin cycle altogether.

How I Selected Friday Night Funkin Plush Examples

FNF has a fantastic range of plushies for avid gamers and fans. So, I have my work cut out to choose a few excellent examples to share. Therefore, I’ll rely on quality for each FNF character plush I find. Quality plushies must meet my standards, which are:

  • It must have good animation resembling the in-game character
  • It should have strong stitching and embroidered eyes and details
  • It measures ten or fewer inches to focus on quality collections
  • It’s the best-looking FNF plush for the specific character

Friday Night Funkin Plush Guide: My Starters

I can’t show you every Friday Night Funkin plush because I’ll have you reading for weeks. As much as I love writing and reading, it becomes dull with long lists and endless banter. So, here are my recommended starters for a Funkin FNF plush collection, whether for teens who play the game or adults who enjoy them.

Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend Plush

friday night funkin boyfriend plush

The boyfriend plush is a necessity for FNF fans and gamers. I feel sad for this little guy who must constantly fight song demons and assassins to win the love of his girlfriend’s parents. I hope I don’t treat my daughter’s potential romance the same way when she’s old enough. By old enough, I mean like 25 or older.

FNF Boyfriend Plush Facts

  • Week: All weeks
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Excellent

FNF Boyfriend Plush Pros

  • It’s an adorable boyfriend plush with a ready-to-sing face
  • The overall quality and embroidery are excellent
  • It looks exactly like the in-game character before a sing-off

FNF Boyfriend Plush Cons

  • The felt pieces are plentiful
  • The microphone will come off with too much washing

Friday Night Funkin Corrupted Orange Plush

friday night funkin corrupted orange plush

Friday Night Funkin throws a few surprise characters at the couple as they navigate different weeks. So, a lesser-known sing-off happens with the Corrupted Orange. It’s a corruption mod some players experience during the week’s “Winter Horrorland” sing-off. These plushies make excellent collector’s pieces for avid gamers.

FNF Corrupted Orange Plush Facts

  • Week: 5
  • Size: 6″
  • Quality: Good

FNF Corrupted Orange Plush Pros

  • The corrupted orange is a unique addition that not all gamers know
  • The colors are bright, and the plush has a good-quality print
  • The plush looks creepy, like the in-game mod

FNF Corrupted Orange Plush Cons

  • Unfortunately, not all gamers know it
  • The plush has no embroidery

Friday Night Funkin Girlfriend Plush

friday night funkin girlfriend plush

The girlfriend is the other essential plush starter for a Friday Night Funkin collection. Besides, what is the boyfriend’s goal if the girlfriend doesn’t exist? Indeed, I’m afraid I have to disagree with the endless fighting to keep the girlfriend and her family happy. Still, gamers have no issue with the weird horror-rhythm flash game.

FNF Girlfriend Plush Facts

  • Week: All weeks
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Excellent

FNF Girlfriend Plush Pros

  • The Girlfriend plush is necessary as a starter
  • The plush has gorgeously embroidered details and bright colors
  • She looks like the in-game girl Daddy Dearest tries to protect

FNF Girlfriend Plush Cons

  • The plush has a lot of felt pieces that break
  • I would prefer it if the girlfriend weren’t smiling

Friday Night Funkin Hank Plush

friday night funkin hank plush

Hank J. Wimbleton is a crossover from another game. However, the challenger comes along with Tricky, the Clown. Meanwhile, Tricky is one of the creepiest characters after Daddy Dearest in the games. So, Hank gets a bad reputation right away. But the plush toys are an excellent addition for gamers.

FNF Hank Plush Facts

  • Week: 4
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Good

FNF Hank Plush Pros

  • The Hank plush looks like an adorable ninja singer
  • Gamers enjoy the Hank character, even though his appearance is short
  • The plush has a good-quality print

FNF Hank Plush Cons

  • It’s a lesser-known character in FNF
  • The plush has no embroidery

Friday Night Funkin Kofi Plush

friday night funkin kofi plush

Kofi is a crossover from other popular games. In addition, he becomes a sing-off challenge in week seven. However, Kofi isn’t well-known because he’s available as a side challenge in the week. So, not every Friday Night Funkin fan challenges him with the boyfriend. But that makes Kofi more collectible than most FNF plush.

FNF Kofi Plush Facts

  • Week: 7
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Excellent

FNF Kofi Plush Pros

  • The Kofi plush is a unique option for collectors and gamers
  • The plush has exquisite details and quality
  • Collecting optional challengers makes your collection stand out

FNF Kofi Plush Cons

  • The Kofi character isn’t well-known
  • The microphone will break off with too much washing

Friday Night Funkin Pibby Plush

friday night funkin pibby plush

Pibby is another glitched or corrupted character you’ll encounter in the second week. Oddly enough, Pibby is supposed to be a Pitbull puppy, but she looks more like a glitched bear with neon colors. However, the plush is a cute addition to a Friday Night Funkin collection. Meanwhile, she has loads of personality in the game.

FNF Pibby Plush Facts

  • Week: 2
  • Size: 9″
  • Quality: Good

FNF Pibby Plush Pros

  • The Pibby plush isn’t a typical piece
  • The embroidery and colors are adorable for any child
  • Pibby looks less threatening as a plush than in the game

FNF Pibby Plush Cons

  • Unfortunately, Pibby’s less-threatening look doesn’t suit everyone
  • The poor plush’s head is far too enormous

Friday Night Funkin Pico Plush

friday night funkin pico plush

Pico seems like a true psycho in the game. Meanwhile, he has no issues following Daddy Dearest’s orders to kill the poor boyfriend. Unfortunately, the latter can’t seem to get anyone’s approval. However, the Pico and Boyfriend plushies look similar. So, you’ll have to remember that they have different colors in the games.

FNF Pico Plush Facts

  • Week: 2 & 7
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Excellent

FNF Pico Plush Pros

  • The Pico plush is the must-have psycho collectible
  • The plush has excellent details and embroidery
  • The colors pop, and Pico’s expression is ideal

FNF Pico Plush Cons

  • Unfortunately, it’s another felt-filled plush
  • The microphone might break off with time

Friday Night Funkin Pump Plush

friday night funkin pump plush

Pump looks weird without Skid, but the duo is a deceitful challenge in the second week. You think they’re adorable until they break out in a battle. However, I didn’t want to add the duo plushies. So instead, I’m adding them separately in case you don’t want one or the other. Separate plush is better quality, too.

FNF Pump Plush Facts

  • Week: 2
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Excellent

FNF Pump Plush Pros

  • The Pump or lemon demon plush is cute
  • The baby face matches the game character’s deceit
  • The character is an infamous challenge in week two

FNF Pump Plush Cons

  • The baby face might not work for every gamer
  • The head is too large for the body

Friday Night Funkin Sarvente Plush

friday night funkin sarvente plush

Sarvente is another mod from a two-week add-on called FNF Mid-Fight Masses. She’s another character that deceivingly looks friendly until she’s ready to sing off against the boyfriend. In addition, she’s a nun, making her more deceitful. Unfortunately, the boyfriend never finds peace in his relationship with these challengers.

FNF Sarvente Plush Facts

  • Week: Mod Week: Mid-Fight Masses
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Excellent

FNF Sarvente Plush Pros

  • The Sarvente plush is another unique addition for gamers
  • The plush has pristine details and embroidery
  • The character has gorgeous colors

FNF Sarvente Plush Cons

  • She has too many felt pieces
  • I wish her eyes weren’t closed

Friday Night Funkin Skid Plush

friday night funkin skid plush

Skid is Pump’s dynamic friend in the second week. The two undoubtedly make the poor boyfriend’s life a living hell. Meanwhile, the Skid plush is adorable for kids who enjoy Halloween-themed soft toys. It doesn’t look creepy to match the in-game character’s terrifying personality. Instead, it seems like a cute Halloween plush.

FNF Skid Plush Facts

  • Week: 2
  • Size: 8″
  • Quality: Excellent

FNF Skid Plush Pros

  • The Skid plush is a good starter with Pump
  • The details and embroidery are pretty good
  • Little kids will enjoy this weird plush from FNF

FNF Skid Plush Cons

  • Too much white makes it hard to keep it clean
  • The Skid plush is smaller than the Pump plush

Friday Night Funkin Stickman Plush

friday night funkin stickman plush

Admittedly, I’m trying to give you various starter plush for Friday Night Funkin gamers and fans. However, some plush is pretty bad, even if they represent the character well. For example, a Stickman plush is what you think and is somewhat dull. Besides, it’s not a famous game character, and some gamers don’t know it.

FNF Stickman Plush Facts

  • Week: Mod Week: Friday Night Funkin vs. Stickman
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Acceptable

FNF Stickman Plush Pros

  • The Stickman plush is unusual as a mod edition
  • The embroidery is acceptable for a simple plush
  • Die-hard gamers will know the Stickman

FNF Stickman Plush Cons

  • The plush is my least favorite for “acceptable” quality
  • It has no strength in the design

Friday Night Funkin Sunky Plush

friday night funkin sunky plush

Sunky is another plush mod character from Friday Night Funkin vs. Sonic Exe. Sonic is one of my ultimate game characters. So, I have a liking for the Sunky plush, even though the quality is only fair. The plush doesn’t have poor details, colors, styles, or embroidery. However, the face puts me off of buying it as a starter.

FNF Sunky Plush Facts

  • Week: Mod Week: Friday Night Funkin vs. Sonic EXE
  • Size: 7″
  • Quality: Okay

FNF Sunky Plush Pros

  • The Sonic EXE FNF Sunky plush is a unique collectible
  • The details, embroidery, and colors are fantastic
  • The plush’s back looks better than the front

FNF Sunky Plush Cons

  • The face looks terrible (maybe it’s because I love Sonic)
  • The microphone can break with too many washes

Friday Night Funkin Tankman Plush

friday night funkin tankman plush

Tankman is one of the most memorable face-offs in the game. In addition, he reminds me a little of Bendy from another game, for which I also love finding plushies. Unfortunately, both characters have black-and-white designs, making them creepier for no reason. It might be a personal creepiness, but I find them horrifying.

FNF Tankman Plush Facts

  • Week: 7
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Excellent

FNF Tankman Plush Pros

  • The Tankman plush is a must-own collectible for FNF gamers
  • The contrast, embroidery, and details are excellent
  • Tankman’s face is friendly to avoid scaring little kids

FNF Tankman Plush Cons

  • Some gamers want a battle-ready expression
  • The microphone and headband will break with many washes

Friday Night Funkin Tricky Plush

friday night funkin tricky plush

Tricky is a mysterious character the poor boyfriend faces in week four. So, I feel more sympathy for the boyfriend as I learn more about the troubles he faces to make everyone happy with his relationship. However, this plush is likely the best quality among the Friday Night Funkin collectibles. It has depth and personality.

FNF Tricky Plush Facts

  • Week: 4
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Excellent

FNF Tricky Plush Pros

  • The Tricky plush is the best-looking among all FNF plushies
  • Tricky is another crossover mod character for unique collections
  • The horns make him creepier than most, and the teeth will send chills down a boyfriend’s spine

FNF Tricky Plush Cons

  • This plush might scare your actual boyfriend away
  • Unfortunately, the plush toy has various felt pieces

Friday Night Funkin Whitty Plush

friday night funkin whitty plush

Whitty is another mod FNF character plush. Unfortunately, the plushies miss a few marks to match the in-game character. For example, Whitty has orange eyes and a bomb-shaped hand in the game. Still, this plush is the closest match I could find to the Whitty vs. Friday Night Funkin mod character. It’s close enough for a win.

FNF Whitty Plush Facts

  • Week: Mod Week: Friday Night Funkin vs. Whitty
  • Size: 10″
  • Quality: Good

FNF Whitty Plush Pros

  • The FNF Whitty plush has the best details compared to the game character
  • It’s another unique plush for gamers and collectors
  • The details are good, including embroidered pieces

FNF Whitty Plush Cons

  • The character plush misses a few marks anyway
  • The pink boots are simply ridiculous, but it matches the in-game mod character


Question: Which Friday Night Funkin Plush Combo Is Popular?

Answer: The Friday Night Funkin game has two famous plush duos to collect as starters. Firstly, the Friday Night Funkin Spooky Month Skid and Pump Plush Set is a favorite choice for gamers who enjoyed week two. Alternatively, the Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend and Girlfriend Plush Set are ideal for a collection starter.

Question: Does Sonic the Hedgehog Have an FNF Plush?

Answer: I have excellent news because Friday Night Funkin has a mod week from which you’ll find the Sonic plush. So, Sonic shows up in the Friday Night Funkin vs. Sonic Exe game, except he becomes a mod character called Sunky. You’ll find the Friday Night Funkin Sunky Plush available online.

Question: Which Friday Night Funkin Plush is the Creepiest?

Answer: The creepiest soft toy you’ll find for the game is the Friday Night Funkin Tricky Clown Plush. However, the FNF Tricky Clown plush also has the best details among all Friday Night Funkin plushies. It looks insane, including the horns and teeth. In addition, it has brilliant colors and carries a microphone from the game.

friday night boy plush

Friday Night Funkin Plush Guide: Conclusion

Friday Night Funkin is a strange game that welcomes teens to play as a boyfriend. He must sing and battle against challengers weekly to impress the girlfriend, her father, and her mother. Indeed, it doesn’t have the best lessons for kids to learn unless you want young boys and girls to know that effort makes relationships work.

Meanwhile, the game has excellent plushies for gamers, fans, and collectors. In addition, I use my week-by-week strategy to look for more characters as they turn into plushies. Many mod FNF character plushies exist, but there are more if you keep your eyes on the week-by-week characters.

However, I recommend the Friday Night Funkin Pico Plush as an excellent starter. It represents one of the main game’s psychos every player will enjoy. In addition, the plush has excellent quality and looks like the in-game character. So, start your fan’s collection today by adding beginners for most weeks.

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