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Wade Squishmallow Guide: With Rare Picks

Werewolves have a terrible reputation, but one will change your mind about the mythical creatures. I’ll introduce you to a unique boy, the first two-faced hybrid Squishmallow, in my Wade Squishmallow guide. My family is long-time fans and collectors of plush toys, including Squishmallows and Pokémon plush.

My mom collected plush, and I carry the same obsessive gene, which is now passed to my kids. Indeed, many friends imagine towering piles of plush in our homes, but we have methods for keeping extensive collections neat. Furthermore, we love finding new Squishmallows to join our family.

So, we’ll help you learn everything you need about the adorable yet underrated Wade Squishmallow, including a collectible surprise.

Wade Squishmallow Bottom Line Up Front

The 8″ Wade, the Hershey’s Kisses Werewolf Squishmallow, is my ultimate pick because I love the candy bar and the size. Eight inches is the sweet spot for my extensive collection. Meanwhile, Hershey’s Kisses is a favorite candy for anyone who enjoys trick-or-treating if houses are brave enough to hand them out.

However, let’s dig into what makes Wade Squishmallow a special Halloween plush with many friends before we look at the different versions.

The Ultimate Guide to Wade Squishmallow

Wade Squishmallow is misunderstood as a scary werewolf, but the poor guy has exciting roots in other squads. In addition, Wade has an innate talent that could calm the fears when fellow squad members hear his glorious violin strings. So, let’s learn about Wade before judging the Squishmallow.

Who Is Wade Squishmallow?

Wade Squishmallow
Image from Fandom

Wade Squishmallow knows how to rock the world with his violin skills and gigantic stature as a wolf or werewolf, depending on which series you find him. However, let me not get carried away. Instead, allow me to begin with Wade, the Wolf Squishmallow. Wade has a scary design with wolf fangs and a long mane.

Meanwhile, don’t allow Wade’s look to frighten you. Wade is a chocolate brown wolf with noticeable fangs and a darker fuzzy brown mane and tail. In addition, he has pointy ears with tan shades inside. Wade’s face has the same shape as a bigfoot Squishmallow, with a rounded border, solid black eyes, and a brown snout.

Furthermore, Wade Squishmallow is different from his other wolf pals because he comes from the Halloween squad. He was born into the famous holiday with costumes, trick-or-treat, and candy buckets. Wade is a social butterfly who only wants to make friends with other mellows, including the wildlife squad with other wolves.

Additionally, Wade Squishmallow enters various squads, trying to befriend many of the mallows he thinks will fear his long fangs, which makes him a valuable plush to collect.

Tips for Wade Squishmallow Fans & Collectors

Wade Squishmallow’s preliminary squad began as the Halloween family, even though he automatically fits in with other wolves from the wildlife squad. Wade started as a two-squad member, but the intention was to create a werewolf plush for Halloween. However, Wade Squishmallow stepped into a new world in 2022.

Wade Squishmallow became the newest Select Series squad member, a family of Squishmallows you’ll only buy on the official Squishmallows website. The limited-edition Squishmallows only have a small amount of plush available before the version permanently retires. So, Select Series Wade Squishmallows are valuable.

Sadly, Wade’s rare Squishmallow is no longer available in the official store. It also won’t come back because the brand only made a few. The most extensive Select Series plush editions see 10,000 plushies hit the store. The Select Series squad is one of the rarest plushes from the brand, according to the Squishmallows rarity scale.

Wade Squishmallow

The series is a collector’s dream. Add Wade Squishmallow to your in-search-of (ISO) notifications to ensure you catch every launch of this great plush. So, you can’t add Wade’s Hybrid Plush to Squish Alert, but you can add him as a character name. I’ll share a secret to finding his hybrid plush later.

Meanwhile, the Wade Skeleton Hybrid Squishmallow also launched a new two-faced hybrid Squishmallow selection. Wade Squishmallow hopes to welcome more of his kind. So, I recommend adding his name to the app. Meanwhile, you’ll find various Squishmallows for the werewolf.

How I Chose the Coming Wade Squishmallows

Admittedly, Wade Squishmallow is the center of attention. So, I’ll be hunting down every version and multi-squad member plush for the werewolf in different sizes. My only requirement is that the Squishmallow is an original plush, not a fake. Also, I’ll share who each Squishmallow werewolf best suits, depending on its size.

Furthermore, I’ll show you how each Wade Squishmallow has the potential to jump into other squads for more significant collections. Unfortunately, Wade’s standard Squishmallows are rare and retired, much like his hybrid variant. I’ll only include his hybrid plush and one size you can still find in stores to prevent disappointment.

Wade Squishmallow Guide: Howling Picks

Wade, the Wolf Squishmallow, has a few variants, and you’ll love how each one has the opportunity to work for someone new. Meanwhile, you can collect every variation of Wade if you’re a die-hard fan or have kids who enjoy the Halloween-themed Squishmallow. So, let’s see how many howls await.

7″ Wade, the Werewolf Squishmallow

Wade, the Werewolf Squishmallow

It breaks my heart to search so deep for the original Wade, the Wolf Squishmallow, but I found him! This version of Wade is a special boy because you can only see him at Playtime Toys unless you’re willing to buy pre-owned Squishmallows. So, I recommend scooping the original fluff ball up before he’s gone.

  • Squads: Halloween Squad

Wade Werewolf Squishmallow Pros:

  • Wade, the Wolf Squishmallow, is the last of his original designs
  • The size is ideal for collectors with tons of space
  • Wade can fit into wildlife or Halloween squads
  • You can see Wade’s long fangs and fuzzy mane and tail

Wade Werewolf Squishmallow Cons:

  • Wade’s 7″ original Squishmallow is the last of his authentic designs available
  • You don’t have many opportunities to expand in various squads

10″ Wade, the Reese’s Werewolf Squishmallow

Wade, the Reese's Werewolf Squishmallow

Wade, the Werewolf Squishmallow, also comes in an adorable Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup costume for those die-hard Halloween fans who enjoy treats as much as plush tricks. Unfortunately, you’ll only find one size of Wade Squishmallow in Reese’s outfit, but his ultra-fuzzy hair might mean more will come soon.

  • Squads: Halloween, Food, and Candy Squads

Wade Reese’s Werewolf Squishmallow Pros:

  • Wade, the Werewolf Reese’s Squishmallow, is one of a kind for now
  • Wade Squishmallow combines two fantastic plush fandoms
  • He appeals to kids who enjoy trick-or-treating and is the perfect size
  • The 10″ Wade Squishmallow is colorful and has extra-fuzzy hair

Wade Reese’s Werewolf Squishmallow Cons:

  • Wade moves slightly away from his original design with a different hairstyle
  • His inner ears match the outfit and not his face

5″ Wade, the Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow

5" Wade, the Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow

Wade, the Werewolf Squishmallow, takes a new outfit for Halloween to look like the famous pumpkins we carve. The design of the miniature Wade Pumpkin Squishmallow is effortless and immaculate. The pumpkin and Wade look like they became one fused variant for pumpkin-carving Halloween fans.

  • Squads: Halloween, Costume, and Food Squads

Wade Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow Pros:

  • Wade, the Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow, has an excellent fusion border
  • You can still see Wade’s original design with long fans and solid black eyes
  • The pumpkin matches Wade’s smile to look as friendly as a Halloween cartoon
  • It’s the ideal size for a travel companion or a collectible and fits various squads

Wade Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow Cons:

  • Wade’s pumpkin costume looks like it swallowed the wolf pup
  • His mane is slightly shorter and doesn’t have as much fuzz

8″ Wade, the Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow

8" Wade, the Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow

Wade, the Pumpkin Werewolf Squishmallow, has another size, small. Somehow, Wade looks slightly darker in the eight-inch werewolf Squishmallow. However, it also has a fantastic fusion border between Wade and the naughty pumpkin that ate him. Meanwhile, Wade’s design maintains his original smile and details.

  • Squads: Food, Halloween, and Costume Squads

Wade Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow Pros:

  • Wade, the Pumpkin Werewolf Squishmallow, is a collectible size with original details
  • Wade’s fusion border seems effortless, and the orange color contrasts his brown nicely
  • The pumpkin’s face has a smiling attitude like the famous werewolf
  • Children will also enjoy Wade as a plush companion on long road trips

Wade Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow Cons:

  • Wade’s mane looks shorter than his original variations
  • The pumpkin’s perfect fusion looks like Wade became its food

12″ Wade, the Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow

12" Wade, the Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow

Wade, the Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow, is a favorite because he has many sizes. In addition, the costume werewolf Squishmallow allows you to expand to various squads. Meanwhile, it maintains Wade’s design nicely, keeping his fangs noticeable and his colors contrasted beautifully against the bright orange shade.

  • Squads: Costume, Food, and Halloween Squads

Wade Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow Pros:

  • Wade, the Pumpkin Werewolf Squishmallow, still keeps his perfect demeanor
  • Wade’s long fangs, tan-brown contrast, and snout remain original
  • Medium werewolf Squishmallows become cuddly friends for kids
  • Older fans with smaller collections can also consider this plush

Wade Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow Cons:

  • Wade’s waist looks tight, almost like the pumpkin squeezes the wolf
  • His ears aren’t as pointy as with his original design

16″ Wade, the Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow

16" Wade, the Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow

It’s about that time for little kids to hop around and use their beds like trampolines. Indeed, the large Wade Squishmallow in a pumpkin outfit is ideal for little children. Admittedly, I also love a few large Squishmallows in my extensive collection. However, this 16″ Wade Pumpkin Squishmallow is a dream for younger fans.

  • Squads: Halloween, Food, and Costume Squads

Wade Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow Pros:

  • Wade, the Pumpkin Werewolf Squishmallow, is a gigantic joy for young kids
  • Wade’s details are spot-on with the original design, including his white fangs
  • Wade’s colors look gorgeous against the bright orange pumpkin outfit
  • You can expand into three squads with Wade’s pumpkin Squishmallow

Wade Werewolf Pumpkin Squishmallow Cons:

  • Unfortunately, Wade lost some of the fuzz in his mane
  • Large werewolf Squishmallows limit how many you can collect

8″ Wade, the Hershey’s Kisses Werewolf Squishmallow

Wade, the Hershey's Kisses Werewolf Squishmallow

Hershey’s Kisses taste like heaven and are top of the trick-or-treat wishlist for many kids (and moms who eat their children’s Halloween candy). So, wrapping Wade in a Hershey’s Kisses candy bar wrapper is tempting. Unfortunately, Wade nearly loses his fangs on this plush, but you can see them closely.

  • Squads: Candy, Food, Costume, and Halloween Squads

Wade Werewolf Kisses Squishmallow Pros:

  • Wade, the Werewolf Kisses Squishmallow, is a candy-wrapped reminder of Halloween treats
  • Wade’s multi-squad performance makes him more expandable in others
  • Wade’s details are spot-on, including colors and borders, except for the fangs
  • Collectors enjoy eight-inch Wade Squishmallows, and kids use them as travel companions

Wade Werewolf Kisses Squishmallow Cons:

  • Wade’s long fangs are too light against the tan background
  • His mane nearly fades into the body’s fur

16″ Wade, the Hershey’s Kisses Werewolf Squishmallow

16" Wade, the Hershey's Kisses Werewolf Squishmallow

The large Wade Werewolf Kisses Squishmallow would make the perfect gift for my daughter. She loves mythical creatures and trick-or-treating. Meanwhile, she’s only nine and enjoys cuddling her plush friends more than collecting an ocean of them. So, the larger Wade Squishmallow in a Hershey’s Kisses outfit is suitable for kids.

  • Squads: Costume, Halloween, Food, and Candy Squads

Wade Werewolf Kisses Squishmallow Pros:

  • Wade, the Werewolf Kisses Squishmallow, is a gorgeous design that matches him enough
  • Wade’s silver candy wrapper costume contrasts the dark chocolate brown body nicely
  • Younger children enjoy cuddling with a large Halloween-themed Squishmallow
  • Wade’s larger Hershey’s Kisses Squishmallow also crosses four squads

Wade Werewolf Kisses Squishmallow Cons:

  • Wade’s mane is too faded, looking like part of the body
  • The long fangs also fade into the tan background

8″ Wade Werewolf to Drake Vampire Flip-A-Mallow

8" Wade Werewolf to Drake Vampire Flip-A-Mallow

Wade’s Flip-A-Mallow introduces a second Squishmallow, Drake, the Vampire. So, collectors and children can enjoy Wade and Drake as a two-in-one combo, which also fits into a specific hybrid squad. Fortunately, Wade has the same design as the original, and Drake looks like his larger Squishmallows. It’s the perfect combo.

  • Squads: Halloween, Hybrid, and Flip-A-Mallow Squads

Wade & Drake Flip-A-Mallow Pros:

  • Wade and Drake’s Flip-A-Mallow is a two-for-one plush collectible
  • Flip-A-Mallows work for kids and collectors, and they offer stress-relief
  • It’s an unusual hybrid Squishmallow with same-squad members
  • Both characters look like their original Squishmallows

Wade & Drake Flip-A-Mallow Cons:

  • Flip-A-Mallows confuse you about which character should be on your display
  • Kids can deteriorate Flip-A-Mallows with time

12″ Wade Wolf to Quill Owl Flip-A-Mallow

12" Wade Wolf to Quill Owl Flip-A-Mallow

Fans get another two Squishmallows from the Halloween squad in a single plush. The Quill and Wade Flip-A-Mallow is the werewolf’s other Jekyl and Hyde plush persona. Children will change between the two to see Wade’s great fangs and Quill’s beautiful colors. However, adults will likely use it as a sensory fidget.

  • Squads: Halloween, Flip-A-Mallow, and Hybrid Squads

Wade & Quill Flip-A-Mallow Pros:

  • Wade and Quill’s Flip-A-Mallow is another fantastic two-for-one plush
  • Wade looks like his original character, and Quill has the same bright colors
  • Flip-A-Mallows are incredible for adults and children
  • Both characters have the potential for other squads

Wade & Quill Flip-A-Mallow Cons:

  • The Quill and Wade Flip-A-Mallow is larger than collectors enjoy
  • Children wear Flip-A-Mallows down with time

12″ Wade, the Werewolf Skeleton Hybrid Squishmallow

12" Wade, the Werewolf Skeleton Hybrid Squishmallow

I’m beyond distraught that I don’t own the first two-faced hybrid Squishmallow, but I’m on the hunt. The Wade Werewolf Skeleton Hybrid Squishmallow has a gorgeous, next-level design with a Frankenstein stitch bringing two faces together. The color contrasts work better than you expect on the two Squishmallow characters.

  • Squads: Halloween, Fantasy, Hybrid, and Select Series Squads

Wade Werewolf Skeleton Hybrid Squishmallow Pros:

  • Wade, the Skeleton Werewolf Hybrid Squishmallow, is rare and collectible
  • Wade’s details are spot-on with the original, while the skeleton adds color
  • Children would love the size, but Wade belongs in a collection
  • You can expand Wade into four other groups, with many opportunities

Wade Werewolf Skeleton Hybrid Squishmallow Cons:

  • Unfortunately, you’ll have to hunt Wade’s rarest version down on eBay
  • The skeleton part makes Wade scarier for little kids

Recommended Alternative for Wade Squishmallows

Wade, the Werewolf Skeleton Hybrid Squishmallow, is so unique that I must add recommended alternatives to expand your Select Series squad. However, I’ll only add choices with unusual colors, patterns, or accessories. The Squishmallows must be as unique as Wade. So, let’s see who pulls my heartstrings like the werewolf.

Important Note: Remember to grab the Select Series Squishmallows before they sell out and retire.

Conradina, the Purple Rainbow Bigfoot Squishmallow

Conradina, the Purple Rainbow Bigfoot Squishmallow

Conradina, the Rainbow Bigfoot Squishmallow, is another 12″ plush that belongs with Wade’s rare pick. Otherwise, she makes the ideal alternative because she fits the unusual fantasy squad with a mythical edge. Conradina Squishmallow is a beautiful collectible from the rare Select Series Squishmallows.

Conradina Squishmallow Pros:

  • Conradina Squishmallow is a rare pick from the Select Series
  • She’s ideal for collectors or children who enjoy bigfoot and rainbow colors
  • Conradina has an unusual heart-shaped headband with shimmering colors
  • The Select Series Squishmallow has cute prints under her paws

Conradina Squishmallow Cons:

  • Conradina will sell out and become a retired squad member
  • She doesn’t match Wade’s idea perfectly

Sigzby, the Silver-Spotted Black Panther Squishmallow

Sigzby, the Silver-Spotted Black Panther Squishmallow

Sometimes, Squishmallows design an animal that makes no sense, and that’s why we love them. Sigzby, the Black Panther Squishmallow with silver spots, makes him more of a sun-burned jaguar. Black panthers are from the jaguar family. So, it makes some sense, but this 12″ plush makes an ideal alternative for Wade.

Sigzby Squishmallow Pros:

  • Sigzby, the Black Panther Squishmallow, is a rare Select Series plush
  • Sigzby represents an unusual animal, with fantasy-inspired parts, including shimmering inner ears
  • Sigzby’s incredible silver spots, inner ears, pink eye borders, and fuzzy ears make him unique
  • He would be ideal for children who enjoy cuddling or collectors who want rare plush

Sigzby Squishmallow Cons:

  • Sigzby’s colors send him far into a fantasy world
  • You can’t see much of Sigzby’s whiskers

Winston, the Blue Owl With Fanny Pack Squishmallow

Winston, the Blue Owl With Fanny Pack Squishmallow

Winston Squishmallow is my least favorite alternative for Wade because nothing is that special about him. However, he makes an attractive alternative for a rare collector. The 12″ Select Series Owl Squishmallow has a fanny pack with an unusual texture. I’m most impressed by the bright color contrast between orange and teal.

Winston Squishmallow Pros:

  • The Winston Select Series Owl Squishmallow is a rare collectible and limited edition
  • Winston’s colors will stun children and have them befriending the owl in no time
  • The protruding fanny pack is unique, and the colors match nicely
  • Winston looks like his original design, apart from the fanny pack

Winston Squishmallow Cons:

  • Winston Squishmallow doesn’t have many unique features
  • He doesn’t fall into multiple squads for expandable collections


Question: Which Wade Squishmallow Is the Rarest?

Answer: Undoubtedly, Wade, the Skeleton Werewolf Hybrid Squishmallow, is the rarest among them. Fortunately, you can still find Select Series Squishmallows through eBay resellers. You’ll discover Wade’s Hybrid Squishmallow on various eBay auctions, or you can buy him from a reseller with a fixed price.

Question: Where Can I Find Original Wade Squishmallows?

Answer: The original Wade Squishmallow design is becoming rare in various sizes. I could only find the seven-inch Wade Squishmallow. Sadly, it’s impossible to find original 5″ and 16″ Wade Squishmallows because they’re retired. However, I found one rare piece on eBay, the 12″ Wade, the Werewolf Squishmallow.

Question: What Happened to the Marcus and Wade Flip-A-Mallow?

Answer: Marcus Frankenstein and Wade Werewolf became a Flip-A-Mallow in 2021. However, the Flip-A-Mallow is retired and won’t return to stores. So, you’ll have to find the famous Halloween Flip-A-Mallow elsewhere. I found Marcus and Wade Flip-A-Mallows on eBay, but they’re pricey as retired Squishmallows.

Wade Squishmallow Guide: Conclusion

Wade Squishmallows are a raging hit, but many are retired, and finding limited editions can be challenging. However, the musical werewolf Squishmallow is well worth collecting. Any Squishmallow with many variants is a popular character. Wade crosses into multiple squads to expand a collection for kids or older fans.

Fortunately, many versions of Wade are available in stores, including my recommended starter. The 8″ Wade, the Hershey’s Kisses Werewolf Squishmallow, is a joy for candy lovers and werewolf fanatics. Wade looks like his original design but flaunts a favorite candy bar outfit to tease our tastebuds.

Furthermore, I recommend buying my Select Series alternatives as a Squishmallows collector before the numbers dry. Each one brings something to the table. Finally, Wade’s Squishmallows are sought-after, and some versions will retire. So, it helps to scoop him up before the favorites are gone.

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