Caroline Lambert

Carol is a plush collector, enthusiast, and mom, and her school friends once called her the luckiest kid alive. Her mom was what we know as a modern-day hoarder, but her passionate hoarding was all things plush and toys. Carol never grew up in a home but rather in a toy store. Her mom was always hunting the latest toy trend, collecting Newborn dolls, and piling up to the ceiling with stuffed animals. Today, Carol piles her expertise and experience into her ultimate passion, writing. She aims to bring you the latest plush trends from the biggest brands. And every so often, she'll throw a special, rare plush into the mix. Carol knows how children and collectors love plushies, and she intends to help you feed that obsession while keeping within reason.

joelle squishmallow

Joelle Squishmallow Guide: A Big Step for Bigfoot

Bigfoot Squishmallows took an enormous leap with Joelle, the Sassy Bigfoot. I’m a long-time Squishmallows fan and collector, and so are my kids. We collect various plush toys, even Pokémon plush and Bigfoot lookalikes. So, let me share the Joelle Squishmallow guide to reveal the sassy Sasquatch that leaves impressions everywhere. Nothing blends better for […]

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squishmallow sizes

Squishmallow Sizes Explained

Are you also tired of people calling every larger-than-tiny Squishmallow a jumbo? The word “jumbo” is emphasized in Squishmallows, often incorrectly. Fortunately, I spent many hours ensuring that my Squishmallow sizes explained article would rest all doubts, including the dinnertime debates with family. I’m an avid Squishmallows, Pokémon plush, and various pop-culture plush toys collector,

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lankybox plush

Lankybox Plush Guide: Awesome Friends for Little Kids

Are you a mom who wonders why your child would rather play with a stick than a teddy bear? You’re not alone. Fortunately, two famous YouTubers saw how kids enjoy imaginative play with primitively-inspired plush toys. You’ll discover all the secrets in my Lankybox Plush Guide. My kids enjoy collecting Squishmallows, Pokémon Plush, and other

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