A Complete Totoro Plush Guide

Totoro is honestly one of my favorite characters. I remember as a child loving My Neighbor Totoro, and now as an adult, I get to relive that memory.

Heading to Hot Topic and Amazon, I’ve found various items, including plush, dresses, etc. Totoro is such a sweet soul who loves his naps!

Being a plush enthusiast and a fan of Totoro, I’ve decided to create this list. From Squishmallows to plush toys, there are various options so you can make a perfect choice. So read this Totoro plush guide and determine the top picks for yourself, your friend, or your family member today!

Bottom Line Up Front

There are so many awesome Totoro plushies out there that accurately represent him from the movie, My Neighbor Totoro. Being a collector, though, I’d have to go with the Tokyo Home Adorable Totoro Plush Toys Stuffed.

He’s just so cute! I remember him in the movie standing, floating, and more. While he was often sleeping, he would have these moments that would surprise the girls in the movie. This was one of these moments.

It reminds me of when he was standing at the bus stop for the Cat Bus. He had a leaf plus an umbrella while he waited. He’s super soft and squishy too! At twelve inches, he’s great for imagination and play for children too.

My Top Picks at a Glance

Totoro Plush Guide
  1. GUND Fluffy Totoro Stuffed Animal Plush in Gray– He’s so fluffy and cuddly! I love him!
  2. Tokyo Home Adorable Totoro Plush Toys Stuffed– It reminds me of Totoro floating outside the girls’ home. He’s larger and soft!
  3. FOKKS Totoro Plush Toy Pillow, Cute Totoro Plush Animal Doll– Totoro is smiling like his personality, and he’s soft and cuddly!
  4. GUND Studio Ghibli Small Totoro Dark Grey– I love Totoro here because he reminds me of his nature in the movie! I remember when he’d smile at the girls as he’d wake up from his nap. While he didn’t speak, his smile and eyes were expressive.
  5. Sun Arrow Studio Ghibli– Even Kings of the forest have to sleep a lot. For most of the movie, this was Totoro.
  6. GUND Totoro 6″ Plush Bundle with 10″ Cat Bus House– Wow, I love how this comes as a set! You even have Totoro getting into the cat bus like in the movie!
  7. Plushie Animal Toy, Plush Toys Stuffed Plush, My Neighbour Totoro– Look at how big he is here! The perfect size for children and adults alike!
  8. Anime Totoro Plush Toy Throw Pillow Soft Stuffed Hand Warmer Doll– I love how adorable Totoro looks here!
  9. Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Totoro and Tree Trunk Plush– I know he’s pretty tiny here. Still, I couldn’t resist how adorable he is with the tree!

Tips for the Reader

As you’re going through this list, take your time and write down some notes as you go along. Then, think about what you like most about My Neighbor Totoro; any fun moments from the movie.

Do they already have some Totoro plush toys if it’s for someone else? If they do, consider what could complete their set or look similar to what they have.

Plenty of these will be perfect for children! Especially the ones where Totoro is holding a prop. Children can replay the scenes from the movie that they enjoyed. It’ll help to ignite their imagination!

Selection Criteria

As I go through this list, I decide which ones remind me the most of Totoro. While he’s sleeping for a good part of the movie, he has some silly elements in the film that can’t soon be forgotten. I’ve included some of those along with the Cat Bus!

Why Should I Buy Totoro Plush Toys?

If you or someone you know loves Totoro, he will make a great gift as a plush. You can easily collect different plushies to start a collection. There are even other plushies from the movie that you can collect!

For those friends of yours who love anime, he might make the perfect gift for them! Children who have seen the movie will love acting out Totoro whether he’s sleeping, floating, or standing in the rain.

How to Pick Out Totoro Plush Toys

Totoro Plush Toys

First, think about who the gift will be for. Next, decide what size will be best.

While they might love a large Totoro, do they have the room for him? Consider smaller plush toys for those who live in smaller dwellings.

Consider the different parts of the movie that they loved the most. This can help you narrow it down! Make sure that you’re not picking a toy that they already have.

Where to Buy Totoro Plush?

While you might be able to find Totoro plush in local stores, your best bet is to check online. Online will give you a wide variety of options.

Target doesn’t seem to have any Totoro plush so that one’s out. However, I found a good mix between Walmart and Amazon.

Consider upgrading to Amazon’s Prime program if you haven’t. It’ll allow you to get free shipping on Prime items. If you’re close to an Amazon facility, you can get it in a day or two.

All About Totoro!

This section is Totoro on his own without props. You’ll find him standing up, ready for lots of cuddles and play!

He’s still great for little ones here since they can use their imagination to act out the different parts of the movie.

GUND Fluffy Totoro Stuffed Animal Plush in Gray, 6″

GUND Fluffy Totoro Stuffed Animal Plush in Gray 6

I love how fluffy this Totoro is! The only con is that he’s on the smaller side.

But that’s okay; he’s the perfect size for children and adults alike. So if you know an adult who loves My Neighbor Totoro, this might be an appealing option for them.

He’s small enough to store easily, whether they’re at work or home. Also, since he’s light and cuddly, children can play with him and have him float in the air or give him lots of cuddles.


  • Soft and cuddly
  • A convenient size for smaller areas


  • Small

FOKKS Totoro Plush Toy Pillow, Cute Totoro Plush Animal Doll

FOKKS Totoro Plush Toy Pillow, Cute Totoro Plush Animal Doll

Look at his adorable smile here! He often smiled at Mei and Satsuki while they came to play and explore. As children often are, the girls are curious about how the life of Totoro and other creatures in the movie.

Since Totoro doesn’t talk in the movie, he often smiles wide at them with his large pearly whites. I love how soft and squishy he is here too!

Collectors and children alike will love him.


  • Smiling wide
  • A good size


  • The smile kind of looks like it doesn’t belong with him.

GUND Studio Ghibli Small Totoro Dark Grey

GUND Studio Ghibli Small Totoro Dark Grey

Another accurate representation of Totoro’s personality! The girls would land on him when he was sleeping, and he’d wake up with one eye and give them a big smile. I love how friendly Totoro is!

He’s perfect for various ages. The manufacturer’s recommendation is twelve months and up.


  • Perfect for children and collectors
  • Smiling wide


  • Bushy fur
  • Only six inches

Anime Totoro Plush Toy Throw Pillow

Totoro Plush Toy

Totoro is up and ready to play with your little one! He even has a tiny leaf on his head. Check out his smile, too, and adorable little tail.

He’s in a position to fly too! Perfect for children to learn through play. They can snuggle, have him fly, and more.

Plus, he’s a pretty lovely hand warmer! Perfect for the winter months.


  • Warms your hands since he has pockets
  • Perfect for flying, snuggling, and play
  • Smiling


  • Expensive

Totoro with Props

This section will have Totoro in different scenes from the movie! He’s perfect for children to act out and imagine the various settings. Collectors will love him too and have fond memories from the film.

Tokyo Home Adorable Totoro Plush Toys Stuffed

Tokyo Home Adorable Totoro Plush Toys Stuffed

He’s affordable and adorable! I love how soft and squishy he is. While he’s not a Squishmallow, he reminds me a lot of one since he’s super cuddly.

At twelve inches, he’s a great size too. Children can act out the different scenes from the movie, including him floating in the air and protecting his head from the rain. His coloring and body are accurate to the movie too.


  • Looks like Totoro from the movie
  • Comes with an adorable leaf prop
  • Super affordable


  • Since he comes with a prop, he might not be as good for imagination as ones that don’t have a prop attached (more options for play).

GUND Totoro 6″ Plush Bundle with 10″ Cat Bus House

GUND Totoro 6" Plush Bundle with 10" Cat Bus House

I know it’s supposed to be all about Totoro, but I couldn’t resist on this set! It comes with Totoro, the Cat bus, and a miniature Totoro.

He’s perfect for children too! Check out how the miniature Totoro can go right into the bus. Your little one can play as they have the Cat Bus go along the floor, ride with Totoro, pick him up, etc.

Since it’s a set, your child also receives a six-inch Totoro, perfect for cuddles and play! Of course, collectors will love this, too, since it’s a set!


  • A set of Totoro, miniature Totoro, and a Cat Bus
  • Great for children and collectors


  • It might be more included than some would like

Plushie Animal Toy, Plush Toys Stuffed Plush, My Neighbour Totoro

Plushie Animal Toy, Plush Toys Stuffed Plush, My Neighbour Totoro

Wow, look at his size, and for an affordable rate too! Your child can pick him up for tons of cuddles and play.

Children can play, having him walk along the floor and then resting for a long nap. Collectors will love the size of him here too.


  • A large size!
  • Affordable
  • Looks like Totoro!


  • Since it’s imported, shipping will take a while

Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro, Totoro, and Tree Trunk Plush

Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro, Totoro, and Tree Trunk Plush

I love how tiny and adorable Totoro is! The only con here is the size.

He’s super unique, though, since there’s a small animal design on the tree, along with a bow. So your child can play as they place Totoro into the tree trunk.

Whether he’s out on the go or taking a snooze, your little one has play options!


  • Since he’s not attached to the tree, your little one has plenty of options for play
  • Great for collectors
  • Unique


  • Small
  • Since he’s small and not attached, he could get lost easily.

Resting Totoro


Totoro could often be found in the movie resting and taking a nap. The girls would try to wake him up, and he’d open one eye and then fall back asleep.

Look at how big his belly is here, an accurate representation of the movie! The girls would often jump onto his stomach and try to wake him up.

I love the look of this one, but the amount in stock is limited, so grab it quickly if you’re interested!

The price is quite steep, too, though. But the ultimate collector will want him for their collection!


  • Accurately represents Totoro from the movie
  • Large and squishy!


  • Limited stock when posting this
  • Super expensive

Other Options

If you’re looking for other options, you can head to ghibli-shop.com. They have a few options that you can check out, including sets.

20cm Lovely Style Totoro Plush

20cm Lovely Style Totoro Plush

Coming in at 20 cm, he’s a great size, soft, and cuddly. Plus, when posting this, he’s on sale!

Great for collectors and children; they can snuggle and hold him tight. I love his gray coloring and how soft and fluffy he is. Perfect for various ages!


  • A great price
  • Soft and cuddly
  • A great size


  • Looks less like Totoro

Totoro Plush Toys Cute Fat Cat

Totoro Plush Toys Cute Fat Cat

How adorable is Totoro here! He has a large belly that your little one can squeeze and hug tight.

Perfect for playtime, too, since he’s large! He reminds me a lot of Totoro from the movie too.

I could see collectors loving him. He could fit well in a living room, bedroom, etc.


  • Soft and cuddly
  • Large
  • Looks like Totoro from the movie


  • It might be too large for some.

Official Merchandise

If you head over to the Studio Ghibli via Bluefin Store on Amazon, you’ll find official merchandise. They currently have one plush Totoro that’s selling fast!

Studio Ghibli via Bluefin Marushin My Neighbor Totoro

Studio Ghibli via Bluefin Marushin My Neighbor Totoro

If you love official merchandise and Totoro, consider picking up this soft, large, and cuddly Totoro! I love how big and cuddly he is!

He’s perfect for the ultimate collector who only wants the best! Some collectors only want official merchandise, so it’s good to keep this one in mind.

Since he’s so large, he’s great for children to play with too! They can have him go off on adventures or even just relax and take a nap.


  • Large
  • Official merchandise


  • Slimmer
  • Not as fluffy as other options

20 cm Soft Totoro Plush With Lotus Leaf

20 cm Soft Totoro Plush With Lotus Leaf

Look at how adorable and squishy Totoro is here! Your child will be able to easily pick him up and play with him.

Since he has the lotus leaf, your little one could have him standing out in the rain waiting for the Cat Bus or floating in the air!


  • Great for collectors
  • Children will love to play
  • So cute!


  • On the smaller side


Question: Does Ghibli Have an Online Store?

Answer: Yes, there’s an official Studio Ghibli store on Amazon!

Question: Who Makes Totoro Plush?

Answer: You can find Totoro plush imported from overseas. There is also an official Studio Ghibli plush!

Exploring a Complete Totoro Plush Guide

After exploring this Totoro plush guide, I hope you’re ready to pick out the perfect gift for your friend or family member. Take your time checking out what they currently have; you don’t want to wind up buying the same item.

My personal favorite is the Tokyo Home Adorable Totoro Plush Toys Stuffed; he’s so large and cuddly! Collectors and children alike will love him.

Children can take him on adventures since he can be carried. While playing, they can have him float, wait for the Cat Bus, and more!

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our other articles today.

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