Gloomy Bear Plush Guide for Collectors

Let’s face it; zombified anime bear plush is a rage. I collect plush toys and have seen the fandom supporting this remarkable line of soft toys. They’re not for kids, but they undoubtedly stir some trouble in the adult fandom. So, let me share the collectible findings in my Gloomy Bear plush guide.

Gloomy Bear is another Japanese anime franchise storming onto the same collectible scene as Squishmallows. The horror behind bears eating people and the fame of anime is pretty close. My son has a thing for these plushies, but I’ll keep a leash on his collectible desires until he’s a little older.

But for now, I’m interested in collecting them and will do all the hard work for you as a fellow collector.

Gloomy Bear Plush: Bottom Line Upfront

Gloomy Bear plush is a brilliant collector’s piece for anime fans. However, they don’t suit children much. The variations offer different sizes, positions, costumes, and more. I’ll share the details of what makes them popular and how you can source an authentic collection of suitable Gloomy Bear plush for your anime passions.

But first, I have to share my ultimate favorite Gloomy Bear collector’s piece. The Pink Hands-Up Gloomy Bear Plush is my top pick because it’s a classic color with a touch of humor. Indeed, Gloomy still looks nightmarish, but he throws his hands in the air as though he’s about to chase food (or humans).

It’s a funny plush because it almost removes the scary look by making it look like the bear’s dancing. However, I’ll tell you more about Gloomy soon enough. For now, check out a few more favorites before learning about the collectible potential of Gloomy Bear plush.

A Glance at My Top Four Gloomy Bear Plush

I don’t want to destroy the excitement of all 15 Gloomy Bear plush. So instead, I’ll share four more favorites from the Gloomy Bear plush range:

  1. The Fantasy Edition Gloomy Bear Plush is the latest edition you have to pre-order. It has brilliant colors for the color-changing Gloomy fans.
  2. The Pink Tongue-Out Gloomy Bear Plush is my ultimate pick for classically-pink Gloomy fans because it looks unique compared to the other originals.
  3. The Blue Zombie Gloomy Bear Plush is a top pick because the blue zombie change looks better than the traditional pink option.
  4. The Vampire Costume Gloomy Bear Plush is my favorite costume variation because turning Gloomy into a vampire will only make things much worse for Pity.

An Ultimate Guide to Gloomy Bear Plush

Gloomy Bear Plush website

Why do you collect plush toys? Suppose you’re like me. I enjoy collecting anime plushies with stardom in their eyes because it makes me happy to know other people want the same plush. In that case, I welcome learning more about Gloomy Bear and its many variations. Additionally, I’ll share how I selected a collection of them.

Anime and Japanese Horror

I’m a creative who enjoys the efforts of Japanese creators. So, I’m interested in anime-related plush and merchandise for my collectible hobbies. As a result, I find Mori Chack’s designs somewhat nightmarish yet intriguing. Mori designed a zombified grizzly bear who attacks and eats humans; just another anime story.

However, the zombified bears undoubtedly appeal to anime collectors and fans. A few years back, people wouldn’t understand the interest in anime and horror-type plush merchandise. Finally, the program has a fandom large enough to make toy companies and plush brands grab the opportunity to appeal to collectors.

Other horror-related toys are raging in 2022, including the best Fredbear plush from FNAF, appealing to children. On the other hand, Gloomy Bear is a different kind of nightmare I wouldn’t recommend for children. Instead, I recommend horror-anime-inspired plush toys for adult collectors.

In the show, Gloomy Bear is a six-foot, five inches pink grizzly bear with an appetite for human flesh. He looks like the undead and moves in creepy ways. The plush is sure to give children nightmares. However, they’ll undoubtedly add some depth and interest to an anime plush collector’s display.

Not many fans know about Gloomy’s original purpose, either. Before owning his anime series, the bear was a Sanrio design for a cute mascot. Meanwhile, the adorability of Gloomy quickly lost the battle against his naughty, predatory, and unpredictable qualities. He’s an incredible collectible, but not for kids.

Knowing the Different Versions of Gloomy Bear

The Atsuko franchise of Gloomy Bear plush came from the anime show, but various versions are available. You’ll need to know the basics before building a collection of horrifying plush toys. Gloomy, the Naughty Grizzly, is a standard pink bear with blood on his face and paws, as seen in the so-called comedy series.

Pink Gloomy Bear Variations

Pink Gloomy Bear Variations

You’ll find various sizes, and versions of the pink grizzly bear everyone knows from the anime show. Each variation comes in a different size. For example, the tongue-out version is 18 inches tall. However, the hands-up version is only eight inches tall. The different variations include:

Gloomy Bear Color Variations

Gloomy Bear Color Variations

However, more variations come as the show matures. Gloomy’s owner and unrealistic tamer, Pity, wasn’t the only character who tried to tame wild beasts. Different versions come from the show and its 20-year-old mascot. Some versions you can expect to find for Gloomy Bear plush include color variations, like:

Gloomy Bear Type Variations

Gloomy Bear Type Variations

Gloomy Bear is so famous that he comes in different types of plush. The colors, sizes, and variations change, but some incredible plushies exist. I wouldn’t recommend this plush for collectors because they aren’t the best displays. However, some Gloomy Bear plush-type variations include:

Gloomy Bear Costume Variations

Gloomy Bear is still a mascot to many fans, and he comes in costume variations that make collecting him a fun journey. They also come in various sizes and positions, but some costume Gloomy Bear plush includes:

Gloomy Friends Plush Variations

Gloomy Friends Plush Variations

Gloomy Bear adopted a fictional friend recently, Gloomy Bunny. Unfortunately, Gloomy Bunny isn’t authentic and doesn’t originate from the official Gloomy merch store. However, the bunny is an adorable addition that matches well with Gloomy Bear for collectors. It comes from Hatsune Miku. Some variations you’ll find include:

Please note that even though Gloomy Bear and Bunny are Kawaii designs, the two aren’t related. Sadly, Amazon sellers confuse the two characters. Hence, I call them friends and add the bunny as a collector’s adorable addition. However, the Gloomy Bunny isn’t related to Gloomy Bear merchandise.

How to Build a Gloomy Bear Plush Collection

I shared the many variations of Gloomy Bear and a non-related friend if you want the bunny. However, I’m here to show you how to build a valuable Gloomy Bear plush collection. So, I’ll only include authentic Gloomy Bear plush from the official store, Walmart, and Great Eastern Entertainment.

Furthermore, I’ll select the best Gloomy Bear plushies for collectors by considering every authentic version, color, and position. You can collect a few or go all out. Finally, I won’t include different types of plush, like the pillow heads. I only want traditional-styled Gloomy bear plushies.

Gloomy Bear Plush Guide: Recommended Picks

Are you ready for a bunch of Gloomy bear plushies for your collection? If so, I’m here to share the details, including the sizes and who supplies them, to confirm authenticity. Remember that I accept authentic Great Eastern Entertainment (GEE) Gloomy Bear plushies. So, let’s get to what makes them winners and what doesn’t.

Black Standing Gloomy Bear Plush

Gloomy Bear shows his violent side on the black plush with blood all over his claws. Maybe he just ate Pity or one of his friends. It’s hard to be serious about a plush, but the character makes horror seem like a comedy. Nonetheless, the black standing Gloomy Bear plush is a newbie and a once-off for 2022.

Black Standing Gloomy Bear Plush

Black Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: Gloomy Bear Store
  • Size: 8″
  • Position: Standing
  • Unique Fact: There’s only one solid black Gloomy Bear

Black Gloomy Bear Pros

  • Black Gloomy Bear is a must-own for collectors because he’s the only substantially black edition available from a 2021 launch
  • The details look brilliant on this Gloomy Bear because it’s simple red and black, a favorite color combo

Black Gloomy Bear Cons

  • I would remove the white speck on Gloomy’s nose that breaks the perfect color combination

Blue Zombie Gloomy Bear Plush

The debate about whether Gloomy looks like a zombie or a color-splashed pumpkin still surfs my mind. Either way, this plush is an incredible collector’s piece because it looks so different from the others. Of course, gloomy also wears his tongue out as a zombie would, but the purple and green colors remove some of the nightmares.

Blue Zombie Gloomy Bear Plush

Blue Zombie Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: GEE on Amazon
  • Size: 8″
  • Position: Sitting
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy looks like a zombie

Blue Zombie Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The blue zombie Gloomy Bear plush is cuter than most because it doesn’t have the blood splatters
  • It’s an unusual version you have to own as a collector, and the eyes look fantastic for a zombie plush

Blue Zombie Gloomy Bear Cons

  • The color mismatches remove the nightmare from this Gloomy version, but he’s a must-own anyway

Fantasy Edition Gloomy Bear Plush (NEW!)

It almost looks like Gloomy Bear returns to his mascot roots when the colors change to good designs for children. However, the latest version of Gloomy still has bloody effects and dangerous eyes. You’ll also have four options from which to choose when it launches later this year. Sitting or standing will be the first choice.

Fantasy Edition Gloomy Bear Plush (NEW!)

Fantasy Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: Gloomy Bear Store
  • Size: 12″ or 13.5″
  • Position: Sitting or standing
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy has a rainbow color scheme

Fantasy Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The fantasy Gloomy Bear has four unique options, including a sitting bear with pink or blue eyes, and a standing bear with pink or blue eyes
  • The rainbow colors don’t remove too much of Gloomy’s nightmarish style because they look faded

Fantasy Gloomy Bear Cons

  • Unfortunately, you might still have to wait for your Gloomy rainbow edition

Gray Very Bloody Gloomy Plush

The very bloody variations of Gloomy are the largest among the plush range. However, they’re insane collector’s pieces for fans who love anime gore. It looks like Gloomy just feasted on a human, and blood covers his entire face. The red eyes and claws undoubtedly add to the anime horror of this plush.

Gray Very Bloody Gloomy Plush

Gray Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: Gloomy Bear Store
  • Size: 18″
  • Position: Standing
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy has a lot more blood

Gray Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The gray Gloomy Bear plush looks brilliantly evil and nightmarish for suitable collectors
  • The claws look more realistic on the gray bear, and the red eyes beautifully match the gore of blood

Gray Gloomy Bear Cons

  • There’s only one version of the Gloomy gray Bear for now, but more might come

Pink Gloomy Bear Sitting Plush

Let’s go back to the roots of Gloomy Bear, the mascot with a pink coloration and blood splatter on his face, chest, and claws. But first, you must own the original pink versions as a collector. I always begin my collections with the foundation of colors and variations before stocking up on alternatives.

Pink Gloomy Bear Sitting Plush

Pink Sitting Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: GEE on Walmart
  • Size: 7″
  • Position: Sitting
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy looks utterly mischievous in this version

Pink Sitting Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The sitting Gloomy Bear plush is scary because he looks like he just feasted on someone, now licking his fingers (or claws)
  • I love that Gloomy also looks to the side, adding some depth to a nightmarish collector’s display

Pink Sitting Gloomy Bear Cons

  • Gloomy’s eyes and nose look brown more than black, which is disappointing

Pink Gloomy Bear With T-Shirt Plush

The most original variation of Gloomy Bear’s pink color is when he wears the red t-shirt. The biggest downfall of this Gloomy plush is that the bear looks less dangerous than most variations. The hands-up variation with the t-shirt looks like the poor bear is giving up, allowing hunters to take him away.

Pink Gloomy Bear With T-Shirt Plush

Red T-Shirt Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: GEE on Walmart
  • Size: 8″
  • Position: Standing
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy wears a unique t-shirt

Red T-Shirt Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The red t-shirt Gloomy Bear plush is unique enough to want in any collection and looks somewhat cute
  • Gloomy has a new mascot shape in this design, almost making humans feel sorry for him

Red T-Shirt Gloomy Bear Cons

  • I would’ve scattered blood all over Gloomy’s t-shirt for his reputation

Pink Hands-Up Gloomy Bear Plush

I still see the humor in the standard hands-up Gloomy plush because he looks like a dancing circus bear instead. However, the designers likely intended the bear to look like he was about to attack someone. Unfortunately, it didn’t end as they wished. Instead, he nearly looks cute enough for children.

Pink Hands-Up Gloomy Bear Plush

Hands-Up Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: Gloomy Bear Store
  • Size: 8″
  • Position: Standing
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy throws his claws in the air

Hands-Up Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The humorous, dancing version of Gloomy Bear plush is my favorite for a starter to the collection
  • Gloomy still maintains some horror effect with his bloody claws, chest, and face, and his eyes look deeper

Hands-Up Gloomy Bear Cons

  • It’s one of the least scary versions of Gloomy for collectors

Pink Standing Gloomy Bear Plush

Gloomy’s most common version is the standing pink bear. Indeed, he still has blood everywhere and looks like a mad grizzly about to tear people apart. However, he also works as an excellent starter piece for Gloomy Bear fans. This version is as close to the original 20-year-old mascot as you’ll find online.

Pink Standing Gloomy Bear Plush

Standing Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: GEE on Amazon
  • Size: 8″
  • Position: Standing
  • Unique Fact: It’s the standard version of Gloomy

Standing Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The standing Gloomy Bear plush is another recommendation to start the anime-related collection
  • Gloomy’s classic style makes him ideal for older children who watch the series, but none younger than 15

Standing Gloomy Bear Cons

  • The original Gloomy Bear plush’s nose is far too small compared to his eyes

Pink Tongue-Out Gloomy Bear Plush

Gloomy’s tongue-out variation is fantastic because a wild bear would undoubtedly lick his lips after eating anything or anyone. It makes the bear look like a real animal while keeping the comical edge alive behind the character. Indeed, the anime series is supposedly funny, but I disagree and won’t allow children to watch it.

Pink Tongue-Out Gloomy Bear Plush

Tongue-Out Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: GEE on Walmart
  • Size: 8″
  • Position: Standing
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy licks his lips after a tasty human meal

Tongue-Out Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The tongue-out Gloomy Bear plush is another brilliant collector’s piece for fans starting the Gloomy range
  • This version of Gloomy is the only one that makes him look as comical and childish as the creator wanted

Tongue-Out Gloomy Bear Cons

  • Unfortunately, tongue-out versions are more fragile, as the tongue might eventually break off

Pink Zombie Gloomy Bear Plush

The base color is the only difference between the pink and blue zombie Gloomy Bear plushes. They both have a slightly sweeter design that might even appeal to children. The pink Gloomy zombie version also has a tongue sticking out and color patches that reduce the nightmarish effects slightly.

Pink Zombie Gloomy Bear Plush

Pink Zombie Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: GEE on Amazon
  • Size: 8″
  • Position: Sitting
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy turns into a pink zombie

Pink Zombie Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The pink zombie Gloomy Bear plush is closer to the original and might appeal more to die-hard fans
  • The eyes have more detail, using two colors to create depth and a zombie-styled effect

Pink Zombie Gloomy Bear Cons

  • Unfortunately, the Gloomy zombie Bears don’t look as frightening as others because of the color splashes

Shaggy Monotone Gloomy Bear Plush

The shaggy Gloomy Bear plushies are adorable enough for children. However, you can still see what should be blood dripping from their mouths. So instead, the colors change to monotone or two-tone plushies that remove the red blood. The two-tone Gloomy is the most adorable, but the black one looks dreadfully scary.

Shaggy Monotone Gloomy Bear Plush

Shaggy Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: Gloomy Bear Store
  • Size: 12″
  • Position: Sitting
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy gains more fur and adopts monotone colors

Shaggy Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The shaggy monotone Gloomy Bear plushes bring new colors and designs to a collection for avid fans
  • The shaggy exteriors feel incredible, and the Gloomy two-tone plush looks cute enough for children

Shaggy Gloomy Bear Cons

  • Gloomy Bear isn’t supposed to be cute, and I don’t love the adorable versions much

Skeleton Costume Gloomy Bear Plush

Gloomy is supposed to be spooky instead. This skeleton costume design increases the creepy man-eating bear element for avid collectors. The orange color relates to Halloween, but Gloomy looks entirely different from an orange bear. He looks like a genuine pumpkin creature with this coloration.

Skeleton Costume Gloomy Bear Plush

Skeleton Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: Gloomy Bear Store
  • Size: 8″
  • Position: Standing
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy looks like a pumpkin in a costume

Skeleton Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The skeleton Gloomy Bear plush is ideal for Halloween fans who also watch the anime series
  • I love the skeleton costume more than Gloomy’s orange bear inside, but it’s another collectible variation

Skeleton Gloomy Bear Cons

  • The orange bear entirely removes Gloomy’s scary aspects

Standing Panda Gloomy Bear Plush

Gloomy’s panda variation is oddly creepier than most of the color versions. The eyes take on a new nightmare design that makes him look more zombie-like than the actual zombie variations. I love this version of Gloomy and would add him to my collection any day. He’s also the ideal size for more extensive displays.

Panda Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: Gloomy Bear Store
  • Size: 8″
  • Position: Standing
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy becomes a panda bear

Panda Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The panda Gloomy Bear plush stands tall as a collectible, zombie-like Eastern bear for anime fans
  • The red blood seems to pop better against the panda design, making Gloomy even creepier

Panda Gloomy Bear Cons

  • I’m unsure why the creator didn’t use a panda bear initially as an Eastern design

Textillic Skullhearts Gloomy Bear Plush

Gloomy Bear’s skull/heart variations come in different colors, including red, pink, and black, each one maintaining his slight scare with the bloody drippings from his mouth. However, the distracting pattern looks more French than anything. The pattern reminds me of Fleur-de-Lis, a standard floral-type French design.

Skullhearts Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: Gloomy Bear Store
  • Size: 11″
  • Position: Sitting
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy has an exciting and unique pattern

Skullhearts Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The Skullhearts Gloomy Bear plushies offer three unique colors for collectors to enjoy
  • The prints are busy but look close enough to see the skulls within the hearts that resemble French designs

Skullhearts Gloomy Bear Cons

  • The color and pattern might be too distracting for my collection

Vampire Costume Gloomy Bear Plush

Gloomy Bear in a vampire costume is my ultimate variation for the little grizzly with a massive, naughty appetite. In addition, this variation works beautifully for Halloween fans. Indeed, you can be a Halloween and anime fan, even though the rituals originate from different corners of the world.

Vampire Costume Gloomy Bear Plush

Vampire Gloomy Bear Features

  • Supplier: GEE on Amazon
  • Size: 7″
  • Position: Sitting
  • Unique Fact: Gloomy turns into a purple vampire

Vampire Gloomy Bear Pros

  • The vampire Gloomy Bear plush is a unique addition to any anime fan’s collection
  • Gloomy looks more evil in this version, even though he has no blood dripping from his mouth, which would be fantastic because he’s a vampire

Vampire Gloomy Bear Cons

  • Gloomy turns purple, which suits some fans and not others, and he has wings that feel awkward in a collectible display


Question: Are Gloomy Bear and Gloomy Bunny Related?

Answer: No, I consider them fantastic friends for my plush collection, but the two aren’t from the same series. Gloomy Bear started as a mascot 20 years ago, earning his anime series. In contrast, Gloomy Bunny comes from Hatsune Miku, an entirely different anime series. Don’t worry; it’s an easy mistake for plush collectors.

Question: Which Gloomy Bear Plush Are Rare in 2022?

Answer: Some Gloomy Bear plush is challenging to find. I didn’t include them because they’re no longer available. However, I’ll share a source to find those no longer available. However, I can’t guarantee authenticity from this online store. I’m also a collector looking for rare plushies. Some rare plush includes:
Black and White Crazy Gloomy Bear Plush
Black Gloomy Bear Plush Backpack
Black Monotone Checkered Gloomy Plush
Black Prisoner Gloomy Bear Plush
Gloomy Bear on a Gloomy Sunday Plush
Green Gloomy Bear Plush
Laced-Ears Gloomy Bear Plush
Messy, Juicy Gloomy Bear Plush
Purple Tongue-Out Gloomy Bear Plush
Red Tongue-Out Gloomy Bear Plush
Rockstar Gloomy Bear Plush
Three-Eyed Gloomy Bear Plush
White Gloomy Bear Plush

Question: What Is Gloomy Bear’s Story?

Answer: Gloomy Bear began as a Sanrio mascot 20 years ago, but his story relates better to the anime series called Gloomy, the Naughty Grizzly. A young boy called Pity finds Gloomy as a baby bear, trying to tame him. However, Gloomy cannot lose his carnivorous roots and eats people occasionally. It’s not a child-friendly story.

Gloomy Bear Plush Guide: Conclusion

Gloomy Bear has a massive fandom and offers many different types of merchandise. I love the plush more than other merchandise because it’s what I collect. I wouldn’t allow my children to collect Gloomy Bear plush yet, but maybe when they’re a little older. For now, it’s my collectible joy to find every variation available.

I recommend starting your collection by buying the humorous Pink Hands-Up Gloomy Bear Plush that looks like he’s in a dancing mood. In addition, it’s one of the classic pink Gloomy Bears you have to add to a collection as a true fan. However, 15 more Gloomy Bear plush are waiting to join your anime collection.

So, waste no more time choosing your unique variations to expand the Gloomy Bear anime collection today.

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