The Complete Bee Squishmallow Guide

All the Squishmallow Sunny Bees Plus Cushy, Squish Alternatives!

You may be wondering just how many Bumble Bees there are from the Squishmallow collection, and I am here to tell you that even though there is just one and only bee, SUNNY THE BEE has different dress-up days! I will present you with all of her various moods, and I will give you some super-duper alternatives to invest in if you want to have other bumblebee friends join Sunny!  Sunny loves to share her honey with all of her friends and family, and her squad licks their lips every time she waves her honey wand to split up the gooey, golden sweet nectar!

The Bottom Line Up Front

Here I will cut to the chase and give you my final recommendation before I discuss Sunny and her friends!

Squishmallows are a known entity regarding the quality, durability and laundering ease!  Well made to last the distance, more than 100 million have been sold to repeat customers worldwide.

Squishmallows has only one bumblebee, and that is Sunny the Bee.  She does come in three editions, however, so there is enough variation to suit both girls and boys!

My bottom line choice would have to be the original Sunny the Bee.  Her solid yellow coloring and lack of crown to signify her as a “queen” make her the ideal playmate and pillow for both boys and girls.  I do think Sunny the Bee Squishmallow is worth the investment rather than an alternative because of the incredible online community that is available.  A sense of belonging and chatting with others who are obsessed with Squishmallows is a unique opportunity to connect during this time of social distancing.  Easy to launder, take in the car, role-play, etc.

That’s my final word!

Sunny the Queen Bee 11 inch Squishmallow

Sunny the Queen Bee 11 inch Squishmallow

This is the solid yellow Sunny Queen with silver glittery wings and crown between her black velvety antennae!  This is the ultimate pillow to be fluffed up!  Sunny’s generous eyes and enthusiastic smile give you an idea of how fun her adventures in all types of weather can be!

Sunny always packs extra raincoats and umbrellas for her friends in case a thunderstorm should pop up.  Maribel’s favorite to borrow is a blue and pink striped umbrella with little gold hearts all over it.  Maribel loves it so much that Sunny even gives it to her over long weekends to use!

This Queen bee plushie has shimmering embroidery, curly soft antennae and a silky striped tummy circle.

She can be found at Sweet Magnolia Charms Store, and has a discounted price.

Beautiful Sunny the Bee twelve-inch Squishmallow 

Beautiful Sunny the Bee twelve-inch Squishmallow 

Find this 12 inch Sunny the Bee at Mercari!

Sunny’s story began in 2017 when she was just a tiny idea in a mind that had a whole host of squishy, cuddly stuffed animals that would be friends.  One by one and then two by two and then four by four (you get the idea!), these impish and giant pillow Squishmallows hit the market, and the world hasn’t been the same since.

Almost 100 million Squishmallows have been sold with over one thousand different first names, different species, and colors.  Each has its own hobbies, aspirations, and talents.  All of them would welcome you to be their friend and share adventures with you!

They range in size from 2.5 to 24 inches, but not all come in all sizes.  Made of a soft, spandex, velvety smooth fabric that is machine washable, they are easily machine washed and dried.  Perfect playtime pals and road trip buddies, they also provide a soft place to lay your head for a nap.

Sunny the Bee Squishmallow from the Bug’s Life Squad

Sunny the Bee is part of the giant collection of Squishmallows and belongs to the Bugs Life Squad, along with Reina (aqua butterfly), Maribel (a pink butterfly), Trudy (the black and red ladybug), and Brenda (purple butterfly).

The Bug’s Life Squad Sizes

  • Trudy comes in sizes of 5, 7, 8, 12, and 16 inches
  • Sunny the Bee comes in sizes of 3.5, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 16 inches
  • Reina the Aqua Butterfly comes in 2, 2.5, 8, 12, 16, and 20 inches
  • Maribel the Pink Butterfly comes in sizes of 2, 5, 7, 8, 12, and 16 inches
  • Brenda the Purple Butterfly comes in sizes of 5, 12, and 16 inches

There are 4 editions of Sunny the Bee

  1. The first variation is the original Sunny the Bee.  Solid yellow with silver wings and two antennae atop her head.
  2. The second version is Queen Bee Sunny, and she is solid yellow with silver wings and a silver crown on her head.
  3. The third type is Tie-Dye Queen Bee Sunny.  This edition is yellow and white tie-dye pattern with silver wings and a silver crown.
  4. There is a fourth type of Sunny the Bee with a gold crown and gold wings.  This is a Cracker Barrel store 2022 exclusive and there will be fewer of them.  It could become valuable if they discontinue this line.

Which one you choose is wholly up to you – they are all Squishmallow quality and fun!

Sunny the Queen Bee with Gold Crown and Wings

Sunny the Queen Bee with Gold Crown and Wings

This golden edition of Sunny the Bee is an exclusive 2022 Cracker Barrel edition found only at the Cracker Barrel restaurant/shop and on various resale sites.

The gleaming wings and glistening crown seem to radiate warmth with a sizzle.  More regal and formal than the other versions of Sunny, this could be the Mother Queen Bee to all the other Sunnies!  Mother dresses in more traditional and tailored clothing, and teaches the younger bees how to eat and how to cook.

This 8 inch “brand new with tags” Sunny the Queen Bee can be found on eBay, Mercari and many other sites.

Get yours today from this eBay seller!

Squishmallow Butterfly Notebook

Squishmallow Butterfly Notebook

Get this adorable notebook showing Reina the Aqua Butterfly, Maribel the Pink Butterfly, and their friend from the Valentine Squad, Nixie Valentine!

Nixie Valentine shows her two friends from the Bug’s Life Squad how to play Sky-Tag!  They swoop and dart all over the fields, landing on flower petals to rest.

Nixie is an expert player and is the best of the Squishmallows due to her small size and flexibility.

This spiral notebook has 120 pages, with paper of 90gsm and a choice of ruled paper or graph paper.

At 6 inches wide and 8 inches high with a document pocket, it’s easy to slip into a purse or backpack!

Find this at Redbubble.

Get Sunny the Queen Tie-Dye Bee Here!

Get Sunny the Queen Tie-Dye Bee Here!

Here is Sunny the Queen Tie-Dye Bee!  Sunny likes to dress up with her friends on Friday and Saturday nights at their sleepovers.  She gets into a tie-dye body stocking, puts a silver crown on her head, and flashy silvery covers over her wings!

She loves to model for her squad and gets lots of compliments about her crown, which her friend Reina made for her!

This is for the 20 inches plushy that is perfect for laying your head on when it’s time to go to sleep.  This soft marshmallow buddy will be your best friend and share your bedtime routine.  Sunny enjoys brushing her teeth and looking at how white they get.

Sunny is quite the busy bee and can show you the colors of nature, predominantly yellow and green, which are everywhere she looks!

You can find this Sunny the Bee at Amazon.

All About Sunny and her Bug Life Squad Friends

Sunny’s flying ability makes it ideal for her to soar up high and check out the cloud situation near her home.  Her friends rely on her to predict the weather because Sunny always knows when it will rain and be cold enough to wear a jacket! Sunny has a talent for understanding the week’s weather in advance.

She loves bright, sunny days when she can collect her nectar and watch the worker bees make honey.  She takes many notes about the climate and loves to forecast the weather.  Her goal one day is to become a reporter on a weather channel and talk about temperature and how to dress for the weather.

Sunny the Bee spends her days buzzing around the neighborhood, dodging the raindrops and basking in the sun.  She dives deep to see the beauty of nature and all the colors that the world brings to her in the shape of flowers, trees, rainbows, and leaves.  Her best squad friend, Reina the Aqua Butterfly, draws trendy fashion figures and paints different clothing sets that one day everyone could wear.  She makes jewelry that her friends wear, and they try to color coordinate the squad on special occasions!

Another squad best friend, Trudy the Ladybug, has a talent for hairdressing and keeping up with the most popular styles in magazines and runway fashion shows.  Maribel, the Pink Butterfly, has traveling on her mind and comes back from her trips with the latest news on different styles around the country!  She focuses on historical adventures, national park tours, and strolling around monuments dedicated to the brave.  Brenda the Purple Butterfly, whose passion is being outdoors and gardening.  She has a green thumb and sells flowers and garden treats at the local farmer’s market.  Her favorite flowers of all time are marigolds and phlox.

Get Trudy the Ladybug Here!

Get Trudy the Ladybug Here!

Trudy stays abreast of the latest trends in hairstyles by reading all the hair magazines she sees!  Her outdoors nature lends itself to walking in the park to stroll along and enjoy the weather.  Of course, Trudy also loves to shop!

This Trudy is 16 inches and has kind round eyes with a tiny white circle around them with short lashes.

She has a bright red tummy, red wings with black dots that are opened behind her, and two thick antennae curled atop her head.  She also has a sweet smiling mouth, and she has chosen an extraordinary shade of pink blush for her cheeks.

This seller has a five-star review.  Find this lovable, squishy, stretchy Squishmallow Ladybug at Mercari!

What are Sunny and her Squad Friends Doing this Week?

Exciting stories to play out with Sunny and her friends include them all creating a fashion business based on the weather!  Sunny could send out weather reports each day in each part of the world, and her friends would choose which outfit, hairstyles, and jewelry would be best.  Reina would first sketch the stylish clothing in her notebook, and then she would paint in different popular colors.

Trudy and Maribel know what looks good together from designer shows in magazines and from traveling to different parts of the country.  Brenda and Sunny are the models for the other three to practice dressing, doing their hair, and accessorizing!

The squad has sleepovers every month to look at the stack of magazines piled in Trudy’s room!  Brenda always brings something from her garden for them to munch on, and the squad’s favorite is carrots fresh from her backyard.

They all have a blast together and look forward to the times when Maribel brings back souvenirs from her trips.  One time they all got miniature monuments from Washington D.C.!

Trudy does the squad’s hair differently every month, and her salon is called “Best Bug’s Life Locks.”  Reina and Trudy talk about how to organize their hair and makeup with their clothing, and sometimes they have a disagreement about whether a skirt will go with a button-down shirt!

Sunny always helps to write a list on their magic board of all the good points that both of them have.  Then the five of them discuss it, and sometimes they decide to have both outfits.  They have a rule of no shouting at each other because they are such good friends that they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Everyone has something to contribute to the gang’s fun!

Get Your Sunny the Bee and Trudy the Ladybug Flip a Mallow

  You can get this “Flip a Mallow” here on eBay!

This five-inch, two-sided Squishmallow features both Sunny and Trudy in one plushie!

The bottom is open, and you can push the head inward from the top with your finger, and the alter ego will come out from the other end.

Squishmallow Pet Toys With Three of the Five Members of the Bug’s Life Squad!

  Now your pup can enjoy the spongy marshmallow softness of Squishmallows while you cuddle your own!  These Squishmallows SQUEAK!

Check out this best friend’s pack!  All from the Bug’s Life Squad, Sunny the Bee, Trudy the Ladybug, and Reina the Aqua Butterfly!

What could be better than a Squishmallow for a pet gift?  Three Squishmallows!

The three friends have fashion sense talents that aren’t just about glamour!  They take time to consider the weather and the climate when they think about what to wear and how to style their hair. They have two other friends that make up the squad of five, and all of them have essential roles when it comes time to dress to the nines!

Find this at Mercari!

Large Squishmallow Toss Pillow With Three Members of the Bug’s Life Squad

From the Bug’s Life Squad – the Butterflies!

Aqua Reina, Pink Maribel, and Purple Brenda!  Look what fun these three butterflies have when Sunny and Trudy are out shopping.

The three of them are bouncing along, bumping into each other, and laughing outside in the sun with the flowers.  When Sunny and Trudy get back, the fabulous squad of five will begin their sleepover!

This toss pillow has a custom, double-sided design on a 100% polyester cover with a concealed zipper.  You can buy it with or without an insert.

Generous 16″ square will brighten your room with these whimsical friends showing off for each other.

Find this and other Squishmallow accessories at Redbubble.

Pros and Cons of Sunny the Bee Squishmallow

The Squishmallow generation is upon us, and we are bombarded with the velvety soft pings of little Squishmallows falling from the sky!  It’s raining Squishmallows!  Get out your umbrella because Sunny has predicted a “squishrain” for today!

Since 2017, Squishmallows have been growing in popularity worldwide, and it seems as though everyone ages 3 to 103 has at least one!  Some people have dozens in their collections, and a small percentage of people have hundreds!

What is the incredible attraction to these squishy smooth companions?  I have broken it down for you here:


  • Trend experts say that the world conditions have a lot to do with why the Squishmallows became so popular (click here for the whole article), and loneliness and isolation due to Covid caused people to seek connection with each other – voila Squishmallow fan clubs, collector’s blogs, and online stories
  • Covid has caused a “touch deprivation” syndrome with social distancing and travel bans – therefore, having a cuddly companion fills that need
  • Being pliable and soft like Jello makes Squishmallows perfect as a pillow replacement and a travel companion when more families are taking road trips rather than airplanes
  • Different sizes mean that you will find one that best suits you, from the tiny hand-held 3-inch plushies to the full-body child-length pillow of two feet!
  • Unique personalities for each of the 1000 Squishmallows ensures that you will find one that matches your hobbies, interests, and holiday preferences
  • Did I say they are double agents?  Both a friend and a pillow!
  • Their cheery faces serve to remind us of our less-stressful days as a child and provides some relief from anxiety and confusion
  • Social media has exploded with Squishmallows Squads (the name for fans) who post daily about their collections, where to find new items and general comments
  • SQUISHMALLOWS ARE MACHINE WASHABLE AND DRYABLE!!  Being a parent of a stain-obsessed child makes me put that in capitals
  • Wallet-friendly fun playthings costing from $5 to $50 dependent upon the particular Squishmallow friend
  • Their accessibility and availability of both new and slightly used versions
  • Fans will help each other build their dream collections – all on social media
  • Squishmallows have paved the way for team building, a community sense, helping others, and communication with this phone-focused generation – something to build on long after the pandemic recedes
  • Another factor independent of the pandemic is the sensory rewards provided to children and adults with disorders that include sensory processing challenges
  • Creating much-needed opportunities for interactive play away from the computer – fostering interest in other’s needs and interactions daily (one fan had gotten a Squishmallow that was prone to anxiety when meeting others, so she placed two friends with her new Squishmallow so that she would not be overwhelmed by the dozens on the bed)


  • Shopping for Squishmallows both online and in-person can be frustrating as a huge demand for them causes sell-outs with no stock left in just hours!
  • Unless the Squishmallow has been recently introduced, you will wind up paying 3-10 times the amount they originally sold for (try to only like the new ones!)
  • Obsession, obsession, obsession…

Squishy Alternatives to Sunny the Bee or Just More Bee Friends for Sunny!

Whether you already have Sunny, have your heart set on Sunny, or are looking for an alternative buddy that is just as lovable and velvety soft as a Squishmallow, there are plenty of super silky choices for you!  At price points all along the spectrum, I will help you choose something that fits your needs and wants uniquely!

Gorgeous Round Bee from Savannah Bee Company

Gorgeous Round Bee from Savannah Bee Company

   This plush cushy Bumblebee from the Savannah Bee Company is an excellent investment in a stuffed toy and future environment.  I highly recommend this 9-inch adorable pal because it is filled with cotton and not polyester (good for allergies and eco-friendly), and you will be supporting the lost art of bee-keeping!

The Savannah Bee company created a non-profit school program called “The Bee Cause” that sets up bee observation stations in schools with educational material detailing the bumblebee’s lifecycle and essential pollination process for all flowers and plants.

I bought several of these bees as gifts, and the feedback I received was ALL positive!  The high quality was first mentioned, then the softness, and how much each child enjoyed them!

The cute face is similar to the Squishmallows with the bit of smile and round eyes – just looking at it makes me smirk!

This is machine wash/dry on a delicate cycle – so easy!  Kosher and Gluten-Free honey are also offered!

Get this giant 21 inch Q Bee with Floppy Wings

Get this giant 21 inch Q Bee with Floppy Wings.

  Here is Q Bee (which we can assume stands for Queen Bee) in all her 21-inch glory!  At almost 2 feet long, this can double as a body pillow for children and sit up at the table with you to eat dinner!  Get this at CKD enterprises.

The smiling face is friendly and gives off joyful energy, while the large floppy wings on this bee are unique and set it apart from other stuffed plushies.

Another unique touch is the embroidered eyes, which ensure longevity.

The owners of this company are a husband and wife with children who are committed to customer service and quality – a live person will call you back if you leave a message!

With over 6,000 five-star reviews, a BBB rating of A+, and an actual street address, email, and phone number to choose from, it’s almost impossible not to be thrilled!

This Q Bee could be the mom to all her worker bee babies, and she could mix up honey potions to cure the worker bees if they got sick or hurt themselves!  Let your imagination lead your play!

Beautiful Fat Bee from Skippyjon Jones Collection

Beautiful Fat Bee from Skippyjon Jones Collection

 I just had to get two of these wacky, whimsical, and forever lovable fat bees!  Look at the expression on its face!  That makes it priceless, as far as I’m concerned!  I did not find anything remotely resembling this in my searches, making this a highly coveted item!  I found them to be well-made and so cuddly!

This is a rare item; it was a “Kohl’s Cause” original from Judy Schachner (who authored the Skippyjon Jones book, which I HIGHLY recommend!). It is usually out of stock at Kohl’s but sold new or used at many different companies.

This one is at the Tree of Toys seller on eBay.

This plump, plush pal has a slightly mischievous appearance, and those of you who are familiar with the Skippyjon Jones book series will know that mischievous is Skippyjon’s middle name!  Whimsical and having the appropriate number of legs for a bee (bees have six legs – the front two are used for brushing the pollen off the bee’s face, and the back two have little “buckets” where they hold the pollen!).

Being 9 inches long and 8 inches high, it is substantial enough even for adults (like me) to hug on to.  Although the wings are nothing to get excited about – thin and non-descript – the bee does have an appropriate number of them (2 sets of attachments).  The tiny skinny legs could be a bit plumper (they look a bit stringy), but the little legs make the bee’s fatness look even cuter.

This endearing face says it all, along with its round, paunchy stoutness – this bee is always in a good mood, and seeing it every day looking at you is sure to lift your spirits for a few moments and take your mind off anything less than jovial!

Luna the Moth Squishable

Luna the Moth Squishable
  This is a Squishable named Luna the Moth!  I’ll pick Squishables any day of the week because they are so well made, plump and fluffy, and you can sit on them without hitting the floor!  They have details like embroidery, separate wings, tiny softball heads, and bright colors.
My son owns more than 20 of the 18-inch large Squishables, and we have had them for more than a decade!  Used daily for storytime, cuddles, throwing, hopping on, stuffing in “beds” made of boxes, etc., these grand squishies stood up to the test of time!
Even being washed multiple times has done nothing to destroy them – they kept their shape!  The price is a bit higher than you will pay for Squishmallows or other stuffed animals, but the quality and attention to detail, the silky, velvet softness, and the unique designs they have to keep people coming back.
Check out some Squishables today!


Sunny does come in a few variations, however, with her Queen Bee edition having a silver crown and curled up eyelashes.  Another type is the Tie-Dye Sunny Queen Bee, with everything the Queen Bee has but featuring a yellow and white tie-dye pattern all over her body.
Yes, but not what you may think!  Since Jazzwares bought Kellytoys, Squishmallow fans have been posting on social media about these unique and (maybe) one-of-a-kind Squishmallows!
This first Squishmallow, Joelle the Bigfoot, has her face upside down and is missing her antler horns!
The second picture shows what she is supposed to look like!

What makes these Squishmallows rare is that they are supposedly “defective” – they have something a little different that the others don’t have.  Either something is missing, or something has been added or turned around.

People rave about the ones they find in unique stores.  Some have the face upside down, some have double antennae, or no antennae at all, and some have two backs!  (I wouldn’t like the two backs, myself, the cute little face is so necessary!)

The other rare Squishmallows have been either specialty store exclusives or have stopped being produced for the moment (they usually circle around and are in stores again as “anniversary” issues or “collectible editions.”  Expert reviewers list several Squishmallows as rare and record the highest price that anyone has ever paid.  To read the article, click on this link.
  • Chanel the Cinnamon Roll has been sold for $450
  • Lucille the Seal has been sold for $800
  • Phillipe the Frog has been sold for $800
  • Avery the Duck has been sold for $800
  • Mariah the Lamb has been sold for $800
  • Blossom the Sheep has been sold for $800+
  • Santino the Platypus has been sold for $1,100
  • Jack the Black Cat has been sold for $2,000

Question: How Many Sizes do Squishmallows Come in?

Answer: There are over 1000 Squishmallows, and they can come in 3.5, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 20, and 24 inches. The sizing of Squishmallows varies significantly as some sellers have exclusive sizes, like 7 inches or 13-inch editions.
Originally made only in the 3.5, 8, 13, and 16-inch sizes, the expanded sizes don’t guarantee that every Squishmallow will come in all sizes.  There will be more middle-of-the-line and initially sized Squishmallows than the 20 and 24-inch versions.

In Conclusion

Squishmallows are a worthy companion for all day and nighttime activities.  They are well made and, especially during the pandemic, foster a very communicative community!  A sense of belonging is immediately bestowed upon anyone who obtains a Squishmallow.
My stuffed animal focus would be narrowed to Squishmallows if I considered the instant affiliation with others to be of grave importance.  For young people (really, for all people), the absence of in-person learning or curtailed activities deprives them of the social situations necessary to develop healthy relationships.  Being a parent means I am constantly on the lookout for a way to create healthy habits – and I am embracing the extra benefits that owning a Squishmallow can bring.
At the same time, there are so many options available for adorable and uniquely made stuffed lovables!  I must say that despite the popularity of Squishmallows, I find them to be somewhat plain and boring.  Their facial expressions tend to be the same, and I don’t see much detail or variation from one to the other.  Therefore, I always provide a glimpse into some of my non-Squishmallow favorites.  If I could have my cake and eat it too, I would own several Squishmallows, the whole line of Squishables, and then a smattering of different squeezable huggables.  All boxes checked!

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