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Sonic EXE Plush Guide: Guide for Horror Gamers

My family enjoys collecting plushies, including Squishmallows and Pokémon plush, but old-school video game fandoms are a soft spot. Nothing about my Sonic EXE plush guide is speedy, not the examples or information. However, you’ll find swift answers to everything you must know about Sonic EXE plush toys.

Sonic, the Hedgehog, is a classic among gamers, old and new. Then, Sonic EXE gave gamers a jumpscare, turning Sonic into something modern, twisted, and within the horror-game genre, a massive pop-culture trend today. I played Sonic, and my kids still play the games. Indeed, my kids play Sonic EXE, but I’ll explain soon.

But first, let’s discover the magic of Sonic EXE’s fandom within the plush universe.

Sonic EXE Plush: Speedy Summary

Sonic EXE plush is a world on its own, filled with so-called gory plushies. However, it’s one plush theme driven entirely by fans and pop culture on YouTube. Indeed, Sonic EXE is a fan-based fandom with a rising plush count. You’ll also find Sonic EXE toys resembling the evil clone with red eyes or bloody features.

In addition, various traditional Sonic characters are entering the EXE pop culture. The only Sonic character I can’t find yet is Knuckles. However, a few will impress you, including Sonic, Tails, and Super Sonic. So, I’ll share the background and how you’ll find these niche plushies for survival horror game fanatics.

But first, let me share a favorite example to wet your Sonic EXE tastebuds. The Blood Sonic EXE Plush is my ultimate pick because it best represents what the EXE fandom wants fans to enjoy. It’s bloody, has solid red eyes, and grins with evil teeth, but it isn’t gruesome enough to scare tweens and teenagers.

Meanwhile, let’s dive into Sonic EXE’s story, buying tips, and why I chose the examples I did.

A Speedy Guide to Sonic EXE Plush

sonic plush

Sonic EXE plushies look dreadful and scary for kids, but they’re not. The survival horror genre is thriving among younger gamers and fans. My son plays the game and watches the parodies. So, let me share a little background and tips to help you pick a fantastic Sonic EXE plush for tweens and teenagers.

Quick Background for Sonic EXE Merch

Sonic EXE plush has roots in the horror game genre, where a mysterious eldritch entity assumes the form of Sonic the Hedgehog before sending out a haunted game disc. The disc features the fake Sonic slaughtering the original game characters. However, it sounds far more gruesome than it looks on paper.

The Sonic EXE movie is a slashing nightmare for old-school Sonic fans. A gamer called JC, the Hyena, founded Sonic EXE when her SEGA loading screen glitched in 2011. It made her see Sonic in another light, which she transformed into a new design, starting a fan-driven world of content and merch for Sonic EXE.

The movie trailers and fan-based YouTube parodies are everywhere and surprisingly popular. They follow the same theme of evil corrupting the Sonic characters, deleting them in horrible ways, and even affecting gamers worldwide.

Next came a video game called Sonic EXE, a fan-made creation with a twist on the original games. The evil Sonic EXE’s deepest desire is to erase Sonic, the Hedgehog’s characters, and anyone in the way. It continues to sound pretty twisted, which it is to some extent. However, survival horror games are a massive hit for kids.

The Arts at Michigan program even delved into why children enjoy survival horror games and how YouTube motivates kids to play them. I don’t stop my kids from playing these trendy games, but I consider a PG-13 rule to ensure I know what they’re playing before leaving them alone.

Sonic doesn’t turn evil, a common misunderstanding. Sonic EXE is simply a compilation of jumpscares and corny, childish horror from a creepypasta fandom. It won’t frighten children enough to lose sleep. Meanwhile, the game and parodies are more significant than other genres’ fandoms, making them ideal for plush toys.

Fast Buying Tips for Sonic EXE Plush

The Michigan program proves how much tweens and teenagers enjoy survival horror games, meaning they want the merchandise as much as the games. So, if you’re a fan, it would help to find quality Sonic EXE plushies for them or yourself. No one said you couldn’t be a fan because I’m 36 and love it.

My first tip is that Sonic EXE is a fandom on its own. Fans turned Sonic, Metal Sonic, and Super Sonic into bloody or hypnotic messes to fit into the EXE universe, but they come from fan creators. Sonic EXE has evolved into a vast world of plushies, including Tails EXE and other Sonic characters and variations.

So, here’s my second tip. The entire pop culture behind Sonic EXE is fan-driven. You’ll rely on what fans bring to the Sonic EXE universe through custom brands and lesser-known plushies. You’ll look at websites like Amazon and Walmart because not many famous plush brands have adopted Sonic EXE creations yet.

It doesn’t mean big brands don’t or won’t make them soon, but you’ll find them mostly from fans at stores selling multiple plush brands. However, Sonic EXE plushies must have red eyes or bloody features to classify as EXE variations. Plain Metal Sonic and Sonic Werehog plushies don’t fit into the EXE fan’s universe.

Picking Fantastic Sonic EXE Plush Examples

So, how will I pick Sonic EXE plush examples to share? Firstly, I’ll rely on finding the best fan-driven plushies on Amazon and Walmart. Then, I’ll find an excellent model for each Sonic EXE plush character, adding two for Sonic EXE to show his bloody and non-bloody versions.

However, the best Sonic EXE plush must meet quality standards, which include the following:

  • It must have excellent colors that bring out the original Sonic characters behind the EXE horror (blood, red eyes, etc.). Sonic Exe must be sky blue, while Tails EXE must be as yellow as the sun.
  • I want quality Sonic EXE plush without breakable pieces or deformed parts. It mustn’t have weak legs, arms, or tails. I won’t include Sonic EXE plushies with oddly-shaped legs or two different size arms.
  • It has to have the correct expression and eyes, meaning it must be well-designed with a mean-looking face and blood-red eyes to match the game genre. Also, bloody parts or hypnotic eyes are a bonus.
  • Finally, Sonic EXE plush is slightly gruesome, and fans enjoy the showpieces. They must be bold but not all-consuming on display. So, I want Sonic EXE plush over eight inches but under 16 inches.

Sonic EXE Plush Guide: Seven Gory Speedsters

The pop culture behind Sonic is vast, but Sonic EXE has a smaller fandom to appeal to a niche of gamers and YouTube fans. So, let’s meet the seven “gory” speedsters and discover how they fit into the Sonic EXE realm.

In addition, I’ll give you hints about what makes them excellent fan plushies and what doesn’t.

Classic Sonic EXE Plush

Classic Sonic EXE Plush

The 12″ Classic Sonic EXE plush sends chills up my spine as I remember the YouTube videos, but it’s the kind of chills I felt when my dad told me ghost stories as a child. Sonic EXE’s eyes are a solid blood-red color with a lost or corrupted style. His smile looks evil enough to do what the YouTube Sonic EXE loves doing.

Classic Sonic EXE Plush Pros

  • The Classic Sonic EXE plush is chilling enough for horror-game fanatics
  • The Sonic EXE’s eyes have a profoundly disturbing lack of emotion and humanity
  • Sonic EXE’s mouth enhances the evil in his eyes, with a slight grin on the side
  • The plush has quality details, and you can see Sonic behind the design

Classic Sonic EXE Plush Cons

  • The Classic Sonic EXE plush should have larger blood-red eyes
  • The fingers can use more details from the plush fan creator

Bloody Sonic EXE Plush

Bloody Sonic EXE Plush

The 14.5″ Bloody Sonic EXE plush is more chilling than the last one, but it won’t install nightmares for tweens or teenagers. Instead, it has quality details with some added gore with blood on the fingertips and coming from Sonic EXE’s eyes. This Sonic EXE’s grin also shows teeth to look like it’s about to maul a classic Sonic character.

Bloody Sonic EXE Plush Pros

  • The Bloody Sonic EXE plush has exquisite details, right down to the bloody bits
  • The blood-dripping eyes make Sonic EXE’s red eyeballs stand out more
  • Sonic EXE fans will love this version more because it adds a touch more gore to the plush
  • Sonic’s original design comes through nicely, and it’s a quality plush with some good details

Bloody Sonic EXE Plush Cons

  • The Sonic EXE’s fingers could use much more detail from the fan creator
  • Sonic EXE’s ears are slightly long to match the classic and EXE characters

Bloody Evil Sonic EXE Plush

Bloody Evil Sonic EXE Plush

The Bloody Evil Sonic EXE plush also represents Lord X from Sonic games. Still, it’s another character fans turned into a horror-themed plush toy. Sonic Lord X as an EXE plush looks gruesome, with blood pouring from its eyes, but it won’t send tweens packing. In addition, it has a bloody X to mark the spot on its belly.

Bloody Evil Sonic EXE Plush Pros

  • The Blood Lord X Sonic EXE plush is fantastically gory for horror game fans
  • The details on Lord X’s eyes, bloody pour, and bleeding stomach are insane
  • Fans will enjoy how much the plush resembles the Lord X Sonic character
  • The plush has an excellent design with the perfect colors and an ideal expression

Bloody Evil Sonic EXE Plush Cons

  • The Bloody Lord X Sonic EXE plush is a new and confusing addition to the EXE universe
  • Sonic EXE’s mouth could use more details, with teeth and some dripping blood

Hypnotic Super Sonic EXE Plush

Hypnotic Super Sonic EXE Plush

The Hypnotic Super Sonic EXE plush borders on the fandom’s gory designs. It has hypnotic eyes to suggest whatever it wants to other classic Sonic characters. However, the hypnotic eyes and evil grin are the only things tying it to the EXE universe. Super Sonic is one of my top characters. So, I appreciate the effort on this plush.

Hypnotic Super Sonic EXE Plush Pros

  • The Hypnotic Super Sonic EXE plush borders on evil, twisted, and misleading
  • The Super Sonic EXE plush has evil-looking eyes with red spirals to match the EXE world
  • EXE fans will enjoy the nasty grin on this Super Sonic EXE plush
  • The Super Sonic EXE plush resembles the original character and has some good details

Hypnotic Super Sonic EXE Plush Cons

  • The Super Sonic EXE plush merely touches on the evils of the EXE bloody world
  • Some EXE fans prefer solid red eyes with some bloody effects to a hypnotic evil

Metal Sonic EXE Plush

Metal Sonic EXE Plush

The Metal Sonic EXE plush borders the least on the evils of the horror-game-inspired universe. Metal Sonic is also a traditional character in video games. However, its red eyes and evil design lean toward the EXE plushies. The metal claws on Sonic EXE’s hands also add a touch of madness to make it look more vicious than usual.

Metal Sonic EXE Plush Pros

  • The Metal Sonic EXE plush has an evil look in its eyes, as though the soul is missing
  • It resembles Metal Sonic perfectly because the character borders on the evils of EXE plush
  • EXE fans can appreciate how the metal claws, red eyes, and robotic design remove the soul
  • The EXE plush has exquisite details and comes from a trusted plush brand

Metal Sonic EXE Plush Cons

  • It’s not a fan-made EXE plush and borders on regular Sonic plushies
  • The metal claw fingers can be fragile, but responsible kids enjoy these plushies

Evil Sonic Tails EXE Plush

Evil Sonic Tails EXE Plush

Sonic’s friend, Tails, is my ultimate character from the games and movies. However, the Evil Tails EXE plush adds enough gore to make it look like the YouTubers played with the thought of adding a corrupted Tails version. Indeed, the YouTubers and fan-made games taunt the idea of a Tails EXE evil that does the same as Sonic EXE.

Evil Sonic Tails EXE Plush Pros

  • The Evil Sonic Tails EXE plush has everything necessary to meet the EXE realm’s goals
  • The evil version of Tails plush is evil and quirky simultaneously to match his original character
  • The mouth, teeth, EXE-corrupted eyes, and stiff design make it look evil
  • Fans of Sonic EXE will go wild for a Tails EXE plush, and it has some good details

Evil Sonic Tails EXE Plush Cons

  • The fan creator should correct the plush’s feet to face forward
  • I would add some dripping blood to the plush’s eyes and evil grin to improve the design

Bloody Gray Tails EXE Plush

Bloody Gray Tails EXE Plush

The Bloody Gray Tails EXE plush can make fans think of Shadow Sonic’s EXE version, but there’s a difference. Gray Tails and Shadow Sonic aren’t the same characters. Tails is the adorable sidekick for Sonic, and EXE fans turned him into a gray wonder with bloody details for the merchandise potential. He looks brilliant.

Bloody Gray Tails EXE Plush Pros

  • The Bloody Gray Tails EXE plush is the most original EXE plush character
  • EXE fans brought Tails into YouTube and fan-game models a few months back
  • Gray Tails EXE gives you a second plush for the same much-loved Sonic character
  • The Gray Tails EXE plush has good details and matches the character’s shape (but not color)

Bloody Gray Tails EXE Plush Cons

  • Tails fanatics might not enjoy that the EXE fandom turned the poor guy gray
  • The Gray Tails EXE plush almost looks gorier than Blood Sonic EXE stuffed toy

Recommended Alternative to Sonic EXE Plush

So, would you buy a Sonic plush that doesn’t have bloody parts or reap evil through its eyes? Then, I recommend you look at alternative plush for Sonic EXE, including my two favorites, which appeal to Sonic fans. So, let’s see why I recommend these alternatives for Sonic the Hedgehog plushies.

1. Best Sonic Plush Guide

My best Sonic plush guide offers a broader range, including Sonic EXE plushies. You’ll find variants for alternative Sonic plushes and a few of his original favorites.

Sonic, the Hedgehog’s original plush designs might be more suitable for younger kids, like preschoolers and toddlers. Besides, the fandom is larger than Sonic EXE.

2. Tails Plush Guide

I love the sidekick, who isn’t merely a sidekick but also a friend and hero in himself. The Tails plush selection also has adorable plushies with the character’s original colors and styles.

In addition, it won’t spook anyone entering a fan’s bedroom. Alternatively, buy some Tails plush from my guide for toddlers and preschoolers.

Sonic EXE Plush FAQs

Question: Who Creates Sonic EXE Plush?

Answer: Sonic EXE is a universe in pop culture, belonging to the fans running the show on YouTube and in video games.

YouTube parodies and the Sonic EXE game are entirely fan-driven, meaning most of the plushes are designed by fans for fans. You’ll find very few Sonic EXE plushes from well-known toy brands.

Question: Who Is the Gray Sonic EXE Plush?

Answer: Sonic EXE doesn’t only include evil variations of Sonic, the Hedgehog. Instead, it has Tails EXE plushies to excite horror game fans.

So, the Bloody Gray Tails EXE Plush is Tails and not Sonic. Sonic’s best friend has two gory and bloody EXE plushies inspired by the pop culture running the EXE universe.

Question: Who Owns Sonic EXE?

Answer: The Sonic EXE fandom is from fans for fans today. However, it started in 2011, when creator Shannon Love saw a distorted version of Sonic on her SEGA Genesis loading screen.

Shannon, (aka JC, the Hyena) is a gamer who first played with the idea of Sonic EXE, an evil corruption wanting every Sonic character to die.

Sonic EXE Plush Guide: A Swift Conclusion

Sonic EXE plushies are a universe on their own, and Sonic EXE is the center of it. However, you saw the other Sonic variations and characters. In addition, the fan-inspired theme will welcome more of Sonic’s characters with time. But first, find a gruesome Sonic EXE plush, or buy one for a gamer in your home.

I recommend starting with the Blood Sonic EXE Plush because it’s the goriest version of Sonic’s evil corruption in the games and YouTube parodies. The Classic Sonic EXE Plush is my second recommendation before expanding to Tails and alternate versions of Sonic, the Hedgehog EXE plushes.

Remember that the EXE Sonic plushies are fan-made and driven, meaning they’ll change often. So, you’ll want to grab your Sonic EXE plushies quickly to ensure the best-quality designs with evil expressions.

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