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Springtrap Plush Guide: Afton’s Plush

I’m an avid pop culture plush toys collector and enthusiast. Springtrap’s jumpscare and harmful abilities make him the most feared animatronic in the Five Nights at Freddy’s games. However, it helps to know everything about Springtrap to find suitable plush, which I do in my Springtrap plush guide.

My passions lead to Squishmallows, Pokémon plush, and various FNAF plushies. It matters to me that a plush represents the character ideally to make it a collectible piece. So, welcome to my guide if you want to focus on Springtrap plush as an avid fan or an FNAF-crazed gamer who wants specific characters.

springtrap plush

Springtrap Plush Bottom Line Up Front

Springtrap is likely to give you a spring in the games. So, the insane William Afton animatronic plush will appeal to fans who enjoy the outrageous jumpscares and attacks from the possessed character. Springtrap’s appearance in Special Delivery makes my heart skip a beat each time he pops out of nowhere.

My son also plays the game and agrees with how creepy the animatronic looks and sounds. So, it honors me to write an article for another frightening Five Nights at Freddy’s animatronic for collectors, fans, and enthusiastic gamers to ensure everyone finds a collectible plush. I’ll begin with a background of Springtrap.

Then, I’ll show you how to identify Springtrap plush among withered Bonnie and other fans who often mistake it for the primary antagonist from FNAF Special Delivery. But first, let me share an example that makes me question whether it’s a plush toy or if it will jumpscare me at midnight.

The Pop Cultcha FNAF 8″ Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush comes from Funko plush but is limited to Australia and the UK. However, it has many accurate details below the tie-dye colors and shades and looks insanely creepy. You’ll have to import it, but it will become the most collectible version of Springtrap you can source.

Meanwhile, let’s discover Springtrap’s secrets before seeing more of his character plush.

How I Selected the Springtrap Plush Examples

Springtrap has a world of plush awaiting you. The plush must share details of what you see in the games. Still, I’ll be more selective of my examples only to show good representations of the insane William Afton plush. So, I’ll only select plushies that perfectly capture the purple guy once devoured by the animatronic.

In addition, it must look like a good-quality plush with suitable colors and features and have quality stitching and durable details. Furthermore, I’ll share purple guy plushies 12 inches and under to appeal to fans, gamers, and collectors. Additionally, I’ll search in stores that offer a good variety of FNAF plush.

Some stores that offer various FNAF plushies include Walmart, US and UK Amazon, and Pop Cultcha in Australia. Sometimes, you must ship plush into the US to get limited editions. Finally, I’ll add two examples of Spring Bonnie because she became Springtrap. However, withered Bonnie isn’t an option for Springtrap plush.

Springtrap Plush Guide: Every Craze

I found nine variations of Springtrap and Spring Bonnie plushies to share, each bringing something phenomenal to gamers, fans, collectors, and enthusiasts. So, let’s not waste more time and dive into what makes each Springtrap plush worthy of owning. Meanwhile, I’ll share what makes them unworthy.

Toy Funny 5″ FNAF Springtrap Plush

springtrap plush guide toy funny 5 fnaf springtrap plush

The smallest FNAF Springtrap plush I found is five inches tall. It has exquisite details to show the maniac’s withered, torn, and tattered nature. The plush toy’s ear is missing, and you can see the wires protruding from where it was. In addition, the toes look fleshy and creepy, and Springtrap’s infamous smile will freak you out.

FNAF Springtrap Plush Pros

  • The FNAF Springtrap plush has matching details for the game’s character
  • The fleshy bits, torn and tattered body, and missing ear complete the plush
  • It has the correct color and looks insane, with an ear-to-ear grin
  • Fans and gamers will enjoy collecting a Springtrap lookalike plush

FNAF Springtrap Plush Cons

  • The eyes don’t look as creepy as the rest of the plush toy’s design
  • Springtrap has longer arms and a meaner face

Funko 6″ FNAF Springtrap Plush

springtrap plush guide funko 6 fnaf springtrap plush

No brand can beat Funko plush for FNAF merchandise and collectibles. So, the six-inch FNAF Springtrap plush from Funko is my second favorite among the examples. The details and features are more accurate than most, and many collectors enjoy six-inch tall plushies from FNAF. It allows them to buy more of the same brands.

Funko FNAF Springtrap Plush Pros

  • The Funko FNAF Springtrap plush is spot-on in every way
  • The Springtrap plush toy’s eyes, grin, missing ear, wires, and tattered body are perfect
  • The FNAF plush toy’s colors are as green as store-bought olives
  • Fans, collectors, enthusiasts, and gamers can enjoy a collectible brand and Springtrap plush

Funko FNAF Springtrap Plush Cons

  • I didn’t come from a store I expected to find FNAF plushes
  • I prefer eight inches for a collectible FNAF plush

Amriver 7″ FNAF Springtrap Plush Set

springtrap plush guide amriver 7 fnaf springtrap plush set

Amriver supplies a fantastic seven-inch Springtrap plush set that includes a well-matched representation of the insane animatronic with Willian Afton’s soul. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the set to get the seven-inch FNAF Springtrap plush. Still, you also get pirate Foxy and an unmatched Bonnie plush as a bonus.

FNAF Springtrap Plush Pros

  • The FNAF Springtrap plush set includes three infamous animatronics
  • Springtrap’s details feature the missing ear, wires, grin, and tattered body
  • Springtrap’s plush colors are near-perfect, and his eyes look profoundly evil
  • Some fans will enjoy the multi-pack, and it shows Springtrap as the right amount of creepy

FNAF Springtrap Plush Cons

  • You have to buy three FNAF plushes to get one Springtrap stuffed toy
  • The color is slightly off, and the gray under Springtrap’s feet doesn’t match well

Five Nights at Freddy’s 8″ Springtrap Plush

springtrap plush guide five nights at freddy's 8 springtrap plush

Eight-inch Springtrap plushes are my ideal size for collectibles because they allow me to own many more of the same pop culture choices. The FNAF eight-inch Springtrap plush is perfect and looks like the possessed animatronic after William Afton’s soul gets trapped inside the costume. It’s creepier than you realize.

FNAF Springtrap Plush Pros

  • The FNAF eight-inch Springtrap plush goes beyond creepy with this option
  • The Springtrap plush has accurate flesh details, a missing ear, and wires sticking out
  • The FNAF plush toy looks nightmarish with an evil grin and the right shade of olive green
  • Fans, gamers, and collectors will scoop this high-quality Springtrap plush up in seconds

FNAF Springtrap Plush Cons

  • Springtrap’s plush eyes might send you into a nightmarish dreamland
  • The poor purple guy plush needs longer arms, as on most choices

Maikerry 8″ FNAF Springtrap Plush

springtrap plush guide maikerry 8 fnaf springtrap plush

Somehow, Maikerry designed a Springtrap plush that looks more disturbing and mentally dangerous than others. It’s another eight-inch FNAF plush to welcome significant collections from the pop culture fandom. However, the demented stare in Springtrap’s eyes might send you over the edge of a nightmare realm.

FNAF Springtrap Plush Pros

  • The Maikerry eight-inch Springtrap plush looks more demented than evil
  • The FNAF plush toy’s eery grin, wired ear, and tattered body are spot-on
  • The plush toy’s colors are olive green, and it has fleshy notes below the torn pieces
  • Fans and gamers who think Springtrap is demented will enjoy this plush more

FNAF Springtrap Plush Cons

  • The FNAF Springtrap plush will devour your peace at midnight
  • The demented eyes can also look goofy, which defeats the object of Springtrap’s evil

FNAF 7″ Spring Bonnie Plush

springtrap plush guide fnaf 7 spring bonnie plush

I include Spring Bonnie plush among Springtrap plushies because it’s how the madman got his animatronic possessed by his demented soul. Spring Bonnie was one of two animatronics humans could use as costumes, which led to William Ashton turning into a creepy jumpscare that could hurt your in-game character.

FNAF Spring Bonnie Plush Pros

  • The FNAF Spring Bonnie plush matches the original animatronic nicely
  • Spring Bonnie’s near-human eyes, cute ears, and purple bowtie are spot-on
  • The Spring Bonnie plush has the innocent expression of the animatronic outfit
  • Die-hard FNAF gamers, fans, collectors, and enthusiasts will bring Spring Bonnie to the mix

FNAF Spring Bonnie Plush Cons

  • The FNAF Spring Bonnie plush doesn’t represent Springtrap
  • It looks adorable and mildly off-putting for horror-game enthusiasts

Funko FNAF 7″ Spring Bonnie Plush

springtrap plush guide funko fnaf 7 spring bonnie plush

Funko plush makes the best FNAF plushies for Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, and Chica. Meanwhile, the Spring Bonnie Funko plush is next-level accurate and adorable for die-hard enthusiasts. So, I enjoy the brand’s options for Spring Bonnie and Springtrap. Indeed, I’m not done with him yet. I’m merely saving the best for last.

Funko FNAF Spring Bonnie Plush Pros

  • The Funko FNAF, Spring Bonnie plush, strikes every chord perfectly
  • Spring Bonnie looks more accurate with the right colors and expression
  • The Spring Bonnie Funko plush has profoundly silent eyes that make her look more serious
  • Gamers, fans, enthusiasts, and collectors can enjoy adding an unusual animatronic from a collectible brand

Funko FNAF Spring Bonnie Plush Cons

  • The Funko FNAF Spring Bonnie plush doesn’t represent Springtrap
  • Spring Bonnie still looks too sweet among horror-game FNAF plushies

Limited Edition Pop Cultcha FNAF 8″ Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush

Springtrap Tie Dye Plushies Plush

How can you make Springtrap look more insane, demented, and creepy? Of course, you can add a limited edition eight-inch Springtrap plush from Australia. Indeed, shipping won’t be fast or cheap, but you’ll have a plush no other FNAF fan in the US owns. You can’t find tie-dye Springtrap plush in the US unless on eBay.

FNAF Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush Pros

  • The FNAF eight-inch tie-dye Springtrap plush looks much creepier than others
  • The plush still has an olive-green design but focuses on a different shade for tie-dye patterns
  • Somehow, Springtrap looks worse, and he has the missing ear, wires, and evil grin to match
  • Genuine fans, collectors, and gamers will go wild for Funko plush limited editions from other countries

FNAF Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush Cons

  • The FNAF tie-dye Springtrap plush doesn’t match the design perfectly
  • It looks worse to make you cringe at midnight when your eyes lock with the plush

Limited Edition 12″ Funko Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush

springtrap plush guide limited edition 12inch funko tie-dye springtrap plush

Funko plush also released a 12-inch tie-dye Springtrap plush you can’t find in the US. Fortunately, some stores still stock the limited edition FNAF plushies in larger sizes. So, you’ll have to import it, but the Trade Inn doesn’t take long with shipping and has excellent customer support. So, here’s another creepy Springtrap.

Funko FNAF Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush Pros

  • The Funko FNAF 12-inch tie-dye Springtrap plush brings everything the last one did in a bigger size
  • The details and features are accurate, including Springtrap’s missing ear, grin, and tattered body
  • The color is nearly perfect with an olive-green blend in the tie-dye patterns
  • Collectors, fans, gamers, and enthusiasts can enjoy a collectible brand and limited edition FNAF plush

Funko FNAF Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush Cons

  • The colors are slightly off with the tie-dye Springtrap plushies
  • You’ll have to import and pay extra for the limited edition Springtrap plush from Funko

Recommended Alternatives for Springtrap Plush

freddy fazbear plush

Springtrap doesn’t have many plushies yet, meaning you’ll need some alternatives to fill the gap until more plushies hit the market. So, I can recommend a few Five Nights at Freddy’s plush options to keep your fandom’s heart pleased until you find more Springtrap plushes. Let’s see which alternatives would work.

Firstly, the Best FNAF Plush Guide gives you a broad range of options, including Bonnie, Freddy, Chica, and Foxy. It’s an excellent place to start looking for alternative FNAF plush. Alternatively, look into the Fredbear Plush Guide for various types of Freddy Fazbear FNAF plush to collect, including many animatronic versions.

Furthermore, you can try the Foxy Plush Guide if you enjoy the pirate with all her variations throughout different games. Finally, the Freddy Fazbear Plush Guide will only show you classic Freddy Fazbear plushies to collect for serious fans, gamers, and enthusiasts. Each alternative brings something new to your collection.


Question: Does Funko Make Springtrap Plush?

Answer: Yes, Funko plush launched various Springtrap plushies. Unfortunately, the limited editions didn’t sell in the US. For example, the Pop Cultcha FNAF 8″ Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush was exclusive to Australia. However, some stores sell the regular ones, like Moon Walk Baby, which sells the Funko 6″ FNAF Springtrap Plush.

Question: Where Can I Find the Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush?

Answer: Funko plush released two sizes for the tie-dye Springtrap plush. Unfortunately, neither is in the US. So, you’ll find the Pop Cultcha FNAF 8″ Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush in Australia, and they ship to the US. Alternatively, you’ll find and import the 12″ Funko Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush on global marketplaces like Trade Inn.

Question: What Is the Nightmare Springtrap Plush?

Answer: I must share bad news because there’s no such thing as a nightmare Springtrap plush. Springtrap doesn’t change his form, identity, or version like others animatronics. Instead, he remains the same animatronic many fans mistake for withered Bonnie. Springtrap is an animatronic costume with William Afton’s soul.

Springtrap Plush Guide: Conclusion

Springtrap plushes are limited this year, but source the unusual designs exclusive to other countries to find more scary William Afton plush. Alternatively, add Spring Bonnie as a pre-story for Springtrap in your plush collection. However, grab the Funko 6″ FNAF Springtrap Plush as your primary starter.

Funko plush is highly collectible. So, grab them before they sell out. Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to order my favorite example, the Pop Cultcha FNAF 8″ Tie-Dye Springtrap Plush, another Funko joy with collectible value. However, it won’t remain in stores long as a limited edition. So, grab your Funko Springtrap plush today.

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