The Best Easter-themed Squishmallows

It’s almost time for Easter! I can’t believe how fast time is going.

Easter is an exciting time since there are many birthdays in my family. So what better way to celebrate the holidays than with some adorable Easter-themed Squishmallows?

Whether you’re a collector, have some Squishmallows, or are new to the Squishmallow craze, I’ve created this list! You’ll find various types of cuties that are soft and squishy just in time for the holidays.

I’ll also have a guide on picking out the right squishy for a child or friend. Read this guide on the best Easter-themed Squishmallows today!

Bottom Line Up Front

There are so many cute squishes to choose from. If I had to pick, though, I’d have to go with Squishmallow 12″ Aimee the Chick!

She’s so adorable and squishy. I love how fluffy her feathers are too.

Children and adults alike will love her. You can get your Easter collection started with her or buy her as a gift for a child. They’ll grow their cognitive skills as they play with her having her hop around.

My Top Picks at a Glance

  • Squishmallow 12″ Blake The Bunny Plush: Blake is decked out for Easter and ready to hop around (in play).
  • Squishmallow 8″ Easter Plush Set of 3: Because three is more fun! I love how this is a set of three instead of only one.
  • Squishmallow 12″ Aimee The Chick: She’s so cute, soft, and squishy!
  • Squishmallow 12″ Rosie The Pig– A unique and adorable find for Easter!
  • Squishmallows Easter Aimee the Chick Plush (in egg): Aimee looks cute in a colorful egg decorated for Easter.
  • Squishamllows Hug Mees 14″ Alejandra the Bunny: I love how Alejandra has beautiful tie-dyed coloring! She’s ready for hugs and plays with your little one.
  • Squishmallows Stackable 12 Inch Candess The Cow Easter Edition: I couldn’t resist adding her to the list! She’s so unique and adorable!
  • Squishmallows Hug Mees Plush 14 Inch Belana the Cow Easter Edition: Belana is ready for many cuddles and playtime!
  • Squishmallows 13″ Valentina Easter 2021- Plush: Valentina is squishy and a great size at 13″ for every collector or child who loves Squishmallows.
  • Squishmallow Kellytoy Edie the Purple Easter Egg 16″: She looks like the egg that Aimee the chick was in! I love her soft pastel colors just in time for Easter.

Tips for the Reader

Best Easter-themed Squishmallows

First, as you see the different sections, think about who this gift will be for. Is there a particular collection that you want to start or continue if it’s for yourself?

Take your time going through the list and making notes along the way.

Selection Criteria

As I go through this list, I think about what Easter means to me. It’s filled with eggs, bunnies, and more!

I’m also considering what would make great play-time for children and collector’s editions. Finally, each item is picked and separated into a section to help you better select the right Squishmallow for you or your friend/family member.

Why Should I Buy Easter-themed Squishmallows?

Easter is an exciting time for many! When children go to see their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny, they’ll be thrilled to see a Squishmallow too.

Squishmallows are calming for many since they’re soft and huggable. After a long day for your child or even an adult, they’ll love to cuddle up with one.

If you have a friend who likes toys, they might be a Squishmallow collector. Squishmallows are extremely popular right now, thanks to Reddit and TikTok!

How To Pick Out Easter-themed Squishmallows?

Think about the person’s age range who will be receiving the Squishmallow. If it’s for a child, consider what toys will allow them to have plenty of play and imagination.

There are so many adorable and squishy options out there! Consider if your friend is a Squishmallow collector; could you help them complete a collection? If not, looking at their current selection will help you pick out the right option for them.

All About the Bunny

This section includes all of the cute and squishy bunnies just in time for Easter! What celebration would be complete without a bunny?

Squishmallow Blake The Bunny Plush- Official Easter Kellytoy

Celebrate Easter with this Squishmallow cutie! I love how he’s dressed up for the holiday with an adorable pink bow.

Even his tummy has cute golden stars all over it. He’s smiling and ready to make an appearance for Easter. Plus, he’s excellent for those who are at least two years old.

Twelve inches means that, yes, he’s smaller than other plushies, but he’s easy to carry around. In addition, he’s soft and squishy, just what you’d expect from a Squishmallow!

Squishmallow Blake The Bunny Plush- Official Easter Kellytoy


  • Great for kids
  • Ready for Easter


  • Smaller than some other Squishmallows

Squishmallow Easter Plush Set of 3

I love how you can celebrate with three instead of one! They all come in a super adorable Easter egg just in time for the holidays.

You’ll receive Aimee the chick, Bop the Bunny, and Waylon the egg. So if you’re considering your own Squishmallow Easter collection, these cuties can help you there!

Perfect for those who are at least two years old. Let your child’s imagination grow as they play pretend with these three pals.

I love their coloring how it’s soft pastels, just in time for the holidays. Also, it’s pretty interesting how Waylon has a strong yellow stripe to offset the purple and blue colors.

Aimee, the chick, is as adorable as ever, so is Bop. I love how Aimee has fluffy wings, and Bop has long and floppy ears.

Squishmallow Easter Plush Set of 3


  • Great for children over two
  • Perfect for collectors


  • On the smaller side.

Squishamllows Hug Mees Alejandra the Bunny

Alejandra is ready to hop into your little one’s life! She’s 14″, which makes her perfect for carrying around and snuggling with her.

Her pink, purple, and white coloring makes her beautiful! I love how her ears are up instead of floppy to the side. She’s a more unique bunny, perfect for a collector too. Her arms are open wide, ready for hugs.

Squishamllows Hug Mees Alejandra the Bunny


  • Beautiful coloring
  • Kids will love her!


  • The ears are on the smaller side.

Squishmallows Valentina Easter 2021- Plush

She’s perfect for someone who doesn’t like all of the bells and whistles. Valentina is a cleaner design that’ll go with various colors in your child’s room.

Perfect for collectors too who don’t want anything too loud or bright. She’ll blend well no matter where you place her.

I love how she’s a soft gray with a white belly. Her floppy ears and smile are precious too!

She’s soft and squishy for lots of cuddle time. Next, have your child activate their imagination by pretending that Valentina is coming for Easter with the Easter bunny.

Squishmallows Valentina Easter 2021- Plush


  • Great for children and adults alike
  • A less loud design


  • Plain for some


This section is all about the eggcellent eggs that you’ll find this Easter!

Squishmallow Kellytoy Edie the Purple Easter Egg 

I love how adorable her coloring is! You’ll see soft purple, yellow, green, and blue colors.

She’s soft and squishy for children and adults alike! Children can play pretend as they act as if they’re painting her eggshell.

Adult collectors will love to add Edie to their collection. Just in time for Easter egg coloring, have her sit next to your little one while they get started!

Squishmallow Kellytoy Edie the Purple Easter Egg 


  • Beautiful coloring
  • Soft and squishy
  • Great for children and adults


  • Very Easter specific

Hello Birdy

This section is all about Aimee, the chick! She’s super adorable, soft, and cuddly.

Squishmallow Aimee The Chick

I love how Squishmallows are great for various ages. You can get Aimee for your little one as long as they’re at least two years old.

Help your little one get into the holiday by buying Aimee! She even comes with an adorable bunny hat.

Her wings are super soft and fluffy, which I love. Her entire belly and body are yellow with a hint of white. The bunny ears seem to pop!

Squishmallow Aimee The Chick


  • Perfect for various ages
  • Snuggly and soft


  • Older kids might not be as excited.
  • I’m not a big fan of how the bunny ears are attached to the band.

Squishmallows Easter Aimee the Chick Plush (in egg)

Aimee is so cute! She’s one of my favorites!

Look at her here in an adorable egg! I like how the pastel colors are softer and go with how cute she is.

Her tiny wings are fluffy and adorable. She’s ready for tons of cuddles and plays with your little one.

Squishmallows Easter Aimee the Chick Plush (in egg)


  • Adorable
  • Soft pastel colors
  • Huggable
  • Fluffy wings
  • Cute Easter eggshell


  • On the smaller side.

Unique Finds

From pigs to other barnyard animals, I wanted this section! I always appreciate unique finds to make your collection even more interesting and exciting.

Squishmallow Rosie The Pig

How cute is Rosie the pig! Finally, she’s ready for Easter with your family.

Her soft colors go with the theme of Easter too. Check out her camouflaged body with grayish-blue hints on her pink fur. I love her blue bandana that seems to stand out.

She’s perfect for various ages, and I could see her as a gift for collectors. Pigs are pretty popular right now, and anyone would be lucky to bring Rosie home!

Squishmallow Rosie The Pig


  • A unique pig for Easter
  • Great for collectors and kids alike!


  • I kind of wish that the bandana extended further instead of randomly stopping.

Squishmallows Stackable Candess The Cow Easter Edition

I love cows, so I couldn’t resist including this cutie! Whether you live on a farm or not, she’s sure to please since she’s stackable!

Stackable Squishmallows make the perfect collector’s gift too! This is because they can store more in one location.

The hardest part about being a toy collector is that I run out of room! Help them here by buying stackable options. They’ll still be soft and squishy!

Plus, check out her coloring! I love the pink, blue, and white on top that goes with her horns.

Her snout is super adorable too! Perfect for children to activate their imagination and play.

Squishmallows Stackable Candess The Cow Easter Edition


  • Adorable and still squishy even though she’s stackable
  • Cute horns and coloring
  • I love her little snout!


  • Since she’s stackable, she’s more smooshed in.

Squishmallows Hug Mees Plush Belana the Cow Easter Edition

Another fun cow for the holiday is Belana! She even has a cute little Easter egg printed on her body.

Look at her arms open for lots of hugs and cuddles. She’s perfect for children to cuddle and play with.

She’s unique, too; look at her white body with blue spots. Her horns and little ears complete the adorable look. She’s soft and squishy too!

Squishmallows Hug Mees Plush Belana the Cow Easter Edition


  • Unique
  • Easter egg on her
  • Adorable


  • She’s less squishy than other options.

Squishmallows Walker the Goat

How cute is Walker’s Easter edition? Goats are intelligent creatures, and your little one might get excited seeing them.

You might have brought them to a petting zoo where there were plenty of goats roaming around. What better way to get them excited about goats than buying Walker!

He’s soft and squishy; he’s a less common Squishmallow that you’ll find.

Squishmallows Walker the Goat


  • Soft and squishy
  • Great for year-round
  • Perfect for animal lovers


  • Very small
  • Since he’s more unique, he might not fit with everyone’s style

Where To Buy Easter-themed Squishmallows?

Head over to Amazon and Walmart! If you try to find them in the store, fewer might be available.

I love how online you can find a variety of Easter-themed Squishmallows. So whether you’re looking for a bunny, egg, or even a goat, there could be an option for you!

Be sure to consider using Amazon Prime; since then, you’ll receive free shipping on Prime toys. Walmart has some, but it doesn’t seem like they have the variety of Easter-themed options like Amazon does.


Question: Where can I Buy Easter Squishmallows? 

Answer: Amazon and Walmart have a good variety.

Question: What is the Name of the Bunny Squishmallow? 

Answer: Blake the Bunny is one! He’s a gray Squishmallow. There’s also Bop the bunny.

Question: What is the Purple Bunny Squishmallows Name? 

Answer: Bubbles! Some think that Bubbles is related to the real Easter bunny!

Exploring the Best Easter-themed Squishmallows

After exploring some of the best Easter-themed Squishmallows, I hope that you have a better chance of finding the right one for you. However, if it’s for a friend or family member, remember to look at what they currently have.

You don’t want a duplicate of something that they already have. Plus, if you’re able to help them with their collection, it might mean so much more to them!

At the end of the day, if I had to choose a favorite, it’d be Aimee the chick. She’s super adorable with her tiny fluffy wings and smile. I can see adults and children alike both loving her!

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