The Best Cat Plush Guide

I absolutely love cats and plush, so coming up with this guide was enjoyable. Whether you’re young or old, you deserve to have some cute cat plush in your life!

There are so many to choose from, and if you’re thinking of the perfect gift, it can be tricky. That’s where this best cat plush guide comes in.

I’ve created it for the plush cat enthusiast in your life! Read this guide to ensure that you have some top picks for cat plush toys today!

Bottom Line Up Front

From Pusheen to Hello Kitty, there are various cat plush to choose from! If I had to choose a favorite, though, I’d have to go with the Black Cat Plush toy pillow.

I love how squishy and huggable this toy is! Plus, I feel like black cats get an unfair bad rap; they’re some of the sweetest cats.

Whether you’re a child or adult, you’re bound to love the soft to the touch fur, the bright green eyes glistening up at you, and the adorable whiskers! I love how it’s multipurpose too. You can use it as a pillow or as a cuddly toy.

My Top Picks at a Glance

Cat Plush Toy
  1. Black Cat Plush Toy Pillow- I love how cuddly and soft this toy is. It’s perfect for children and adults alike, and you can even use it as a pillow
  2. Super Pusheenicorn Squisheen Sitting Pose-My list wouldn’t be complete without Pusheen. You can’t go wrong with a Pusheen Unicorn, either!
  3. Hello Kitty Pusheen Hello Kitty Costume Plush-If you love this, order her fast because she doesn’t stick around for long! She is super soft, light, and cuddly.
  4. Cinnamon Roll Squisheen-The ultimate soft and cuddly toy. She’s actually a larger size, and I keep her right on my couch.
  5. Cute Kitten Plush Toy Stuffed Animal-For cat and anime lovers alike, this is a great gift. She’s actually a great size and super cuddly. You can choose from different colors too.
  6. HOTBEST 12IN Lovely Cat Plush Toy- This plush is soft, round, and cuddly. I love how she’s a great size to pick up and cuddle. She’s also easy to carry around.

Tips for the Reader

As you go through this list, think about what cat toys you or the recipient enjoys. Do they like specific themes?

For example, Pusheen has many different themes! From unicorn to Hello Kitty. There are even different color combos too. Or, if they’ll receive the gift for the holidays, there are Pusheen-themed holiday editions.

Does the person who is a cat enthusiast currently have cats? You can consider writing notes about the ones that look like their current pet.

Selection Criteria

Cat Plush

As I’m going through this list, I’m thinking about different plushies that I love or know others will enjoy. Of course, Pusheen is at the top of my list since she’s of high-quality material and I’m a collector.

I’m also considering other plushies that cat enthusiasts would enjoy, including anime fans.

How to Pick Out the Best Cat Plush

First, decide whether you’ll be carrying your cat plush to different places or keeping them at home. Next, will they be part of a collection, or do you want one that’s soft and cuddly?

If it’s a gift, you’ll want to consider the different cat toys that this person already has. You’ll definitely want to avoid giving them a duplicate! Instead, consider cat plushies that look like their current pet too.

All About Pusheen!

I love Pusheen, if you haven’t already noticed. I have tons of Pusheen plushies around my home and as part of a collection.

It was hard to narrow down my favorites because there are so many squishy and cuddly Pusheens to choose from! Keep in mind, though, that if you see a Pusheen that you like, you’ll want to grab her fast. Since she’s very popular, some versions sell out fast.

Cinnamon Roll Squisheen

Cinnamon Roll Squisheen

The ultimate plush is the Cinnamon Roll Squisheen! When she arrived, I couldn’t believe how big she was.

You definitely get your money’s worth here, and she’s so cute. I absolutely love the white swirl on top, and she’s cuddly and soft.

She completes my café collection. I highly recommend the other parts of the collection (Ice cream sandwich, Macaroon, swiss roll, and donut).

If you’re a collector, this is one of the more popular Pusheens out there. Unfortunately, the price went up for her, and she was so hard to find for a while! Right now, she’s available again, so act fast.


  • Super soft and cuddly
  • Beautiful design and colors


  • This toy is definitely on the bigger side
  • Harder to find at times since she’s popular

Hello Kitty Pusheen Hello Kitty Costume Plush

Hello Kitty Pusheen Hello Kitty Costume Plush

Wow, I was so excited when I saw that Hello Kitty and Pusheen partnered together! I just had to get this one.

Since she’s popular, I had to wait for the second round of shipments. The great part about Pusheen is that you can find her at various stores, including Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble, Claire’s, etc.

I love how soft and cuddly she is. She’s not too big and not too small, just the right size to carry around, and she’s lightweight. She even has the branded Hello Kitty Pusheen on her foot.


  • Soft and cuddly
  • The perfect size


  • Depending on who you order from, you might be waiting a while for her to arrive
  • Since she’s really popular, she could be sold out again soon

Super Pusheenicorn Squisheen Sitting Pose

Super Pusheenicorn Squisheen Sitting Pose

I love how you can get so many Pusheen plush, including a sitting unicorn. She’s so colorful and fun.

Her cute little mohawk reminds me of mythical mermaid colors of pinks and purples. Her pink tail is bright and stands out too.

The silver horn blends in but isn’t too bright. Her look is complete with a purple crescent moon and tiny wings!

I just wish her tiny wings were a bit larger since they’re easy to miss. Fortunately, she still sticks to the traditional look of Pusheen smiling even though she’s white instead of gray.


  • Beautiful colors
  • Great for children, too, since many love unicorns


  • I wish that the wings were larger since they’re easy to miss
  • I’d like to see a design or color on her feet

Rainbow Pusheen Plush

Rainbow Pusheen Plush

The Rainbow Pusheen Plush was popular, and people were paying top dollar for her. I absolutely love her pink, blue, and orange colors, like the sunrise. She even has the cutest pink cheeks.

The cloud is an added plus. Instead of a rainbow, she reminds me more of a sunrise. She’s about 11″ tall, so not too big or small. Perfect for those who are at least eight years old.


  • She’s incredibly popular and makes a great collector’s edition
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Beautiful colors


  • She’s not as big and squishy as the others
  • Since she’s popular, it might be harder to find her if you wait

Round Squisheen Plush

Round Squisheen Plush

I love how round and squishy this plush is! Plus, you can pick her out in yellow, blue, and pink.

Unfortunately, at posting this, she’s not available in blue in some locations. You really get your money’s worth here, though, with how large she is. She makes the perfect squishy for a day of cuddling and relaxing while watching your favorite movie.


  • Soft and cuddly
  • Bright and beautiful pastel colors
  • Super popular


  • Since she’s popular, the color of your choice might not be available
  • She’s on the larger size, which makes it harder to carry her around
GUND Pusheen Snackable Cookie Stuffed Animal Plush

At 9.5″, she’s the perfect size for picking up and cuddling with. I love how Pusheen is in her element eating a chocolate chip cookie.

This looks like the traditional Pusheen since she’s with her classic gray fur. You can also check out Pusheen + donut Plush or Pusheen + Potato Chip Cat Plush.

There’s also a Birthday Cupcake or Pusheen + Pusheenicorn Plush, but at the time of posting this, they’re sold out. Pusheen and cookie lovers alike will love the soft fur of Pusheen. I even love how it looks like she has her mouth full after taking a bite of the cookie!


  • Looks like the original Pusheen
  • Unique that her mouth seems stuffed, and she just took a bite out of the cookie


  • A more basic design
  • Nothing unique about this Pusheen

Unique Cat Plush

While Pusheen is a ton of fun, so are other cat plush out there. There are plenty of options to choose from, from black cats to anime designs.

Black Cat Plush Toy Pillow

Black Cat Plush Toy Pillow

Whether you want to cuddle up with this black cat plush or use her as a pillow, you have options. I love how bright and observant her beautiful green eyes are.

She’s round, soft, and cuddly for you to carry around. I love how she’s a darker color, too, since black cats are beautiful! Perfect for children and adults alike since she’s squishy!


  • Soft and cuddly
  • Beautiful coloring


  • Since she’s large and round, it’s more awkward to carry her around
  • Not a good option for younger children

Cute Kitten Plush Toy Stuffed Animal

Cute Kitten Plush Toy Stuffed Animal

I love how soft and cuddly she is! She’s perfect for sitting on a child’s lap while they’re watching their favorite movie.

You can also choose between three different sizes and four different colors. So whether your friend/child love anime or cats, this plushy will be a great gift.

Her coloring and material are great too. Her soft pink cheeks with her bright brown eyes are too adorable. You can even use her as a pillow during the day when you’re relaxing.


  • Soft and cuddly texture
  • Bright colors
  • An Excellent size for cuddles


  • If they don’t like anime, then they might not like her
  • When she first arrives, you have to let her sit out to expand since she can flatten during shipping

HOTBEST 12IN Lovely Cat Plush Toy

HOTBEST 12IN Lovely Cat Plush Toy

This adorable cat plush toy has gotten great reviews because of how cuddly and soft she is. Her coloring is cute too.

I love how she has one black ear and one that’s brown. She’s perfect for a calico-loving home. She’s also a great size, making her ideal for cuddling and using her as a pillow after a long day.

The whiskers match the eyes, and the cute pink nose and mouth stand out on this cutie. Her little tail is even black and brown like the ears!


  • Soft and cuddly
  • Beautiful coloring
  • Perfect for fans of calicos


  • I just wish that the calico pattern could have continued on her body
  • She’s kind of too large to be carrying around

Intelex Warmies Microwavable Plush 13″ Calico Cat

Intelex Warmies Microwavable Plush 13 Calico Cat

Another excellent option for those who love Calico cats! I love her coloring and how it goes along her entire body.

She’s super soft, and I love the texture of her fur. You can even microwave her for a smooth, warm, and cuddly cat. I also love how she comes with a lavender scent.

Be mindful when microwaving her. You only want to microwave her for 60 seconds and supervise your children.


  • Microwavable
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Calico coloring


  • On the thinner side, which means less squishy
  • I wish the colors were a bit brighter

Hello Kitty Plush

No cat plush list would be complete without a nod to Hello Kitty! She has been around for years and is loved by children and adults alike.

Whether you’re a collector or just want one Hello Kitty plush, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Quioee Cute Hello Kitty Plush Toy

Quioee Cute Hello Kitty Plush Toy

She’s so cute! I love her bow, love the heart that she’s holding, and pink heart toes. Her pink dress matches the rest of the pink too.

If you know someone who loves cats, Hello Kitty, and pink, then you’ve found the ultimate gift. She makes the perfect present for Valentine’s Day or another day.

She’s about 9.8 inches which is great for cuddling and carrying her around. You can even choose larger sizes such as 15.74 and 12.99 inches.


  • Adorable design and colors
  • Options in sizing


  • Shipping takes a while
  • Comes from overseas, so you might experience shipping delays

Sanrio Hello Kitty Plush Maneki-Neko

Sanrio Hello Kitty Plush Maneki-Neko

I love how colorful and beautiful this Hello Kitty is. She will remind you of Japan’s famous cherry blossom season with her colorful kimono and bow.

She’s even imported from Japan in this traditional kimono. The pink pillow that she comes sitting on is soft too. She’s perfect for cuddling, too, since she’s nice and smooth.


  • Traditional kimono
  • Imported from Japan


  • Her head and body are thinner than other Hello Kitty plush
  • The colors might be loud for some people

XGJMY Hello Kitty Plush Toys

XGJMY Hello Kitty Plush Toys

She’s so cute and cuddly! I love how she’s holding a big strawberry that’s the same color as her bow.

The foot has beautiful branding that says, Hello Kitty. You can also choose from various sizes, including 11.8 inches, 30 cm, 40 cm, and 50 cm.

The perfect gift for children or Hello Kitty enthusiasts alike! A great way to encourage your child to eat more fruit too.


  • A unique Hello Kitty holding a strawberry
  • Soft and cuddly and perfect for carrying her around
  • Various sizes to choose from


  • Since she’s imported, you’ll need to wait a while for her to arrive
  • She’s on the smaller side


Question: Where to Buy Stuffed Animals?

Answer: Target, Walmart, Amazon, Pusheen, and various other locations!

Question: What is the Largest Stuffed Animal?

Answer: A snake that’s about 420 m long!

Question: How Big is a Jellycat Cat Stuffed Animal?

Answer: It’s about 12 inches high. It’s a gray cat that both adults and children love!

Exploring the Best Cat Plush Guide

After exploring this best cat plush guide, I hope you have an easier time picking out a suitable toy for you or your family. Think about what hobbies and current toys someone has if it’s a gift. Make sure that they also don’t already have any of these!

At the end of the day, even though there are various options, I absolutely love the Black Cat Plush Toy Pillow.

She’s soft and cuddly and perfect for carrying around. Plus, she’s multipurpose since you can use her as a pillow!

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our other articles today.

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