Best Turtle Squishmallow Guide

Squishmallows are plushies that have taken the world by storm. Everyone is buying their own Squishmallows, and I am no exception. My usual favorites are unicorn Squishmallows and dog Squishmallows. Now that I have discovered turtle Squishmallows, I have found a new love. You can’t help but fall in love with these cuties.

They are soft, squishy, and make great friends to tell all your gossip and secrets to. I train my turtle squishmallows to not say a word when people are around them. I mean, some stuff is just between my turtles and me, you get me? And that is why I love my Squishmallows because I know my secrets are always safe with them.

Bottom Line Up Front

Are you obsessed with Turtles? My favorite turtle squishmallow is Henry Valentines Squad Squishmallow. He makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s day or just a surprise gift for your partner.

Let me share my top picks with you.

Top Picks

  1. Antoni The Green Sea Turtle
  2. Vinny the Sea Turtle
  3. Herb, the Turtle
  4. Henry Valentines Squad Squishmallow
  5. Naddie, The squishmallow turtle

Turtles are one of the cutest sea and land animals in the world. (They are different, but the cuteness is the same), next to the seal pups. Have you actually seen baby turtles? They are so adorable scurrying through the sand and into the sea! And the turtle plushies? They are even cuter, and they are cuddly too!

Therefore, I want to present you with my best turtle squishmallow guide that can help you purchase your first turtle squishmallow or add to your squishmallow collection.

So let’s get to the list, guys:

Antoni The Green Sea Turtle

Antoni The Green Sea Turtle

Meet the adorable Antoni! Antoni is a green turtle with fluffy white hair on the top of his head and a squishy white belly. His little smile will steal your heart. 

I absolutely love his fluffy hair on the top of his head and his cute little brown tie dye shell. He also makes a perfect addition to my white, blue, and green-themed room. And adds an aquarium theme to my room. Let us have a look at more of his features.


  • Brand: Squishmallow
  • Size: 8 inches
  • Color: green, white, and brown
  • Age range: Age 3 and up


  • He has a cute little tie-dye shell
  • He is a pretty color
  • Cute little flappy flippers
  • A smile that can steal any heart
  • His round little eyes are embroidered on 


  • It is small
  • For its size, it is costly
  • Because of its light color, it will show stains very easily  

Vinny the Sea Turtle

Vinny the Sea Turtle

Meet my little friend, Vinny!  

Vinny is a green turtle with a few shades of green. His shell is in dark green and is outlined in lighter green. His whole body is covered in a scale texture, and he also has a white belly. He reminds me of a crocodile for some reason. Don’t you agree? But trust me, he is a lot friendlier and less scary than a crocodile.

This is one of the squishmallows that I have not bought yet. I have been dying to get my hands on him, but unfortunately, he is always out of stock when I try to buy him. I heard from one of my friends on a squishmallow forum that the Vinny squishmallow she bought was really soft and was such a great addition to her squishmallow collection. It makes me excited to buy one.

So let us have a look at Vinny’s features.


  • Brand: Squishmallow
  • Size: 12 inches
  • Color: White with different shades of green
  • Age range: Age 3 and up 


  • You can use him to rest your head on when you watch a movie 
  • He has a unique look compared to the other squishmallow turtles
  • He has a friendly looking face
  • He is soft and squishy
  • He has pretty shades of green


  • I think he could have a wider smile
  • His belly will show dirty easily
  • The outline of his shell does not have enough filling 

Herb, the Turtle

Herb, the Turtle

So, don’t get me wrong, I think Herb is charming, but he reminds me of an Avocado. And this isn’t a bad thing; I just prefer the turtle squishmallows that look more like a turtle.      

Herb is a mint green color with a patch of fluffy white hair. His belly is greyish green with a velvet texture with folds. He has cute little round black eyes and a slight smile. Even though this isn’t my favorite turtle squishmallow. It doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be yours. Let us have a look at Herb’s features:


  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 16 inches
  • Color: light and dark green
  • Age range: Age 3 and Up


  • He has a cute little patch of fluffy white hair
  • He is super soft and makes a great pillow


  • To me, it doesn’t look like a turtle 
  • Because it is a light green color, stains will show easily
  • I don’t like the folded velvet texture on its belly
  • It is very expensive

Henry Valentines Squad Squishmallow

Henry Valentines Squad Squishmallow

So Henry over here is my favorite turtle squishmallow, and if you give him one look, you would understand why. He has the cutest green eyes, and the message on his belly that says: “I turtly love you” makes me love him even more!

I love his green color and his realistic-looking shell. I love putting him on my bed so that he is the first thing you see when you enter my room. 

If you are looking for a gift that will warm your significant other’s heart, Henry will be perfect! Trust me, your partner will “turtley” love you!

Let us have a look at Henry’s features.


  • Brand: Squishmallow
  • Size:12 inches
  • Color: green and white
  • Age range: Age 3 and up


  • He has the cutest eyes
  • The message on his belly is adorable
  • He is the perfect gift for Valentine’s day or to surprise your partner with
  • He has a realistic-looking shell
  • He is super soft


  • His white patch of hair and his belly will show dirty easily.

Naddie, The Squishmallow Turtle

Naddie, The Squishmallow Turtle

Do you like tie-dye? Then you will love Naddie! Naddie is a great size to use as a small pillow when watching movies or just lying on your bed. You can even use her as a cushion on your sofa to add some life to your living room or give it a bit of a nature theme. Compared to the other turtle squishmallows, it has a unique look, making Naddie even more special. 

Let us have a look at Naddie’s features.


  • Brand: Squishmallow
  • Size: 12 inch
  • Color: Tie-dye green
  • Age range: Age 3 and up


  • It is super soft
  • Makes a special gift
  • It is tie-dye
  • It is a great size to use as a pillow or a cushion for your sofa


  • It is a bit pricey

So maybe you are not a fan of the turtle squishmallows, but you love turtles plushies; here are some alternative options for you.

Alternative Options

Turtle Stuffed Animal, Big Eye Sea Turtle Plush

Turtle Stuffed Animal, Big Eye Sea Turtle Plush

You can’t help but love this little guy with his sad droopy eyes. His patterns on his little shell make him stand out from the rest. He makes an excellent gift for anyone obsessed with cute little turtles. Although he looks sad, he will put a smile on your face. 

Athens 12″ Sparkle Sequin Turtle Soft Plush Toy

Athens 12" Sparkle Sequin Turtle Soft Plush Toy

I’m totally obsessed with this sparkly turtle! As you rub the sequins, it changes from blue to purple. The little sparkles on its face look like freckles. Any girl will be overjoyed to receive this little guy as a gift. 

Plush Splish Splash Sea Turtle Mini Flopsie 8″

Splish Splash 8" Mini Flopsie Sea Turtle Plush

If you are looking for a more realistic looking turtle plushie, Mr. Flopsie is your guy! He is a great size to take with you wherever you go, especially if you go to the beach. So if you, your partner, or someone in your family are obsessed with turtles, he will make the perfect addition to the family. 

My Favorite Turtle Squishmallow

My favorite turtle squishmallow is the Henry Valentines Squad Squishmallow because just one look at this cutie will make you fall in love with him instantly. My favorite part is seeing people’s reactions when they walk into me and my husband’s bedroom and see Henry sitting there on the bed.

The first thing they do is go to him, pick him up and give him a big hug. Go get your own Henry now! You will love him, your friends will love him, everyone will love him!

Questions to Keep in Mind when Buying a Turtle Squishmallow

  • Does the turtle have sufficient filling to your liking? 
  • Are you looking for realistic features in your turtle squishmallow, or are you looking for something that has a unique design?
  • What size turtle squishmallow are you looking for?
  • Are you looking for a turtle squishmallow in a specific price range?  
  • For who are you purchasing the turtle squishmallow?


Question: What is the Cutest Turtle Squishmallow?

Answer: This will all depend on what you like in a plushie, your interests, and your personality. But if I had to say which turtle squishmallow is the cutest, it will undoubtedly be Henry Valentines Squad Smashmallow. He just has a unique look to him. Which makes me adore him even more.

Question: Can the Turtle Squishmallow be Washed in the Washing Machine?

Answer: Personally, I would say no. Because hear me out. Squishmallows are very soft plushies, and washing them in the washing machine could potentially damage their softness.
Washing machines wash aggressively, and it could destroy your beloved Squishmallows. If they get stained, you can use a damp cloth to clean the surface area. And if the stain is small, you can use a simple stain remover pen or a wet wipe, and you are good to go!

Question: What is the Biggest Size Squishmallow?

Answer: The biggest size Squishmallow is 20 and 24 inches. These size Squishmallows are great for cuddling and using as pillows. But if this size is too big for you, there are also smaller Squishmallow options to choose from. 

Question: Are the Turtle Squishmallows Therapeutic?

Answer: Oh yes, they are! Just hugging these little soft and squishy plushies makes you feel calm and less stressed. They also help you to work through your issues and talk your heart out without them judging you.
They are always there for you, and you know they will never leave you. And if they wanted to leave you, don’t worry they won’t run away fast. So talk out you heart for hours!

Question: What is the Filling in Squishmallows?

Answer: The filling in the squishmallows is polyester fibers. This gives the squishmallow that super soft, huggable, and squishy feeling that we all love.


Since I was a little girl, I have always loved turtles. The Ninja Turtles were my favorite movie, and I can remember watching the movies over and over again. When I was younger, I also owned my own turtle; her name was Penny. And all that I can remember is that Penny loved eating lettuce and tomatoes.

What happened to Penny is still a mystery to this day. But since then, my love for turtles has grown, and I now collect turtle plushies; it’s safer that way because I know they won’t go missing or, worse, buy the farm. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. What was your favorite turtle squishmallow from the list? Let me know in the comments below.

Choose your favorite turtle squishmallow from the list mentioned above and add it to your collection. And if turtle squishmallows are not for you, there are also alternative options to choose from. Happy shopping, guys. I turtly hope you find your turtle soulmate.

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