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Minecraft is super fun to play, and I am not ashamed to admit that I spent years playing Minecraft with my son as he was growing up.  I am still playing it.  By myself, and I’ll tell you why.  It is addictive. Cushy soft, sweet Creepers peeking out at you, Villagers who rely on you to survive, and fearless monikers Alex and Steve, ready for battle day and night!

Minecraft has been an epic game since its release, and the adventures are non-stop as you explore different terrains and biomes, with caves, mountains, jungles, and icebergs!

Ghost villages with cobwebs or lively, thriving villages with gardens and luxury homes made by the inhabitants await your discovery. The game has chunky pixels that comprise everything and, depending on the placement of the pixels, can make an item scary or cute!

The same thing goes for the Minecraft Plushies that abound. Some perfectly replicate the characters in the game, and some are woefully wrong in their construction and either scare you or look like they belong on another planet!

Read on to find out what Minecraft plushies are worth the fuss and which aren’t!

Bottom Line Up Front

I recommend getting Steve or Alex first from the assortment of Minecraft plushies that are available.  These basic characters will represent “you” in the game.  What better way to take your imaginary journey home with you than by snuggling up with one of these soft, cuddly toys?

My bottom line for the best Minecraft plushie is Steve by JINX or Alex by JINX.  They both look realistic and true to the pixellated game versions, and if you don’t have one of them for a character, you can’t play the game!

1. JINX Minecraft Steve Plush

 Steve Plush Stuffed Toy

2. JINX Minecraft Plush Alex

Minecraft Alex Plush Stuffed Toy

How I Choose the Best Minecraft Plush Characters

Minecraft never gets old, even as I do, and going on infinite adventures to never-before-explored worlds is incredibly fascinating.  So, too, is building a massive castle in the sky or an underground cavern with four levels, stalactites, and stalagmites!  Look out for those dark corners where nasty things will spawn and hunt you!

  • When choosing a Minecraft plush toy, the most crucial question is, “would I get this for myself or my son?”

The answer has to be yes every time.  If the answer is no, it doesn’t make the cut.

  • The next question is, “do these plushies strongly resemble the game characters? If the answer is no, they don’t make the cut.

There is an enormous variety of skins, armor, weapons, and variations on the same character that it would be hard to eliminate based on what they are wearing.  The facial features are important to me – will this plushie give me the same vibe I get from the Minecraft character?

Other considerations for choosing the best Minecraft plushie include:

  • Softness
  • Quality and durability
  • Machine washable
  • Widely available
  • Budget-friendly
  • Safe

Quick View of My Top Picks for Best Minecraft Plushies

$8 to $20

$21 to $30

$31 to $40

$41 to $49

$50 to $65

Best Minecraft Plushies Pick

1. JINX Minecraft Steve Plush

J/INX Minecraft Steve Plush

Your game character will be the first thing you see when playing the game and the last thing you see when leaving it.  You will explore, battle, eat, sleep, and build with your character, so this figure is a must for Minecraft players!

I love that Steve is holding a pickaxe, the game’s most important tool (aside from a sword).  He is so soft and cuddly that you will want him to be your best buddy in all your home-bound adventures, too! Find Steve at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Realistic of the gaming image
  • Made by JINX for quality
  • Multi-colored embroidered details
  • Pickaxe
  • 12″ tall
  • More expensive

2. JINX Minecraft Plush Alex

JINX Minecraft Plush Alex

This girl is ready to mine with her pickaxe in hand and long pants and boots!  You can choose this female character when you set up a game in Minecraft.  I love the attention to detail and embroidery that goes into every plushie, plus the furry soft texture is fantastic for hugging close in bed.

Nothing is as essential to playing Minecraft as Alex is.  Her foot-high frame is perfect for use as a pillow and travel companion.  JINX makes the best Minecraft plushies having excellent quality, detailed features, and various sizes. Find Alex at Ganbino!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Realistic of the gaming image
  • Made by JINX for quality
  • Multi-colored embroidered details
  • Pickaxe
  • 12″ tall
  • Inexpensive
  • Hard to find

3. Minecraft Sheep Plush by Mine Craft

Minecraft Sheep Plush by Mine Craft

This cutie is so furry and soft he looks delicious! A whopping 16″ long and 12″ tall, this sheepster is filled with 100% polyester.  Perfect for a cuddle buddy, this sleep friend will keep you dreaming about your Minecraft farm animals all night.

Officially licensed Minecraft merchandise by Jay Franco, this adorable creature would be great to buy in multiples for a sheep family! Get the sheep at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Amazingly soft fur
  • Minecraft Brand
  • 190 five-star ratings
  • Big body pillow
  • Inexpensive
  • Realistic to game character
  • I wish they had more sizes!

4. Purring Minecraft Cat Neck Pillow by Mattel

Purring Minecraft Cat Neck Pillow by Mattel

Listen to this cushy soft Minecraft cat purr! A fantastic curved neck pillow made of super-soft fur with a pixellated face is just as enchanting as it is in the game.  I love this kitty for its pillow shape and the built-in audio purring.

It looks realistically like the cat in the Minecraft game and has almost 1,000 reviewers who rate it 4.7/5 stars! Buy the purring cat at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Realistic-looking Minecraft cat
  • Cushiony soft fur
  • Curved-shaped stays on the neck
  • 12″ long
  • Batteries Included
  • Great price
  • It’s only 5″ wide

5. Lighted Talking Minecraft Squid by Mattel

Lighted Talking Minecraft Squid by Mattel

Snuggle up with this foot-long Minecraft squid pal is a great way to go to bed.  Friendly and curious, this squid looks like the game version and even says, “Glug, Glug” when you tap its head!

You will also hear splashing noises just like in the game as the squid uses his eight legs to swim underwater and makes splashing noises. These sea green colors are gorgeous, and he lights up from his head to his toes! Get the talking squid at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Vibrant Blue Green Sea Colors
  • Super soft fuzzy fur
  • Realistic game image
  • Squid sounds right from the game
  • 4.8/5 stars from 200+ reviewers
  • Batteries included
  • I wish it was larger

6. Puffy Bee Minecraft Plushy by Mattel

Puffy Bee Minecraft Plushy by Mattel

The bees are so sweet in Minecraft as they hover around the Villager’s gardens and disappear into their hives at night!  So cute if you could provide enough flowers for them to stick around to make honey.

This fat bee is adorable with its pixellated wings and eyes, and you can practically feel his soft fur! Made by Mattel and licensed by Minecraft, this porky bee looks true to the game version. Buy the puffy bee at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Realistic image
  • Super soft fur
  • Inexpensive
  • Pixellated wings
  • Mattel Minecraft brand
  • Too small to be a body pillow

7. Minecraft Plush Tamed Wolf by JINX

Minecraft Plush Tamed Wolf by JINX

I chose this wolf because of its boxy pixel snout and head, segmented body, and 15″ inch long cuddle factor!  This wolf looks the most realistic of all the Minecraft wolves sold. This is a tame wolf, as you can see by the red collar, and she will follow you around and protect you in the game! Perfect for snuggling with in bed! Buy this tamed wolf at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • True to the game image
  • 15″ long body pillow
  • Super segmented and pixellated
  • Mattel Minecraft Brand
  • 400 five-star reviews
  • More expensive

8. Long-Haired Minecraft Yak Plushie by Mattel

Long-Haired Minecraft Yak Plushie by Mattel

This little fella is terrific! I love the long, shaggy hair of this yak Minecraft character! I would brush this Yak’s hair every day.  In the game, Yaks will spawn in snow biomes since cows can’t live in the ice and snow.

Big horns, pudgy feet that he stands on, and his boxy head make this Yak one of the most realistic-looking Minecraft plushies of all time! This is a true collector’s necessity and is one of the more elaborate Minecraft plushies. Get this Yak at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Amazing long fur
  • Stands by itself
  • Super realistic looking
  • Mattel Minecraft brand
  • Incredibly detailed
  • More expensive

9. Huge Minecraft Fox Pillow Buddy 

Minecraft "Fox" Pillow Buddy

What a happy explorer this orange fox is!  I love this guy because he’s always curled up in the bushes or beside a house sleeping in the Minecraft game!  You can cuddle up with this pal and use him for a pillow. The best feature is his plump tail, that’s almost as big as his body!

Perfectly pixellated face and ears, with a segmented form that is realistic to the game image. Buy the giant fox at Target!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Large 20″x7″
  • Realistic of the game image
  • Useful for traveling and sleeping
  • Soft and squishy
  • All five-star reviews
  • Spot clean only

10. Gentle Creeping Minecraft Creeper by JINXGentle Creeping Minecraft Creeper by JINX

This is a must-have if you play the Minecraft game!  Everywhere, these green creepers just love to see what you’re doing all the time, day or night!  However, they do tend to blow up and destroy buildings if you are not in peaceful mode!

Furry and soft green, this plushie will creep up on you to sleep when he gets tired. JINX makes the best creeper plushie because of the varying color pixelation details, large 16″ height, and resemblance to the Minecraft character. Buy this Creeper at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • JINX brand detail and quality
  • Realistic image of the game character
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Super soft fur
  • Officially licensed with Minecraft
  • You pay more for the quality

11. Pink Plush Minecraft Pig by Mattel

Pink Plush Minecraft Pig by Mattel

This gorgeous pink plushie is like looking at the piglets in the Minecraft game as they run in their pen!  Super realistic looking with their segmented bodies and blockheads, and the brown and pink stitching is so pretty!

I love the soft fur and square nose! The Mojang quality factor is high and officially licensed with Minecraft.  If you like farming or building villages, you need pigs for your pen! Find the pig at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Good quality
  • Great likeness to gaming character
  • Officially Minecraft licensed
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used as a pillow
  • Does not have a tail!

12. Enchanted Minecraft Skeleton Plushie by JINX

Enchanted Minecraft Skeleton Plushie by JINX

This little guy makes me laugh every time I see him! So soft and fuzzy, this looks remarkably similar to the gaming version of an enchanted helmet skeleton.  I want to hug him even though skeletons are notoriously wily at night with their bows and arrows, and their gaping mouths are eerie.

Great for small fingers to grasp, this 8″x5″ pixelated plushie has a much larger head than his body, but that only makes him more lovable!  Made by JINX toys and enjoys the same quality and rave reviews that their whole Minecraft line shares! Get the enchanted skeleton at Amazon!

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

  • Strikingly similar to the gaming version
  • Officially licensed by Minecraft
  • Inexpensive
  • Top quality
  • 4.7/5-stars
  • Too small to be a body pillow

13. Orange Swamp Minecraft Frog by JAVICED

Orange Swamp Minecraft Frog by JAVICED

Look at this handmade beauty!  By far the best Minecraft frog out there, this gorgeously detailed swamp frog will have your tongue hanging out!  True to the gaming image, with sturdy plush body parts that won’t sag or bunch up, this cutie pie is one fantastic frog!

The best part about this plushie is that you can buy it for your older child who plays Minecraft, and your toddler can play with it, also!  The head folds over to extend its length, exposing the long tongue! Buy the swamp frog at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • 7″x7″ boxy shape
  • Looks like the gaming version
  • Head folds backward for toddler play
  • Furry and soft to cuddle
  • So adorable
  • Quality is excellent



  • More expensive for the size

14. Golden Minecraft Key Golem by JINX

Golden Minecraft Key Golem by JINX

This cheery little creature lives in Minecraft caves with his buddies; if you don’t look carefully in the shadows, you will miss him!  Carry these golden Golem keys to unlock doors and experience new adventures!

Be careful not to drop these slabs of butter because they will scurry back to their home faster than you can say “sunshine”! Small like a key, but big fun with imagination, you must have this Minecraft mob to open uncharted territory! Find this key at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Perfect to fit in your hand
  • True to the gaming image
  • Happy yellow color
  • Furry and soft
  • High quality by JINX



  • More expensive

15. X-Large Squishy Minecraft Pillow by Mattel

X-Large Squishy Minecraft Pillow by Mattel

Dynamite is one of the most popular resources available in Minecraft, and blowing up mountains or your enemy’s house is part of the game’s addiction!  This huge 14″x14″ memory foam cube is so soft and huggable that it had to make the best cuts for Minecraft plushies.

Use it as a seat, floor cushion, backrest, or pillow; this is one toy you can’t grow out of! Mojang makes it, so you can’t go wrong with quality! Find this TNT on Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Huge size, multi-functional
  • True to the gaming image
  • Extra soft
  • Easy to clean
  • Won’t grow out of it
  • Officially licensed with Minecraft
  • The price

16. Exquisitely Replicated Minecraft Llama by Mojang

Exquisitely replicated Minecraft Llama by Mojang

Ever wonder why a wandering trader villager has two llamas on leashes and continuously walks around in circles?  They seem to be pushing him around, getting crammed into small spaces, and making a nuisance of themselves!  This spitting image has vivid colors, striping, stout, sturdy legs, and a segmented head, just like in the game!

The llama’s dress matches the outfit of the wandering trader, and you can even tame llamas to eat from your hand!  This is a beautiful plushie that is waiting to be your friend! Buy the llama at Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • An exact image of the gaming character
  • Officially licensed by Minecraft
  • 9″x7″ large
  • Embroidered details
  • Inexpensive
  • No leg textures

17. Tall 14″ Minecraft Iron Golem Plush by JINX

Tall 14" Minecraft Iron Golem Plush by JINX

You must have an Iron Golem in Minecraft to protect you and your village!  This huge, super furry guardian will keep you company while you sleep and chase away mobs.  One of the few Iron Golems made, this is by far the largest and the best quality.

Embroidered detailing, pixellated texture, and attach-a-nose for cuteness!  He lumbers around and shakes the ground as he pounds his way toward enemies! Find this Iron Golem at Ganbino!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Amazing likeness
  • Incredible quality
  • Plush fur
  • Big enough to sleep on
  • Officially Minecraft licensed


  • More expensive

18. Spot-On Minecraft Sea Turtle by JINX

Minecraft Plush Adventure Sea Turtle 10 Sof Doll New Licensed J9230 Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys

I love this sea turtle by JINX because it’s the same as the gaming character!  There is no other Minecraft sea turtle plushie that even comes close to replicating this.  The main difference is the flat arms that are the same as in the game and the boxy head and body.

This is just the right shape for a pillow, and at a foot long, it’s substantial enough to use as a floor cushion for tots! Buy this sea turtle at Rehmie!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Replicates gaming image
  • JINX high quality
  • Gorgeous detailing
  • Pillow shape
  • Super soft 12″ long


  • Hard to find
  • Expensive

19. Diamond Armor Suited Minecraft Steve Plushie by Mojang

itty bittys® Minecraft Diamond Armor Steve Plush

I love this tiny “itty bittys” Steve from Hallmark with the diamond armor and diamond sword in hand, ready for battle!  He is so tiny at 2″x4″ that small fingers can manipulate him easily.

His smiling face, pixelated form, and colors are accurate to the game, and because of his diminutive size, he can sit on a desk or bookshelf and watch for mobs! This is a perfect stocking stuffer or a cake topper! Find this at Hallmark!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Vivid Colors
  • True to gaming image
  • Super cute felt figure
  • Can fit in your hand
  • Excellent quality
  • Inexpensive


  • Doesn’t have legs

20. Tall Minecraft Enderman by JINX

Tall Minecraft Enderman by JINX

Beware of staring at the enderman!  He only likes to be seen out of the corner of your eye as he removes blocks to take home with him. This is the most realistic enderman plush that is available.

His arms and legs are uniformly sized and proportioned. At 17″ tall, he is an excellent bedmate or travel buddy, and you can even wrap his arms around you to give him a ride on your shoulders! Find the Minecraft enderman at Sears!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Huge 17″ high
  • True to the gaming image
  • Fantastic quality from JINX
  • Can wrap arms and legs
  • Officially Minecraft licensed


  • More expensive

21. Minecraft Baby Cow Plush by Jazwares

Minecraft Baby Cow Plush by Jazwares

Last but not least, this adorable plush baby cow is sure to delight even the most jaded Minecraft collector! This cow’s face makes you want to squeeze its cheeks and cuddle up!  By far one of the best Minecraft plushies, the placid baby cow follows his mother around the countryside, village, or in the animal pen!

Give him plenty of water and hay to grow, and his happy little face will stare at you lovingly! This docile creature can be found on Amazon!

What I Like What I Don’t Like
  • Faithful recreation of gaming image
  • Detailed pixelated embroidery
  • Huge block-head
  • Hysterically cute
  • Mojang is officially Minecraft licensed
  • Inexpensive
  • 5,000 five-star reviews


  • Tiny 5×5 inches

What to look for in Minecraft Plushies

The Minecraft game has been an epic success since it was created, and the blocky, pixelated images with vivid colors are globally familiar!  The incredible varying biomes, with their different climates, trees, creatures, and land configurations, have provided infinite hours of fun for millions of people of all ages.

Over fifty soft and huggable Minecraft plushies can also serve as pillows and travel companions. These plushies are not all created equal, and finding ones with superior materials and sturdy construction is your best bet for long-term enjoyment.


Plush toys can be filled with many materials, the most common being polyfill, beads, or feathers.  Beware of beads, as they can be a choking hazard for children and scatter in hard-to-reach places if a dog gets hold of the toy. Beads can also feel stiff and more uncomfortable to the touch.

Feathers tend to get flat and compacted, negating the purpose of having a plush toy.  Feathers can also trigger allergies.

Polyfill is the best choice for both manufacturers and you because it is the most cost-effective, fluffy, and weightless.


Many manufacturers use the “sew-on” method for adding details and forms to their toys.  This is much less expensive than embroidery and requires many tiny pieces such as eyes, hair, material bits, ears, hats, collars, bows, arms, and legs.

This results in a lesser quality toy that is more easily torn apart with loose items landing on the floor where children and pets can eat them. Always opt for a toy that has embroidered (attached) details.


It may seem at first glance that the block-like Minecraft characters are not snuggable, but the plushies I have listed prove that this is not so.  Manufacturers like JINX and Mojang, and Mattel have created faithful representations of the gaming images by making blocky, segmented, pixelated, and stout forms that are also endearing and snuggly! The best Minecraft plush toys look exactly like their game characters are detailed with vivid colors and manage to look like attached pixels!


Is the plushie fun to hug?  This will directly relate to the tactile sensation of the outer material. Opt for the low pile fur that all my choices have (except the TNT block) rather than the smooth, polyester material that is slippery with a sheen.  It feels like scraping your nails on a chalkboard sounds!

Being huggable means being large enough to get your arms around and squeeze!  I love large plushies.  The bigger, the better, but I also want detail and quality.  Minecraft plushies, unfortunately, tend to be on the smaller end of the scale, with 12″ or more being uncommon.  Luckily, what some of them lack in size, they make up for with extravagant details, vivid colors, and endearing charm.


Question: Are Minecraft Plush Toys More Expensive than Others?

Answer: Not necessarily.  I have found the Minecraft plushies to be pleasingly inexpensive for the most part, with some being $8-$12.  The tricky factor is that there aren’t many choices for each Minecraft character, and sometimes there is only one manufacturer who makes certain Minecraft creatures.  This can increase the price, especially if you want high quality.  The mid-range for high-quality available Minecraft plushies is $15-$25, which are well worth the price.  A few rare and hard-to-find plushies were up to $60, but thankfully that only applied to two.

Question: What is the Most Popular Minecraft Plushie?

Answer: Three Minecraft plushies are popular: Alex, Baby Cow, and Creeper.  Alex is sold out of almost all retail outlets, the Baby Cow is listed as the most popular Minecraft creature on numerous websites, and the Creeper has the most different variations from manufacturers.  Based on each factor, the most popular Minecraft plushie depends on what criteria you use to determine popularity.  I would argue that Steve is the most popular Minecraft plushie simply because he is the avatar for Minecraft.

Question: Can I Wash Minecraft Plushies?

Answer: The short answer is yes.  Always use a cold water setting and gentle cycle for best results.  Some people put several towels in with the plushies for extra protection during the washing cycle. For drying, always use a low heat or air dry setting. For stains, try soda water first, then pre-treat with a non-bleach fabric stain remover.  Spot clean first to avoid extra washings that cause wear and tear on plushies.  If the plushie has felt on it, washing it with Woolite on a gentle cycle by itself would be best.

In Conclusion

Survival mode is a little too intense for me, and I love the relaxation of exploring the wilderness and the great unknown in the peaceful mode. No mob worries, no frantic scrambling to hide when darkness falls. Having a plushie that transports me to an alternate realm with endless resources is just too addicting.

Technology has far too many options for today’s youth to be happy without having a phone or iPad attached to their hand.  Try taking it away, and you’ll be surprised how tightly it adheres! Relatively speaking, Minecraft offers endless fun and ways to join friends in their worlds and competition realms. There is no blood.

I advise anyone to have at least a few Minecraft plushies to remind their child of the fun they can have exploring and building, alone or with others.

That brings me to my all-around favorite Minecraft plushie pick. Steve is the character that you “assume” when playing Minecraft.  You can’t get into the Minecraft world without being Steve (or Alex, but she is widely unavailable), so that’s where my top picks start.

JINX manufactures Minecraft plush characters that are strikingly similar to those in the actual game. The Mattel manufacturer of Minecraft tends to have slightly surreal facial qualities on their Minecraft plushies that creep me out or don’t give me that warm and snuggly feeling I get when I play the game.

JINX Minecraft Steve Plush

What better way to end the day than with your pal, Steve.  Whether you prefer to think of Steve as accompanying you on your Minecraft journey or imagine yourself as Steve while you are playing, there is no doubt that Steve has seen and done everything you have!

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