Mika Zans

Mika is a content writer who has a weakness for plush merch. She enjoys anything soft and cuddly. Her shelves and walls are filled with art and various knick-knacks from shows she likes, mostly animated or fantasy-based properties. She finds a personal connection with her favorites and shares them with you. When she's not writing, she enjoys playing Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Stardew Valley.

calcifer plush

Calcifer Plush Guide

I was shown my first Ghibli movie during my first year of college. I sat on the floor of the student lounge, since all my friends had taken the chairs already, and saw Howl’s Moving Castle. I was enthralled. The animation was beyond gorgeous, and the characters were interesting, even if I didn’t completely follow

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Danganronpa Plush Guide

Danganronpa is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. It’s convoluted, and the writing can be kind of hoaky. Still, it touches that little middle-school version of myself that is slightly overdramatic. I enjoy the over-the-top characters and ridiculous scenarios.  Warning: This article contains many spoilers for the Danganronpa games, especially Killing Harmony. Selection

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Bowser Jr Plush Guide

In 2002 Super Mario Sunshine introduced Bowser’s son, Bowser Jr, into the Super Mario antagonist lineup. He often gets confused with the Koopa Kids due to their similar appearance. While Koopa Kids did appear in earlier games, they look much more like Bowser and only fulfill the role of minions or extras in party games.

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